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    (#229) Midget Captian, My own Fan Club(s)?

    by , 07-25-2015 at 06:12 PM (695 Views)
    All of this actually took place in a Wake Back To Bed. I had another non-lucid dream before this, but all of its content is lost to me now. I only vaguely remember something having to do with Marcus saying something about math. I recall waking up at around 6:30. I woke up from this dream at 8:00 so I guess that was my last sleep cycle.

    I was at a country resturant, eating out with an old guy in a ship captain outfit. He was really short with this big beard and all of these curls coming out of it. I remember thinking, even as I was talking to him that he reminded me of the captian crunch mascot. He even had the big hat.

    I remember he had this monocle or sighter device over one eye, kind of like an eye-patch with three lenses that would rotate depending upon what distance whatever he was looking at was.

    I can't remembered what we had ordered/were eating. The food was fairly good though.

    I held the expectation that he would be an unpleasant character, but he was actually extremely nice and had interesting stories to tell involving giant space monsters and the likes. (Yeah, giant space monsters. Turned out he wasn't a boat captian, but rather he had a spaceship that looked like a boat like the ships from Treasure Planet.) He had his quirks though. I told him some of my stories too.

    I remember I told him I had to leave because I had to go to my taekwondo class. I walked out of the restaurant and found I was in the hardware store near my friend S's house. But the one big hardware store had been replaced with several smaller stores. One of them being the country restaurant.

    I went to the taekwondo studio that turned out to be in a grocery store. We decided to practice by the freezer section since there was a lot of open space, and the freezers would help to keep us cool if we got too hot and sweaty.

    Everyone lined up. Right before my taekwondo master started class, he decided instead that I should teach. (Something that happens quite often in real life). He then told me that when I taught I had to remember something:

    "When is a number just a number, and when does it mean more? What does the number 9 mean to you? Also, try the fried chicken. It's good."

    I had a false memory of him saying this before and it being some kind of trick question. I tried to remember what the correct answer was.

    He then opened the freezer door and walked into a big pile of boxes of frozen fried chicken and disappeared. I tried to follow him in. I thought I found him but all I found was his disembodied floating head. He smiled at me then receded behind some boxes.


    I had finished teaching class without anything interesting or memorable happening. I had to head home. It was a beautiful summer night. I started to walk toward my friend S's house. In the dream, I was living in his house because my house had met with some kind of disaster.

    I walked a good distance and remembered that I had left my wallet at the country restaurant. I turned and started to walk back. I walked into a flickering streetlight and saw something move. I wished I'd had my hidden blade gauntlets because I thought it might be a criminal or something.
    I then looked at my wrists and realized I DID. Knowing it was a dream, I locked the blades out and advanced on the threat ready for a fight.

    It came into the picture. It was just a small, skinny, feral black cat. It hissed at me. I locked the blades back in and realized it was no threat. The cat calmed down and walked into the light, where it proceeded to begin rolling on the concrete and purring loudly. I gently petted the cat for a minute then
    (partial lucidity talking here.) realized I still needed to go back and get my wallet.

    I headed back into the hardware store. I opened the door to the country restaurant and...

    Spoiler for NSFW:

    I tried to go back outside but instead find myself in another room. The entire room looks like a large square sauna with mats all along the edges. There are four big square pots filled with bamboo in each corner. There is a step or terrace all along the wall with mats layed out it. There is a back door that is well hidden in the motif of the wall, but I can see it there.

    Three more girls approach me in the same kind of formation, but they're actually wearing clothes this time. What they are wearing actually looked like a version of Manei's tribe outfit, only white with blue details. Or at least two of them were. She too had blonde hair and blue eyes and looked like a younger version of the girl who's boobs I had removed a minute ago.

    The one on the right was very short and had buzz-cut hair. She couldn't have been more than 13 or 14. The one on the left was short, but she looked much different. She had black hair and green eyes.

    "Hi, we're your fan club. I'm the president." Said the tall one.

    "What are all those other people out there?"

    "They're your other fan club. We are better because we celebrate you for your philosophy and beliefs. They only celebrate you for... well... other reasons. "

    The black haired girl got cheery and said she wanted to show me something. She pulled out these paintings she had made of me on parchment. They were really good. All of them had chinese/japanese/koren characters on them. I asked myself for a moment why dreams seem to associate me so closely with oriental culture.

    I then rememeber while we were along the back wall someone opened the not-so-secret door. It was another blonde haired blue eyed girl. She had some black hair in her hand.

    "I have some of your hair." *giggles*

    She slowly receded back into the shadowy room that lay beyond and slowly closed the door.

    "Okay, you're not creepy at all..."

    The short haired girl came over to me and started tugging on my arm. She was much shorter than me, to the point where I had to get down on my knee to look her in the face.

    "If eyes are windows into the soul, then what do I see in yours?" She asked.

    I was about to say something back and I woke up.

    Spoiler for Long Side Notes:
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    1. RedKali's Avatar
      In regards to Jonathan--sometimes people are not in our lives for us; they are in our lives for them.

      To operate under the assumption that 'I' am the center of the universe, then 'I' assume everyone in my life is for me. If I operate under a different assumption, then I begin to understand that not everyone is for the betterment of my life; but that I am for the betterment of theirs.
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    2. JadeGreen's Avatar
      To operate under the assumption that 'I' am the center of the universe, then 'I' assume everyone in my life is for me. If I operate under a different assumption, then I begin to understand that not everyone is for the betterment of my life; but that I am for the betterment of theirs.
      Well in some sense, in dreams, you are the center of the universe, since the dream is created from you.

      Though I suppose that is irrelevant. In both dreams and waking life, relationships are a two-way street. You affect other people as they affect you, though not always equally. Even if they are simply dream characters.

      In that sense, if what you say was true, then things do start to click into place. After all, it was me who suggestion that Jonathan simply leave my dreams to avoid further conflict that his character came to a resolution. Perhaps that was the takeaway he existed for. It's a better answer than the just more dangling questions I could come up with.

      Thanks for stopping by to comment.
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