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    Lucid Time!

    Dream Drop for old times' sake

    by , 12-26-2019 at 07:49 PM (104 Views)
    Maybe for new years' resolution 2020 I get back into lucid dreaming...

    Dream 1 (Three Nights Ago)

    I am with my mother. We are checking out houses to live in. The location is near a body of water; a lake. There are lots of small islands with road bridges connecting them and a few houses per island, as well as lots of large trees that have lost their leaves. The grass is mostly brown and many of the houses look to be in a highly dilapidated state.

    At some point I become lucid and begin flying on jets of fire as I usually do.

    Dream 2 (Two Nights Ago)

    In the dream I am openly homosexual and traveling cross country on a road trip with an OTD boyfriend whom I am not familiar with. We get along well and seem to have a developing and intimate relationship. There is heavy time dilation as we travel across the country touring various parks, landmarks and attractions. At one point towards the end of our trip we are driving along a road, which runs alongside a forested mountain which runs along a fjord somewhere on the west coast of the united states. We are driving an old VW bus that is white, yellow and gold and now traveling in a convoy with other travelers in various vehicles. We stop because the road ends, and get out of the vehicle. It is midday and sunny with a handful of scattered clouds.

    I become Lucid and decide to fly. The flying sensation is pretty muted as the dream begins to destabilize around me. I fly out over the ocean and pretty quickly the land shrinks away into nothing despite my best efforts to redirect thrust and fly back. I then glance around and notice the tsunami dream occurring. The wave is absolutely massive, several miles tall, like a second vertical ocean forming a massive wall to one side of me. I think that I might be able to fly above it, outrun it, or shift the dream scene but the wave seemingly accelerates until its right on top of me. Then returns to more normal speed as the wave hits me.

    I'm underwater. I recognize this dream as having happened before. Numerous times. I simply allow myself to breathe rather than suffer through the suffocating drowning feeling. The dream scene shifts. I am seated on a concrete platform that is partially submerged in a deep ocean. The sky is gray and golden with rays of sunlight showing through and waves are battering me from all sides. I continue to breathe, recognizing that the dream around me couldn't impact my ability to breathe and cause me to drown. By concentrating on this fact I was able to stop the waves.

    The dream transitions to a tropical island scene. I lose the dream and wake up.
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