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    Lucid Dream #76: The moon has 3 cats, Teaching DCs to Fly

    by , 01-31-2014 at 11:28 AM (563 Views)
    I was having some non lucid dream that I can no longer recall all that well that involved me walking home from school. The dream may have been along the lines of an anxiety dream because I was counting on a friend to get my backpack for me; I had left my back pack at the tech school.
    So I was walking home and taking a rather strange route, past the large blue factory near the edge of my town. There is a path that runs by it in RL, but in the dream, the path was broken, there were pits and valleys. It looked as though some construction work was being done on the factory.
    I also took note that there were a large amount of gardening supplies, there were some plants in trays and saplings that looked as though they were ready to be planted. Perhaps the factory was looking to be environmentally friendly. I try to get through this part with out stepping on any flowers.
    I get back on the path and it normals out a bit. I get to the end, where my subdivision would start, but this does not look like my subdivision at all. I may also note the seasonal difference. In my home state it is winter, but in this dream it was summer. The subdivision I was in looked something like mine, but the layout appeared different.

    I get lucid here, for no reason at all!. For a moment I was excited. In getting lucid I had just completed my goal of 8 lucid dreams this month. (And in the 11th hour too.) But here we are.
    I took a right off the path and began walking down the street. I rubbed my hands together and said to myself "stabilize dream."
    I tried to execute some voice commands, but they didn't work. My voice sounded rather strange too, like that clip of the "only thing we have to fear is fear itself speech." I didn't care. Also, I felt like I was wearing a cloak. I caught glimpses of a hood in my peripheral vision and had long black sleeves on.
    I also took note of one thing that I have never heard before in a dream; birdsong. And it was beautiful.
    I got to the end of the street and arrived into some kind of cul-de-sac. I felt a strong wind blow in out of the forest in front of me. And an even stronger gale blow from behind. After a moment, I realized that what I was experiencing was not wind, but rather gravitational shifts.
    I then had a gravitational shift that pushed me downwards. I was pinned to the ground and unable to move. And I came up with a rather... Interesting means of trying to get the gravity back to normal. I held my hands behind my back and manifested a headset microphone. I put it onto my head and asked whoever was on the other end to please lower the gravity to 10% of what it was.
    For a moment, I was able to stagger to my feet. But another wave of gravity slammed me back into the pavement. This actually felt somewhat painful. I felt as though I was being dragged backwards along the pavement. Also, with all this going on, it was difficult to hang on to the idea of lucidity.
    I went on the headset again, and asked whoever was there to please make the gravity 1% of what it was. One more, I was able to get to my feet for a second. Then a gravity wave flew past me and tore the headset off of my head. It flew in front of me then looped around behind my head and flew off into the sky.
    The gravity slammed me back into the ground. I was laying on my back now, looking up. I saw there was a dark patch in the sky where the moon was supposed to be, but it (now this is the strange part.)
    The moon looked as though it had been carved into shapes. I can recall the shape very clearly, there were three feline forms, though they looked to be standing on their back legs. They all had long hair as if they were human girls and had taken fighting poses. I could tell it had a sort of anime styling to the outline.
    "Okay, the moon has three cats."
    Gravity returned to normal and the design in the sky faded. I got the feeling that whatever had shifted gravity like that was trying to get that message across. Now they are done, and I am free to experience my dream as I wish.
    I walk back up the street I came about two houses, then make a right down another street. I am stabilizing as I go, paying attention to how my feet feel as they hit the sidewalk. Am I wearing shoes? socks? I can't recall now.
    I can't help but feel that I am alone, there are no other dream characters. Just as I do, I hear a man's voice.
    "Hey! Hey you!"
    About two houses away, a man is stepping outside. Then, across the street, another two houses away a group of three kids come outside, along with what looks like their nanny.
    I continue walking and go past the man. I look at him and think "he's a dream character, just a fragment of my own subconscious, not a real person." And after I thought that to myself, I got really really lucid. I thought about the "5 layers of a lucid dream and thought about going to layer 4. Maybe I'm already at layer 4, I just haven't made any changes yet.
    "You guys are dream characters and I am your dreamer!"
    The man and the nanny gave me these really kind looks and they nodded. The kids jumped up and down with excitement. They ran over to me and asked me if I wanted to play [some game].
    "No, you know what, I have a better idea!"
    The kids look a little confused.
    "I am going to teach you guys how to fly."
    The kids look very confused.
    I kneel down on their level.
    "You need to focus the energy in your own body, your chi."
    I demonstrate by doing my old flying method (I guess that's not fire, but chi.) and lift off, thrusting up with these cyan-ish flames. I start to slowly rise up above them, and the kids follow. The three kids instantly seem to get it, one kid had green flames, another orange, and another, purple. I note that the sun has set and it is now nighttime. A fourth kid comes outside and asks if he can fly with us.
    "Sure, just focus your chi!"
    He rockets up on red flames and joins us. We are not flying very high or very fast, but that matters not. This is still the most fun I've had in a lucid dream, ever! The colors of everyone's different chi against the night were just beautiful.
    I sense that I am losing the dream. I look to the cluster of first-time fliers. For a moment, I thought that they were other dreamers and not dream characters.
    "Now, look, I'll be back."
    I lose the dream. I am in a black void for a second and see myself. I then wake up.

    Well that's it, no TOTM this month. God dang it. Who cares, teaching dream characters to fly is much more fun than asking them what they are doing different this year anyway.

    So that's it, got in my 8 LDs. Can't wait for February's TOTMs. I also thought of a good one on my own. I want to try and listen to music in a dream and see what it sounds like.

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