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    Long non-lucid dream : Hide the gun, Shoot the gun.

    by , 04-20-2017 at 08:12 PM (415 Views)
    Spoiler for Notes and technique breakdown.:

    In the dream I am attending college. The building I am in feels vaguely like it belongs somewhere on my campus and the surrounding area has the same feel to it, but it really blurred the line between a completely original to dream campus. The building was ten stories tall and had many wings and corridors and contained both classrooms and student dorms.

    In the dream I had a gun with me, something that was forbidden by the rules of the campus and would be punishable by a long time in jail. The actual gun was like an uzi or small SMG and I remember at some point firing the bullets from it and noticing how small they were; they were like little pellets or pointed BBs. Yet the gun still had the capacity to kill people. The dream's plot revolved heavily around me trying to dispose of the gun.

    I at first figured I would dispose of the bullets. During a class, I snuck into a women's bathroom and emptied the bullets from the magazine down a toilet and flushed. My logic behind doing this was that the police might find the bullets in the plumbing but they would attempt to trace a female to possessing the gun and give me more time to get rid of it. I then crushed up the plastic magazine by stomping on it and threw the pieces into a ventilation grate.

    I then had to go to class. The class was at the center of the very strange and large building. There was a large circular tower that protruded from the side of the wall and castle like crenelations on top when viewed from the outside. I went to the class that was some kind of magical/alchemical class. I saw my friends S, A and C along with other dream characters outside trying to get my attention and waving at me. I waved back and they started throwing small rocks at the window as if they hadn't gotten my attention. They started to throw larger rocks and one of them cracked the window and got the attention of the whole class. I looked outside and saw some police escorting my friends away and thought that the police might think that we were troublemakers and might try and get a search warrant soon; so I should hurry up and dispose of the gun.

    After the class ended, it was dark outside. I stashed the gun in my pocket (yes, it fit). Near this weird alternate school was a river with a small island in the middle. This island had sand dunes on it that people would climb up and then ride down on these sled-like devices. I decided this was how I would get rid of that gun. I went to the shore of the river where there were guys in small rowboats that would row you across for a dollar. I got one of them to row me across and while he was, he remarked that it was getting dark and I probably shouldn't be heading out to the dunes so late in the day.

    I told him I had forgotten something earlier in the day and just needed to visit the sand dune island for a few minutes. Once on the opposite shore, I began frantically walking around the forested portion of the island looking for a good place to dispose of the gun. I ran into my father and he of course was really clingy and wanted to spend time with me, but I managed to convince him that I was jogging and that he couldn't keep up. So I jogged off and found myself at the top of the large sand dune where there was a small store and the sled things were kept. I got on one and started riding down, something that was frowned upon because it was unsafe and smart to have people nearby if you got hurt. I rode for a bit around the winding path in the sand until I found a place between two dunes that was out of sight of everybody.

    I knelt over and dug out a hole underneath some dune grass in the sand with my hands and put the gun in it; then carefully covered it up with sand, ensuring I put dry, coarse sand on top as to leave no evidence anyone had dug there, then carried on down my sand sled to the bottom of the route and deposited it at a small shed where a few others had been. It was now completely dark and I saw that the row boat guys had retired for the night and I was now trapped on the island. I think I wound up getting back onto the mainland by hopping across some overlarge lily pads and swinging on some low hanging willow branches, only managing to get wet up to my ankles.

    I retired to my dorm room that had a large furnace apparatus in it, and used the heat from it to dry my wet clothes. My roommate had questions as to what I had been up to but didn't get that suspicious. I plugged in my computer and started playing KSP and the dream started to fade out. I think it carried on for a bit, I recall glimpses and fragments of the dream carrying on into the days and weeks that followed this incident and how I continued to be paranoid that somebody would connect me to the gun and try to find me.


    The dream somehow gave way to one of me driving on the highway and continually missing exits that I was supposed to turn off at, finding myself on unfamiliar parts of the state. Typical dream contrivances such as having a dysfunctional phone gps with a fraction of a percent of battery and the dream periodically distorting so that I find myself in the back of the car with nobody driving up front played out.

    I remembered that my goal in the dream was to buy a birthday present for my new cousin. Apparently my aunt on my mom's side had given birth to a third boy after the two cousins I was familiar with, but he had aspberger's syndrome and she was ashamed so she kept him a secret from the rest of the family. But she eventually decided that wasn't right and she would introduce him to the rest of his family. This dream took place shortly after that and it was his (8th or 9th) birthday. I went into a random Toys R Us and bought a large blue Nerf gun and brought it over. This new cousin dream character was thrilled.

    We started having a nerf war. My cousin's house was revealed to have many levels of basement that had never been seen before that the war took place in; including an all white room in where there were sliding panels and doors everywhere. The room didn't have any function outside of being a place for the nerf gun war as far as I could tell.
    I attained a small amount of lucidity and became concerned that the dream could take a dark turn if the nerf gun I was using converted itself into the gun I had tried to hide from earlier.


    The dream somehow gave way to another dream that I was driving my parent's old minivan and doing flips and stunts around a stadium with monster trucks. I felt as though I were playing a video game and didn't care that I was badly damaging the car. The dream was very hazy and this probably would have been a rather exciting dream sequence had it been clearer.
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