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    McDonalds, Wealthy Artist

    by , 05-01-2012 at 02:41 AM (374 Views)
    My dad was driving me to school. I kept urging him to go faster. We were already late but he said he was hungry. So he pulled into a McDonlads drive though and ordered some mcnuggets or something. They gave him his food and he ate it really fast.
    I told him that he had his food and he needed to get me to school or I was going to be late. But right when I thought we were going to leave he drove around and went though it again, ordered more food and ate it.
    After he did this a couple times, He told me that I didn't have to go to school he was taking me to see some artist guy that he knew when he was younger or something. He started driving, and soon we arrived at this house.
    It looked sort of like Falling Water but was really big and had a huge porch with this big party going on. I'm quite sure several other family members of mine were there.
    Then someone introduced me to a dream character that I remember vividly. He had black hair, thick square glasses, pale skin, and was probably around 20-ish.
    He was very smart and happy and someone told me that he was an artist who owned this estate and wanted to throw this party.
    For awhile, me and him just sort of talked about life. I told him that I was practicing to be an artist just like him.

    This dream does reveal that I am a huge art nerd. I draw comic strips, write stories, paint, etc.

    Also, I am really looking forward to getting my drivers license in a few months. I am tired of these anxiety dreams. Then again, I'll probably still have them, I'll just be the one making myself late.

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