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    Being tested by dream guide. LD #107,108,109 (sort of)

    by , 08-28-2014 at 03:06 PM (559 Views)
    I am on vacation with my family I cannot recall many of the details but we are riding on a school bus that has been re-purposed as a tour bus. I am sitting in a seat with my mom acting very childlike. I am complaining that I am very tired and never get a chance to relax. In the dream I feel very tired, and this is the reason for my behavior.
    Anyways after some time, I recall sitting up and watching the bus driver and the scenery from the front windshield. We are driving through very mountainous country. It is a beautiful clear day and there are huge pine trees and beautiful mountains. We come to a long curving descent that looks very dangerous to drive down, and the bus driver takes it at full speed.
    I think at this moment, I may have noticed an empty bottle of whiskey on the dashboard.
    This road is a recipe for disaster; it descends the mountain at a roughly thirty degree angle, while gradually curving. If you fail to turn sharp enough, you go off a cliff! There is no guard rail or anything.

    And sure enough the bus is starting to go over the edge. I start to become lucid at this point, and try to phase the bus away. It seems to be working. Just as the bus loses traction, I phase it out of the dream and use the momentum to begin flying. I think to myself that I should probably land and stabilize. But before I get a chance to do so the dream ends.

    I am floating in a black void for a few moments where something strips me of my lucidity.
    A new dream begins.

    I am driving with my dad in his old van. It is late at night, and snowing. For some reason, the pedals are on the left hand side, but the steering wheel is on my side. Also, we are driving down the express way.
    He tells me to turn down a road (the name of which I cannot remember.) But I make the wrong turn. I tell him I cannot read the signs. We make a series of wrong turns very rapidly until we find ourselves on a service road. The road comes to a cliff, a drop off, not unlike the one that the bus rode off of in the previous dream.
    I tell my dad to hit the brake, but he is unresponsive. Our van doesn't have a console and I am able to slam on the brake with my left leg. We come to a stop about four feet before the cliff, but even with the brake to the floor it still seems to be in idle speed. For some reason I thought it had something to do with the fact that the van was a manual transmission car.
    Anyways, I couldn't stop it, so I jump back into my seat, put my seat belt on, grab hold of the wheel and try to steer the car down. As we tip over the hill, I see that we are driving over into ski slope.
    I became vaguely lucid, because ski slopes are one of my dream signs.
    The car begins barreling down the slope. It's a bumpy ride, and I am doing my best to steer us around obstacles. Then came probably the funniest thing I have ever said in a dream.
    "Dad, since we're probably going to die in this, I want you to know..."
    No response.
    "I think you're crazy!"
    Yes, I actually said that.

    My POV got taken out of the car and I watched it crash into one of the chairlift poles. I can feel someone else there with me.

    I am in the void a second time. Lucid this time. I can feel that someone else is there too. I also feel like I might wake up.
    I get stripped of my lucidity once more.

    I am in my own front yard. For some reason there is a swing hanging from one of the trees and I am swinging. I see five kids from my neighborhood. The youngest being about 10, the oldest, about my age. They come into our yard and open the garage.
    They get out a number dangerous of power and hand tools and begin various forms of destruction and dangerous play.
    I became mildly lucid here, thinking that for some reason I 'just don't care' because there won't be any long-term repercussions. One of them finds an extra ceiling fan in the garage (for some reason.) He runs a wire out and turns it on below me while I am swinging. I stop and get off as to not be chopped apart by the blades.
    I then yell at everyone to get their attention. They all stop, and I tell them that they must clean up this mess and put everything back in the garage. They all listen. They start cleaning up. It doesn't take long, and I help direct them and put things into the right place.
    Just as we are finishing, the oldest boy goes into the house to go pee, and I hear a drilling sound.
    I yell to him to stop playing with the drill and put it back into the garage. He then comes out into the garage. Two other boys grab me from behind and the boy with the drill comes forward and points the drill at my chest. For some reason the drill has four drill bits on slight angles toward the center.
    I get struck with fear, seeing the intent in the boy's eyes. But he sure takes his sweet time to do it. He seems to be savoring the moment.
    Then, something snapped.
    "I'm lucid dreaming!" I yelled.
    I broke the grip of the boys behind me and my hands swung around. I crushed the drill between the palms of my hands just before it could touch my chest. A sonic wave went out.
    Then, all of the boys vanished. The broken bits of the drill were still there and they dropped out of my hand. I turned around, looking out the open garage door. The dream became clearer.
    Manei is sitting at the end of my driveway at a card table. She gestures for me to come over, and shows me a sheet that she was marking up.

    Spoiler for Dream testing sheet:

    Then I 'remembered' the whole thing was just a lucid dreaming test of some kind. From the looks of it, usually this test is a lot longer, but Manei said we were done now.
    She looks at me with that characteristic smile.
    "Two out of three ain't bad..." She says.
    She also shows me an old testing shees where I went 6 lds and 8 nlds. I don't remember that test...

    I wake up.

    Upon waking I realize that she used orange and blue marks because those are the colors for I use in my DJ.
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    1. KristaNicole07's Avatar
      Nice lucidity! I hope Manei considers 2 out of 3 passing!

      The part about the kid trying to drill into your chest (before your lucidity) was creepy as hell! Kids doing things like that creeps me out.

      Haha about your final words to your dad. XD
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    2. JadeGreen's Avatar
      I get the feeling that it wasn't a pass/fail but rather just a judgement of your abilities. Keep in mind I was almost lucid in the second dream, so I almost had a perfect score.

      It's also possible that since there are an equal number of pass/fail slots that you have to simply pass more dreams than you fail.
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      Updated 08-28-2014 at 03:38 PM by JadeGreen