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    EDITED:Fragmented Lucid: Confusing Reality (LD# 63) At my service (LD#64), probable TOTM

    by , 12-20-2013 at 08:56 AM (591 Views)
    I rewrote large parts of this Dream Journal Entry, because the original one seemed a bit flakey. (Most likely because I wrote the original Now, I'm able to properly explain what happened.

    Where things get Weird

    I was in my front yard, and lucid when two dream characters show up. (They show up in this really cool black car nonetheless) I recognize them as Marcus and this other character that I recently identified and named Jack.
    It was at this point that for some reason, I thought of the basic TOTM for this month. To ask a dream character for a present and see what you get. I never said anything out-loud about the TOTM, but I thought about it.
    I think Jack is the one who gets out of the car and offers me a small grey gun that he says Marcus invented. (And this is where I think I may have just completed the TOTM.) He gives a short speech about how this is the "next step in personal defense" and asks me to try the weapon out. The weapon looks and feels like the sticky detonator from Halo 4. It has a smooth look to it.
    I fire it at a tree, and a large cylindrical grenade sticks to the side of the tree. I pull a trigger, and a number of small fan shaped grenades release from the large one and stick all over the place. Okay, that's a cool feature, but I can't figure out how to make the grenades detonate. Don't know if this is my own lack of knowledge or a malfunction with the weapon.

    I false awaken in my own house to find that I have woken up very late on a Saturday morning. Makes sense why I would lucid, so I go downstairs, and go on this site and begin writing a DJ entry for this dream. I then, in my false awakening, go back upstairs and "WILD" back into a non-lucid dream.

    I go back into a dream where my lucidity seems very unstable, an anxiety dream about school where I'm stranded there and I need to ride home. Jack shows up again. And let the real weirdness begin.
    Jack attempts to convince me that I'm not dreaming. He tells me that my "Guides" (Meaning that he is a guide too now I guess.) are here to help me in waking life. He says I won't be going home for awhile. Telling me that this is waking life, given my groggy lucidity left me confused.
    We are walking out of the school. I was at a point where I thought this was RL, and I told him I needed to go get my backpack. He then proceeded to tell me that he was carrying my backpack over his own, took it off and gave it to me. He told me that was in fact a basic test to make sure I wouldn't lose it because of that. So I guess I passed.
    We get to the street out front of the school, and we try to get into this other vehicle that's like this very strange tractor type thing. Another detail that I couldn't help but notice, but there was a street named after Jonathan, my dream "Nemesis".
    All my regular dream characters, save for the evil one. (Manei, Marcus, and David) started to surround the tractor and get out. There were two more, a younger version of Lia who looked to be about 10, and a younger boy who was probably 6. We get out and we all start to get into this really nice black sport's car. (Is that like my dream character's only way to get around.) I'll really have to draw these cars that I keep seeing. But we have seven people trying to get into this car. I have to sit in the middle of the back. And I don't know where we intend to go.
    I'm getting into the back of the car with all these dream characters, and I woke up into my bed.

    At my Service

    I cannot believe I forgot about this dream.

    I was in my school's gymnasium. There were a bunch of people running around and playing with the various gym equipment like dodge-balls and badminton rackets.
    Manei approaches me and tells me that I am dreaming.
    "Oh... of course I am..."
    I do a nose pinch reality check just to be sure. I realize that I am dreaming, but I just felt really lucid. I probably got more lucid in this dream than I did in any lucid dream I've had in a long time. I could really feel the dream world around me. I even thought to myself that my real body is back in bed and this is all a dream, so this was a solid layer 3 dream. (For those of you who are farmiliar with receejones87's layers of LDing)
    "Thanks for telling me."
    She bows
    "I am at your service."
    I think to myself for a second. Manei... my dream guide, at my service. Will she carry out any command I give her?
    "Jump up and down."
    She jumps up and down. Given my dreams take place at about 0.5G's, she is able to jump about her own body height.
    She stops.
    "What's 7 times 4?"
    Now time to really see how this works. I pick out one of the dream characters playing in the gym. Knowing he is just an aspect of me, I issue this command.
    "Go beat that kid up."
    She calmly walks over to the dream character, and stops in front of him. She then jumps into the air and spins around kicking the dude in the face. He falls over either dead or unconscious and is bleeding from his nose.

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