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    Dream School

    by , 02-12-2018 at 05:46 PM (318 Views)
    I was in a city like environment. It looked like one of the later areas in LSD Dream emulator with pink fog and strange flashing colors and textures applied to everything. There was oddly shaped buildings and cars in the roads, but there were no dream characters to be found anywhere. I was more or less lucid from the point this dream began. I feel like there was more to this dream than I could recall, perhaps a non-lucid portion, but I only recall the lucid portion.

    I wandered the streets for some time. I was fearing another empty dream in where there were no dream characters present. I attempted flying, something which is nominally a reliable means of transportation in dreams did not work sustainably. I could leap into the air and hover momentarily and then would sputter down towards the ground.

    I noticed there was a large purple pyramid shaped building in the center of the city, with a golden star on one side. The star looked like it might have actually been a door but it was about 20 stories up and I wasn't sure how I would get up there. I felt compelled to try and get inside thinking that I might be able to find something interesting inside. I climbed a nearby building and was getting ready to leap to the golden star when when the building I was on fell out from under me. I lept backwards onto another building which put me even farther away from the pyramid building but kept me on a roughly even level with the golden star.

    I ran for it and made a leap to the star, and attempted to pull off just a bit of flying to get over there. I managed and tore through the star like paper and headed inside where I climbed some stairs and headed into a large cross-shaped room. There were stairs on the far side and lots of smaller rooms off to the side. Each of the small rooms had even more rooms that it branched off into. There were dream characters present, some were just standing around talking and others were going in and out of the various rooms.

    All of the walls were covered in a purple felt-like fabric but felt hard underneath. The floor was carpet with a childish looking pattern of planets with cartoon faces and outer space on it.

    Marcus appeared and explained to me that this was a lucid dreaming school, and I would have to progress through all the rooms and that after this there were more rooms on the next level up.

    "Well let's get started then."

    I went and opened a door (which I think had a number 1 or a number 11 on it). When I opened it a miniature tornado began to manifest itself in the room, visible by swirling gray dust. A semblance of a face appeared on the tornado and he laughed at me before dashing out the door and blowing around the main room, knocking into people, blowing papers out of their hand and the like. Marcus got a vacuum cleaner and sucked up the tornado.

    I asked him if it was cheating to do that, but he said that it was alright as he was just a projection of myself. He said that the stairway had opened now and I could progress to the next level. I climbed the stairs and now saw that I was in my high school gym, on the second level where the running track ran around the inside of the gym. (Some of you may remember user JustMe13, Well I've kept in touch with him on Discord) He was there.

    He challenged me to a race around the track. I wanted to practice dream super powers and I've never put much thought into super speed. We started running the race and both of us made surprisingly quick pace. I had difficult rounding the corners at the end of the track as I did not seem to have particularly good grip on the ground and would have to wall run along the corners, and encountered some strange dreamlike physics. Although he actually won the race due to strange physics. He then left saying he had to go back to the first level.

    I began talking with another dream character and told them some things about myself and asked if they could meet Manei. I told them they could and started to summon her. I was partially successful as she did appear but was somewhat translucent. She greeted the other dream character who was ecstatic to meet her. The other dream character then left as well. I got more control over the dream and I thought about how I have black belt trial testing (for second degree black belt) coming up IRL and needed to practice my sparring. Just by thinking of it sparring gear appeared on both of us.

    While I practiced my sparring sets, we had a conversation about something... I don't remember... might have just been small talk since I haven't been lucid dreaming much. One thing I remember was that Manei was able to draw up memories of lessons on various sparring sets and tricks that I didn't remember learning but upon waking up I have confirmed are legitimate, so I must have learned them at some point in the past. I do remember bringing up how in sparring, I prefer to only use the basic kicks. When I did sparring on my black belt test, I found my opponents would sometimes incorporate spinning kicks but were too slow and inexperienced to implement them properly, the move was always telegraphed and could be avoided or you could counter with a basic kick.

    Manei vanished randomly after a few minutes. I could tell the dream was ending but wanted to execute some dream meditations. I haven't done much dream meditation but I laid down on my back and crossed my hands over my chest; how I've been meditating in waking life recently. I focused on breathing and managed to hang on to the dream for about two minutes before waking up.

    I just wanted to make a note that I am looking to get back into lucid dreaming and that I have started meditating and dream journaling once more. Recently alot of dreams I've had have been nightmares; things involving themes like realistic portrayals or terrorist attacks or me losing control of a car and running over a group of young children. Things that I wouldn't feel comfortable describing at length in a public blog post. So it was a relief to have a more pleasant dream that I could come back to.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      : D Welcome back~ Its great that your getting back into it again. I remember when you mentioned you were going to bring Justme13 under your wing and teach him more, I think about lucid dreaming. Its nice that you still stay in touch with him. Your dream did sound pleasant and fun so I'm happy for you that you finally got the dream you desired. Its cool how Manei also brought old memory up and was able to give you sparring advice. I've been hoping to have a dream as this with a beneficial lesson and adventurous stuff occurring but haven't had it yet. Maybe cause my attention has been focused on other things more.