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    Backseat Driving

    by , 04-18-2017 at 01:17 PM (356 Views)
    Safe to say after my few days of (semi) lucid dreams and very intense meditations I was expecting to return to having more mundane dreams. I meditated this morning but the meditation was not focused on a particular subject and more just on quieting down my stressed out final exams week brain and getting a moment of peace before what I expect to be a very hectic day.

    One thing I want to focus on in in a future meditation is the nature of a fair few (though not all) of my dreams to be very random and absurd. (Though honestly instances of this seem to have been going down.) Though there was a time where I was having extremely random and trippy dream scenarios occur. To some extent, I understand that all dreams will to some degree be nonsensical but these took it to a whole new level. I have a RL friend who's not a lucid dreamer but keeps a dream journal and does meditation and I would always tell her about the most ridiculous dream in recent memory. (I think last time we talked I told her about being chased by the flying centipede poodle on a Jetski while trying to deliver tacos.); and she would always tell me it was an indication that I needed to meditate more often.

    Though I'm tempted to say that is the explanation right there. Not meditating makes dreams less focused and more nonsensical. I suppose if I enjoy the madness I can always 'bring on the weird' once I become fully lucid.

    Regardless last night's dream is pretty mundane, and a good sign that I should get back into keeping a private journal. (Would be nice cause I could meditate on private things and journal them too.)

    I was driving the old minivan my family had when I was little and I had gotten lost. I was trying to use the GPS on my phone but as dream technology would have you it was only telling me about turns I could make to get back onto my route after I passed the intersection, and as contrivance could have you I couldn't stop the car. I saw that the van was running out of gas and figured that if I just kept driving eventually it would run out of gas and I could pull over and get out of the car and call someone.

    At some point I activated the cruise control and fell asleep in the back. Miles later when I woke up and I was surprised to see that the van was still steadily driving down the road though I was now in a very unfamiliar location that I am certain is nowhere in my state. I thought I should stop the van but figured I would have to climb over to the front seat and press the brake and wasn't sure how I had been driving from the backseat.

    I was in a small town by the sea. A massive fjord with a small town of colorful stucco buildings and patches of farmland built around the rolling foothills of a mountain range. Somebody was driving the van now, but it wasn't one of my parents. They pulled into a small hotel that had some semblance to that beach resort from every dream ever, but not very much. There was a beach along this part of the bay and even some palm trees. I presumed i was headed east when I fell asleep in the back of the car so I had no idea how I had so quickly found myself in a tropical location.

    Regardless the people from the hotel showed me to a small cabin. I saw Manei but didn't pay attention to her and met this tall guy who looked evil and was a vampire but turned out to be really friendly. I lost the dream and woke up.
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