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    With 600 DJ entries, I'm afraid any possible title for this has been used already.

    by , 07-20-2015 at 10:34 PM (433 Views)
    Gawd. This is gonna be my 600th DJ entry. What am I doing with my life...? I remember I changed my color code when I was at around 300 DJ entries and it took me three four hour sessions over the course of five days to change the color code over to be consistent. It was maddening and it took me weeks to weed out the odd dj entries with the old color code. Hopefully I don't tire of this one. The 5-fold color scheme has actually held up well.

    I was at my moms' mothers' apartment building that she was the landlord of. It should have been a dead giveaway that I was dreaming, since she passed away four years ago now, and she was a lucid trigger a couple times. I had an odd semi-lucidity that really leaned to the low end of the spectrum. Nasty yellow color code, go.

    I remember relaxing in her apartment. She was talking about making cookies with me. As cliched as it sounds, that's what I always did with her when she was still alive. Iwl she had a gray cat named Jasper who had no claws.

    In the dream, Jasper was much larger than he had been in waking life. Much larger than any domestic cat; about the size of a medium sized dog. He also had white belly and paws. But he seemed just as friendly and talkative as always. He always used to meow at me constantly (though not really in a mean way, he was just a noisy cat.), and he did so in the dream.

    She took me out back. IWL there was no way to make your way around to the back of the building because there was another property. But in the dream there was a wooden scaffolding/walkway that ran along the backside at the level of the second floor. Also, the building, that had been two stories IWL, was three in the dream. In fact, it was two buildings, and had a small courtyard in the middle.

    We walked along the walkway and she asked me to use my lucid powers to fly up on the roof and turn on the air conditioner. I went up there and there were these two fat old guys that I had never seen before. They told me to go back down that I wasn't allowed on the roof.

    I remembered one of the businesses there was this store that sold crystals, incense and all this other new spirituality age stuff. This store was in the dream too, but it was a third building, and was rotated 90 degrees to its regular orientation. (Most of the businesses in the building she owned were actually taken by things like churches and psychics and stuff.)

    I went in, and there were these two women talking. One was this very tall oriental woman, taller than Manei probably, and dressed in mostly black. The other was a short black woman who was wearing purple and looked a little like my moms' friend. She had the same smiling face. I told them I was just dropping in to see how the store was, since I used to come there as a kid. But I felt like I was interrupting whatever they were talking about and I should leave.

    One of the women told me I reminded her of a character in a The Alchemist; a boy who got hurt and had to bandage half of his face and hide it. (Having read the book, I know there is no such character.) I think she asked me about my wristbands. I told her that they were something that I came up with so that I could tell when I was dreaming and when I was awake in them, since I would only have them in the dream. I also told her that they also have hidden blades in them in case a nightmare or something comes up and I have to fight.

    Two Bslaps for myself. One for not becoming lucid right there. And one for telling the lady about my hidden blades.

    I also remember in the store that all of the crystals and stuff looked exceptionally vivid. I remember how I was thinking about making quartz crystals a dream sign, because I feel like I dream of them a lot.

    I wanted to go back and meet with my grandmother and finish helping her. But I had to go to some kind of class. My teacher from my tech school was in one of the businesses and it was set up like the computer lab from my old tech school. I had a photoshop project to do.
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      600 is a lot. Congrats! : 3 You missed out on the dream signs but it happens to all of us at times. ^w^