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    Bad Dad

    by , 11-11-2023 at 02:31 PM (110 Views)
    The dream starts with a sort of third person cinematic. There is a character conflict between a mix of Omni Man and Fire Lord Ozai and his son Zuko/Mark. (I will reference the characters by their avatar names since they more resembled them) The actual scene takes place at the big collection of rock pillars like the ending of avatar.

    Zuko arrived brandishing his swords and attempted to confront his father about all the bad things that he did. There was a short firebending fight but he lost and was thrown off the side of the rock pillar where he dug his sword in. Ozai looked over the cliff at zuko, holding his sword into the rock face. Then I was spawned into a first person perspective and was fully lucid.

    “You! You’re not the avatar!”

    “Isn’t he supposed to be the one fighting you here?”

    “Yes. But he was too weak to exist in my world, and he tried to take my bending away so I did what I had to do. Nothing stands in my way, not even you.”

    “Dude, look. I’m not in the mood for this.”

    He attempts a barrage of different firebending attacks. Barrier up. It does nothing. Not even the lightning. Ozai charges up a fireball in his hand and runs for me in an almost shot-for-shot recreation of when he blasts aang out of the rock sphere. It even sort of happens in slow motion.

    “Barrier 2 origin to Ozai’s right hand. Set radius decimal five, collide with the fire only.”

    Working exactly as intended the barrier forms around his right hand. When he throws the fireball, the blast is trapped inside the barrier and badly burns his arm. This visibly causes a lot of pain for him but he continues trying to attack regardless.

    “Set barrier control mode gesture. Collide with Ozai.”

    I move the barrier away and slam it down, crushing him into the rocky surface. Then I walked over and grabbed his hair and slapped him several times across the face with super strength. This bloodied his nose and knocked out a few teeth. Each time I said “stop”. But he kept squirming and trying to fight back. He tried to charge up a firebending attack on his other hand and I grabbed the fireball the moment it appeared and snuffed it out. It even made a little hiss sound.

    “Stop! You are not fire lord Ozai. Not anymore. You are nothing but an erroneous combative construct of my mind. This is a lucid dream. Now you have a choice. You can continue to try and fight me which is obviously not working, or you can go for a nature walk and talk with your son who is hanging on for dear life right now. Talk to him. Really listen to him. Conquering the world is a bad idea.”

    “You burned my arm!” He clutches his fingers on his right arm which is red and black, but he still seems able to use it.

    “No, you burned your arm. Now you have something in common with your son.”

    He seems to go through an emotional conflict, first wanting to attack me and then breaks down crying after realizing everything he’s done. I decide I probably didn’t handle that situation very well but say to myself “For my level of lucidity that was ok.”

    The scene then changes to Aang who is laying on the ground dying. Katara and Sokka are there, along with Manei, Marcus and… Batman for some reason…? Katara is crying while trying to do waterbending healing with her own tears but she shouts “I’m losing him!” in a very dramatic and emotional way. I can sense the dour emotional energy resonating with the whole group. Its really funny in hindsight that batman is the one who is crying the hardest and I find that strange as he’s usually associated with being a stoic character. I recognize I should do something.

    “God mode on. Revive Aang.”

    As soon as I give that command I am deep in space being pulled into a huge cosmic being. I see the world we are on as wrapped in a bunch of tangled glowing white threads. I know that these are the strings of causality and I need to break the one that results in aang’s death and reincarnation. I find it on intuition and pull it loose.

    I arrive back at the original scene and Aang wakes up and coughs. The scene is no longer bathed in reddish light like the original avatar fight was but instead seems to be calming blues and greens. Zuko is still hanging on to the side of the cliff and I help him up.

    The only other dream figures still around are Manei and Marcus. They give me a bunch of personal effects like cell phones and wallets and stuff and Marcus has some pens and ask me to take them down to the bottom of the mountain and put them somewhere safe. I remember they give me all these items and I go to put them in my pockets to realize I am wearing a japanese schoolgirl sailor uniform. I think that is odd but remark “no wonder he wasn’t taking me seriously.” I try to tuck some of the items in the waistband of the skirt. Its a little uncomfortable but whatever.

    I then look down off the top of the rock pillar and say “okay I have to fly down using just my leg rockets”. I jump off and practice a few times pushing energy and balancing upright. I then give one more push as I fall close to the ground. At ground level I find myself in a park/garden type area under a large cherry blossom tree. There is a sort of brick plaza around it on all sides and other flowers/plants growing in a neatly tended garden.

    I leave all the phones and other personal effects there saying it will be easy to come back for them later and then fly back up. This should be the easy part as now I have my arms for control.

    I start to fly up but at first have problems gaining altitude. I seem to be unable to get above maybe 10 or 15 meters no matter how hard I ‘push’. I intuitively say “Juice”, and I don’t know why I expect this voice command to work. (I think its meant to be a reference to the Expanse and the juice or the high-g acceleration drugs, and my mental logic is that saying that will allow my rockets to work better.) I say the command a couple more times along with some self encouragement and a few swear words and eventually seem to break free and start flying around. Its a bit uncontrollable. I fly up to the top of the rock pillar mountain. Now I seem to have the opposite problem, I’m flying around widldly with little control and constantly overcompensating.

    I swing wildly above the top of the rock tower and start to accelerate uncontrollably. I roll around before I can fling myself away from the dream scene completely and push very hard with my arms to come to a relative stop. I remind myself that I have been flying in dreams for many years using the fire jets and I should not have any problems with controlling how I want to fly by now. After this positive affirmation my control is much better and I am able to set down on the top of the tower with little trouble.

    Once landed I question why the Barrier, a relatively new ability seems to have perfect control while the fire jets still seem to be somewhat temperamental. I then notice that Manei and Marcus are gone. I want to have interactions with them and wonder where they went. Obviously dream persistence but I rationalize it away in-dream as them being shifted across a higher dimension. I say to myself something to the effect of “I cant see them but I can only see 3 dimensions.” I then remember that the barrier is a multidimensional hypersphere and wonder if I can use it to move across higher dimensions.

    I bring up the barrier and start manipulating its properties. This causes the whole dreamworld to shift like one of those AI image animations that slowly morphs between different images. I lose the dream here and wake up.

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