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    Christmas in July

    by , 07-20-2023 at 06:13 PM (194 Views)
    This lucid is from the 18th. I was camping that day so its only been written up and posted now.

    I am walking in some sort of christmas themed town. It feels like being in one of those decorative village sets you sometimes see during the holidays save for the fact that everything is inhabited and at full scale. The set is placed in some fjord with tall mountainous terrain surrounding it on three sides and the open icy ocean around us. There is a very large yellow and orange brick road that has been cleared of snow. It is nighttime with a mostly clear sky (a few clouds present) and a large number of dream figures are making their way along the road. I see children, adults, and many many of santa's elves.

    I become lucid and take off to fly. I note that flying seems easier, I no longer seem to be running into as many negative issues with flying such as struggling to get enough thrust or maintain altitude. I remark to myself in the dream that this is probably one of the many positive side effects of having Jonathan be behind bars. I fly around for a bit above the village doing some stunts and studying how the village distorts and warps as I fly up high and then come back down again, the sensation of flying in a dream never gets old.

    I then recall my dream goal to spar with madmonkey. I remember in some instances he described meeting on the moon. I look and see the moon very low on the horizon over the ocean. I decide I will fly there. I fly out over the ocean, hitting the proverbial gas to accelerate and the dreamworld begins to warp around me. What I expect is to fly straight at the moon, the earth will slowly curve out under me and I will fly up higher and higher. Continuing to accelerate this will result in the earth curving away under me as I take a shallow trajectory up into space.

    As I continue to accelerate I see the moon abruptly shrink in size. It goes from being roughly the normal size to maybe a third the size it would be in waking life. I come to a stop. Looking back a long ways I see over the ocean (which is dotted with icebergs) the village is a tiny speckling of lights in the distance and the surrounding terrain is quite small. I'm a good few kilometers out to sea.

    I back up a little bit and the moon returns to normal size. I move back forward again and the moon is tiny once more. I note this odd invisible threshold over the ocean that upon passing through it actually causes the moon to appear smaller even though by crossing the threshold I am getting closer. I decide I will continue on my journey.

    I fly some more and reach the edge of the world. Instead of curving out from under me, the world just ends with the ocean spilling off into outer space like asgard or the edge of the world in sinbad or something. I stop to examine this, though for not as long and then proceed to the moon. As I get closer the moon changes again.

    The moon is now a concentric series of gyroscopic rings, each rotating on different axes, with a sort of wormhole or celestial object in the middle, floating in space. I think it best resembles the wormhole machine from the movie contact. The rings are made of a white-ish stone and decorated in complex runes and relief carvings or statues which have color applied to their distinct regions. I notice many of the carvings have a religious or spiritual nature. I see one that is a strange eye symbol between two roman columns. Another appears to be jesus on a cross, the cross is brown, jesus' crown is green and theres blood around the nails binding him to the cross. Yet another appears to be series of chakra gates each colored appropriately, and another appears to be some hindu deity, colored in blue with a golden halo. There are many more carvings, many of them unrecognizable to me.

    Intuitively I know that this is the moon as viewed on some higher dimensional plane, and these carvings and runes each provide supernatural power to their respective entities. I know that this is all entities that earth has ever or will ever believe in. Some are from lost or obscure faiths and others are for faiths that will not be prominent for thousands of years to come. I then feel myself being pulled into the central wormhole and grab on to one of the rings. The ring has a carving of a santa hat just above the much larger jesus carving.

    I make the connection that christmas is a christian holiday and therefore santa's source of power is next to the one representing christianity. I grab onto the fuzzball thing on the top of santa's hat (I'm sure it has a name I am not going to google it). It's a stone orb about the size of my chest. I feel myself slipping and drive my fingers into the stone to get a better grip. The stone cracks, but also yields and feels like clay, my grip is secure. I feel somewhat conscientious about defacing this construction but resolve that my own security.

    I see the wormhole flash red. Once. Twice.

    I sense an entity is very confused.

    The wormhole flashes with red energy three more times in quick succession.

    "The teleporter is jammed. Its a safety system someone or something is inside of it."

    "They are in big trouble."

    I know they are talking about me. I intuitively know that this construct is some engine which enables Santa to magically teleport and that me being inside of it has tripped a safety system. I then see through the wormhole that it leads to a christmas village (a different one than before, this one has a large decorated tree in the center and other, larger buildings.)

    I let go and fall into the wormhole. Without much fanfare I arrive at the destination I could see, standing on a large iron platform in a brick plaza. It has a complicated rune pattern on it which somewhat resembles a 2d flattened version of the 3d gyroscopic ring construct. Santa claus stands over me. He seems genuinely angry. Not the "you're going on the naughty list" kind of restrained anger santa is usually shown to have, he is genuinely bonafide pissed and demands an explanation.

    I proceed to rapidly but thoroughly reprise the entire dream beginning with me becoming lucid in a dream, all the odd things that I saw and phenomenon that I observed. Not only is he no longer angry but he belly laughs saying something about how he thought I was the grinch or boogeyman trying to do a magical attack, but upon realizing I was a lucid dreamer who just got lost realized I had no harmful intentions.


    I was in some cave or ancient ruin deep underground, exploring with a team that included Rorkue from Atlantis the lost empire, Carter from Halo Rech and Batman (okay… interesting choice of characters.) We reach a large flooded sort of stone labyrinth deep underground that we must swim through. I am told we must simply hold our breath through this part.

    I swim underwater, discovering I can breathe and possibly becoming lucid. I think I remember using the amethyst bow here though the significance of it seemed lost on me. Upon entering the labyrinth we encountered three or four of these large sea monsters. They had a fishlike body and a bull’s head with large horns. I somehow related this to the original legend of the minotaur being found in a labyrinth.


    There was another lucid dream on this night. I recall being in this mountainous country at a train stop. The sky was a deep forest green and cloudy and the terrain was black. I see a train track with a number of large black robotic arms positioned around it. On the end of each arm is a large green rotating brush, like one might see at a car wash.

    A steam locomotive pulls into the train stop where I am waiting. It seems to be highly detailed within the dream but otherwise of a fairly normal appearance being made of a dark gray metal with some golden livery. The locomotive exudes power. It feels powerful. The robotic arms descend on it and begin cleaning it, even though there is little in the way of visible grime or dirt.

    I become lucid and fly away from the scene, desiring to find MadMonkey for our sparring match. Other stuff happens that I do not recall. I find myself in a janitorial closet somewhere and wake up.
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