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    Communist Japan, Pregnant Danny Phantom and Star Wars space Battles

    by , 03-14-2018 at 04:39 PM (190 Views)

    I was visiting relatives or friends of the family in Japan (which I don't have IRL to my knowledge.) Someone said that Japan had become communist and now everyone got paid the same. They said it was a better system because they had a lot of poor people. We drove down the street and there were these black circular glass buildings we drove past. Some were very tall and narrow and I looked in the window and saw some posters on the insides of buildings a bunch of them showed a pregnant Danny Phantom.

    They said that Japan's new government had decided to create a pro-Mpreg campaign to help fix their population decline and encourage more men to get pregnant. Apparently they had aired an anime that was a continuation of Danny Phantom where he had gotten pregnant to push their agenda. I had false memories of watching an episode where Danny experienced cravings and used his ghost powers to turn invisible and steal ingredients from a grocery store. In the store he met Saitama from One Punch Man but It was just a cameo and wasn't important to the plot.

    We pulled into the restaurant after some contrivance. (Street signs changing, roads moving around with weird barriers and traffic signals, etc. Thankfully my uncle was the one driving.) We went into the restaurant. It was a strange room with one large sort of U-shaped table made out of wood with a cook behind it. The entire room was painted purple with felt on the walls and yellow stars in the felt; it looked like fabric you would use to carpet a kid's room or day care.

    The waitress, an older Japanese lady came out. She spoke strangely coming up to each person in turn. When she came to me she said "Ahugck! I see inside your mind! I see your deepest desires and indulgences and shall provide accordingly." (With that she reached under the counter and handed me a large takeout box of assorted cookies.) I looked at them and thought that I should probably have some food. I asked her if I could have some hot tea with no sugar and she responded "Haark Blarugh [Belching Sound] Green Tea (she poured hot water and added some tea leaves) What an excellent choice you truly are a genius!" I thought about asking her to bring me some actual food and not just cookies but my cousin who sat next to me said he didn't like the baked fish he got and I offered to eat his food instead.

    "Glarga Blarga [Goose Honking Noise] I played lego star wars with you before and you cheated. Thanks to you, I never found that yellow piece I needed for my Y-wing!"

    The dream ended at around that time. I woke up briefly at around 5:30 and jotted notes on the dream down.

    I entered another dream. This one involved some kind of space battle. Most of the ships used were my ships from Gauss on the scifi roleplaying Discord server; but this was some kind of game; one with surprisingly good fidelity (the dream was rendered well too.) The antagonistic fleet looked like the First Order from Star Wars and seemed to replicate their ship types.

    Battle 1

    In the first battle took place over a bluish colored gas giant. A large enemy fleet was chasing a smaller fleet of my ships. Once they were lured close enough to the planet artillery cannons emerged from concealed positions on the moons of the gas planet and started shooting at them. Then concealed allied ships emerged from the atmosphere of the gas giant. The enemy was caught in a crossfire and their fleet was decimated.

    Battle 2

    The second battle took place in a protoplanetary disc. When the enemy fleet arrived the allied ships retreated above the plane of the disc. When the enemies tried to follow them into the disc they allied ships detonated antimatter mines they had laid in the gas and dust and blew most of the enemy ships apart; cleaning up those that survived with conventional attacks.

    Battle 3

    The enemies had brought their biggest fleet yet and it included this huge spiny black planet-sized spaceship. The allied ships in the vicinity were chased away and lured the enemies deeper into the nebula. When the got into a clearing it was revealed there was a Neutron star with several allied dreadnaughts poised to fire on it. They fired beams onto the north pole and the neutron star reacted by firing a burst of gamma rays onto the huge spiny ship which shot through it disabling it. Ambush ships came out of gas clouds to attack the smaller ships.

    Battle 4

    The enemies had apparently adapted to the good guy's tactics and through sheer numbers had mustered a fleet to attack their homeworld. They brought an even larger version of the spiny black ship that must have been 3-5x larger than the planet itself. The allied ships came to attack and from the massive cosmic scale into a fighter that was being piloted by the Japanese lady from the first dream. There were 10 mouse traps laid out on the console and she stuck her fingers in each one one at a time. As she did this the traps had increasingly painful lookign spikes and barbs that cut into her finger causing them to bleed or simply cut some of her fingers off and the dream focused in intensely on showing me the gore.

    Her ship turned around and she shouted "It's... a.... Trap to the power of ten; and you can't copyright that line! Also someone put a toilet in my cockpit! Larry the cable guy must not have done his job!"

    Morning Med
    Evening Med
    -3:15: MC SC NP


    Well I'm back to doing dream journals online, at least for now. I figured I should post last nights logs since they're neither too boring nor too inappropriate.

    I think it's quite interesting how the waitress character carried most of the dream sequence, mentioning lego star wars and then being present in the second dream sequence; which a series of space battles. Not the most eccentric one-off dream character I've seen but defiantly up there.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      It would be cool if you actually had relatives in japan. I really want to go there someday too. I get excited when i hear Japanese people talking in public so i cant imagine how i would feel if i was in Japan.

      Lol at the pregnant Danny phantom and saitamas cameo scene XD That reminds me of when they did shows that merged on Nickelodeon. All those odd noises took the dream to a whole new level of funny.

      There's also good strategies in the battle scenes that you could probably use yourself in a similar game. I think its interesting how the japanese lady alluded to your next dream too.