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    Lucid Time!


    by , 08-13-2015 at 03:09 PM (458 Views)
    This dream was actually from a couple of days ago, (Can't quite remember what day.) during the time that I wasn't posting. But I figured that since I had no dream recall this morning since I stayed up a little too late that I would use this time and motivation to post this dream.

    I was at a clothing store attending some kind of fashion show. Both men and women were displaying outfits. Sadly they were not particularly dreamlike, entertaining or cool for the most part. Nothing that I recalled.

    I then remember this one woman who was showing off a red dress. She was middle aged and not the most attractive, past her prime. I began wishing that she were more attractive, and to my suprise, she started to change to a younger version of herself. She started doing some kind of dance shaking her hips. I wanted her to stop and go away, and she did.

    I realized my control over the woman was due to the fact that I was dreaming. The fashion show went away and Manei appeared. She was wearing this cute pink top and asked for my opinion on it.

    “I like it. Do you think I could get one in my size and in black?”

    *confused look*

    The dream shifted to the front driveway of my house. The theme of clothing continued, though. I was offered several choices of outfits. One of them was a blue suit and tie. Pass. Another was a white martial arts uniform. Better. It changes to green. Awesome, but it has all of these patches/awards sewn on it. I couldn’t make them go away.

    I changed myself into a black martial arts uniform.

    “No, Jade! No more black!”

    “But why tho?”

    “Black is the color of evil and shadow.”

    I spoke back to her in the language of thought. No it is not. I always think of black as infinity. In taekwondo, the black belt represents the infinite universe that is all that is left to be explored. Someone who is of the highest level. And even if I’m not the highest level of lucid dreamer, giving myself a little confidence boost couldn’t hurt…

    Besides you agreed we would stop being controlling over one another...

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    1. Samael's Avatar
      “Black is the color of evil and shadow.”

      Or, well. I might be the wrong person to ask.
    2. DawnEye11's Avatar
      The only time I can think of not to wear black is on a hot day when your out in the sun. - w -
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