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    Long random dreams, LD #2

    by , 04-02-2012 at 02:55 PM (891 Views)
    The first thing I can remember was coming home from school and being very excited. My mother told me that my old childhood friends (their names being Riley and JP) were coming up from Georgia for a visit.
    I came home and went into my room and played Minecraft for a little while. Then I went on the internet and there was this article about these explosions happening because of some gas that had escaped into the atmosphere. They were talking about what states in the US had explosions over them.
    Then, the knock on the door. I ran over to see, and sure enough my two childhood friends were there. They were coming in and for some reason I was having trouble seeing them.
    My mom came upstairs and took me into the bathroom. She told me that I had some sort of sickness that caused my eyes to swell up and make it difficult to see. She said that it would go away in a couple of hours.
    Eventually Riley and JP were up in my room. I showed them the article on the internet about the explosions happening. The article had updated and there was a video that showed the times that the explosions had happened. Then a newscaster came on and said "This catastrophe is only going to get worse."
    Around this time my problem seeing wore off and I could see fine again.
    My parents called me from downstairs and told me that I had to go to some kind of after-school study session or something. I told them I wanted to stay home and be with my friends, but they told me that if I did not go I was grounded.
    We all got into the car and drove to my school. I was walking down the hallway, and I told Riley and JP that I was sorry that they were having such a bad time visiting me when all of this boring stuff was happening.
    Then I took out this comic strip I drew. I wanted them to read it while I was studying so that they wouldn't be bored. The comic strip showed people fighting, but the paper had some kind of power, and the comic strip was animated. It was sort of like a stop-motion movie with a bunch of drawings actually moving around on the page. The problem was the animations would only play once.
    Then my parents made us get into the car again. He told us we were going to the arcade and going to see a movie. I cannot remember what movie we were seeing, just that I did not want to go see it. I said that I did not want to go to the arcade because it was a crappy, worn down place.
    He said that we could just go to the movie, but I think we went to the arcade anyway.

    Then I cannot remember how I arrived at the far side of my own neighborhood. It was foggy and cold. There was a man wearing a black jacket mugging me. I can remember him having a big knife.

    I became Lucid and immediately took care of the threat at hand by throwing a huge fireball at him. But as soon as I did that the dream destabilized too quickly for me to salvage it.

    I was awake, and I'm about 95% sure I was actually awake, and had not just FA'd. I affirmed to myself that I would go back to sleep but remember all of the dreams that I already had.

    I fell back into another non-lucid dream. I was actually inside the game Minecraft and there were these guards. They told me that I was in trouble for stealing. They told me that I had to go inside a wooden building; that was like a jail or something. I went inside, and It looked like any Minecraft house. There was a bed, a workbench and a couple storage chests.
    For some reason, I got really sad and sort of spiritual. I began punching the walls of the building, and just as in the game, I got out of the building and went onto the rooftop. I moved the bed up there and went to sleep. But just as I was falling asleep, I can remember someone walking towards the bed.

    I false awoke back into the same dream. I was really groggy and the dream was no longer like Minecraft. I was just in a bed. I was laying on my side with my arms wrapped around something.
    I got up and realized there was another person. I got up into a crawling position and realized who it was. I won't tell you her name, but I will tell you that SHE is from my school, she hates me, and she was totally naked!
    To some relief, I noticed that I was wearing cargo shorts and a T-shirt.
    I asked her what she thought she was doing she told me that she "could not resist any longer" I guess my mortal terror and shock caused me to have another false awakening.

    I had a vivid false awakening in my own bedroom. There was this boy in my room (who's name was Connor I think)
    He said that he was borrowing an eyepiece from my telescope to look at something.
    He set up this really old looking telescope on my windowsill and looked out at the sky from my window. I told him to just stay as long as he wanted. I was going back to sleep.

    I finally woke up in real life, after all of those dreams. I made sure to RC to make sure I was not going to FA again without catching it.

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