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    Galaxy God (LD # I don't know anymore.)

    by , 09-28-2016 at 02:04 PM (564 Views)
    I've been experimenting with a written Dream Journal, but I had to drive to college in a hurry, and left the journal at home, so I wasn't able to write these down like I normally would. Figured since I haven't done a DV DJ in forever and I had a lucid last night, I'd drop this here.

    My cat was perpetually throwing up. No real reason to go into further detail about that dream.

    I was playing SC4. (Oh, hello video game I haven't played in months.) I was in my main region mentally planning some new cities. I wanted to make a row of three or four really big cities. I saw a triangle shaped city tile and decided to click on it. The game loaded for a long time and took me to a screen of a desert with a volcano in the background. A space shuttle with the orange fuel tank and SRBS flew by. (I think it actually had four SRBS, two on each side. I think it blew up and now I was now playing Kerbal Space Program. I clicked on one of the kerbals and made him go EVA from the cockpit.

    I was on my college campus, with my dad's sister and respective cousins. They were being generally obnoxious and complaining that they were bored. (Even my ~50year old aunt was complaining) I was supposed to drive them back to my house. I walked them across campus back to the car but the campus gave way to a collection of stores and office buildings. I thought I had gotten lost so I retraced my steps. (Family who had to follow me were not very pleased with this fact.)

    I walked back to the familiar part of campus and tried walking to the parking lot another way but it again gave way to stores and office buildings (and a video arcade) My annoyed cousins and aunt were at their breaking point and started yelling at me for my incompetence but I ignored them and I stopped and thought about the situation.
    I was pretty quick to come to the conclusion that I was dreaming.

    I took off flying, (generally family member DCs when they get like this are beyond salvaging.) I flew down the avenue and pulled up high into the sky. I saw a huge futuristic city off in the distance and decided to investigate. There were huge dark blue angular glass buildings at least a mile or two tall and flying cars, all surrounded by a more normal looking city. I decided I wanted to investigate the inside of the huge building so I would do the logical thing and land on the roof.

    I re-affirmed to myself that this was a dream and that everything that happened was just something that I was thinking of. I had some difficulty landing, flying was troublesome and I kept shooting off to the side, but I was eventually able to get myself to hover the roof of one of the buildings and kill my flying jets to fall the last few hundred feet.

    I fell through the roof and started falling through all the floors of the building. Curiously the whole building was like an empty glass shell with nothing on the inside. I kept falling and colors and shapes started to distort. I felt like I was sliding down a metal tube that went in all different direction. I didn't really care, it seemed like the dream was going to do something interesting so I just let it happen. I popped out the other end and I was in outer space. A huge golden spiral galaxy in front of me.

    Galaxy: (with a big booming voice like god) I have attained the highest spiritual status and the largest physical form. I am a galaxy! But you may call me... uhh...

    Me: Your name could be... bob?

    Bob: I AM BOB! Now tell me, why is your hair so long?

    Me: I don't know... I just kind of think it looks cooler that way...

    Bob: What would you do... If I were to cut it short?

    Me: My dream body is just a construct of my consciousness, allowing to have me a human experience in the dreamworld. Such damage could very easily be undone.

    Bob: F*CK!

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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Having a written journal is a good idea. For some reason I never stick to it though...Lol That part where you talk with the Galaxy is funny.Nice choice to just go with the flow and see what happens.
    2. Saizaphod's Avatar
      LOL that conversation seriously! Did you wake up laughing?
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