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    Bad Teacher

    by , 07-11-2020 at 10:46 AM (279 Views)
    I am outside my old childhood house. Daytime (though the sky is more gray). Colors are dulled out the dream world feels flat, blurry, and generally low quality. I am already semi-lucid due to a gradual climb through lucidity that has happened over the course of a long dream of which I am only recalling the tail end of. I recall flying around, having some rather typical trouble with my flying powers with them being slow and very low to the ground but with some concentration, I am able to work past them. (I don't know why this is. I always seem to have these difficulties when flying now, but I always seem to be able to work past them.)

    I attempt to explain to some dream characters (this brown-haired girl who was moving boxes out of a house a few lots down from mine) that this was a lucid dream. At first she doesn't believe me but after flying in circles around her a few times; doing some loops and flying through the branches of some trees I manage to get her attention that something is off and eventually fully convince her.

    At this point, I begin explaining the nature of lucid dreaming to her in a pretty imprecise and incomplete manner. I explain the basic concepts of MILD, DILD and WILD, dream journaling, and dream stabilization. I then start demonstrating some basic dream control by summoning small items by reaching behind my back and grabbing them. I summon an apple and a bottle of some kind of alcoholic beverage that comes in this purple and blue glass bottle with crystals growing off of it and give them both to her. The dream scene transitions to a very distorted cafe/resturant enviroment where we are sitting on a large sofa and there are a lot of robots/ andriods. The lighting in the scene is very harsh; light and dark coming in through a big vertical window.

    At some point I sit down on the couch and sink into it until I fall through the floor. I look up and see the resturant enviroment above me floating in a white void with some faint clouds. (It sort of looks like in a video game when you clip out of the world and fall through the floor). I begin flying once more but wake up not long after.

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