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    1. S2024 Nights 6 and 7

      by , 04-06-2024 at 04:39 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I am involved in a ship salvage operation. It is a large ship, easily over 1km long with a horizontal deck plan and bilateral symmetry, it looks to be in fairly good shape. We pull up alongside it assuming the vessel to be abandoned. Upon entering through the airlock we find the ships interior is empty. About 75% of the hull is completely empty of internal bulkheads or any sort of structural support outside of the outer hull plating. There are large windows in places, most of which would have been oriented like skylights when the ship had artificial gravity and such. The windows seem to be odd shapes, all of them are made up of triangular glass panels with an isogrid style design.

      We come under attack. Hiding out in the bottom 25% of this ship are its owners or defenders. The operate small pod-like machines. These machines have four spider-like legs with mag locks or something to that effect that can clamp onto and walk on the hull of a ship, even non-metallic materials like the whitewashed fullerene paneling this ship appears to mostly be made out of. Their machines have large glass bubble cockpits and heavy duty worklights. Two small thruster pods stick out on long pylons with several large nozzles on each thruster block. Most importantly there is a distressingly large rotary cannon of some descrpition on the front of these things.

      I remember grabbing a metal spike, some spare piece of junk from the ship and spiking it through the canopy glass. The guy inside isn't wearing a pressure suit and chokes out from vac exposure.


      I am in the bathroom of my current house. The bathtub is full of water and pee and (theres no really eloquent way to put this) has about a dozen turds floating in it. The floor gives out and the bathroom falls through ot the first floor and then the basement. I am exploring the basement for awhile, its this big maze of abandoned passages and rooms with rusty pipes and crumbling brick walls that seems to go down several levels below the house.

      Manei and I were participants on a game show. We were doing that game where there is a foam board cutout of a person that you must jump through. Its called the "trial of shape" or something like that. There is a rather small form that she wont fit through and she just sort of glares at it angirly annoyed that this game isn't accommodating or fair. I pass through it perfectly.

      The dream changes to a hospital scene. Nicole watterson from the Amazing World of Gumball is going ot have a baby though she doesn't look to be pregnant. She lifts up her shirt to show her belly to the doctor and there is a paper tearing sound and a big belly appears. Then another paper tearing sound and her belly gets even bigger. Then a third paper tearing sound as a baby which is 'me' tears through her belly (its not gorey its just cartoony and looks like torn paper). Baby me is sticking out of the rip in her belly from the waist up starts flailing around like a garry's mod character and screaming obnoxiously loud. He/I takes a toy racecar from nowhere and makes engine sounds driving the car in circles. Then falls asleep for several seconds making an obnoxious cartoon snoring sound. Then wakes up again and continues flailing around.
      The doctor says something to the effect of "ah yes a perfectly healthy baby"

      The dream scene changes though this is still connected to the previous dream. I am in my childhood neighborhood in early dawn hanging out with some other kids. I think I am just wearing shorts and no shirt and I am in dream form. One of the kids asks who I am and I respond by saying "I dont know I was just born but this body is mature. I know english and I think a little of [some other language with a nonsense name]."
      The kid walks me over to a group of friends and tells me I hae to be initiated into his group by playing the slapping game. He tells me to put my hands out palms down and he will slap them. Then I will slap his. We repeat this until one side gives up or flinches. I think to myself this game is stupid and I dont want to hurt anyone. He slaps me first and I don't feel it. I slap him but I intentionally hold back quite a bit. Though he still recoils like I hit him quite hard. He then seems to wait and think. I don't want to play this game or oblige this strange violent social construct this group is using. I notice my hands seem smaller and more delicate than IWL. I then remember a conversation with monkey I had about how the hand check never worked for me even though when I go into my dream form my hands are differnet.

      I'm lucid. I remember this is a competition, and I remember a conversation I had with monkey about him wanting to fight stormtroopers from star wars together. All of the other kids scatter. The sun has come up now but its being eclipsed as I see the death star approaching earth and some star destroyers jumping in overhead, maybe about 15 of them organized into triangular formations of three. I then think that due to being busy I never actually listed the goal on DV and therefore I probably can't claim points for doing a goal that I didn't declare beforehand so I don't want the dream to do this.
      The death star is rotating into position. It seems "accurate" as it rotates I can see all the little details, all of the buildings and greebles on the surface transition from light to shadow with way more resolution than I think WL eyes could manage. I distinctly remember how the inside of the laser dish caught the sunlight and transitioned from completely dark to a crescent moon shape and so fourth as the spherical death star rotated opposite. The sun is low in the sky so everything is tinted beautiful pink and orange, the whole effect is sort of like seeing the moon in the sky. Though it seems about two hand-widths across in the sky. I sense whats coming next and I don't want the dream to end.

      "Set Barrier Radius 6,500,000; origin point earths core."

      I got ot it just in time. The superlaser fires and hits right on the boundary of three hexagonal plates. There is a bright flash and a loud "BWUM!" which then fades like distant thunder. Birds fly away and windows on the houses break but everything is OK.

      I did that to stop the dream from ending when the planet got destroyed, but the dream ended here anyways.
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    2. Comp Warm-Up

      by , 03-26-2024 at 03:31 PM (Lucid Time!)
      The dream began where I was in an OTD hospital. I think I was recovering from something though I felt fine and could more around. I was being kept in this barren stertile room near the back of the hospital. It seems to be just a big square room that sort of juts out the back of the building with windows on three sides. There are vinyl tiles and incandescent lights. The room looks to be a storage space for old hospital beds and random equipment that is out of date, but it is mostly empty.

      I go stand by the window. I see a large machine next to me. A big light gray metal box. It surrounded by a tall chain link fence. It is making a lot of noise, rumbling and then whining like a jet engines. There are exaust pipes on it shooting out streams of fire and electrical transformer equipment with electricity arcs coming between the various components. I get the sense that whatever machine this is (my first instinct is to say it was a generator for the hospital) was being pushed way past its intended load. I notice that it seems to sort of stop and start, not like the machine is failing but like somebody keeps switching it on and off.


      I am with a small skeleton crew on a stolen Scirocco class cruiser. Our mission is to steal another such ship of the same class, though we only have maybe half a dozen people crewing our ship. Our ship is also painted jet black compared to the other one which has its orange markings. We have a lot of insider information on the MCRN including these fake ID chips/cards we can use to access their ships and technology. We pull up near to the ship, which is just floating there in deep space, and send fake voice communications about needing to dock to transfer prisoners. The other ship buys this at first.

      I get into a boarding pod and when we get up close they launch me over. But as I'm flying over the boarding pod is shot but I jump out. I'm outside in the complete vacuum of space but I am at least semi lucid so I just sort of float over to the airlock of the ship we want to board. I get there and swipe the ID card on the card reader. It accepts it but tells me I must type in a four digit pin on a little keypad. Our plan didn't account for this extra layer of security. I type 1-2-3-4 on the pad just to see if it will work and it doesn't.

      The enemy ship realizes what we are trying to do and rockets away, probably pulling several g's. Our ship flips over and does the same. Boosters on, I fly after the both of them. I start gaining on them but my flight seems to be stuck in a lower gear. Then both ships make an abrupt turn bout 150 degrees. Turning around but not quite coming right back at me. I flip over and blast back the other way. They are flying alongside each other, exchanging missiles and PDC fire with each other but mostly not doing any damage to one another. I fly up to the enemy ship and grab on near the engine section, climbing into a gap between the armor and the drive cone.

      I squeeze through a couple of claustrophobic spaces between machinery and stuff until I find an important looking power coupling. Its basically a big circular plug maybe about 15 centimeters across. Pulling it takes all of my strength, especially since I can't get a good grip on it with the thing I want to remove being a big slippery metal cylinder but I get it done and the ship stops running.


      I am in my current neighborhood at somewhere along my jogging route. It is nighttime. I am fully lucid now though my lucidity has gradually been building through the previous scenes. I say out loud to myself something to the effect of.

      "This will be a practice run for the competition. Competitions give the most points for dream control so I just need to do dream control feats as quickly as possible to get points."

      I do stabilization first, rubbing my hands together and touching grass along the side of the sidewalk to crank up the vividness of the dream. I also verbally command for the dream to increase in stability. This gives a small result, though not much.

      I notice that it is dark, twilight/nighttime. I decide to change it to day.

      "Set time to day." I command.

      The sun rises in the south over the course of about fifteen seconds. The sky turns some really beautiful shades of cyan and magenta.

      "Okay now I will fly."

      I lift off on my rocket boosters. I check to confirm the visual is still there since it disappears sometimes. The visual is there. I just sort of fly in a circle above the street and then land at the same spot. The dream scene changes to my childhood neighborhood.

      "Okay now I will summon something."

      I dont even have an idea of what I want to summon. I just reach behind myself and expect to grab hold of something. I bring it back around and get a rusty steel pipe maybe an inch thick and a meter or so long. Its heavy but I can hold it with one hand. I drop it in the street and it makes a loud clank.

      I think I will next use my barrier power but I woke up here.
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    3. Winter Comp Night 9: Distress on Deimos

      by , 01-16-2024 at 02:55 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I had a fairly lengthy dream that had me set back in elementary school. I was in my fourth grade class at night doing some kind of assignment.


      This dream transitioned to one where I was with my friend K, but confined in a wheelchair or hover chair of some kind. I was heckin overweight.


      I am on Mars' moon of Deimos. I just intuitively know this despite being inside of a windowless complex that seems to have artificial earthlike gravity. I am with a dream figure who reminds me of detective miller from the expanse and there are a bunch of corrupt security forces chasing us around the station. He fights them off and tells me to escape into this elevator and go to the top floor.

      To get on the elevator I must go down this long hallway, maybe 15 meters with large sliding doors at either end. The hallways floor, walls and ceiling are paneled in white marble and marble columns run up along the side of the walls. There are marble busts and classical paintings set along this hallway. I rush down it and into the elevator which has a similar decorative style. The ceiling of the elevator which is even higher than the hallway leading up to it has a large fresco painting.

      I get to thinking I am probably going to a floor on the station where there will be a huge mob of the corrupt riot cops waiting to kill or capture me. I see there. is a sort of robotic rolling suitcase in the elevator with me. It is black, made out of like a carbon fiber weave and has a little blister on top with what look to be cameras and operational equipment to allow it to roll around on its own. I hide behind it for cover if the crooked cops come in, not wanting to feel exposed. I am thinking about how I wish this was a lucid dream, because then I could fight all the guards, then do a nose pinch reality check to see if thats the case and become lucid.

      Around the time I become lucid, the elevator chimes informing me it has reached the top level. The walls and ceiling then split apart and the walls and ceiling of the elevator unfold like a Chinese takeout box. I am in this massive cathedral-like space with more of the same classical style architecture. Above me is a huge glass domed ceiling through which I can see mars. There are city lights on the night side.

      There is a sort of elevated balcony built up along one wall. I hear dream figures up there and decide to investigate. I can't find any stairs and if I could that would take too long. I decide to fly instead. Boosters on. I fly up, easily three or four stories. I waver a bit in the air but manage to land on the stone railing. Its an ornate bedroom setup openly overlooking the huge foyer type area. Two older men are sharing a bed together. They look at me flying and seem impressed, but not the type of impression you tend to get from lower level dream characters. I intuitively know they are members of that 'review committee', the one that I aggravated back around the turning of the new year.

      One of the men gets out of bed. He looks like Jeff Goldbloom and he puts on a blue robe with white fluffy trim. The other guy looks kind of like jack black. He asks me to sit down with him and talk. I consider that this is a lucid dreaming competition and I should probably be focused more on dream control tasks but that this dream figure has something important to say and that I don't want to aggravate them anymore. I study my dream form for a bit, very standard this time around. I have some cute black and pink shorts though.

      I sit down in a large recliner. Jeff Goldbloom DF dawdles around for a bit making a hot drink on some kind of futuristic keurig machine (he doesnt offer me one) and then shuffles around with a collection of vinyl records. He picks one and puts it down, starting the record player. It begins playing Mars the Bringer of War, I recognize it immediately even though I only hear the first 20 seconds or so. But then I lose lucidity and wake up.

      RCs: 0.5pt
      NLD: 1pt
      DILD: 10pt
      RC: 1pt
      DC Interact: 2pt
      Flight: 5pt
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    4. Winter 2024 comp Night 7

      by , 01-13-2024 at 04:49 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am having a very disorganized NLD, constantly shifting through plots and locations. I am in an OTD parking lot. It is a fairground with a small white ferris wheel and some other tents and smaller rides set up. There are workers either tearing down or setting up the rides but at the same time there are at least a few people hanging around the fairground.

      I see a creepy guy with a knife following me and nobody seems to notice him so I sneak away from the fair to get away from the stalker. I get to an empty part of the parking lot where there are orange construction barrels and yellow tape set up around several large potholes and think that workers will be trying to resurface the parking lot. I try to call either my parents or the police, but my phone is not working. I ask one of the construction workers to help. He yells at the stalker and says he will run him over with a steamroller if he doesn't f off right now.

      I become properly lucid and the dream scene changes. Its a location that feels close by sort of like a shopping mall but you head down the gallery one way and its just left open to a beach, but the dream is still pretty sloppy. I investigate my dream form to try to stabilize. I feel like I’m a bit taller than normal but otherwise everything seems normal.

      I decide I want to carry out the dream goal of sparring with monkey’s DG, Juliana. Its something he wanted to try, and I decided to try it and see what would happen.

      “Dream, its time to spar with Juliana”

      She comes out of a side utility door in the mall. Fairly standard appearance, though she has the pixie cut hair my visualization seems to have locked in on to. I take a fighting stance thinking about how this modified form feels extra tall and lanky right now and that’s probably not ideal for fighting. But being lucid I’m more curious and open to the experience rather than just wanting to win.

      “Are you ready for our sparring match?” I ask.

      “Yes.” She says, taking off her witches hat and top. She is wearing black sexy underwear underneath and tries to kiss me.

      “What are you doing? This is hella inappropriate!” I say. I reach into hammerspace for my horny bonk stick. It comes out as a big extra long roll of newspaper this time and I hit her on the head. She looks up and it frowns and says “DARN IT!” Playfully.

      “Sorry I get +27 saving throw against seduction checks and I roll at advantage when lucid.”

      The dream does an anime visual gag where everything goes black and its just a white drawing of Juliana screaming in a deep male voice “PLUS 27?! NANI?!” Then goes back to normal.

      I notice when she walks away she was holding her wand behind her back with some spell charged up, but it fades away. The tip is glowing with some golden white magic energy. She goes over and sits on a bench, pouting like a child. Though I get the vibe she's just playing around.

      OML do i have to draw this now? Idk if monkey is ok with that.

      I lose lucidity and go to a school dream. I’m on the second story of classroom in B hall. There are just a few other students in here and one of them is drawing a comic strip. Its fairly well done, though IDR the plot at all. The dream figure has written a comic about him and his for friends, its drawn with colored pencil and ink pen. One of the strips is just a hand-drawn version of that one internet meme comic strip about the guy running into the hospital and the girl who lost her baby. (IDK what that comic strip actually is)

      A teacher comes in and yells at him. She says the comic only has four straight white male characters and needs more diverse casting and says he is getting saturn-day detention. The boy sighs relief because saturn-day only happens when the planet saturn is directly in alignment with earth and the sun so the teacher will probably forget.

      Theres another dream where I am driving. My father is in the passenger seat and someone else in the back behind me. I am on the main road north of my town and a cop starts following me with sirens on. I pull over into a driveway and the cop gets out. He says to me.

      “You didn’t do anything wrong but your car looks like a piece of crap make sure you get a new one soon I don’t want it to break down and you to get hurt or stuck somewhere.”

      Meditation: 2pts
      NLD: 1pt
      DILD: 10pts
      Stabilization: 1pt
      DC Interact: 2pt
      Basic Summoning (DG, though not mine): 10pt
      Personal Goal Complete (I guess...): 15pt
    5. Bad Dad

      by , 11-11-2023 at 02:31 PM (Lucid Time!)
      The dream starts with a sort of third person cinematic. There is a character conflict between a mix of Omni Man and Fire Lord Ozai and his son Zuko/Mark. (I will reference the characters by their avatar names since they more resembled them) The actual scene takes place at the big collection of rock pillars like the ending of avatar.

      Zuko arrived brandishing his swords and attempted to confront his father about all the bad things that he did. There was a short firebending fight but he lost and was thrown off the side of the rock pillar where he dug his sword in. Ozai looked over the cliff at zuko, holding his sword into the rock face. Then I was spawned into a first person perspective and was fully lucid.

      “You! You’re not the avatar!”

      “Isn’t he supposed to be the one fighting you here?”

      “Yes. But he was too weak to exist in my world, and he tried to take my bending away so I did what I had to do. Nothing stands in my way, not even you.”

      “Dude, look. I’m not in the mood for this.”

      He attempts a barrage of different firebending attacks. Barrier up. It does nothing. Not even the lightning. Ozai charges up a fireball in his hand and runs for me in an almost shot-for-shot recreation of when he blasts aang out of the rock sphere. It even sort of happens in slow motion.

      “Barrier 2 origin to Ozai’s right hand. Set radius decimal five, collide with the fire only.”

      Working exactly as intended the barrier forms around his right hand. When he throws the fireball, the blast is trapped inside the barrier and badly burns his arm. This visibly causes a lot of pain for him but he continues trying to attack regardless.

      “Set barrier control mode gesture. Collide with Ozai.”

      I move the barrier away and slam it down, crushing him into the rocky surface. Then I walked over and grabbed his hair and slapped him several times across the face with super strength. This bloodied his nose and knocked out a few teeth. Each time I said “stop”. But he kept squirming and trying to fight back. He tried to charge up a firebending attack on his other hand and I grabbed the fireball the moment it appeared and snuffed it out. It even made a little hiss sound.

      “Stop! You are not fire lord Ozai. Not anymore. You are nothing but an erroneous combative construct of my mind. This is a lucid dream. Now you have a choice. You can continue to try and fight me which is obviously not working, or you can go for a nature walk and talk with your son who is hanging on for dear life right now. Talk to him. Really listen to him. Conquering the world is a bad idea.”

      “You burned my arm!” He clutches his fingers on his right arm which is red and black, but he still seems able to use it.

      “No, you burned your arm. Now you have something in common with your son.”

      He seems to go through an emotional conflict, first wanting to attack me and then breaks down crying after realizing everything he’s done. I decide I probably didn’t handle that situation very well but say to myself “For my level of lucidity that was ok.”

      The scene then changes to Aang who is laying on the ground dying. Katara and Sokka are there, along with Manei, Marcus and… Batman for some reason…? Katara is crying while trying to do waterbending healing with her own tears but she shouts “I’m losing him!” in a very dramatic and emotional way. I can sense the dour emotional energy resonating with the whole group. Its really funny in hindsight that batman is the one who is crying the hardest and I find that strange as he’s usually associated with being a stoic character. I recognize I should do something.

      “God mode on. Revive Aang.”

      As soon as I give that command I am deep in space being pulled into a huge cosmic being. I see the world we are on as wrapped in a bunch of tangled glowing white threads. I know that these are the strings of causality and I need to break the one that results in aang’s death and reincarnation. I find it on intuition and pull it loose.

      I arrive back at the original scene and Aang wakes up and coughs. The scene is no longer bathed in reddish light like the original avatar fight was but instead seems to be calming blues and greens. Zuko is still hanging on to the side of the cliff and I help him up.

      The only other dream figures still around are Manei and Marcus. They give me a bunch of personal effects like cell phones and wallets and stuff and Marcus has some pens and ask me to take them down to the bottom of the mountain and put them somewhere safe. I remember they give me all these items and I go to put them in my pockets to realize I am wearing a japanese schoolgirl sailor uniform. I think that is odd but remark “no wonder he wasn’t taking me seriously.” I try to tuck some of the items in the waistband of the skirt. Its a little uncomfortable but whatever.

      I then look down off the top of the rock pillar and say “okay I have to fly down using just my leg rockets”. I jump off and practice a few times pushing energy and balancing upright. I then give one more push as I fall close to the ground. At ground level I find myself in a park/garden type area under a large cherry blossom tree. There is a sort of brick plaza around it on all sides and other flowers/plants growing in a neatly tended garden.

      I leave all the phones and other personal effects there saying it will be easy to come back for them later and then fly back up. This should be the easy part as now I have my arms for control.

      I start to fly up but at first have problems gaining altitude. I seem to be unable to get above maybe 10 or 15 meters no matter how hard I ‘push’. I intuitively say “Juice”, and I don’t know why I expect this voice command to work. (I think its meant to be a reference to the Expanse and the juice or the high-g acceleration drugs, and my mental logic is that saying that will allow my rockets to work better.) I say the command a couple more times along with some self encouragement and a few swear words and eventually seem to break free and start flying around. Its a bit uncontrollable. I fly up to the top of the rock pillar mountain. Now I seem to have the opposite problem, I’m flying around widldly with little control and constantly overcompensating.

      I swing wildly above the top of the rock tower and start to accelerate uncontrollably. I roll around before I can fling myself away from the dream scene completely and push very hard with my arms to come to a relative stop. I remind myself that I have been flying in dreams for many years using the fire jets and I should not have any problems with controlling how I want to fly by now. After this positive affirmation my control is much better and I am able to set down on the top of the tower with little trouble.

      Once landed I question why the Barrier, a relatively new ability seems to have perfect control while the fire jets still seem to be somewhat temperamental. I then notice that Manei and Marcus are gone. I want to have interactions with them and wonder where they went. Obviously dream persistence but I rationalize it away in-dream as them being shifted across a higher dimension. I say to myself something to the effect of “I cant see them but I can only see 3 dimensions.” I then remember that the barrier is a multidimensional hypersphere and wonder if I can use it to move across higher dimensions.

      I bring up the barrier and start manipulating its properties. This causes the whole dreamworld to shift like one of those AI image animations that slowly morphs between different images. I lose the dream here and wake up.
    6. Cyclic Dream

      by , 10-30-2023 at 11:19 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I don’t really remember where this dream began. As the memory is sort of cyclical and I feel like the end of this dream was also the beginning. I’m going to start at what I think was the actual chronological beginning of the dream. Edit: there was some fire jets flying involved somewhere but I dont remember where.

      I recall I was in a sort of outdoor fair/festival type thing. A bunch of dream figures are set up at card tables and portable tents in a crumbling parking lot in a wooden nature preserve. I am there and I am fully lucid.

      I see who looks like my old Taekwondo instructor sitting at a table. He is dressed oddly. His hair and beard are long and unkempt and he wears a black beanie hat and hoodie like a homeless person or criminal, but still has his same personality. He is selling a bunch of dreamcatchers in various sizes. I study them looking over the offerings trying to find one that I like. There is one, the ring is dark brown with lighter brown thread making up the web and complex beads and agates dangling from below that bind in the feathers.

      I decide against it because this is a dream and there would be no sense in buying an item that would not be there when I am awake. (Not entirely true because my dreams do have persistence and dreamcatchers have utility in the dream space for dealing with nightmares) I then meet another dream figure who starts talking to me. He is tall and broad shouldered, with short dark hair. I think he might be jonathan but intuitively I know he is not. I can kind of sense his energy and he’s a minor dream figure. The dream figure comes up to me and says.

      “You know theres three types of people I really hate in this world. Social Security collecting trump voters who drive trucks with multiple steering wheels, Karens and Taekwondo instructors.”

      “Hey now. My taekwondo instructor was one of the best people I ever knew. You probably just had a bad one.”

      “No. All of them are bad. They have no respect.”

      “Well you have to earn their respect. Were you a bad student?”

      “I don’t have to take that from you. They’re all bad people because they don’t know how to find jesus.” But he flinches in a sort of guilty way. I can kind of ‘read his energy’. He was a bad student.

      “Listen.” I speak sternly and make my posture firm. “My taekwondo instructor was one of the few genuinely good people I ever knew in life. I’m not letting anyone make assertions like that in my dream..”

      “Your dream? No this is MY Dream! I just learned how to lucid dream and you’re just a dream character so I can say and do whatever I want!”

      “Set barrier arc vector offset to my left pointer finger. Radius decimal one.”

      The purple barrier appears around my finger as requested with a radius of ten centimeters. About the size of a basketball.

      “What?” The dream character asks, looking at my finger pointing at him.

      “Collision on. Offset velocity ten meters per second.”

      The barrier shoots off the tip of my finger. Not bullet fast but like ‘car on a residential street’ speeds. During our conversation me and the dream character walked inside of an incomplete building. It had no roof and the walls were just timber framing with unfinished drywall on the inside. The barrier impacts the dream character in the stomach pushing him along through the air. He smashes through the drywall and timber and flies through the woods several dozen meters until he is above the shore of a lake.

      “Stop.” The barrier stops moving away. “Roll pi radians.” It rotates. The dream figure is still in the same position with the barrier on his stomach but hes holding onto it now, but now the barrier has rotated to put him upside down, dangling head first over the lake. “Disable barrier shield.” The barrier blinks out and the troublesome dream figure falls headfirst into the lake.

      “...And I have been doing this for fifteen years. Get gud.”

      Marcus appears. He puts me in an altered state of consciousness and shows me the experience from the ‘other lucid dreamers’ point of view, saying that the dream figure was me because every dream figure is me in a way. It’s interesting because from his point of view the barrier was invisible, and thats why he was confused.

      “If this is the state of affairs every lucid dreamer will be too arrogant to realize when the first shared dreaming event occurs because they will think they are the only lucid dreamer. What I don’t understand is why I didn’t see the barrier.”

      “It’s invisible to normal humans but glows at 128 nanometers wavelength because thats the spacing between the spacetime convection cells. That spacing invokes the casimir effect pulling photons of that wavelength from the great tapestry. It doesn’t have to glow but I like to be able to see what I’m doing.”

      “You see there are two types of dream control. Left brain and Right brain. Now you have learned both. Someone else will probably try to classify it but since lucid dreaming is an emerging science they will probably make a cursed classification system like the HR diagram is for stars since they don’t understand it. I will hate to read that book but someone who thinks they know more than they know will probably write it soon.” Marcus states.

      The dream scene has focused on our conversation and morphed to my middle school gymnasium. I decide I don’t want to have a school dream so I do some kind of vague dream control to change the scene. I find myself in a forest.

      It is late autumn and most of the leaves are in a carpet on the ground. The trees produce helicopters like maple trees but they are reddish orange. I play with them on the ground for a bit trying to stabilize the dream better. There is a fresh layer of the reddish orange helicopters over an older layer of dead brown leaves. I think that I am a little bit cold but not too uncomfortable, seeing that I am wearing shorts and literally nothing else.

      I walk around for a bit as the forest turns to pine trees and I am now walking on a dirt trail that runs along a lake. I do some of the typical poking and prodding with my dream body just experimenting how it reacts to different things before I start sprinting along the trail. I shout for other dream figures but seem to be alone.

      Eventually I come to this boardwalk which bridges over a swamp/wetland area. The boardwalk has a sort of platform off to the side with a bunch of gymnastics bars on it and a big plywood box about 2m cubed thats filled with water. I get the intonation that this is like a park near where my aunt and uncle live. It is a pretty standard nature trail but it has a number of “exercise stations” along the way. There are pull-up bars and balance beams and all that type of stuff. I play around on them doing all kinds of moves and positions that would either require years of serious training or probably not even be humanly possible at all. I take note that I don’t really have any pain or difficulty doing this, aside from some tightness in my chest and difficulty breathing. I make a mental note that thats the “crappy waking body” dealing with asthma, and its bleeding through into the dream.

      I remember a little girl walked up to me and asked me about the crate of water. She said it was supposed to be a water filtration system for her village and I shouldn’t be playing on it. I apologize and she offers to lead me back. I woke up here, but a conflicting memory also tells me that this scene led into me arriving at the art festival scene where the dream began.

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    7. Kailejia'tura

      by , 10-14-2023 at 08:44 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am having a dream about driving my car and it runs out of gas in the middle of the road. I become semi lucid and change the dream scene. I am with my mother. We are moving into a small oriental styled village.

      There is hilly terrain and a large cliff to one side of the village. It drops off about a hundred meters of twisted igneous rock strata down to a beach. A long windy staircase zigzags down the cliff to the beach. I remember the dream figures there are speaking a language that I don't recognize.

      My mother is trying to find our new house but her phone's GPS isn't working. We find a building. It's sort of like a gym or dojo but has a really low ceiling, maybe 1.6 meters. We meet an older man there, he is the only one who speaks english decently well and shows us to a side room of the gym which is our new home. It mercifully has a higher ceiling than the other main room and has two very small bedrooms, one bathroom and a central sort of living room. I think it is nice accommodations but a little cramped. The older man explains that the reason I dont recognize the language is I time traveled forward several hundred years and the language is a mixture of mostly chinese, laotian and spanish. However he was a linguist and anthropologist who studied old earth languages and knows english.

      My mother then tells me that we could have a problem because I am allergic to tree nuts but all of the food in this culture uses genetically modified tree nuts as a staple food source. I say that it is not a problem and I need to change my form.
      I go in the bathroom and say "fourth dimensional shift transition" and switch from a waking self to my dream self. I then open my backpack and find several bottles of pills, though they're more like a chewy gummy candy. Its sort of like eating a salty taffy with sugar/salt crystals. I intuitively know what they are. Marcus modified my dream avatar body to not need to eat traditional food that much because apparently when getting it constructed I told him "having to eat is annoying". I can photosynthesize light. But there are certain vitamins and proteins that I can't make normally so these are vitamin supplements that make up for that. Ideally I take one at least once a week but I can ration them to once a month though I might feel weak or fatigued. I see that I have three or four bottles each with 144 pills though one is partially empty and think I am set for a long time.

      I go walking around looking for something. I walk down the long stone staircase to the beach barefoot, I think I am looking for Manei and know she is usually found on the beach. I am semi lucid and I am focusing on dream stabilization looking at my feet and feeling the texture of the cold stone. The sky is grayish/overcast and it is raining slightly. I try to envision her being there, but I get doubts in my mind. Marcus appears as one of his little robots and tells me that I am not on earth but a human colony on a planet called Kailejia'tura. He explains that it orbits a binary star and the two stars are 1.51 solar masses at 3.33 solar luminosities and 1.48 solar masses at 2.99 solar luminosities and the stars orbit about 42,000,000km apart.

      The system is about halfway between Woue and Earth. He says that humans are hear with several alien civilizations planning to build a dyson sphere that englobes both stars but because of the two stars masses on orbits they create a lot of stress and make it hard to build a rigid dyson sphere with their current technology but they need to do that because the computer will be built into the skin of the sphere and use physical wires of exotic matter that can transfer signals at faster faster than light. This will allow them to build the computer as big as they need without internal latency from the speed of light slowing down its thinking, since the sphere would be a few AU in radius singals could take half an hour to get from one side of the sphere to the other.

      The sphere is supposed to power a supercomputer that will tell humans and the various alien races how they can live together peacefully in spite of their differences and prevent cultural schisms of wars between the coalition. I ask him why they dont use a different star system and he says this one is important because it has large planets rich with resources they can deconstruct, is centrally located and also has the habitable planet with a population already on it.

      I get down to the beach and look in the water. I want to summon Manei and keep telling myself she is in there swimming or on a boogey board and I will see her any second. Marcus tells me that she isn't present in this timeline and I say that I feel lonely without her.

      "HEY!" Someone shouts. The jump-scare nearly makes me wake up. I turn and intuitively know who it is, MadMonkey. He is wearing a blue and orange Gi like goku and his hair is spiked out ridiculously like a dragonball character. But he has the facial hair and the little pentacle symbol in the place of the emblem on gokus outfit. His tulpas Juliana and Elminster are also present, with Juliana wearing a scandalously revealing purple swimsuit. I intuitively know this is a reference to her old first appearance as Blair.

      "I'm back for a rematch, and I brought the whole system with me! I want a 3v3! And I want you to go all out, no holding back!"

      "Manei doesn't like to fight for sport so it will just be me and Marcus."

      "Alright bring it on!"

      "Barrier On! Origin point: Monkey! Set Radius twelve." I shout.

      Monkey shoots laser vision. Elminster shoots a bolt of lightning from his staff and Juliana shoots the cruciatus curse at me from her wand. But all three attacks hit the barrier now centered on them. Though the laser vision is still blindingly bright as the barrier hex is 'translucent', but all the light is still coming at me. The dream shows the three attacks hitting from several different angles.

      "Set Radius decimal zero one."

      The barrier snaps to a much smaller size. There is a gorey snapping sound of bones being crushed as everyone is compressed to the size of a marble. I turn the barrier off and this little dark reddish marble drops in the sand. I walk over and pick it up, though it is heavy and seems to vibrate and swing around in my hand. Marcus explains that the compression made stable white dwarf matter. I ask him if he can make Monkey and his system respawn. He flies over and puts down a sort of holographic ring. Its a spawn point like in Halo forge mode. (His little ball form always reminded me of the monitors) Once he puts down three it makes 3 beeps and they respawn.

      "How did that not work?! We had such a good strategy! Jay would distract you and Elminster would hold you in place then I would land the finishing move."

      "You see I learned to lucid dream using schema and the expectation effect. I used the same powers over and over to the point that they are second nature. First I learned the fire jets, then the ametyst bow and now I am mastering the barrier. Once I learn the power and the expectation that it will work I can modif I do not think I can really beat you and I only win because this is my dream and I have the home field advantage. But the first time I used this barrier power I was not expecting it to hold up against that giant warhammer but it did. It also killed Azula and I used one to trap Jonathan. So the barrier exceeds expectations even when I consciously think I am in a situation that I cannot win. When I saw a similar situation that I felt like I could not win, I invoked the barrier again since it worked in a difficult before. Its kind of a paradox but I won by expecting I would not win because there was a previous situation that I expected I would not win and wound up winning. Most of what happens in a dream fight is just an aesthetic thing its about winning the mental game like that. I kind of got bored of having dream fights because they are cool but it would be cool if you got to win one, though I don't care who has the dream."

      I start to feel weak and tired in the dream. Marcus cuts in and explains that manipulating the barrier to create that type of crush force actually drained a lot of my energy and I should go take another vitamin. I lose the dream and wake up.
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    8. Alien School

      by , 09-28-2023 at 10:14 PM (Lucid Time!)
      The dream takes place in an alternate future where there are multiple alien races meeting at the UN building on earth. They have formed a new organization called the UPO or United Polities of the Orion Arm. I am outside with some Eridians and we are preparing the eridian flag. Their flag is white with a black design. Its sort of a circular design with five rectangles radiating off of it and a dot in the middle. Eridians have prototyped cameras that are wired into their brains to give them limited eyesight but in order for them to 'see' the flag they want me to install this sort of foam that raises up the design in the surface of the flag and use various textured fabrics that they can perceive with their sonar. We want to be accommodating incase the "eridian eyesight" project testing goes poorly. I am working at a table with a sewing machine doing this. We finish and fly the flag. There are many flags that I don't recognize hanging outside the UN. There are three or four Eridians all with complicated looking life support devices on their bodies. Apparently able to handle earth atmosphere and pressure as long as they are wearing that equipment.

      One of the Eridians (there are about 3 or 4 of them with me) says something about spongebob and this prompts me to show them that I (in my Hade form) have some kind of gecko grip ability like spiderman. I climb on the concrete and they are very impressed by this.

      We go inside the UN conference hall. There are other alien species here. Wookies (Star Wars), Navi (james cameron avatar), Septicrabs (Woue), Heptapods (Arrival) and I think Vulcans and Klingons (Star Trek). I get confused about what is going on and a Septicrab shows me a powerpoint presentation. He says they came to earth in the year 2023 and after negotiations went badly with humans (this seems to be a reference to a previous dream, the one where the Septicrabs invaded and my cousin was transgender.) The presentation explains that diplomatic relations degraded so badly that the Septicrabs demanded all humans turn over all their children below an age threshold of 6 years. Then on top of that they demanded 15 billion human babies or they would exterminate humanity. This resulted in a program where governments forced women to have children and then seperated them to give them to the aliens to fulfill the aliens demands. When humankind delivered the last of the children, the Septicrabs then activated a Halo array in a focused blast to wipe out all humans on earth anyways.

      Wiht the ~16 billion human children the septicrabs raised them. They were taught to be accepting of alien cultures and about their own history. Human history generally being presented in a negative but truthful light (a lot of war, greed, propoganda, etc). But also taught about the old cultures and arts to preserve human culture and history as truthfully as they could. The Septicrabs had even been completely open about why they had done what they had done and said that humanity was so hopeless they represented a memetic hazard and could pollute the universe with their bad ideologies and twisted up morals. They believed was the only way to create a humanity that would be agreeable and trustworthy enough to exist on the galactic stage. I remember sitting down and talking with him explaining that I didn't think that was the right thing to do. While I agreed that it was true that humanity in the 21st century was... problematic, that they should not be forced into this state of artificial peace. Even if it took a thousand years they should try to teach the humans that are alive to be better people rather than kill everyone force a complete reset on their culture and ideology, even if it was for the better.

      The Septicrab then explains that they didn't have time. That they had to make a difficult decision. They say a nicoll-dyson beam was fired at earth from about 100 light years away, and that they knew about the beam because they had an FTL ship investigate it while the beam travels at light speed. The dyson beam was created from a clone of bob (Bobiverse) who went crazy and decided he had the right to pass divine judgement on earth. The evil bob is a universe-ending threat and the septicrabs are spearheading a coalition of alien races to stop him because he has stated an intention to wipe out all life for being imperfect. They asked doctor strange to find a possible future where they could win and doctor strange said the only future was in one where humanity was able to put aside their differences and cooperate. The evil bob was growing exponentially and they had to stop him now. They couldn't wait around for powerful advanced aliens to get involved or for their own technology to advance or it would be too late.

      I then travel through a time machine and am back in high school. The blue septicrab is there and he says that this was before the "reset" of humanity. He shows various aliens going to my high school and how they are getting bullied by humans for being different. One of them rips off the Eridians life support and he catches on fire and runs around in circles while all the kids point laugh. I see another one come up behind a female navi and grab her breasts. When she swats them away the kid pretends to be hurt. Then the teacher gets involved and takes the side of the human teenager even though she saw the whole thing happen. The septicrab tells me it is time to go to class. We go to a science class where he is showing how a fusion reactor works. He shows a working model of a stellarator style fusion reactor. It is maybe about a meter across sitting on the teacher desk. The septicrab is explaining different fuel types and fusion chains and the Q-factor of the fusion reactor.

      The various aliens are paying attention and taking notes while the human kids are not. He tells the aliens quiet study time while he pulls the human students aside and lectures them. He says their test scores are the lowest in the class and no human student got above a C+. While all the aliens got As and Bs. He says that if their species is not interested in learning about advanced technology then they will not keep up with other alien races. He emphasizes that they are not going deep into math and only taking about fusion on a basic conceptual level but the human are still not applying themselves. One of the human students argues that the alien brains "work different" and therefore they need less challenging classes and special accommodations. Another student then says the Septicrab is being "racist" because he is singling out the human students. The Septicrab is frustrated but says that if a human student got an A or a B he would not be lecturing them, and that if any of the aliens had been a problem they would be getting this lecture too. He then shows a scientific paper published by Harvard saying humans are proven to have just as capable of brains as all the other aliens. Another student in the back raises his hand. He says that he watches Fox News and Fox News said that Harvard was now run by aliens with a political agenda to kick humans off their own home planet and we shouldn't listen to them.

      I leave and go to the bathroom. I am in hade form but I see I have short hair. I say that this is bad because my hair allows me to do photosynthesis and provides energy. I concentrate on growing my hair and it gets a little longer to about shoulder length. I then see a Septicrab and the Navi girl come in (different one, this one is an adolescent student) and they plant a stink bomb on a timer and run away. I ignore them and walk out. The stink bomb goes off and starts filling the school with noxious green gas and all the students start running and panicking. The school hallway transitions to an outdoor residential street. I am casually walking and then start running and jumping. I notice gravity is very floaty and if I flap my arms I can stay in the air for several meters. I get to the end of the street. There is a lake, some large trees and a cafe area out on a big wooden deck. I jump off the wooden deck, and turn on my thrusters, now properly
      lucid. I see the stink bomb cloud coming for a bit but then will it to go away. A strong wind picks up and blows it away.

      I think about how I want to spar with Madmonkey again. I walk up to a random dream figure and ask where Madmonkey is with the expectation that he will know. The dream figure is Ned from Neds Declassified School Survival guide. He starts giving me tips on going to school with aliens saying. "Remember to have your school install extra-tall doors for Navi, and make sure to have have holographic displays shifted into the ultraviolet spectrum so that [some other alien species] can see them. I wake up.
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    9. Sparring with MadMonkey

      by , 09-27-2023 at 03:25 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am participting as a secondary character in a fairly oddparents special. Timmy turner has given up on life and made a wonderland where he exists as a big green cartoon cgi tyrannosarus rex. He is running away from someone but they cut into his side nad pull out a nerve bundle, cutting off the nerves to one of his legs and paralyzing him,. I then notice there is CGI blood and think that is odd for fairly oddparents.

      Timmy turner gets on this giant oversized wooden rollercoaster fitting his T-rex form. The roller coaster climbs a hill then runs down into a tunnel in a mountain with like a minecart ride themed coaster. The track comes to a jump, but when the coaster car goes over. It falls down a long shaft and I fall alongside him. During this fall there is this really beautiful chanting. I keep thinking he is going to come to his senses and make a wish deciding that he wants to live.

      He splats into the bottom of the mineshaft and dies quite gruesomely. Though the CGI blood has an odd property thats hard to describe. Er… think of like an early 2000s movie with bad cgi like sharkboy and lavagirl or spy kids 3 or something and how they would cgi liquids. Yeah it looked like that. I comment to myself that usually children's media doesn't show blood but sometimes dinosaur media will show blood even if its for kids, but that I think this is overkill.

      I then see a girl staring at the scene. I intuitively know she is a very old friend of mine that moved away when I was in pre-elementary. She comments that Timmy Turner lived in hell because he lived in a sitcom and he could never make a wish that actually made his life better because things would always return to the status quo at the end of the episode, and new drama would always arise to instigate the next episode. Therefore he could never live happily or peacefully.

      I become lucid and the dream scene changes to a sort of parkway. It is daytime, some kind of modern city with a parkway along a beach. There are lots of dream figures walking, riding bikes, and so on. There is a small concession stand or ice cream shop near by and she gets distracted by it. I say to her. “Well Im lucid now and I’m going to make my own dream with blackjack and hookers.”

      I take off and start to fly. I see a large moon in the sky. It looks like Europa and seems to sparkle. I then stop and remember my goal is to spar with Madmonkey. I land and call out, probably louder and more aggressively than I needed to but it works.

      “Dream, I want to spar with Madmonkey now.”

      A dream figure steps out of the crowd. Tall and fit, curly brown hair and looks to be about college age. He is wearing a light brown shirt with some kind of graphic or design on it. After reassuring me that he is infact MadMonkey and says is really excited for this, He takes a fighting pose and we begin without even asking that I am ready.

      He throws a right roundhouse kick. I block. He throws out a bunch of punches. I block. This feels a lot like sparring in my old taekwondo class, something I haven't done in many years. But my body responds almost automatically and I seem to be keeping up. I decide its time to counterattack. I jump, using my rockets on my hands for assitance and get maybe 3-4 meters in the air, then rocket back down at an angle for a ‘kick’ with both legs.

      This attack connects and the guy goes down on the pavement. I look at him and see he is unconcious. An older woman points, screams and faints.

      I false awaken. I am at my fathers parents house. I go to type of my dream and my laptop screen is broken. My mom is there and says it was exposed to radiation.
    10. Fall Comp Night 2: Borg Cube Demon Fight (SLD)

      by , 09-03-2023 at 03:32 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Still stuck in this semi lucidity rut.

      I am on a mission to the center of the galaxy. When I get there I learn that I have been transported to a hell dimension. The universe around me was twisted. Red stars, black holes and continent sized chunks of land covered in screaming damned souls in rivers of lava being tortured by demons. An alien race like the borg (at least in that they used cube shaped ships and were cyborgs, but seemed like good guys past that) decided to assist me as I am being sent to kill a high level dream demon.

      Their cube shaped ships assemble into a 12x12x12 cube formation that is hollow on the inside consisting of 728 ships. They explain that the demon we are hunting is very powerful and he can teleport, slip back into the fabric of reality, or so on and they can project a field which restricts his ability to do so and puts him in a weakened state. But only if their ships physically interlock like this and form a shield. The good borg also explain that the hell universe outside will be very draining on their shields and that they can only do this for a limited time so I have to be quick.

      They assemble the formation around one of the continents. As the ships lock together the rivers of lava and tormented souls fade away and the continent changes to this “flat earth” style landmass with oceans, grasslands, beaches, and forests. I look down and see the demon standing on the beach. I land on the beach and he spawns minions, some kind of alien spider-like creatures (kind of like the bugs from starship troopers) that I never get a good look at. I spawn my own minions, powerful robots carrying large gatling guns firing some kind of smart bullets.

      I remember very distinctly looking back over my shoulder. Seeing the sky made out of the assembled cube spaceships and and my robot minions coming up out of some kind of higgs boat type landing craft. I then remember that a lot of good borg are risking themselves to trap this demon in a weakened form and I should not be distracted.

      I spawn my bow and kill the demon without much fanfare. The formation of ships disassembles immediately after, with the good borg stating that doing that was putting more strain on their starships than they would have liked. They explain that them killing that demon caused time ripples because the demon existed in multiple time periods at once. The effects on earth are negligible but they show me a map of michigan with different counties. The eastern side of the state looks more normal but the western side of the state is divided up into hundreds of thin horizontal counties. They explain that this was the layout the citizens and governing officials in michigan originally wanted but the demon manipulated how the borders were drawn to gerrymander the state and get corrupt politicians into office. Now that the demon had been killed the damage had been retroactively undone. The good borg explain that these types of missions are responsible for creating the mandela effect in people and that many people will remember the old boundaries and think its weird.

      I bid the good borg well and fly down. I am at a lodge restaurant with my father in michigan now, but it is still the same dream. Semi lucid, I say I don’t want to have more dreams about my father. The dream scene changes to my high school and I say “no, no! No school dream either!” but the dream scene doesnt change. I feel false memories come in telling me I need to go to my 9th grade english class but I push past them.

      I find Manei in the hall and say hi. We begin walking together and I notice she has a piece of computer paper with a color picture of uranus taped to her bottom. I rip it off and show it to her asking her if someone stuck it on without her knowing. She says no, that she just put it on there as a joke and people need to have a sense of humor about themselves. She then points out that the calk around the window we are walking by is new. That is because the last time someone touched her butt without her consent she threw them out the window and therefore it had to be replaced, and no boys harass her after heaving about that story because they are scared of her.
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    11. Christmas in July

      by , 07-20-2023 at 06:13 PM (Lucid Time!)
      This lucid is from the 18th. I was camping that day so its only been written up and posted now.

      I am walking in some sort of christmas themed town. It feels like being in one of those decorative village sets you sometimes see during the holidays save for the fact that everything is inhabited and at full scale. The set is placed in some fjord with tall mountainous terrain surrounding it on three sides and the open icy ocean around us. There is a very large yellow and orange brick road that has been cleared of snow. It is nighttime with a mostly clear sky (a few clouds present) and a large number of dream figures are making their way along the road. I see children, adults, and many many of santa's elves.

      I become lucid and take off to fly. I note that flying seems easier, I no longer seem to be running into as many negative issues with flying such as struggling to get enough thrust or maintain altitude. I remark to myself in the dream that this is probably one of the many positive side effects of having Jonathan be behind bars. I fly around for a bit above the village doing some stunts and studying how the village distorts and warps as I fly up high and then come back down again, the sensation of flying in a dream never gets old.

      I then recall my dream goal to spar with madmonkey. I remember in some instances he described meeting on the moon. I look and see the moon very low on the horizon over the ocean. I decide I will fly there. I fly out over the ocean, hitting the proverbial gas to accelerate and the dreamworld begins to warp around me. What I expect is to fly straight at the moon, the earth will slowly curve out under me and I will fly up higher and higher. Continuing to accelerate this will result in the earth curving away under me as I take a shallow trajectory up into space.

      As I continue to accelerate I see the moon abruptly shrink in size. It goes from being roughly the normal size to maybe a third the size it would be in waking life. I come to a stop. Looking back a long ways I see over the ocean (which is dotted with icebergs) the village is a tiny speckling of lights in the distance and the surrounding terrain is quite small. I'm a good few kilometers out to sea.

      I back up a little bit and the moon returns to normal size. I move back forward again and the moon is tiny once more. I note this odd invisible threshold over the ocean that upon passing through it actually causes the moon to appear smaller even though by crossing the threshold I am getting closer. I decide I will continue on my journey.

      I fly some more and reach the edge of the world. Instead of curving out from under me, the world just ends with the ocean spilling off into outer space like asgard or the edge of the world in sinbad or something. I stop to examine this, though for not as long and then proceed to the moon. As I get closer the moon changes again.

      The moon is now a concentric series of gyroscopic rings, each rotating on different axes, with a sort of wormhole or celestial object in the middle, floating in space. I think it best resembles the wormhole machine from the movie contact. The rings are made of a white-ish stone and decorated in complex runes and relief carvings or statues which have color applied to their distinct regions. I notice many of the carvings have a religious or spiritual nature. I see one that is a strange eye symbol between two roman columns. Another appears to be jesus on a cross, the cross is brown, jesus' crown is green and theres blood around the nails binding him to the cross. Yet another appears to be series of chakra gates each colored appropriately, and another appears to be some hindu deity, colored in blue with a golden halo. There are many more carvings, many of them unrecognizable to me.

      Intuitively I know that this is the moon as viewed on some higher dimensional plane, and these carvings and runes each provide supernatural power to their respective entities. I know that this is all entities that earth has ever or will ever believe in. Some are from lost or obscure faiths and others are for faiths that will not be prominent for thousands of years to come. I then feel myself being pulled into the central wormhole and grab on to one of the rings. The ring has a carving of a santa hat just above the much larger jesus carving.

      I make the connection that christmas is a christian holiday and therefore santa's source of power is next to the one representing christianity. I grab onto the fuzzball thing on the top of santa's hat (I'm sure it has a name I am not going to google it). It's a stone orb about the size of my chest. I feel myself slipping and drive my fingers into the stone to get a better grip. The stone cracks, but also yields and feels like clay, my grip is secure. I feel somewhat conscientious about defacing this construction but resolve that my own security.

      I see the wormhole flash red. Once. Twice.

      I sense an entity is very confused.

      The wormhole flashes with red energy three more times in quick succession.

      "The teleporter is jammed. Its a safety system someone or something is inside of it."

      "They are in big trouble."

      I know they are talking about me. I intuitively know that this construct is some engine which enables Santa to magically teleport and that me being inside of it has tripped a safety system. I then see through the wormhole that it leads to a christmas village (a different one than before, this one has a large decorated tree in the center and other, larger buildings.)

      I let go and fall into the wormhole. Without much fanfare I arrive at the destination I could see, standing on a large iron platform in a brick plaza. It has a complicated rune pattern on it which somewhat resembles a 2d flattened version of the 3d gyroscopic ring construct. Santa claus stands over me. He seems genuinely angry. Not the "you're going on the naughty list" kind of restrained anger santa is usually shown to have, he is genuinely bonafide pissed and demands an explanation.

      I proceed to rapidly but thoroughly reprise the entire dream beginning with me becoming lucid in a dream, all the odd things that I saw and phenomenon that I observed. Not only is he no longer angry but he belly laughs saying something about how he thought I was the grinch or boogeyman trying to do a magical attack, but upon realizing I was a lucid dreamer who just got lost realized I had no harmful intentions.


      I was in some cave or ancient ruin deep underground, exploring with a team that included Rorkue from Atlantis the lost empire, Carter from Halo Rech and Batman (okay… interesting choice of characters.) We reach a large flooded sort of stone labyrinth deep underground that we must swim through. I am told we must simply hold our breath through this part.

      I swim underwater, discovering I can breathe and possibly becoming lucid. I think I remember using the amethyst bow here though the significance of it seemed lost on me. Upon entering the labyrinth we encountered three or four of these large sea monsters. They had a fishlike body and a bull’s head with large horns. I somehow related this to the original legend of the minotaur being found in a labyrinth.


      There was another lucid dream on this night. I recall being in this mountainous country at a train stop. The sky was a deep forest green and cloudy and the terrain was black. I see a train track with a number of large black robotic arms positioned around it. On the end of each arm is a large green rotating brush, like one might see at a car wash.

      A steam locomotive pulls into the train stop where I am waiting. It seems to be highly detailed within the dream but otherwise of a fairly normal appearance being made of a dark gray metal with some golden livery. The locomotive exudes power. It feels powerful. The robotic arms descend on it and begin cleaning it, even though there is little in the way of visible grime or dirt.

      I become lucid and fly away from the scene, desiring to find MadMonkey for our sparring match. Other stuff happens that I do not recall. I find myself in a janitorial closet somewhere and wake up.
    12. Capturing Jonathan

      by , 07-15-2023 at 01:23 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I've been aggressively dream journaling off site for a few months, at least since the conclusion of the summer competition. This has been a long-standing dream goal since long before then even, to find out what happened to Jonathan. Supposedly some years back he 'left' my dreams but he still seemed to crop up in odd ways and cause trouble so I made it a goal to track him down and confront him. I would have liked to have been much more prepared, but he appeared in this lucid dream and I seized on the opportunity.

      I am watching an episode of Avatar: The last airbender. It seems to be set in the later part of season 2. Katara, Sokka and Toph are trying to find Aang who is running away from his responsibilities. They speak to this botanist guy looking in ba sing se that says he knows about ancient family secrets passed down through the generations and has selectively bred a magic flamingo that can sniff out the avatar’s spiritual energy and be used to find him. He gets a big pot and pours some water and fertilizer on it and the flamingo grows. Its small and skinny and hops around on one leg but it joins the gaang.

      Slowly the dream changes from a third person passive experience to a first person active experience.

      We are walking around an abandoned portion of ba sing se at night. I can see the large wall in the distance. The location feels like my old childhood neighborhood in layout but the buildings are ancient east asian fantasy styled. I see that Katara, Sokka and Toph all have bags under their eyes and they complain about not being able to sleep and having to find Aang and how they are exhausted. I try to ‘remember’ this story arc and think to myself that they end up being awake for a whole nother day.

      In the sky I see two moons, it doesn’t look like anything off Woue. Just two whitish cratery moons, but I recognize this as a
      dream sign and become properly and fully lucid. I think to myself its the real world earth moon and the avatar world's moon and that's why I see two.

      Then Mai, Azula and Ty Lee appear. The flamingo hides behind katara who is taking a leading role here and Azula says she is going to use it to find the avatar and capture him. Azula winds up, charging into battle shooting out big blasts of blue fire. I think to activate my shields and it works. The barrier seems to be at a larger radius than normal, surrounding the other avatar characters. Hexagonal walls appear in front of the fire blasts she is shooting out.

      Azula tries to run in to get inside the barrier and capture us that way. I decide I want to manipulate its properties. I move my left and and see a sort of doctor strange style circular rune in purple around my left hand. There is some magical ‘text’ that is very conventional and legible floating above the rune and made of the same sort of energy. I see a number of complicated-looking mathematical formulas with “R=3” at the bottom in a much larger font and intuitively know the barrier is 3 times the normal radius, probably why it is extending around the other friendly avatar characters. The rune around my left hand has a point on it, like a washing machine dial with three settings. Disabled, Automatic and Manual.

      I switch to manual and see a sort of wireframe of the hexagonal barrier around me with one pentagonal face directly above me. I rotate the dial to manual, concentrating on the hexagonal faces right between me and azula. I then do a sort of pushing motion with my left hand and the radius increases to 12 very quickly. The barrier plates send azula flying backwards. Quickly and intuitively I turn the barrier to “disabled”, increase the radius to 16 faster than azula is flying backwards, then switch back to “manual” and she smacks against the inside of the same section. She smacks against the plate and falls to the ground.

      I then bring up my right hand and create a second barrier rune. The radius defaults to 3. I switch it into manual mode. I do a motion of pulling in my left hand and pulling out my right hand. The outer barrier radius starts to drop and the inner barrier radius starts to increase. I am shown an alternate perspective of azula. She stands upright but her feet are sliding in the dirt as the outer barrier is shrinking. Her eyes go wide when she sees the inner expanding barrier coming up. She starts to charge up lightning and points it at the inner barrier. But is barely not quick enough as I am shown the barrier closing and her fingers get broken, the inner and outer barrier sandwich together with radii of 6 and 5.99 (the rune switches to show two decimal places). An explosion occurs, billowing out from between the inside and outside and she is gone.

      There is a very thin black hemispherical arc of ash in the ground where the explosion was.

      I turn to Mai and Ty Lee. Ty lee who was in a fighting pose, just goes “nope” and runs away. Mai sighs and annoyedly walks away.

      “What kind of bending is that?” Asks Katara.

      “AUGH! The cactus juice is kicking in again!” Sokka shouts. I think the scholar botanist guy gave him cactus juice.

      “It’s not bending. It’s a compression barrier I made to defend my home star system, but it wasn’t working properly at such a large scale, so I’m retooling it for personal use. Because It was originally a dyson sphere its very powerful.”

      The avatar characters leave and the dream scene becomes more like my home neighborhood at night. I think of a previous bad dream where Jonathan was outside my house and see him there. He seems to recognize that I am lucid and gets on a bicycle which has E.T. in the bike basket and starts to fly away into the night sky.

      I ignite my fire jets and chase after him. I distinctly remember the fire jets audibly whining like jet engines. I bring up my left arm and shout “barrier one light second!” I can visibly see that the moon is starting to come closer during the chase and I can see the translucent inactive barrier reaches just far enough to partyway clip into the moon. I start to pull the radius in I point to the bicycle and say “Bad Dream Mode! Rusty chain jam!”

      I see a close up shot as the bike chain becomes rusty in the space of a few seconds and then comes off the gear. The flying bike lurches and then falls back to earth. Jonathan landed badly with a visible bleeding injury on his leg. He struggles for a minute gets up and tries to run away.

      I point to him. “Bad Dream Mode! Nonlucidity! Teeth fall out! Body horror! Nakedness! Awkward Social Situation!”

      I see my various commands take effect. Jonathan’s body distorts with a number of large zits appearing on the righthand side of his face. I see his front teeth both fall out and his pants disappear though he is not naked. Then several dream figures spawn and a large tent is now present in the driveway of my house. It seems like a high school graduation party. A tall woman comes over and points and laughs at him. He seems to look around befuddled and panicked.

      “Bad Dream Mode! Uncontrolled Car.”

      Jonathan looks at me and says “what?” Then his eyes go wide and I realized he has regained lucidity and he tries to run away from me. I bring up the barrier rune again.

      “Offset point on Jonathan!”

      I see a wireframe of the barrier surround him as he runs into the side yard of my house and I run after him.

      “Fixate point! All hexes on!” The entire barrier becomes active at once and stays where it is, no longer. I drop the radius to 0.53. The barrier shrinks around him, enough that the bottom is no longer phased into the ground and he is trapped in a floating sphere. I keep shrinking the barrier as I see him inside pushing against it. He seems to shrink his body in proportion to his head and has taken on a thoroughly inhuman gollum-like appearance. I drop the radius to 0.26 and he is now in a hovering sphere about two feet across. He thrashes around pounding on the barrier making animalistic noises. I think to myself passingly “the radius must be in meters” and recognize that the dream is ending.

      “Max power! Seal all dimensional edges! Anti Teleport! Anti Phasing! Anti-Magic Tampering! Anti time travel! Permanentize! Permanentize! Permanentize!” As I give these commands, I see a list of additional things added to the rune and saying ‘seal edges’ makes the lines between each hexagonal face glow brightly and stay that way.“...Yeah. After fifteen years, I finally got you, you little bitch. How’s it feel?”

      I stick a paper sign on the barrier that says ‘do not tap on glass’. And knock on one of the hexes. I note that the barrier does sound like glass when struck.

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    13. Attempting to meet Madmonkey

      by , 06-17-2023 at 10:15 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Dream starts out, I think I am riding my bike through my old hometown somewhere. I think a scene may have taken place at my father’s parent’s house.

      I go to visit an apartment and the dream shifts to a fully otd scene. I am sitting at a counter made of bamboo or some kind of wood and it is shaped to look like a surfboard. There is a small glass jar with bamboo growing in it. I have come to discuss lucid dreaming with him and I am waiting for him to get us drinks.

      I say to myself
      “Okay, I am not stupid, I know enough to properly get lucid here.” And while I was properly lucid this go around, I was still not the most clear minded or focused throughout the dream.

      I then notice that the apartment is empty. I walk through a sort of living room area with high ceiling and a big light gray curved couch. I tell myself that when I go through, Manei will be on the other side.

      I am now in a different apartment or condo, though it feels like a similar location. I come through to new apartment. This one seems to have plants everywhere and be on the beach, though the design of it is still very fuzzy. There is a tall DF who due to the general instability of the dream seems to be rapidly cycling through different appearances. I kid you not while I looked at them and heard slot machine sounds while they morphed rapidly through different appearances like someone who kept pressing ‘randomize’ on a video game character creator. Their height is the only consistent feature.

      “Are you Manei? You’re tall enough to be her.”

      The dream figure settles on a form that looks sort of like her base form. Though it appears to be middle aged and appears somewhat pallad and sickly. Regardless I sense that it is her and we embrace and kiss then walk over to the window. The scene outside seems unstable. Directly outside I see a road runs paralell to the ocean and perpendicular along the side of the apartment building. I see the road is below sea level and the sea/ocean is spilling over a small waterfall on the coast, about the meter and flowing down the road. I see a large cumulus cloud (or volcanic ash plume) and small debris raining down from it.

      “I see small debris raining down and we’re below sea level. What do you see?”

      Manei is now a large bipedial/humanoid grayish tabby cat. She is silent.

      We then arrive outside in a canoe, riding down the water which spills over from the sea and runs down the street. I see a police SUV get in the street and turn down, driving through the water my canoe is floating in. The water is maybe 10-15cm deep, barely deep enough for my canoe to float but also shallow enough for the police car to drive in. Cat-Manei is in the canoe but vanishes after I look away from her too many times. I am worried the dream police will stop me but they just go around me.

      I am thinking about how I am somewhat lucid but not really. I remember something from robert waggoner's book about how a dream should in theory like to interact with a lucid consciousness over a non lucid one.

      I get out of the canoe, wade through the water and go back into the apartment complex. I pick a random apartment and say to myself that “This is Mr. Monkey and Juliana’s apartment. I will meet them in there.”

      I go inside. A small white robot with a square head leads me to another apartment door and I am back in the room with the gray couch and the odd high ceiling. I see two dream figures and intuitively know they are Monkey and Juliana. I also see that the high ceiling apartment/condominium has a staircase and a balcony that overlooks the main living space with a sort of firemans pole. I climb the stairs and slide down the firemans pole while I am having diaolouge. As I do, I call out for Manei again.

      “Manei, can you please come in here to meet Mr. Monkey and Juliana.” I say. I am trying to arrange a dream scene with all four of us present even though I don’t really have an end goal in mind.

      “In a minute I’m taking a picture!” I hear her voice very clearly project from another room. I intuitvely know its a bathroom and that she is getting ready.

      Intuitively I know this is her saying “I’m trying to get my form right this time.”

      “Hurry up, stop posting to dreamstangram!”

      Which has the double meaning of “I don’t care if its not perfect, just come.”

      I then pause and for some reason think of ‘dream’ the Minecraft youtuber, and say to myself. “Whoops that had a double meaning, sorry.”

      I look at Monkey and Juliana sitting on the big gray couch together. Monkey seems fuzzy but he looks to be wearing a blue bathrobe and white breifs and nothing else. He has large mutton chops and a monkey tail and is sitting on the couch eating chips or cheez-its or something out of a plastic bowl and drinking a beer. Juliana is wearing a tank top that says on her chest “witch bitch” and has short black hair in a sort of pixie cut, and panties. When I look at her she chugs an entire bottle of beer distressingly fast, belches, and then laughs at something on the TV.

      I look at the TV and see some kind of old school cartoon, like tom and jerry or something. The actual TV imagery is fuzzy but I hear “whoops” and “clangs” and other stock old school cartoon sound effects. I then notice a 3x5 cardboard case of beer bottles (mostly empty with bottles scattered around on the floor between them.)

      I somehow interpret this as symbolic “this is a shared dream on some level, but they are nonlucid, just passive observers who are mentally inebriated and passively going along with a stupid dream plot. I need to help them get lucid. Then I can do my sparring goal with Monkey but in my dream.” I also make the connection to some of our visualization exercises where they are comfortable with drinking and we are not.

      But the dream ends and I wake up instead.


      Some dream where I am in a survival situation with my mom. There is an ice age or snow storm and we are alternating between traveling through towns and cities buried in ice and camping out in various buildings finding food and supplies.
    14. Summer 2023 Comp Night 10

      by , 06-11-2023 at 01:40 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was at the dinner table with my mother, father, and father's parents. The location I was in felt like the day care/kindergarten place I went to when I was a young child. (Very odd, do not think in my 15ish years of LDing I have ever dreamed of that place, or even a place that felt similar to it.) I distinctly remember the dining room had a very odd feel to it. The room was very bland with white walls, venetian blinds and plain blue carpet with a complete lack or decor. It felt like a hospital waiting room or something. I was eating at a folding outdoor table which for some reason had a sort of padding or cushioning on the surface of the table while the chair was one of those hard folding metal kinds you get at outdoor parties.

      I recall I was sitting at the table eating breaded chicken tenders but not feeling hungry. Then my mother came inside from one door and said to my father that the police were outside and wanted to speak to him. I looked at my food and remember cutting the breaded tender apart to see the chicken meat inside with a knife.

      Then Robert Waggoner (I have been re-listening to the audible version of 'Lucid Dreaming, Gateway to the inner self) came in the other door. He was portrayed as a man of average physique with gray hair and glasses and said "An expert lucid dreamer would not be distracted by the current elements of the dream, but would instead lucidly aware, choose investigate elements that could lead to introspection."

      I became lucid and got up. Realizing what I really wanted to do, investigate why my dream-father was being summoned by police officers. I headed outside to see three or four police cars parked on the lawn of the day care, where the playground would have been. The fence, tree and playground equipment were all gone.

      False awakening in my own bed. I got a message on my laptop. Madmonkey had sent me a youtube video. It was titled '10 hours of Johnny Test Screaming'.

      DILD 10pts (x1)
    15. Summer Comp Night 5: The Tree that Speaks

      by , 06-06-2023 at 01:39 PM (Lucid Time!)
      NLD 1:

      I was living on the third or fourth story of an apartment/condo complex. It overlooked a large open grassy park with a parking lot and some hills and trees. The weather looked to be overcast. I could see several vehicles in the parking lot and a family with a father, mother, and one or two children talking with about a dozen police. Their cruisers were parked haphazardly in the parking lot with the sirens on.

      I couldn't make out the specifics but I knew the husband was in some kind of trouble while the wife and kids didn't know about what he had been doing and were tying to convince the police he was innocent. The wife then started making a scene while her husband ran off into the parking lot with a guilty look on his face.

      The vehicle he got into had a flat front, like one of those school busses that has the engine in the back. It was a van painted bright yellow/neon green. It had small, thin wheels and poor visibility due to having no windows outside of the windshield and when he started the engine it made a "thwabbb" sound like a lawnmower. I'm like 'really dude, this is what you are picking as your getaway vehicle?!'

      The man goes around a corner. There is an elevated section of land with a large curved retaining wall made out of brown concrete bricks. to keep erosion down. The road out of the park hugs this wall on an outside corner. The man gets away, going far around the outside of the corner by driving on the grass. The police all scramble to jump into their cruisers and chase after him, but they go around the inside corner right along the brown brick wall. The way the road is sloped, there is a large puddle there which turns out to be quite deep. Maybe a meter. All of the police cruisers drive into the water and stall out as their engines are flooded and the criminal in the van drives off.

      The wife is heartbroken, realizing that her husband really was a criminal.

      LD 1:

      I was on my old college campus when I found out the building I had class in had burned down. The weather was again overcast but all the trees had leaves as though it were summertime. The university quad appears to be larger and though the general layout feels the same I feel as though there is a lot of extra space between all the buildings filled with lawn and trees. I arrived at the building to see nothing but a black pile of rubble and some firemen standing around talking to university officials.

      Upon seeing the pile of rubble I become lucid. I preform a nose pinch reality check to confirm and yes, I am dreaming. I get excited, but not overly so and take off to fly. Flying this way and that about ten or twenty meters above the university campus doing flips and cartwheels in the air. The dream scene starts to shift as the university buildings and sidewalks altogether disappear leaving me in a grassy plane with large lush-looking deciduous trees strewn about. I think the ocean is visible off in the distance.

      I fly around a bit more and see an exceptionally large tree, it looks like an oak but I am not certain. This tree has an 'energy' or 'presence' to it like I know it is significant. Similar to sensing the energy of a significant dream figure like Manei. I fly up under the canopy and orbit this way and that around the trunk of the tree. I noticed that the trunk is sort of vertically ribbed. If one were to cleanly cut the tree down they would be met with the shape of a seven sided star with rounded off points, and that this is also somehow significant. The other nearby trees have more traditional circular trunks.

      I cut out the flying jets and grab onto bark of the giant oak. It has very rough bark with deep cracks between plates I can work my fingers into. I am in that moment literally a tree hugger as my position has me feel like I am hugging the tree, even though I'm more hanging onto its trunk two or three stories above the ground.

      The tree is able to speak in the language of thoughts.

      "Please do not cut me down, I have about a hundred healthy years ahead of me still." It says in a deep voice this is simultaneously both calming and very stern.

      "I was just thinking about the interesting shape of your trunk. I wouldn't dare actually do it."


      I detach from the trunk and start hovering again. I look up to the daytime sky and see the moon through a gap in the overcast clouds and think that I want to go fly and find MadMonkey.

      I have a false awakening. In the FA I feel very groggy. I do a reality check but it fails. I wake up and open my laptop to start writing about the lucid experience with plans of going back to sleep and trying for another lucid dream. I only have a single sentence typed when I actually woke up.

      WBTB, hoping to get back in.

      NLD 2:

      Was watching a spongebob episode. Spongebob was very 'fat' or 'thick' in the front to back direction. His body was more cube-shaped and he had a 5 o'clock shadow. He comes home to his pineapple house and takes out a TV dinner. It says "beef and gravy" on the cover of the TV dinner which looks like a PNG image of a TV dinner contrasting the cel-shaded cartoony style of the rest of the show. He peels it open and eats it while watching TV, making various "mmm" and "aaah" sounds to show that he is enjoying.

      This gag seems to repeat, with spongebob's body becoming longer and fatter each time and starting to distort in odd and humorous ways. Sometimes he is just physically larger with the cube shaped body and increasingly disproportionately small limbs. At other times he is drawn more with the anatomy of an obese human figure. There are other variations on the TV dinner, though they all seem to be the same beef and gravy. The meat is a light color both in the photograph and when the top of the meal is opened, looking more like pork or chicken with gravy. One time the TV dinner is very small with only one piece of meat. Another time it is huge, so huge it physically fills the inside of spongebob's entire fridge.

      2 NLD = 2pts
      1 WBTB = 2pts
      1 DILD = 10pts
      RC = 1pts
      Basic Flight = 5pts
      DC Interact = 2pts

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