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    Dawn takes his job too seriously

    by , 06-08-2017 at 10:50 PM (280 Views)
    I haven't been posting or lucid dreaming much since the lag-ocolypse hit Dreamviews, but this dream from a couple of days ago caught my eye because of DawnEye's guide Dawn making an appearance in this semi lucid.

    In the dream I am making an attempt to do shared dreaming with DawnEye11. I am in this hospital feeling room where there is a large bed with a nightstand on either side. The room is almost all white with a blue and light gray checkered tile floor and a small kitchen along the front wall with a coffee maker and microwave. There is also a TV and small sofa. Dawn and Manei come into the room, accurate to their normalized appearances save for Dawn having really short buzzcut hair. We meet and talk for a bit. Dawn explains something about DawnEye11 (using her real name in the conversation that I will not use since I don't know if she wants me to or not.) that he needs to attempt a shared dream from my mind in order to make an appearance in her dreams.

    A nurse woman comes in and tells us it is time to attempt shared dreaming. She closes the sunny window and the room becomes warm and dark. The three of us get into the large bed together and lay down, with some kind of metal helmets on to prepare for the shared dreaming. As we are climbing into bed Manei says to me "Alright when we get to her dream; we all have to make our appearance as cute boys to get her attention." I suggested it might be fun to mess with her. Manei laughed but Dawn was apparently taking this mission a little too seriously.

    When we were laying on the bed I was in the middle, laying face up with Manei to my left and Dawn to my right. I felt myself become aware of their energies. Becoming aware of a DC's energy or aura is always a mixture of sensory experiences. Manei's aura is as it has been; orangeish colored and warm like a sunny beach. But this was my first time feeling Dawn's aura that was light blue and smelled like flowers. I felt myself invert; in a way that felt sort of like how I've always imagined going OBE would feel, as though I was now facing downwards into the mattress, putting Manei to my left and Dawn to my right. They seemed to be going through the same thing as I.

    We began moving what felt like downwards. Dawn said he needed to monitor her to see if she was asleep yet so as to see if we could enter the dream. He made three of these thermometer like devices appear. They looked like thermometers but had one mercury bulb with three stems. One stem was straight up and the other went straight to the left. The third stem was much longer than the other two and was at a 45 degree angle downwards and to the left. There were three of these devices, though each one had different colored marking lines on the stems. The one of my left was blue, the one in front of me was green, and the one in front of dawn had red lines. The red mercury inside the device would pulse. Dawn said it was a heart rate monitor and that her heart rate was really high meaning she wasn't asleep or was likely doing something physically demanding, stating that it would likely be 8 or 9 hours before we entered the dream, and that we would be stuck here waiting for all of that.

    Then the three thermometers merged into a new one with black lines and a clock face appeared in the middle to show how long we would have to wait. We started waiting. We could still communicate in this state and went about some idle chatter but I forget what about. I began seeing throwing stars and waving metal chains dancing about in the black void. When I pointed them out to Dawn he became concerned about what was going on. He said that the chains had a lot of physical objects with all their links and they were taking up too much of the collective minds' processing power to run the physics for and that we had to back out of the shared dreaming attempt.

    The three of us woke back up into the hospital room. It was much darker in the room now. We started discussing why the chains and throwing stars appeared. Dawn thought that I had created them and accused me of doing so but Manei said that I didn't have any control in that state and couldn't create them even if I wanted to. Me and her started making cinnamon rolls for breakfast but Dawn didn't want to help cook. Manei told him if he didn't help cook he wouldn't get any food for him and would have to go hungry but Dawn was apathetic and brooding about the chains appearing in the dream state. Manei whispered in my ear "He's just being a sourpuss because he can't appear accurately like I can. Look at that haircut!" I started laughing really hard and Dawn cleared his throat and said "I heard that."

    o_o Manei stop being so mean. Dawn; stop taking your job so seriously.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Lol I lost my eyes and my sense of patience due to the lagocolypse. But its good to know at times there is speed after much waiting and hoping.Wow,You were attempting to share dream with me. That's awesome! ^w^ Even more awesome how both our guides were there.
      Hehe you wrote hospital feeling room.Did you mean waiting room? That is a messed up prank to appear as cute boys but I can see myself falling for it. This might sound weird but, the heart rate monitor thing reminds me of when I get anxious when I can't go to sleep. I try to stay calm and watch tv if I cant fall asleep though. Anyways reading about how you guys interacted was fun. I enjoyed every minute of it. Especially the part of Manei mentioning how he cant appear like she does and his haircut. That was pretty hilarious. > w < I wonder how it would have gone if you made it though.

      Oh and yeah, I agree with the part of him being serious about his tasks/dream job. Haha
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