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    1. Capturing Jonathan

      by , 07-15-2023 at 01:23 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I've been aggressively dream journaling off site for a few months, at least since the conclusion of the summer competition. This has been a long-standing dream goal since long before then even, to find out what happened to Jonathan. Supposedly some years back he 'left' my dreams but he still seemed to crop up in odd ways and cause trouble so I made it a goal to track him down and confront him. I would have liked to have been much more prepared, but he appeared in this lucid dream and I seized on the opportunity.

      I am watching an episode of Avatar: The last airbender. It seems to be set in the later part of season 2. Katara, Sokka and Toph are trying to find Aang who is running away from his responsibilities. They speak to this botanist guy looking in ba sing se that says he knows about ancient family secrets passed down through the generations and has selectively bred a magic flamingo that can sniff out the avatar’s spiritual energy and be used to find him. He gets a big pot and pours some water and fertilizer on it and the flamingo grows. Its small and skinny and hops around on one leg but it joins the gaang.

      Slowly the dream changes from a third person passive experience to a first person active experience.

      We are walking around an abandoned portion of ba sing se at night. I can see the large wall in the distance. The location feels like my old childhood neighborhood in layout but the buildings are ancient east asian fantasy styled. I see that Katara, Sokka and Toph all have bags under their eyes and they complain about not being able to sleep and having to find Aang and how they are exhausted. I try to ‘remember’ this story arc and think to myself that they end up being awake for a whole nother day.

      In the sky I see two moons, it doesn’t look like anything off Woue. Just two whitish cratery moons, but I recognize this as a
      dream sign and become properly and fully lucid. I think to myself its the real world earth moon and the avatar world's moon and that's why I see two.

      Then Mai, Azula and Ty Lee appear. The flamingo hides behind katara who is taking a leading role here and Azula says she is going to use it to find the avatar and capture him. Azula winds up, charging into battle shooting out big blasts of blue fire. I think to activate my shields and it works. The barrier seems to be at a larger radius than normal, surrounding the other avatar characters. Hexagonal walls appear in front of the fire blasts she is shooting out.

      Azula tries to run in to get inside the barrier and capture us that way. I decide I want to manipulate its properties. I move my left and and see a sort of doctor strange style circular rune in purple around my left hand. There is some magical ‘text’ that is very conventional and legible floating above the rune and made of the same sort of energy. I see a number of complicated-looking mathematical formulas with “R=3” at the bottom in a much larger font and intuitively know the barrier is 3 times the normal radius, probably why it is extending around the other friendly avatar characters. The rune around my left hand has a point on it, like a washing machine dial with three settings. Disabled, Automatic and Manual.

      I switch to manual and see a sort of wireframe of the hexagonal barrier around me with one pentagonal face directly above me. I rotate the dial to manual, concentrating on the hexagonal faces right between me and azula. I then do a sort of pushing motion with my left hand and the radius increases to 12 very quickly. The barrier plates send azula flying backwards. Quickly and intuitively I turn the barrier to “disabled”, increase the radius to 16 faster than azula is flying backwards, then switch back to “manual” and she smacks against the inside of the same section. She smacks against the plate and falls to the ground.

      I then bring up my right hand and create a second barrier rune. The radius defaults to 3. I switch it into manual mode. I do a motion of pulling in my left hand and pulling out my right hand. The outer barrier radius starts to drop and the inner barrier radius starts to increase. I am shown an alternate perspective of azula. She stands upright but her feet are sliding in the dirt as the outer barrier is shrinking. Her eyes go wide when she sees the inner expanding barrier coming up. She starts to charge up lightning and points it at the inner barrier. But is barely not quick enough as I am shown the barrier closing and her fingers get broken, the inner and outer barrier sandwich together with radii of 6 and 5.99 (the rune switches to show two decimal places). An explosion occurs, billowing out from between the inside and outside and she is gone.

      There is a very thin black hemispherical arc of ash in the ground where the explosion was.

      I turn to Mai and Ty Lee. Ty lee who was in a fighting pose, just goes “nope” and runs away. Mai sighs and annoyedly walks away.

      “What kind of bending is that?” Asks Katara.

      “AUGH! The cactus juice is kicking in again!” Sokka shouts. I think the scholar botanist guy gave him cactus juice.

      “It’s not bending. It’s a compression barrier I made to defend my home star system, but it wasn’t working properly at such a large scale, so I’m retooling it for personal use. Because It was originally a dyson sphere its very powerful.”

      The avatar characters leave and the dream scene becomes more like my home neighborhood at night. I think of a previous bad dream where Jonathan was outside my house and see him there. He seems to recognize that I am lucid and gets on a bicycle which has E.T. in the bike basket and starts to fly away into the night sky.

      I ignite my fire jets and chase after him. I distinctly remember the fire jets audibly whining like jet engines. I bring up my left arm and shout “barrier one light second!” I can visibly see that the moon is starting to come closer during the chase and I can see the translucent inactive barrier reaches just far enough to partyway clip into the moon. I start to pull the radius in I point to the bicycle and say “Bad Dream Mode! Rusty chain jam!”

      I see a close up shot as the bike chain becomes rusty in the space of a few seconds and then comes off the gear. The flying bike lurches and then falls back to earth. Jonathan landed badly with a visible bleeding injury on his leg. He struggles for a minute gets up and tries to run away.

      I point to him. “Bad Dream Mode! Nonlucidity! Teeth fall out! Body horror! Nakedness! Awkward Social Situation!”

      I see my various commands take effect. Jonathan’s body distorts with a number of large zits appearing on the righthand side of his face. I see his front teeth both fall out and his pants disappear though he is not naked. Then several dream figures spawn and a large tent is now present in the driveway of my house. It seems like a high school graduation party. A tall woman comes over and points and laughs at him. He seems to look around befuddled and panicked.

      “Bad Dream Mode! Uncontrolled Car.”

      Jonathan looks at me and says “what?” Then his eyes go wide and I realized he has regained lucidity and he tries to run away from me. I bring up the barrier rune again.

      “Offset point on Jonathan!”

      I see a wireframe of the barrier surround him as he runs into the side yard of my house and I run after him.

      “Fixate point! All hexes on!” The entire barrier becomes active at once and stays where it is, no longer. I drop the radius to 0.53. The barrier shrinks around him, enough that the bottom is no longer phased into the ground and he is trapped in a floating sphere. I keep shrinking the barrier as I see him inside pushing against it. He seems to shrink his body in proportion to his head and has taken on a thoroughly inhuman gollum-like appearance. I drop the radius to 0.26 and he is now in a hovering sphere about two feet across. He thrashes around pounding on the barrier making animalistic noises. I think to myself passingly “the radius must be in meters” and recognize that the dream is ending.

      “Max power! Seal all dimensional edges! Anti Teleport! Anti Phasing! Anti-Magic Tampering! Anti time travel! Permanentize! Permanentize! Permanentize!” As I give these commands, I see a list of additional things added to the rune and saying ‘seal edges’ makes the lines between each hexagonal face glow brightly and stay that way.“...Yeah. After fifteen years, I finally got you, you little bitch. How’s it feel?”

      I stick a paper sign on the barrier that says ‘do not tap on glass’. And knock on one of the hexes. I note that the barrier does sound like glass when struck.

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    2. Transition (#215)

      by , 06-12-2015 at 10:04 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I woke up at prescisely 3:00am. I scribbled down some notes pertaining to this dream and tried to get back to sleep, but just could not. I haven't had a good LD in a couple weeks now.

      I recall arriving in the dream scene already partially lucid. I was flying down the hallway of my old high school. Though the way I was flying was sort of funny. I was flying as if I were laying down on my stomach and my arms were straight down into fists projecting my fire jets. The flames were also humorously small, about an inch or two tall.

      I was hovering along at an almost humorously slow speed avoiding people in the hallway.

      I remember wanting to go into the bathroom and make some appearance changes. I was planning on doing a sex change since I haven't had much of a chance to do so lately, but I couldn't decide if I wanted to go in the boys bathroom or the girls bathroom. I decided upon the boys room.

      The bathroom was absolutely disgusting when I got in there. There were four or five guys waiting in line for one urinal, the only toilet in the room, and there were a couple of sinks. The walls and floor were covered in dirt (at least I hope that was dirt...) and the whole room was dimly lit.

      What I saw in the mirror was not a pretty sight either. I looked pale, wrinkled, I had long blonde hair. (Okay, weird). I was wearing a pit-stained tank top and ripped up old jeans. My eyes were a dull grayish brown. There was something in my mouth that I could only describe as a paper straw wrapper, but I guess it was supposed to be meth or something. It was also soaked about halfway up from blood.

      "Okay, the dream is sending a message here. It's not one that I like, but it's a message."

      I had to get rid of the straw wrapper drugs or whatever that thing was first so I spit that out. I figured it was my braces causing trouble again that's why It was bloody. (Yeah I actually have braces IWL... I had my last adjustment two days ago and it hurts like heck. I get them off at the beginning of July.) I just spit out my braces too and ran my tongue across my smooth teeth. Oh, how I missed that feeling.

      I began adjusting myself as I have done several times before.

      "Skin tone needs to be darker... whoops... too dark... Hair... Eyes..."

      As this is going on I do a couple nose-pinch reality checks and feel the sink I am leaning over just to keep the dream stable.

      I get myself roughly to where I want to be. Weirdly enough my eyes are not mismatched, something the dream usually does on its own no matter what form I take. I also couldn't get the outfit to change out. I was stuck with the pit-stained top and ripped jeans.

      I remember seeing and focusing in on this DC who had walked in. She was a tall girl with long hair dyed blue and blue lipstick and goth/punk combination outfit and came to the sink. I remember a studded collar around her neck. She looked over at me with the oddest expression of both superiority and jealousy. Maybe it's some secret girl language I don't know yet. Regardless, I liked her dyed hair and remembered that I used to have my hair dyed in dreams. I copied over some into highlights.

      The last two male DCs in line for the urinal looked a little bit like Jack and Jonathan, though it wasn't really them. I was sensing no energy from them. Just random look-alikes I guess. They seemed somewhat confused as to why a boy had changed into a girl in the boys bathroom, and why a second girl had just walked in. Regardless, dream characters like this have this duty to be a-holes, and they started taunting me and sending some insults my way for being a girl in the boy's bathroom.

      I spit a stream blood onto the floor, both to intimidate them and alleviate the annoying feeling still present in my mouth for good. Instead, they said something sexual about the blood that I can't recall. I picked the two of them up, each with one arm, and told them that they had one more chance to stop acting like this and keep to themselves. It scared them into good behavior and I walked out. The dyed hair girl then started taunting them.

      When I got out, I was surprised to see that the dream had actually stayed consistent. The school hallway was almost exactly as I had remembered it. The only odd thing was that my parents were both sitting on a sofa in the middle of the hallway watching TV. I looked to see what they were watching and it was just static. They both had zombified expressions as though their brains had turned to mush. In fact, they kind of looked like zombies. I recognized this as another message the dream was sending me.

      Manei appeared looking pretty blurry, until she got close and I realized that she was only about six inches tall and was floating in the air. She said something about how this was a different kind of lucid dream than what I usually experienced, where the dream characters were no longer connected to my mind, and therefore I could not take control of their minds or actions, and I could also not sense the energy of dream characters. (Odd, because I could still sense her energy, though it was not overwhelming as it usually was.)

      I can't remember the full explanation of what the rules of this new kind of lucid dream was, but I know that it traded the ability to control dream characters and the environment with as much power with vastly increased stability and lucidity. (Such as environments that you could leave and re-enter with little change.) The best part is that the powers that you did retain, the ones you were most familiar with and used stabilized along with the reality making them more reliable. Same goes for your appearance.

      The way she explained it was weird. Kind of in that thought-language she often uses. Best I can describe it that it was sort of like an RPG video game where you only have so many skill points that you can assign, so you might have someone who is really good at dream control but has a lot of trouble getting lucid. In other words, it's nearly impossible to be a master of everything at once. So what she had decided to try was like doing a re-spec of my character taking some power from dream control and putting it into lucidity and stability. She said that she was worried that I wouldn't like it. I told her I was happy with it and wished she had done it sooner.

      She changed to normal size. We grabbed each others hands and spun around at arms length to change the dream scene. She really seemed to enjoy this and was laughing the entire time. We arrived on a street in a very well-to-do neighborhood. It looked like it was Halloween night because of the decorations, but nobody was out trick or treating.

      I remember asking about what costume I should wear, and being told I should be Minecraft Steve. We then got pumpkin pails and I started running toward the first house. I looked back and saw Manei falling behind. I stopped.

      "Jade, slow down! You run much faster than when we met."

      I lost the dream and woke up.

      So, with this transition, I should become lucid more often at the cost of dream control, something I am fine with. I don't need high-octane dream control unless I'm doing advanced/bonus TOTMS. My usual powers should suffice for accomplishing all the goals that I have at hand.
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    3. Dreamer Vs. Dream Guide (LD #166)

      by , 02-05-2015 at 03:37 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I dreamed of my old family beach resort. That is strange, I haven't dreamed of that place in a long time.

      I was in my art history class. I had forgotten to do the homework. We still had [a large amount of time] before class to do the work. I thought about trying to do it, but instead decided to get up and leave class.


      I somehow found myself in a martial arts/combatatives shop. They sold everything relating to fighting here. Guns. Bows. Swords. I remember seeing some of the weapons on the wall and thinking I wanted to get one. I knew that I was in some sense or another 'allowed to'.

      The front room of the store was cramped with all the weapons and gear. I made my way into the back room that was almost completely empty.

      I then ran into a group of about a dozen martial artists, proudly wearing white uniforms and black belts. They asked me how good I was with a bo staff and gave me one. I started spinning it around, as I did telling them that I've never had any formal training or practice with one. I just used to have a stick and I would use it for play.

      They then asked me if I found it funny when I was teaching new students if they got [two similar stances] mixed up. I told them about how (IWL) I've been attending Taekwondo lessons for four years, and I still got [those stances] mixed up sometimes. Because I was making mistakes and open to learning I didn't find it annoying.

      They didn't seem to happy with this answer and left me there.

      Then the shop owner came up and told me that I was here because someone had challenged me to a fight. He said that he couldn't tell me who because my challenger had chosen to remain anonymous until the fight.

      I asked him what the rules of the fight are. He told me that it was totally open. Any moves were fair-game. The only rule is I am not allowed to bring other people in with me.

      He gave me a different outfit, a black martial arts uniform and told me to head up to [some cave] where the battle would take place.

      I teleported outside. I became lucid around here and realized that I wanted everyone to hurry up and get this fight on, with all the short-lived
      lucidity I've been having, there was no way we were going to see some action.

      The cave was out in a snowy tundra in the mountains. The only way into the cave was a rope bridge. It seemed to be made out of these tough vines of some sort. I couldn't really tell. It led into a cave. Inside the cave was mostly filled with water. (Very cold water, since tundra and all) but there was a small platform, about 20ft around in the middle that the bridge connected to. There were a couple of waterfalls coming into the edge of the cave and a couple of holes in the ceiling where sunlight shown through like a spotlight onto the main floor.

      There was another bridge that came from the opposite side of the cave. There were all of these people on the opposite side that were watching, including the guys that were in the back of the shop from earlier. It didn't take them long to send their opponent across. Some of them had even set up tents and what not.

      So, you already know I was supposed to fight Manei, my very own dream guide. But I didn't know that just yet. (TBH I didn't pick up on it until halfway into the fight.) Because when she came across, I hardly recognized her. She had cut her hair short (not really short, just short enough to lay flat on top of the head.) She wasn't wearing her headband. Though I guess what threw me for a loop was the idea that Manei had picked a fight with anyone. She's always given me the vibe that she was something of a pacifist.

      But the reason I didn't recognize her was the fact that her energy/aura that I usually felt seemed completely absent. It was strange, and I am still not 100% sure that the character that I fought was her.

      She tried to taunt me into attacking first, but I remained quiet and motionless. Eventually she just charged right at me, winding up for a big punch right in the face. It was like facing down a charging bull.

      I simply sidestepped and tripped her with one foot as she came in. I honestly did not expect that to work at all. She fell forward but managed to catch herself. She got to her feet ready to fight again. She went in for a couple kicks. I noticed that her form was horrible, she wasn't guarding her body and seemed off balance.

      When she moved in for a punch I was able to duck under her. I was coming around to elbow her in the back when I realized that I was fighting Manei, and what I was about to do could really hurt someone. I tried to think of another way that I could end this fight quickly without really hurting her. I for some reason thought of how in Avatar, that one girl (Ty Lee was it?) can Chi-Block her opponents and paralyze them without hurting them.

      I threw a couple of random quick jabs to her back and (Because lucid dream) it worked. Her right arm was completely paralyzed, hanging limp at her side. She came around with her left and tried to punch me. I grabbed her with my left and twisted her wrist around so that she was off balance. Two more jabs with my right arm and both arms were paralyzed.

      I stood back and looked at her. Her hair was long now, but undone and messy. For some reason the dream became really detailed here. I could see every detail in her. Her facial expression, full of aggression. Her arms, that she was already starting to get feeling back in them. She was opening and closing her fists. I could even see her breath in the cold air of the cave. The cave itself became more detailed too. I could now hear the waterfalls and see little crystals inside the stone floor.

      The fight dragged on for a few minutes of interlude combat. She didn't manage to land a single solid hit, despite giving it her all. I didn't land many hits either, I was being very careful not to hurt her.

      After awhile, She didn't want to fight anymore, she wanted to wrestle. I put my hands into my pockets. She ran right at me ready to grab me and take me to the floor. When she got in close, I jumped back, and landed on my back, feet in the air. She jumped for me and I kicked her up and behind me. I heard a splash sound. By the time I got up I saw the spot in the water where she had gone in.

      I began to notice that she wasn't coming back up. Either that kick or the cold water had knocked her out.

      "Huh... man... that water looks cold!"

      I jumped in and fished her out. Despite being fully lucid, she seemed impossibly heavy and I was barely able to lift her out. I managed to get her back up onto the arena. She coughed up a bunch of water.

      For some reason or another, I had to carry her across back to her family. And my oh my, I wish I had a smaller dream guide. One of the martial arts guys came over to me, the oldest and most experienced. He told me that it was customary for dream guides to fight their dreamer at least once. He gave some reasoning behind it, but I didn't find it very valid, or think that it applied to me and her.

      He also told me about how you might expect that most of the time the guide would win, but in reality it is actually about 50/50. In most cases it really depends on the personality of the dreamer/guide rather than their position.

      The last thing that I remember was her little sister of about six years old (or who I assumed was her little sister) running up and asking if she was okay. She had gone unconscious again. I told her that she would be fine. The dream ended and I woke up.

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    4. One big test?! (LD #141)

      by , 11-24-2014 at 01:33 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was laying in bed and I eventually let my mind go. For some reason the first thing that I thought of was my college bathroom. I am in my college dorm bathroom but everything is backwards, along the wrong wall. A nose pinch just to confirm it. Oh, yeah, I just dropped. I've only done this twice before. It's basically like a WILD but it happens right when you go to bed.
      I thought for a moment about my lucidity. Feels nice and strong.
      I can't recall exactly what happened, but I was messing around with my dream appearance. For some reason my eyes were changing colors and drifting into comedic positions on my face; like my cheeks and the top of my forehead. I eventually used a voice command to stop my eyes from doing this. I spent a long time staring at my reflection in the mirror.
      I was thinking about how I look so odd in dreams. I was thinking about how I wound up looking like this in my dreams, with eyes that don't match. For some reason my orange eye was hazel.
      I was able to play around a little bit with the length of my hair too. I made it really short and really long. My hair was also black, rather than brown like it is IWL.
      I played around with my face a little more. I for some reason managed to change into an Asian boy who looked a little like me, and then an Asian girl with a ponytail. For some reason I thought it would be funny to run around the dream-world like this.
      I recall at least twice I almost lost the dream, and tired to save it by throwing on the faucet and drinking cold water.
      I went to the door to leave, and told me that it would take me somewhere that I wanted to go. I opened it and found myself in a park in a beautiful tropical destination. It was surrounded by stucco condos on all sides, save for some gaps. There were a couple of yellow concrete high-rises in the distance, and a huge ringed planet in the sky.
      "Man, I am on a roll tonight!"
      I explored the area for a little bit, and didn't really find anything all that interesting. There were some flowers in the park area and some exotic plantlike, but nothing too memorable. I wanted to see if I could find Manei or Marcus anywhere. I just couldn't. My mom and dad appeared and asked me if I wanted to watch the rocket launch.
      I tried to fly at one point, but I couldn't get the flying to catch. I felt too heavy. I decided it wasn't worth my energy and gave up rather quickly.
      Just then I saw a bunch of men pulling on ropes and they raised a long, thin, white rocket with a single man sitting in a chair on top. The rocket narrowed slightly as it went up and had at least a dozen stages. I questioned how a rocket like that would function. I decided not to focus too much on the thought and laid down some stabilization, reminding myself that I was lucid dreaming.
      I decided to focus on what I had come here to do, get answers with Manei, help her if possible. I saw a beautiful beach-side manor with a glass wall showing the front room and decided that would be Manei's house. I went up and knocked on the door.
      A middle aged man and two identical women came to the door. I asked for Manei. He said that she was in the back, sleeping. One of the women reminded him that if I came, it was okay to wake her up. They led me into her bedroom in the back. It was a total dump.
      I jumped up onto the end of her bed and perched on like a ninja on one of the posts.
      "Well this is just a little ironic"
      "Zzzzz! Huh? What? *sees me* Oh, I know why you're here! What happen last night. (That was two nights ago, but I know what you're talking about.) That was not mistake! I not sick or sad or anything. I test you right, but you fail. You take many test, pass all but that one!"
      "Wait, you only formally told me that you tested me one time..."
      "Yes, that was lucid test, that was first test. I test you many times between then and now, just not tell because it part of test, all pass, looks very good, yeah."
      (You're not going to be passing an English test anytime soon. That or maybe she was speaking this way to get to the point faster. In that case you are a genius, Manei. )
      "What was that test on, anyway? Emotions? Judgement? Compassion?"
      "No, but it was in that category."
      "What is the purpose of all these tests anyway?"
      -A long ramble that I didn't bother to remember, the dream faded despite me banging my hand on the base of her bed trying to stay in the dream. I was more focused on hanging on to the dream than listening to what she was saying. Something to do with 'higher ups' and these dream tests that we have been participating in.
      "...These tests very hard, most people no pass first time. The reason they hard is dream guide and dreamer must work together. Some time problem with dream guide; some dream guide mean. No appear for dreamer, no want to work hard for them, or think dreamer too stupid, not worth their time. They dream guide; if dreamer stupid, their job to make them wise. Job as teacher look easy, not easy if done correctly. Have to work as hard as student, sometimes harder.
      Sometimes dreamer, too violent, always want fights, or, sometimes sex, sex, sex, all they want. Even if dream guide try and teach, no pay attention; dreamer have thick head. Most of the time; problem with both dreamer and guide. In order for us to pass through together we have to trust each other completely and give all our effort"
      I was in a black void by the time she finished that last sentence. I paused for a moment and could see a rectangular white light in the upper right hand corner of my vision.
      "I want to wake up right now!"

      I false awoke into my college dorm. I did a nose pinch, but it didn't work for some reason. I started shuffling around in the dark looking for my laptop to log onto DV. Somebody had left the door open. Around the time I was booting up my computer I woke up for real.

      Well... wow. There are really two ways of looking at this. One obviously just being my subc trying to explain the weird stuff that Manei has been doing in recent weeks or the other that I really am being tested by some 'higher ups'.
      Both the spiritual and scientific interpretation of this are equally terrifying.

      My biggest question is 'What happens now?' This storyline is obviously gonna play through one way or another. am I going to take the same test again? Or another one? Or have to start over? Or maybe I'll just pass anyway because I'm that awesome.

      Another question is, the lucid barrier. That was put there to train/test me, but I managed to damage it. Is that cheating? Well if it is; too bad, so sad. I'm f*cked. I should probably admit that I did that.

      I managed to get back to sleep after this. The dreams it yielded were not lucid, though. I recall reading something that was chiseled into boulders that were thrown into the lake behind my house. There were hundreds of them, filling the lake
      I was then talking with some girl on a bike about song lyrics by Infected Mushroom.

      There was also something to do with my Taekwondo studio.

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    5. Begin Again. (LD #137)

      by , 11-18-2014 at 12:04 PM (Lucid Time!)
      First, nonlucid bits and bobs from this morning.

      A dream about my mom starting a business. She was working with my father and many of the adults in my family to build her headquarters. I was for some reason complaining that the entrance was asymmetrical; it had two different windows on the sides that were different sizes. In fact, much of the building was like this. It was because she was trying to build it without using any blueprints to make a point about collaboration. Google Drive was involved somehow.

      This somehow transitioned to or from a dream about simply driving around a city. All of the buildings look dream-logicy. Some were floating. Others took on strange or impossible shpaes.

      Something to do with a superhero who's power was to give and take superpowers from other heroes. All of the powers would be stored on this ring, like a green lantern ring.
      He gave 25% of his powers to two people and kept 50% for himself. I am unsure of what powers he gave/kept. He said something about power and how when humans have power they don't use it, and when they don't have it, they think they do.
      This hologram on the ring showed that he had created a 'power gap'.

      I was trying to shared dream with S. We got into this thing where we wanted to have a lucid dream battle. S summoned a fire dragon, and I summoned this robot from my comic known as Dream Crusher. We forgot to come up with the battlefield so it was just a white void.
      DC shot all of these chains out of his hand and ensnared the dragon. (An ability he does not have in the comic.) The dragon tried to melt the chains. DC tried to smash him with his hammer. (An ability he does have.) The dragon broke free through strength and began fighting back.

      I did LDs number 136 and 138. So this will be LD 137.

      And a lil background: Night One - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

      I had a rather long lucid dream where I can't quite recall what was going on. I can recall being in my own backyard and would periodically pull leaves off of trees and fly up in the sky. I can recall changing the clouds to be made of some kind of clay-like material and getting rid of them and I am trying all of these forms of dream control.
      Some of it is working, and some of it is not. I was trying to talk to the dream, or my subconscious or whatever in a polite manner.
      "Can we get these clouds to disappear please?"
      "Can we get it to be lighter, please?"
      "Can we get it to be warmer outside, please."
      I see a giant picture of Benjamin Franklin with cat ears on the side of somebody's house. I needed something dream-logicy like that to become
      fully lucid.
      I correctly recall my lucid goal was to give Manei the hair clip from my first night of lucid dreaming. I yell her name into the sky and see a black cat with blue eyes, sitting in front of a crystal grid on the patio. And of course she turns and runs the other way (for some reason.)
      I begin chasing her up the side of my house. First things first, I put my hand behind my back, hoping I can manifest it. I feel a little thing drop into my hand.
      And there it was! After four years I almost forgot what the dumb thing looked like. Before it was this huge, and a vibrant bright red. It looked darker and less vibrant than I recall from my first LD, it was also a lot smaller.
      I'm see she is still running the other way. (I don't know, DGs are weird.)
      "Come back, I just want to give you something. Then you can run off and do whatever it is you do."
      She stops.
      "The hair clip! From the first time I LD'd. I realized that I never actually gave it to you."
      Manei.exe has stopped working. It took her a good five seconds. Then she seemed to remember what I was talking about.
      "Well in that case, I'm going to have to change the whole story now. Turn around."
      She changes back into human form while my back is turned. We start walking together up around the front of my house. It's cloudy and overcast, and for some reason there are portraits of famous people with hilarious accessories such as MLK with sunglasses and a YOLO cap, and George Washington with headphones on the side of peoples houses. There was some dream-logicy explanation, like a contest or something.
      We sit down in my front yard. The dream that was originally cold and gray seems to be getting a lot brighter now.
      "Here, take this, I have no use for it."
      She took it, still looking somewhat befuddled. I guess dream guides aren't all that used to getting gifts.
      Then I remembered the extra credit homework. I wanted to give her a headband or bandanna, like the one that I wear in WL. I wanted it to have my lucid dream symbol on it.
      random stuff on icedawg's mind that pisses him off-life.png
      (sorry I could only find a picture of it in cyan.)
      "Now, then, if you still want my wardrobe advice..."
      I put my hand behind my back *Le Manifest*.
      Successful again. It's even a tan color, the color I imagined making it. They symbol isn't right though. For some reason looks like this.
      Name:  The-symbol-that-actually-appeared.png
Views: 138
Size:  476 Bytes
      I look on the reverse and see the logo from my Taekwondo studio.
      "Okay, I didn't get the symbols right, but I want you to have it anyway. I think you would look good in a bandanna."
      For some reason my oldest living cat enters the dream (I've had four cats IWL. the oldest one is dead.) . He does this thing that he does IWL where he puts his rear end in the air asking you to scratch near the base of the tail. I start scratching him. I get the dream ending feeling, and just let the thing come to an end. While it fades out, I say something to myself like "Let's begin again"...

      And now it's 1:30am and I am filled with all the giggly feels you get when you accomplish a lucid goal.

      And if she actually wears that bandanna next time, I will have no words.

      A memorable tag for this lucid.

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    6. Triple Lucid Night (LD #134, #135, #136)

      by , 11-13-2014 at 01:32 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Now this is what I'm talking about!

      A nonlucid dream about a story somewhat paralleling Jack and the giant Beanstalk. I am with this boy who must climb this massive, twisty tree trunk like tower through this cloudy, foggy sky.
      I became lucid in this and flew up the tower to observe him while he climbed. He was doing so rather quickly, jumping from platform to platform; the entire outside of the tower was covered in gnarled spikes and branches that could be used as platforms. The dark, stormy clouds seemed to be in layers. Lightning cracked all around me and the rain was coming down heavily. He eventually reached the top, above the clouds. The wind was blowing very strongly here it was hard for me to keep myself stable while flying. I landed atop the tower; we were basically in outer space now, with just a thin band of blue on the horizon and the sun, moon and stars ahead. The storm clouds below us seemed to be swirling, centered around the tower we were atop.
      I grabbed onto a small ridge to fight the wind. I was correct in the fact that the tower was made out of a wooden material.
      The boy had no trouble standing up while I was squinting to look into the wind and see him. He was a big, chunky boy but looked young, younger than me, and had either orange or blonde hair, I can't remember. He turned to me and thanked me for giving him the chance to climb the tower, and then rocketed off into space on a golden flame.
      The scenario repeated at least once. In one other version, he failed to reach the top of the tower.

      Something to do with parking an airplane at the airport. I passed through a narrow area between two buildings and I was afraid that the wings would not fit, but somehow they did.

      Something to do with purchasing an absurdly small container of chocolate milk at the airport convince store.

      Something to do with the fact that a PG rated movie isn't allowed to kill more than two people.

      I am walking with my family on the path by our house when this blonde girl runs by. While running, she tells me that I am in fact dreaming.
      I turn and say something to myself about how gravity only exists if I want it to. Flying on, let's go.
      I begin buzzing around the general area, impressing my family and what not for awhile. I flew between some tree branches and power lines. I recall my foot brushing up against one of the power lines, I was afraid that I might get shocked but then remembered that I wasn't grounded.
      I eventually decided to see how far I could take my flying. I looked into the clear blue sky and saw the moon. Oh, yeah, I'm going there! I began heading up, and at first I was moving very slowly. Once I got above about 200 feet I started accelerating very rapidly, making a sort of jet turbine sound. A shock cone forms around me as I break the atmosphere and look back to earth. I can see the curve of the planet below me.
      I try to recall the first lucid dream where the boy flew away from the edge of space and do the same thing. I begin to rocket toward the moon

      Dangit. Somehow I forgot what happened. The dream ended with me becoming some sort of lucid dreaming superhero, like superman in New York. I had a sealed apartment on the top floor of a building that could only be accessed by me flying. I was currently working on stocking the fridge and pantry with dream-food.

      I am a part of this plot about a secret society of fuel miners. They have lived underground inside of a mountain mining this rare fuel and selling it to buyers on the surface world. There is this scene where about four guys managed to escape though ore chutes in the main compound. The leader of the group drops a bomb down the chutes but when it explodes it doesn't bring them back up, it just pushes them along faster.
      A brute of a man moves a decommissioned mining robot and blocks the ore chutes so that nobody can escape.
      The miners live in this mall-like underground area, mostly constructed of scrap metal. They have a whole society with a school, doctor, barber, and stores. All of their supplies are earned by trading with the upstairs world.
      The leader manages to find someone who was in on the escape in the med bay. The would-be escapee fibbed that his injuries were from a mining accident. The leader character was angry with him to say the least. He grabbed the injured man by the jaw and started asking him questions about where the others went.
      Meanwhile, I am with Marcus and this female DC. She wears square glasses, like Marcus but has long black hair in a ponytail and all of this backpacking equipment. She is a local guide who is going help Marcus find this fuel-mining society. And of course I'm there because... reasons. We are in the parking lot of a chuck-e-cheese in a small desert town supposedly not far from the underground mine. The female DC takes out a hologram device.
      "Now then, we have reason to believe that the center of their operations is about four clicks east... probably in a natural lava tube system...."
      She continues showing through a hologram how fuel deposits have emptied in the years and surface drilling companies have not come across any fuel where there should be.
      "There was 1100 units of fuel directly below us, but in 2003, it just vanished. My theory, underground miners selling to the highest bidder." Look how the cave collapses in 2007, four years later."
      We strike out, and of course the first thing we have to do is climb a plateau. We start climbing, and the only one who is getting anywhere is the guide chic. Marcus is struggling. I'm struggling.
      We were about halfway to the top when the guide chic made it. She started urging us to hurry up and for some reason this made me
      lucid. I let go of the cliff and started flying up to the top. When I reached the top, I told myself Marcus would appear in 3...2...1. And just then he climbs up the top of the cliff.
      I look out over the desert and the small town at the base of the plateau. Its hot. Clear day. I've never felt that much heat in a dream. I should do a scene change to someplace where I can beat the heat.
      It doesn't take much, now I am on a beach, but with red desert sand. I am on a small, crescent shaped island with a dormant volcano on one end and a large beach populated with dream characters.
      Marcus and the girl continue on their quest to find this society as if nothing has changed. I tell them that I am going to fly off on my own devices. I run towards the water and think of the previous LD where I was flying. I manage to 'catch' for about five seconds before I fall into the ocean.
      Sooo good in the heat of the dream sun though!
      I get out of the water. I can't see Marcus or his guide anymore. I somehow spot Manei out of the crowd of people on the beach, asleep on a towel, and run over to her, recalling everything I have to do with her.
      She must have been asleep because she didn't stir until I got close. She sat up and lowered her sunglasses. (Note: Manei wears often sunglasses when she blends into the background.) She looked really confused that I was there, lucid and standing in front of her.
      "Come on, I have a lot to ask you..." I gestured my head to one side that we could walk away from the crowd.

      Unfortunatley, My roommate wins the award for comedic timing. HIS ALARM WENT OFF RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT!!!

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    7. Manei tries to summon the Angelic Dwarven Guardian (LD #121), Destroying the Lucid Barrier (LD #122)

      by , 10-15-2014 at 01:21 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Well... good night last night. Took me an hour to type this up.

      I was driving along in a mountainous region supposedly on some family vacation with my parents. The sky looks to be a very deep shade of blue and I think there were some planets in the sky. The mountains we are on don't look very earth-like either.
      The mountains are made out of a light brown/tawny rock and covered in moss that seems to flow over them like water. Exotic fern-trees grow in some of the more level areas but the mountains are fairly jagged.
      The road we are driving on is narrow (two lane) and built up on this really high end, futuristic looking bridge. Eventually I saw that we were coming up on a settlement in a valley.
      It was a very small settlement. Two houses, one of the houses is very modern with a big glass wall on the front and a solar array on the roof. The other one looks older, being made of bricks with a circular drive out front. There is also an old fashioned well and a park with swings and a play structure.
      My parents said that we had been driving for awhile and that we should pull over and eat lunch as a family in this park.

      This somehow led me to becoming lucid. I ran into Manei, who had taken on a youthful form, she was about 8. She then turned and ran and I came after her. I chased her across the playground structure and she went down the slide.
      "Come on! Go down the slide!"
      "mmm... Ok."
      I go down the slide, trying to rack up a little bit of dream stabilization along the way. I recall the slide being a reddish color, and having scuff marks on it. Before I reach the bottom, she says something else.
      "When you get to the bottom, don't stop!"
      I slide down and when I come off the end of the slide I go forward a little bit because of my momentum and land on my butt in the wood chips. For some reason I seem to sink into the wood chips.
      "Good, I had to make sure you were still (able to act like a child). The Dwarven Guardians who run this place really like that."
      "I'm going to summon the Angelic Dwarven Guardian now. Now you won't be able to see him because (He exists across the fourth dimension), but (He will be standing right in front of you) you will be able to communicate with him through thoughts."
      Manei changes into her base form (goes through puberty in a couple of seconds) and begin concentrating on summoning him. The dream begins to shift, I have a false awakening, or a scenery change, can't remember. Anyways, I'm in my bedroom. The wood chips I was laying in have become my bed. I lose some lucidity.

      The dream scene changes again. I am now in the basement of my house, standing. Manei continues concentrating for a minute or two and then all four of our family's cats (including the dead one) show up. Our youngest cat is particularly interested in whatever she is trying to do. He meows and rubs against her leg.
      "Rrrrgh! No! (Facepalms) That's not what I meant to do!"
      The dream carried on for a minute as Manei became frustrated in her attempts to summon this being, and I just sort of stood there patiently waiting to see what exactly was going to happen. I began to feel like the cat, the young one was somehow a representation of the being we were trying to summon. I tried to lock onto the cats energy and he and I engaged in a staring contest. I could feel something else in there. I could see it in his eyes. I was about to tell Manei that she should change her approach when I woke up.

      5:10. Let's go back.

      I had a dream where I had gotten a job at a superstore, like Target or Wal-Mart. I was the Janitor and my job was to clean the interior windows on the office walls in the back. My boss (a grouchy, short, fat, black haired man) gave me a toilet brush that had been dipped in soapy water.
      "Get your ass moving now!"
      I walk into the back of the store and begin scrubbing the windows. I haven't been told that I have to dry them or anything, and wasn't given a towel, so I just scrub them clean. The first office is really easy, but the second office, for some reason, someone has splattered a muddy brown substance on the window. I couldn't tell if it was mud, chocolate, caramel, or *shudders* something worse.
      Regardless, I'm the Janitor, and I guess they have to put up with stuff like this, so I just push past it. I start scrubbing but my brush gets contaminated with the muddy substance. I'm not really cleaning anymore, I'm just moving the dirt around. I decide I will go back to my boss and tell him that I'm going to need a bucket of soapy water.
      I start walking back across the store floor to the front where my boss is; in the front. I don't get very far until I come across my mom who is shopping. She tells me that I really should put on some pants if I want to impress my boss, and I realize that I am wearing a shirt and briefs.

      Lucidity hits me like a brick wall.
      There was this weird part though where the scenario repeated itself semi lucid. I was in a library this time, and my boss was a female, but no less grumpy. I went through scrubbing the windows, but there was this extra part where I was trying to clean the brush off in a drinking fountain in the back of the library.
      Regardless, I had a false awakening. As my eyes started to open, I could tell I was in my bedroom.
      My lucidity was clear enough to remember that I had gone to sleep in my college dorm room. I did a nose pinch.
      "Yeah! Just what I thought! A false awakening!"
      Something felt odd about my bedroom, like everything was reflected to the opposite side.
      I started to get out of bed and I took note of how dark everything was. I decided to turn on the lights. The dream glitched here and I was instantly over at the door, facing as If I were walking into my bedroom. I flicked on the light-switch and nothing happened. I flicked it up and down two times, and nothing happened.
      "Wait... don't light switches not work in dreams...?"
      The light flashed on blindingly bright for a fraction of a second. I heard a loud scream, then everything was black. I could feel myself falling for a few seconds.
      I false awaken. After one false awakening, I was ready to catch the second one, especially if it was to be in the same place as the first. I was in my bedroom. It was dark. I looked at the floor to see that it had been extruded down about 20 feet and filled with water back to the level of the original floor. The weird part was, all the furniture was sitting in place on the surface of the water.
      I recall the water being dark and murky, and seeing a large shark or predatory fish of some sort in the water.
      I must not have been fully lucid because I felt trapped by it. Eventually a blurry-faced dream character in a tiny yellow inflatable dingy came in, rowing with a wooden paddle. When they came up to my bed, I pushed them into the water and stole their little boat.
      I rowed into the guest bedroom for some odd reason and the clarity and mood of the dream picked up significantly. I thought that I was in a surreal painting or something. The water here was very shallow, six inches at the most, and clear. There were brightly colored fish in it, and the carpet flooring had been replaced with wood.
      There was a waterfall flowing from a bottomless pitcher suspended in midair, down a wooden desk, then onto a wooden chair into the floor below. For some reason, there was also a coat rack with a couple of bird cages hanging from it, with brightly colored birds in them. Some of the cages were open and a couple of exotic dream-birds were circling around the room.
      There were vases of flowers everywhere and lily pads in the water.
      I saw a turtle in the water. The turtle had mosses and grasses growing on his shell. I asked the turtle if he would protect me from the shark that was in the other room. He then created this little explosion of bubbles and a tiny fish appeared. It was black and brown with yellow spots. He told me that the fish would protect me.

      I turned back and looked around the room. My lucidity was slipping and I had to remind myself that this was just a dream. I decided to go outside. I began walking out of my house, and the water floors were fading away now.
      I open the door and take one look. I couldn't help myself.
      Holy S**t!
      The dream world was so bright and realistic. I could make out every leaf on every tree, blowing in the wind. I could see a full, white moon rising in the daytime sky. The sky still had that look that it had in the first dream though, it was a darker blue than it should have been. All of the colors seemed to pop, though.
      The trees in our yard were not quite right though. They seemed to be of different species. The one that is right out the front door was replaced with this one with millions of tiny bright green leaves. And where our pine tree was was a palm tree that started with a single base and split into multiple tops. Another tree was replaced with a giant red and white mushroom.
      As I looked more closely at the sky, I could see a structure in it. I couldn't really describe quite what it looked like in words, but it was made up of these circular nodes. Each one had a rune symbol on it. The rune symbols were connected by large beams with small white lights along the edges. Between those larger beams were smaller intricate spiral and radial patterns, sometimes centering around the nodes. The structure arched across the whole sky.
      Although I couldn't quite tell what it was, I could tell that it was solid, probably made of stone or metal, and that it was at least a few miles up. It had a sort of technological look to it, like the surface of the death star would. But also a very mystical, design. There were a couple of clouds in places obscuring parts of the structure.
      I was a bit taken aback by all this scenery. I almost lost the dream.
      "Keep it together (Jade)! It's just a dream... A very very good lucid dream."
      Then, just when I couldn't taken any more, we got planets. Two of them. Somehow visible past the barrier. Both of them looked earth-like, with atmospheres and oceans. One was larger and looked pretty flat, mostly land. The other was much more topographically interesting with craters and oceans.
      I had to contain myself a second time. I tried to think of something I could do. I then thought of the "Lucid Barrier" and thought that perhaps that huge structure in the sky is my lucid barrier. I should fly up and destroy it!
      Okay, usually in very stable, vivid dreams, flying can be a bit of a hassle. I try not to think about the fact that there is a massive structure hindering my lucid dreaming ability right above me. I start running from my front porch, toward the road. I try projecting my energy out of my hands to generate lift. I can't feel any energy flowing. I look upwards, at the house across the street and try to imagine myself being pulled toward the second floor.
      I jump, and notice that I don't seem to be heading back toward the ground. I feel the energy start flowing from my hands, and my little hand rockets ignite. Classic.
      "Haha! Yeah!"
      All of the sudden I hear a horn. I am now in the middle of the road, and only a couple of feet off the ground. A large white van careens toward me. I get struck on the left and side of the van and spun around by the impact. But it doesn't really hurt, despite the fact that I was hit at a fairly high speed. I try not to let the spin destabilize or change the dream environment.
      The van fares a little worse though, it careens off the road and hits one of the neighbor's trees. The dream character; a black man with dreads gets out.
      "Hey! Watch it! I... You're flying... He's flying!" The dream character yells.
      Something made me realize that the huge structure in the sky was not my lucid barrier. I decide to manifest a physical representation of it and destroy it. I turned around, and in the middle of the street was my lucid barrier.
      It was made out of rings of a pink polished stone, like a target, with a white four pointed star, also made out of polished stone. There was a ring of grey polished stone that connected into a pedestal and a crescent of more white polished stone along the inside of the outer ring. It was actually a beautiful sculpture and I felt a little bit bad for having to destroy it.
      I started to fly at it. For some reason, my flying was a little bit awkward and I was flying feet-first. I wanted to turn myself around, until I realized this was actually perfect. I kicked into it, knocking out the white crescent and breaking the outer ring ring of grey stone. I looked back to see my work, and a little less than half of the wall was gone.
      I felt my lucidity get clearer. Then I realized the reason my lucidity was so clear, and that my mind was so awake was that I was actually waking up.

      Hopefully now that I started tearing down that lucid barrier my LDs will increase.

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    8. Not lucid, but epic mecha war

      by , 09-06-2014 at 02:02 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I really had the cards stacked for a lucid last night. Went to bed at 9:30, attempted 3 WBTBs, all of them failures, and lets not forget the brute force autosuggestion.

      I can recall some dream where I in photoshop was retouching a photo of some beautiful woman standing on the beach at sunset.

      I can recall that there had been a house developed in the soccer feild by the middle school. I later discovered that, In fact there were a couple of small buildings homes connected by a dirt path. I was walking around them looking for my bike or something.
      I thought that the houses were abandoned, or waiting to be bought, but I eventually I found that there was a big group of people having a party inside one of the houses. A few of them came outside and nagged me about being on their property.

      But by far the best of what I can recall was a dream about a post-apocalyptic world. Me, A and some of my other friends were a part of a mech fighting corps. In this corps, there were squads of 5-10 pilots. Missions were often very difficult so an entire squad was needed. Also, every squad had a matching emblem and a unique coloration to their squad.
      Our squad, I think had a skull and crossbones emblem, and we all used an ice-blue digital camo best suited to missions in arctic. In fact, I think our squad had a reputation for our effectiveness in tundra and arctic missions.
      We geared up for our mission in a huge hangar bay. My mech was actually out for repairs, after having taken heavy damage on our last mission. A was injured and unable to pilot his. so I had to pilot A's mech. Our squad was deployed to a foggy mountain valley area, and from what I can recall it was only me and S, piloting his own mech. S was also the commander of our squad.
      I think that our last mission had involved heavy losses on the part of the squad, many of our members had been killed and/or had their mechs destroyed. But the nation we were working for was deploying the two of us out of desperation.
      I can recall our mechs walked for some time. A's mech that I was piloting was a medium weight design that could 'run'. It had huge missile racks on either side and two machine guns for back up. I can recall the machine guns were designed for long missions and had a large ammo stockades mounted on them. I was grumbling a little about the design choices in his mech, having been more used to my own custom design.
      We arrived at the rendezvous point. My view went into a 3rd person chase cam, like I was playing a video game. We were in a mountainous region with huge boulders and steep cliffs creating a maze of passages. There were rivers in the canyons, but they were shallow enough that our mechs could easily traverse them. It was foggy and visibility was low.
      Our mission is to defend a vital communication outpost from enemy forces. The outpost is a huge satellite dish based atop one of the mountains. There is also a large derelict concrete pyramid that used to function as a base and and had room for a single mech inside. I had 'flashbacks' to the early days of the war. Before entire squads of mechs were common. I had been one of the very first pilots, and I had been stationed at that pyramid structure.
      S went inside of it and explained that the concrete channeled his radar and he would be able to easily pick up incoming enemies.
      "You got two scouts coming from the east!"
      "We just got here!"
      I turn. The enemy has very simplistic mechs. I get the feeling their technology must not be as advanced as ours. I open fire, testing the weapon systems on A's mech. I make a note that the rocket pods do not carry much ammunition. Their armor sucks too, I tear them both apart with a few good hits.
      S calls out more enemies coming from another direction. I turn and see what I 'remember' being called accelerator tanks. They are large four wheeled vechiles with their wheels on long struts that can bend and compress thanks to springs and joints. They are designed to go fast, even in rugged environments like this. They do not however have very powerful weapons or thick armor. I dispatch them rather easily as well.
      S calls out more enemies. I turn back the way the first group came and see both enemy mechs and more accelerator tanks. I unleash a hail of missiles thinking this is their main force and take them down just as they come over a nearby hill.
      "Uh... we've got a problem..."
      I turn and look. Cresting a hill nearby are about three dozen enemy mechs and several more accelerator tanks. They open fire. I run behind the pyramid and S backs out of the hangar bay. His mech has some type of mortar weapon. Using the pyramid for cover, we are able to hold our own. The enemy is advancing on us, but just as it looks like we are about to turn the tide, there is a blinding flash of light and a huge explosion, knocking my mech over.
      I turn to see where S's mech once stood there is now just a pair of mechanical legs with burning stump atop them. A glowing plasma trail highlights the air. I follow it to see an advanced enemy mech, a huge six legged beast, painted all black with a massive rail gun mounted on top.
      My mech gets up and the rail gun resets and prepares to kill me. I'm already pinned by the enemy squad we were fighting, and am pretty much doomed to die by the hands of this enemy.
      Just as he is about to fire, an artillery round strikes him, causing him to miss. An allied squad of 8 or 9 custom mechs from our nation enters the fray. This squad has a red and orange camo and uses a yellow falcon with a gun in it's talons as their emblem. This is another squad, one that I 'remembered' being very famous. The commander of the comes on the radio, who I think was a female, and asks if I could use a hand with these guys. Of course, I say yes.
      What followed was a full on battle. Now I'll admit that the dream up until this point was pretty cool. But a 10v100 battle in ten story combat mechs. What could be cooler?! The battle was insane, and this red squadron is really good. Some of their mechs have these advanced laser weapons that are cleaving the enemy mechs in half and cutting their legs off and such. I am more than holding my own though, using the machine guns to take out as many as I can. I think I may have started to get too overly excited after awhile. I can remember the dream fading out to a chaotic crossfire of machine guns, rockets and lasers.

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    9. Being tested by dream guide. LD #107,108,109 (sort of)

      by , 08-28-2014 at 03:06 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am on vacation with my family I cannot recall many of the details but we are riding on a school bus that has been re-purposed as a tour bus. I am sitting in a seat with my mom acting very childlike. I am complaining that I am very tired and never get a chance to relax. In the dream I feel very tired, and this is the reason for my behavior.
      Anyways after some time, I recall sitting up and watching the bus driver and the scenery from the front windshield. We are driving through very mountainous country. It is a beautiful clear day and there are huge pine trees and beautiful mountains. We come to a long curving descent that looks very dangerous to drive down, and the bus driver takes it at full speed.
      I think at this moment, I may have noticed an empty bottle of whiskey on the dashboard.
      This road is a recipe for disaster; it descends the mountain at a roughly thirty degree angle, while gradually curving. If you fail to turn sharp enough, you go off a cliff! There is no guard rail or anything.

      And sure enough the bus is starting to go over the edge. I start to become lucid at this point, and try to phase the bus away. It seems to be working. Just as the bus loses traction, I phase it out of the dream and use the momentum to begin flying. I think to myself that I should probably land and stabilize. But before I get a chance to do so the dream ends.

      I am floating in a black void for a few moments where something strips me of my lucidity.
      A new dream begins.

      I am driving with my dad in his old van. It is late at night, and snowing. For some reason, the pedals are on the left hand side, but the steering wheel is on my side. Also, we are driving down the express way.
      He tells me to turn down a road (the name of which I cannot remember.) But I make the wrong turn. I tell him I cannot read the signs. We make a series of wrong turns very rapidly until we find ourselves on a service road. The road comes to a cliff, a drop off, not unlike the one that the bus rode off of in the previous dream.
      I tell my dad to hit the brake, but he is unresponsive. Our van doesn't have a console and I am able to slam on the brake with my left leg. We come to a stop about four feet before the cliff, but even with the brake to the floor it still seems to be in idle speed. For some reason I thought it had something to do with the fact that the van was a manual transmission car.
      Anyways, I couldn't stop it, so I jump back into my seat, put my seat belt on, grab hold of the wheel and try to steer the car down. As we tip over the hill, I see that we are driving over into ski slope.
      I became vaguely lucid, because ski slopes are one of my dream signs.
      The car begins barreling down the slope. It's a bumpy ride, and I am doing my best to steer us around obstacles. Then came probably the funniest thing I have ever said in a dream.
      "Dad, since we're probably going to die in this, I want you to know..."
      No response.
      "I think you're crazy!"
      Yes, I actually said that.

      My POV got taken out of the car and I watched it crash into one of the chairlift poles. I can feel someone else there with me.

      I am in the void a second time. Lucid this time. I can feel that someone else is there too. I also feel like I might wake up.
      I get stripped of my lucidity once more.

      I am in my own front yard. For some reason there is a swing hanging from one of the trees and I am swinging. I see five kids from my neighborhood. The youngest being about 10, the oldest, about my age. They come into our yard and open the garage.
      They get out a number dangerous of power and hand tools and begin various forms of destruction and dangerous play.
      I became mildly lucid here, thinking that for some reason I 'just don't care' because there won't be any long-term repercussions. One of them finds an extra ceiling fan in the garage (for some reason.) He runs a wire out and turns it on below me while I am swinging. I stop and get off as to not be chopped apart by the blades.
      I then yell at everyone to get their attention. They all stop, and I tell them that they must clean up this mess and put everything back in the garage. They all listen. They start cleaning up. It doesn't take long, and I help direct them and put things into the right place.
      Just as we are finishing, the oldest boy goes into the house to go pee, and I hear a drilling sound.
      I yell to him to stop playing with the drill and put it back into the garage. He then comes out into the garage. Two other boys grab me from behind and the boy with the drill comes forward and points the drill at my chest. For some reason the drill has four drill bits on slight angles toward the center.
      I get struck with fear, seeing the intent in the boy's eyes. But he sure takes his sweet time to do it. He seems to be savoring the moment.
      Then, something snapped.
      "I'm lucid dreaming!" I yelled.
      I broke the grip of the boys behind me and my hands swung around. I crushed the drill between the palms of my hands just before it could touch my chest. A sonic wave went out.
      Then, all of the boys vanished. The broken bits of the drill were still there and they dropped out of my hand. I turned around, looking out the open garage door. The dream became clearer.
      Manei is sitting at the end of my driveway at a card table. She gestures for me to come over, and shows me a sheet that she was marking up.

      Spoiler for Dream testing sheet:

      Then I 'remembered' the whole thing was just a lucid dreaming test of some kind. From the looks of it, usually this test is a lot longer, but Manei said we were done now.
      She looks at me with that characteristic smile.
      "Two out of three ain't bad..." She says.
      She also shows me an old testing shees where I went 6 lds and 8 nlds. I don't remember that test...

      I wake up.

      Upon waking I realize that she used orange and blue marks because those are the colors for I use in my DJ.

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    10. Interesting Collection

      by , 06-27-2014 at 01:01 PM (Lucid Time!)
      A very interesting collection of dreams and fragments from last night.

      Fragment: Music:
      No crazy electronic music this time. Just a soft piano piece that I caught for a few seconds.

      Fragment: School
      I am at my old middle school. This large man approaches the school pulling a wheel barrow. He tells me that he is my ride home and I get in. A few of the kids from the middle school make fun of me for riding home in such an odd way. One of my old friends from middle school is in there and we begin catching up.

      Fragment: Solar System
      I am getting a guided tour of a solar system, certainly not our own. Whoever is guiding me shows me that it is a triple star system. There is one star and two smaller stars orbit it in a 1:2 resonance. Outward from that is a small rocky planet, a larger rocky planet, and then a orangeish brown gas planet, something like jupiter.

      Art with C:
      I am in what feels like the basement of my house. C is showing me some drawings she made after she attempted to have a shared dreaming experience with me and what she encountered in her dreams. I cannot recall all of the drawings, but I do know that one of them that was supposed to be of me and looked very strange. I had horse legs (not like a centaur with four, I only had two horse legs) and the upper part of my body was wearing what looked like the Danny phantom costume. I had really long hair that went down to my hips that had been made into dreadlocks.
      Upon seeing it, I crack up. She laughs with me saying that the dream was not very stable.
      She continues going through her drawings. I see drawings of some of my other recurring dream characters. These look much more accurate.

      The Anteater in the Woods
      This is the only dream really worth reading about here...
      I cannot recall what happened beforehand, but I did know that lots did happen before I came to this part of the dream. I am walking around the shore surrounding a large lake. There are some sand dunes and rivers running into the lake, as well as boardwalks to walk across.
      I am walking around, climbing over the sand dunes when a peculiar creature approaches me. It looks like an anteater or a hairy elephant. Walks on four legs with a stout chubby body. Has a long trunk with a single opening on the end that it can use to grasp objects. And two big white eyes with no pupils. Finally it has long brown fur, making it look similar to say chewbacca. What an interesting creature... I've never seen something like this in my dreams before.
      As the creature approaches, I am frightened. I get pinned by a steep wall of tree roots and sand. I close my eyes and get ready for the worst only to find that the creature merely wanted to smell me. After several seconds I lower my guard and just allow the creature to study me. I look into his eyes and I could only assume that he was looking back.
      The creature turned and left. As he walked away he began talking.

      "Bah, you're not who I was looking for! Your claws should be ten times as sharp!"
      I follow the creature.
      "Wait what are you talking about?!"
      The creature paused.
      "If you want to know more, go to the woods in Calyot. And what your looking for, 'New York' is spelled backwards!"

      Anyways, the dream carried on rather normally from there. A storm started to blow in and I tired to find shelter amongst the sand dunes. Some of the boardwalks got washed away by the rising lake levels. I woke up a few minutes after meeting the anteater.

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    11. Falling in love with an angel

      by , 03-14-2014 at 11:11 AM (Lucid Time!)
      And I thought that the musical lucid dream with no visuals was cool...

      Okay, so it starts out with me being at this outdoor theater area, with an old stone stage and stone seats. It looks like parts of the stage have been rebuilt with wood rather than stone. There is a large wooden plaque with an ensign on the front of it.
      Something happens under the stage that knocks out some of the support, causing the stage to shift and become imbalanced. The stage breaks in half and has a four-foot rise just to the left of the middle. The whole theatre becomes crooked and distressed looking but is still standing.
      Anyways, the entire theatre is empty save for where I am sitting in the front row. I am sitting in the front row and I am a huge gigantic ugly green man. I have to say I looked like Shriek. I think there was even a donkey sitting next to me.
      Some elderly man walks onto the stage wtih a big old looking scroll. He unrolls it and begins marking off a bunch of dates in the past. The oldest date was like 1692 or something. And he's marking them up with a big red marker. I can't help but think that he's defacing this document.
      I look more closely at the dates and they are dates that I and other monsters have attacked these people. The man doesn't seem upset that I have attacked what I think are his people. It had something to do with the fact that my attacks were not just seen as pointless harm, but rather a challenge symbolic of something, and that it was part of the tradition in his culture to drive away monsters. It was something seen as fun.
      It was at this time that I realized that the only way I was viewing the document was because I was flying. I had morphed into a bird. I flew over the stage and into the surrounding forest. Things became very foggy. and it looked like most of the trees dead were overgrown with vines and moss.
      I begin feeling like there is something beckoning me. There is some feeling of unconditional love and kindness. I look around and see a large nest at the top of one of the dead trees with a white owl-like bird in it. Something about her feels familiar, like I already know this being. I land at the nest.
      I am taken into "third person" for a moment to see that I am a small falcon like bird. The other bird is able to communicate telepathically through to me, and states that it will be going back to its true home and wants me to come join her as soon as I can. She then flies off and as she does, she begins to change from a bird into an angel.
      "Well shoot, nothing stopping me from going now!"
      I begin to fly and notice that I am changing too. I am now a human with wings, but rather than having white angel wings, I have my falcon wings.
      It was also around this point that lucidity somewhat took hold. I got the feeling that what I was experiencing was not a part of standard reality.
      I get out of the fog and arrive on this beach location. There are people on the beach playing and walking together, and there are a few rows of buildings along the edge of the beach. I look back and the fog is gone, and I am in a new location. Behind me there are now huge mountains covered in tropical rainforest.
      The sky is beautiful, indescribably beautiful. This was a picture that looked close to what I saw, though it was a bit brighter, and over the ocean there was a wall of clouds, almost like a storm.
      There is one cloud that seems to be glowing, as if it is back-lit by a second sun. (And we all know that in my dreams multiple suns are not uncommon.) But I can feel the beacon again. The feeling of unconditional love and acceptance, and I want to get there.
      I begin flapping my wings, but for some reason, flying has become insanely difficult and tiring, and I can barely stay above the waves. I eventually start to get caught by water and I feel disappointment and shame as my feet touch the water and my whole body sinks in. Some dream character on the shore yells at me telling me not to get my wings wet. My wings are not just wet, they are destroyed, half the feathers have been plucked off. Okay... great... now I can't fly to that cloud. Maybe I can swim? No, because once I get under the cloud, how am I going to get up there?
      But I was partially lucid, and had the feeling that I could reset, so I tried to get a do-over as best I could.
      Bang, I'm back on the beach, and my wings are dry. I feel like some time has passed, but the sun or clouds haven't really moved. I walk along the beach until it comes to a peninsula. I feel like this is a better spot, I am much closer to the cloud now. I walk back into the island, and climb up a small hill about fifty feet high.
      Okay... deep breath... Open my wings... Running start... I jump off of the hill and scream "Ya-hoo!!" and I am off and flying. I go between two palm trees and a couple of dream characters look at me with that WTF expression. I get out over the ocean and the difficulty of flying kicks in again, but it's not nearly as strong this time. No, I am not going to fail this time. I start flying out over the ocean and am moving much faster. I am still low above the water, but I feel like I have enough control not to go into the water.
      I get about one third of the way out to the cloud. The cloud is still beckoning to me with unconditional love. It feels like its been about three minutes. I begin thinking about how I don't just need to get out over the ocean, but I also need to start flying upwards if I want to get there.
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    12. Virutal Reality or Lucidity?

      by , 03-02-2014 at 01:13 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Well my goal for this year was to every month complete the TOTM and have 8 lucid dreams each month.

      In January, I had 8 lucids but didn't complete the TOTM

      In Febuary, I only had 4 lucids (DRY SPELL!! ), but completed a basic TOTM

      So this month, let's try and do both. This may not be lucid, but it means my recall is holding strong.

      Location 1: Magma Refinery

      I start off learning from some "presence" that what I am experiencing is not real life. It is not a dream either. I am in fact in a computer simulation game that takes elements from every book, movie, video game and art piece in the world and does it's best to make them "work" in one universe.
      So basically a dream.
      And it is for that reason this entire entry has been done in my "semi-lucid" teal color.
      The presence then explains to me that additionally this simulation is currently constrained to 20-30 locations based around my dream journal. Each location procedurally generates (like a Minecraft world) but has a set edge. Every location also goes by a special set of rules to ensure that it maintains a dedicated theme. The location we are in now is called Magma Refinery, although this location can randomly generate to be any industrial setting. This is also supposedly one of the rarest locations to get to. The location itself seems to be built on the flank of a volcano... It... er basically picture an oil drilling platform built onto the side of an active volcano. Only the platform wasn't a square shape like an oil platform, but rather a long rectangle running along the side of the volcano.
      There are a couple of other dream characters present in this location. The presence tells me that I have the ability to import any object that I have on file, or any superpower. I bring up a holographic computer menu. (This is a power I generally have while lucid.)
      I look through it. This isn't a complete catolouge, not by a long shot. I can tell that most what is in here is among the most basic items. There is a list of basic superpowers, things like flying and pyrokenisis. There is a list of basic objects you can add to the world, things such as crates and chairs. There is even a short list of characters that you can either become or place in the world.
      I don't recognize many of the characters on this list, but there is one that I know. Axton the Commando from Borderlands 2. So I spawn him into the world. As soon as I do, he throws down his sentry turret and sits idle awaiting enemies. There are no enemies spawned in this world, so this is boring.
      Then I decide that I'll be the enemy for him. I look through the catolouge again and find a character that I can become. I find Danny Phantom (why do I dream about him so much, I haven't seen that show in five years.) And become him. I am taken into third person. The presence explains that this is a bug in the coding and that users of this simulation cannot become anything other than their default avatars. So in order to control anything other than their default avatar, they must be in third person.
      I have most of his basic powers. I instantly nail the flying, I figure out how to use the ghost ray. (Witch is more of just a green energy ball that you throw. In order for you to use it effectively you must spam the attack.) I also figure out how to turn invisible/intangible and fly through the magma refinery structure a couple times.
      I start fighting with Axton. I just spam the ghost ray power, and, like a computer simulation he repeats the same animation and sound every time I throw one. I destroy his turret. Axton keeps fighting me, but I phase through his bullets.
      Just as the fight is reaching its climax, Axton stops fighting. I try to get him angered by throwing more ghost rays at him, but he seems invulnerable. The presence explains that this a glitch. Becuase neither of these characters are fully implemented into the coding.

      Location 2: Paradise Island

      The presence ends the Magma Refinery simulation and announces that it is now taking me to one of the first areas that he began programming. This is area has much more freedom when it comes to generation as well and can access a larger catolouge of objects, textures and characters for its generation. I ask the presence if I can be given a blank world to build whatever I want on it, but the presence states that presently, the procedural generation is unable to be turned off, so this will be generating an entire dream. The world size is also larger as well.
      The world generates two islands. There is a small crescent shaped island that is devoid of any objects or people. It has some large rocky outcroppings and some palm trees and grass. In fact, the island looked very computer generated. There were only three palm trees that were copied over and over and rotated slightly to give the effect of variety. There was no variation in the grass, it was all the same height and color. And I could see that there were polygons on the shore of the island.
      The larger island is the one I am. There is a large road circling the island with a small town on the side facing the crescent island. There is a small mountain in the middle of the island with a castle tower on it. And... this is the best part. All of the trees on the larger island were Minecraft trees.
      I was on a beach just outside the town. A group of dream characters spawned, resembling my family. I think my dream guide may have spawned as well. I took a few moments to notice that the sand on the main island was... well like real sand, while the sand on the crescent island looked like computer generated polygons.
      At first, I was somewhat frustrated. I wanted a blank slate world to build whatever I wanted. I began using a selection box to select and delete characters and objects in the city, but it seemed slow and some objects were unable to be removed from the world. And it was a really weird assortment of objects as well. For example, I tried to delete a building at one point, but the top and bottom floors registered as separate objects, and only the bottom floor was able to be deleted. I had selected this along with a bunch of other objects and pressed delete. It left the second floor floating there.
      This was taking way too long, and was rather pointless. I just decide I'll go away from the town area. I find a large flat area with some trees in it. I try to select and delete some of the Minecraft trees to give myself a space to work, but the presence explains that these trees are glitchy too, but there is a way to get rid of them.
      I open the menu and find that a part of the vast object catolouge are all of the Iron Minecraft tools. So I spawn myself an axe and begin cutting down the trees that way. As soon as I picked up a block of wood, the presence explained that I had activated the Minecraft coding in the game, and that the entire thing would now function more like Minecraft.
      My cousin comes into the area that I have just cleared. He seems to have the holographic menu that can allow him to bring up objects and settings like I could.
      We just sort of goofed around, and I can't recall the details of what we did. We cut down a bunch of the Minecraft trees and dug some blocks of dirt from the ground. When we used a shovel (my cousin spawned it in) the whole ground in the field regenerated and became Minecraft themed. Not the entire island, just a big square are of land that we were in.
      I can remember having the hotbar at the bottom of my field of view, and I crafted a bunch of tools that I could bring up from the hotbar. We built some structures out of wood, then brought up pyrokenisis abilities and burned them down.

      Location 3: Pollution City

      I don't recall too much about this location. It was meant to generate an entire metropolitan area, but was unfinished and would therefore only generate a small town and a large natural area around it. The presence explains that this is the largest area in the game. 100,000 by 100,000. Feet? Meters? Inches? I don't know. If it was feet than the area would have been roughly 20 miles square. Meters, 60 miles square. Inches, still more than a mile on edge.
      The area is entirely filled with all of this orange-sh fog restricting your view to about a mile. All of the trees look dead and the water in the lakes and rivers has been replaced with black oil. There were a couple of huge oil rig structures built above the dead forests and polluted lakes. There were also these huge flying tanker ships moving about in the sky. I even spawned on a small technologic looking platform.
      Now what I do recall was flying. I brought up a flying ability from the holographic menu. And selected the flying ability from superpowers and I was off.
      And despite the depressing setting, I have to say that this was some of the best flying I've done in a lucid dream. The experience was very vivid. For one, I felt the effects of G-forces on my body as I would bank and do turns, something that I haven't really experienced all too much. (Usually because I fly too slow.) I was probably flying about 100 miles per hour.
      Another thing that I can recall was that there seemed to be a disconnect between the scenery and the sensory experience. While flying through the air, the air tasted clean, like flying through a spring rainstorm. And at one point, I pulled low over one of the lakes, and the energy field or whatever was propelling me along splashed up some water and got me wet. The water touched my body and turned from polluted oil muck to clean water. A little got in my mouth and tasted fresh and pure.
      This is an interesting location to fly around in too. I buzz some of the oil rig structures and lumbering tanker spaceships, just to examine the details.
      Eventually, the presence initiates a mini-game where I have to fly through these high-tech looking rings that are positioned in various places in the sky. The flying fades and I move to the next area.

      Bonus Location: Construction Grid

      The presence says that the next area that I will be going to is a very rare area to get to, but that now that I've gone there, I will be able to revisit this location whenever I want. The location places you on a grid in a grey void. There are red and green lines crisscrossing the ground as far as the eye can see and my holographic display has a palate of tools.
      And it's basically like Google Sketchup or any 3D modeling program. I can design whatever I want here. Copy it. Save it. Import it into another location. The presence will take what I create and work to code it and ensure that it behaves properly in the world. In essence, I can help it complete that catolouge of objects. I try to make a tree, but I am not very experienced. I can't figure out how to apply textures to objects so my tree just ends up being a tall white cylinder with a white sphere on top. The presence states that it wants to show me one more area and says that I can return here later.

      Location 4: Familiar Subdivision

      The presence states that this is the most developed location that it has created. It has the least glitches, and has the most complete and organized catolouge of objects set to spawn.
      The location is called "Familiar Subdivision" (The presence actually had a name for this, unlike the first two locations.) and is based off of all of the dreams I've documented that take place in a suburban environment. (So a lot of dreams.)
      The presence states that it will stop talking to me now in order to further my experience.

      And so I guess this was the part where the dream got bored, because whatever rhyme or reason we had going got completely wiped out in the last portion of this dream.
      Anyways, I am in a suburban environment, and I get onto a bike along with encouragement from some other dream characters. We start riding... somewhere. This location feels a little like a heavily rearranged version of my own hometown.
      We start riding, I take note that there is a large chain-link fence on the left hand side of the path we are riding down. There are railroad tracks on the other side of the fence. We pull out into a large meadow area and there is a wooden structure over the pathway. The structure reminded me of a covered bridge, only the bridge did not lead over any water or valley.
      Some other bikers show up and somehow lifted me up. My bike gets balanced by its front wheel on the heads of one of the other bikers. He has this small attachment on the top of his helmet that locks my tire into his bike. Then the biker that I'm on top of gets lifted up and locked into place. So now we are a tower of three bikers each on top of each others heads with me on the top.
      I guess these were like some kind of traveling stuntmen who would sometimes incorporate bystanders into their strange stunts. Somebody took my picture while I was atop them. We got to the end of the covered bridge and there was a large waterside. (Watersides=New Dream Sign) They say that I can get down off of the bike tower by going down the water slide. [Dream Logic] The water slide has no railing or stairs to get up to the start of it. It just kind of starts. [/Dream Logic]. The biker guy below me takes me and my bike off of his head, and passes my bike to the guy below him who puts it on the ground, then tries to deposit me at the top of the random waterside but drops me and I just fall to the ground.
      I get up, dust off and thank the stuntmen for (doing whatever the heck they just did.) And I wake up.

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    13. Some old Dreams

      by , 02-12-2014 at 05:37 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Whenever my dream recall fails, I've made a habit of going back into my memory and recalling dreams that I've had long ago but never written down. Well, here are some of those.

      Secret Hardware Store
      I probably had this dream about five years ago. For some odd reason, although the dream is not very interesting, this dream tends to invoke a "dreamy" feeling in me.
      I recall the location very vividly. I had a sort of internal compass telling me what direction was what. There is a large square clearing in a forest aligned perfectly with the cardinal directions. The clearing is about a half mile on edge. There was a freeway bisecting the clearing north-south, but bearing slightly to the northwest. There is a road perpendicular to the freeway overpass bisecting the square clearing the other way. There are on/off ramps connecting the freeway and another service road running along the western side of the freeway. In the southwest corner there is a large brick building. The grass in the clearing is short, but looks somewhat dead or dried out. The trees surrounding the clearing seem to have either died or lost their leaves for winter. There are a few scattered circus clouds but the sky is mostly a clear pale blue. (Sorry for the long description, don't feel like drawing any maps today.)

      I was sort of floating, and I actually got into a half-lucid state for a moment, but fell out of it.I floated down and went into the back entrance of the building, and my body materialized. that actually turned out to be a hardware and electronic components store. Somebody, somewhere was explaining to me that this back room of the store sold specialized components, some of them were not entirely legal. I was given a large sum of money only valid for this store, and was allowed to purchase anything from the back room.
      Having little-to-no knowledge of electronics I simply grabbed random components that I found visually appealing. Integrated circuits, batteries, motors, capacitors, etc. I approached the counter. (The secret back room had its own counter and check out.) The man at the counter (can't recall exactly what he looked like.) But the interesting thing that I do recall was that on the counter, half buried in a pile of discarded components was the chip from the AI theft dream that I had years later. But the chip was not glowing as it was in the AI theft dream, but it rather was black as thought it were either inactive or burned out.

      Going Deep Underground

      This dream feels more recent, but has to be at least a year old.
      I was with my ma and pa, along with my deceased set of grandparents. We were in the basement some old dusty building that was filled with storage containers. Everyone but me were simply sitting and talking about eventually moving the storage containers out of the room and renovating the space. I simply decided to explore and see how far this place went.
      I found another door behind some shelves that led into another room that felt like it was even deeper underground. There was more storage of boxes on shelves here, but this place looked even older. The walls were covered in mold and the dank, dusty smell was overwhelming. I pulled one of those chain light switches that hung from the ceiling to get light into the room. The room had a wooden floor. There was also some large machine, like a heater or boiler grumbling in the center of the room.
      I proceeded further into the room and found yet another door. This one was like a large steel vault door, as if this were a bomb shelter or something. It was covered in rust. I pushed it and found the entrance to some underground complex.
      As I proceeded deeper and deeper into the underground, The plot of the dream began to morph to a sort of post-Apocalypse survival situation. I began to hear blasts above and the plot changed in my head. There was a nuclear war going on on the surface and the blasts were slowly penetrating deeper underground. I completely forgot about the basement renovation plot with my relatives. My goal was to get to the lowest level of this complex possible to have the best chance of surviving the war.
      I continued down through this complex, and the place was huge, I must have gone down at-least a mile underground, and the machinery was big too. There were huge metal pipelines, as big around as houses, concrete pylons and deep mining shafts that stretched down for miles. The whole place was alive with the humming of machinery.
      As I went deeper and deeper underground, the complex actually started to get more polished looking. This was somehow explained to me as the deeper I went underground, the more well-preserved the place was. Before I knew it, the entire place looked completely brand new. Eventually, I arrived at a door and opened it.
      I was in a very nice classroom/lecture hall. There were three or four teenagers dressed in power ranger costumes.
      From what I can recall, the teenagers seemed like jerks and they didn't seem to like power rangers either, they were wearing the costumes to ironically celebrate the show. They actually started to bully me, but because they were such jerks, I just continued without much of a care, and they did not follow.
      The plot of the dream changed again, I and as it turned out, the underground complex that I had blundered into was in fact aperture science. I acquired a portal gun and GLaDOS began instructing me to complete tests with it. I lose the dream here.

      Drowning a Bully
      This dream feels very recent. I identified Lia in it, so it must have been after I learned who my dream guide was. And the only reason I recall it was because I was writing about the jerk teenagers in that last dream and then remembered what happened in this.
      So anyways, me and her are at this waterpark just chilling out and talking. (Because I can be talking with my dream guide as if she is a familiar person and not be lucid. Dream logic strikes again.) we are sitting on the edge of this very large wave pool where there is an underwater bench like you might find in a hot tub.
      We decide to make our way back to the pool deck to meet up with [god knows who], and because we are near the back of the pool and start swimming back. We get about ten feet when we run into this group of bullies. Come to think of it, they were exactly like the bullies dressed as power rangers. Now whatever they said, I'm not going to repeat. Not because it was overly offensive. I just don't remember it. So they delivered a couple of pretty vicious insults to both of us, but one of them tore it, and thus began a blood-lusted fight in the pool.
      I went straight for the head bully and we traded a couple punches. (BTW this guy was really muscular and much bigger than me.) His punches don't hurt and he notices that I seem invulnerable. (Even though I wasn't lucid.) He attempts to shove me underwater and drown me, but I hold my breath until he allows me back up.
      I lift up my legs in the water and wrap my legs around his body, then twist and rotate so he is underwater. He pushes me down with his arms so neither of us can breathe. He can't get out of my leg lock, and I can breathe underwater so the head bully ends up drowning. I come back to the surface, and Lia and the other bullies are gone. The head bully is dead and there is a little bit of blood in the pool.
      A lifeguard swims over (Oh, hello, where were you earlier?!) and is really angry with me for killing this guy. The lifeguard has called the police and will have me arrested.I have the vague feeling that killing this dude was really no big deal, and that there are really no consequences to what has just happened.

      Something going on at my grandparent's house. (My grandparents that are still living.) Don't recall much but it's giving me a dreamy feeling and it was summertime. The area eventually began to merge with a tropical rainforest setting. There was a tree that grew over their deck with pear-like fruits on it.

      Umbrella Flying

      I have no idea who Mary Poppins is or what it's about. (Is it a show, movie, what? All I know is that some woman flies around with an umbrella. Perhaps a commenter can give me some insight.) But when I told my friend about this dream, he said it reminded me of her.
      This was actually a recurring dream that I had as a kid, but one occurrence in particular is just speaking to me right now. So the setting was rather usual for my dreams, I was above a forest. But the thing that I recall was that this forest was a gorgeous, vivid shade of green. The sky was cool too. It was very dark and stormy with layers of storm clouds. The colors of the clouds were vivid too. The forest actually grew on some very mild mountains and small rivers ran through the valleys.
      I was clinging to this umbrella, both thrilled by what I was experiencing and terrified at the thought of letting go and plummeting half a mile to my doom. I seemed to have some type of control over how I flew and what direction I went, but for the most part, I felt as though I were at the mercy of the wind. I also recall also feeling the temperature and wind. Cool. I felt as if I were getting wet each time I rose up into the storm clouds.
      Eventually, the umbrella began to lose power and I slowly drifted to the ground in a park-like area. I encountered my family there, and it seemed as though some sort or arranged meeting with my parents was taking place. I continually opened and closed the umbrella in an attempt to catch more wind currents and begin flying again, but I only managed to catch increasingly weak breezes that led to shorter glides until the flying method failed entirely.

      Foster Home
      Another dream that feels rather old. Probably from before I began lucid dreaming.
      My parents had been killed and I was surprisingly OK with it. Maybe I was in a state of denial, or maybe I was partially lucid. I had been taken into a foster home and was experiencing my first day with the other kids.
      First of all, this foster home is really weird. It looks very high tech, the walls are made of sheet metal and have these high tech lighting conduits along the floor and ceiling. It feels like the place is underground.
      Basically there is a main hallway with a doorway at one end. On either side of the hallway are two large square rooms, one after the other. The first room on the left is a playroom, where the kids keep their toys, and the second one is a bedroom. Most of the kids sleep in hammocks, rather than actual beds. (due to space constraints or personal preference, I don't know.)
      I don't know what was in the two doors on the right. It's safe to assume one was a restroom.
      Anyways, I was being introduced to the place by my foster mothers, one of whom seemed very stern and strict, and the other more kindly and playful. They briefed me on how to act around the other foster kids, and also explained to me that since I was the oldest, I may have to supervise the younger ones when the foster parents are not around. They eventually left for me to get acquainted with the other kids.
      At first the other kids did not seem to take very kindly to me. They harassed me for being older than all of them. But we eventually wound up in the play room and broke out into a rather large Nerf gun battle making use of the main hall, bedroom and play room.

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    14. Lucid Dream #76: The moon has 3 cats, Teaching DCs to Fly

      by , 01-31-2014 at 11:28 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I was having some non lucid dream that I can no longer recall all that well that involved me walking home from school. The dream may have been along the lines of an anxiety dream because I was counting on a friend to get my backpack for me; I had left my back pack at the tech school.
      So I was walking home and taking a rather strange route, past the large blue factory near the edge of my town. There is a path that runs by it in RL, but in the dream, the path was broken, there were pits and valleys. It looked as though some construction work was being done on the factory.
      I also took note that there were a large amount of gardening supplies, there were some plants in trays and saplings that looked as though they were ready to be planted. Perhaps the factory was looking to be environmentally friendly. I try to get through this part with out stepping on any flowers.
      I get back on the path and it normals out a bit. I get to the end, where my subdivision would start, but this does not look like my subdivision at all. I may also note the seasonal difference. In my home state it is winter, but in this dream it was summer. The subdivision I was in looked something like mine, but the layout appeared different.

      I get lucid here, for no reason at all!. For a moment I was excited. In getting lucid I had just completed my goal of 8 lucid dreams this month. (And in the 11th hour too.) But here we are.
      I took a right off the path and began walking down the street. I rubbed my hands together and said to myself "stabilize dream."
      I tried to execute some voice commands, but they didn't work. My voice sounded rather strange too, like that clip of the "only thing we have to fear is fear itself speech." I didn't care. Also, I felt like I was wearing a cloak. I caught glimpses of a hood in my peripheral vision and had long black sleeves on.
      I also took note of one thing that I have never heard before in a dream; birdsong. And it was beautiful.
      I got to the end of the street and arrived into some kind of cul-de-sac. I felt a strong wind blow in out of the forest in front of me. And an even stronger gale blow from behind. After a moment, I realized that what I was experiencing was not wind, but rather gravitational shifts.
      I then had a gravitational shift that pushed me downwards. I was pinned to the ground and unable to move. And I came up with a rather... Interesting means of trying to get the gravity back to normal. I held my hands behind my back and manifested a headset microphone. I put it onto my head and asked whoever was on the other end to please lower the gravity to 10% of what it was.
      For a moment, I was able to stagger to my feet. But another wave of gravity slammed me back into the pavement. This actually felt somewhat painful. I felt as though I was being dragged backwards along the pavement. Also, with all this going on, it was difficult to hang on to the idea of lucidity.
      I went on the headset again, and asked whoever was there to please make the gravity 1% of what it was. One more, I was able to get to my feet for a second. Then a gravity wave flew past me and tore the headset off of my head. It flew in front of me then looped around behind my head and flew off into the sky.
      The gravity slammed me back into the ground. I was laying on my back now, looking up. I saw there was a dark patch in the sky where the moon was supposed to be, but it (now this is the strange part.)
      The moon looked as though it had been carved into shapes. I can recall the shape very clearly, there were three feline forms, though they looked to be standing on their back legs. They all had long hair as if they were human girls and had taken fighting poses. I could tell it had a sort of anime styling to the outline.
      "Okay, the moon has three cats."
      Gravity returned to normal and the design in the sky faded. I got the feeling that whatever had shifted gravity like that was trying to get that message across. Now they are done, and I am free to experience my dream as I wish.
      I walk back up the street I came about two houses, then make a right down another street. I am stabilizing as I go, paying attention to how my feet feel as they hit the sidewalk. Am I wearing shoes? socks? I can't recall now.
      I can't help but feel that I am alone, there are no other dream characters. Just as I do, I hear a man's voice.
      "Hey! Hey you!"
      About two houses away, a man is stepping outside. Then, across the street, another two houses away a group of three kids come outside, along with what looks like their nanny.
      I continue walking and go past the man. I look at him and think "he's a dream character, just a fragment of my own subconscious, not a real person." And after I thought that to myself, I got really really lucid. I thought about the "5 layers of a lucid dream and thought about going to layer 4. Maybe I'm already at layer 4, I just haven't made any changes yet.
      "You guys are dream characters and I am your dreamer!"
      The man and the nanny gave me these really kind looks and they nodded. The kids jumped up and down with excitement. They ran over to me and asked me if I wanted to play [some game].
      "No, you know what, I have a better idea!"
      The kids look a little confused.
      "I am going to teach you guys how to fly."
      The kids look very confused.
      I kneel down on their level.
      "You need to focus the energy in your own body, your chi."
      I demonstrate by doing my old flying method (I guess that's not fire, but chi.) and lift off, thrusting up with these cyan-ish flames. I start to slowly rise up above them, and the kids follow. The three kids instantly seem to get it, one kid had green flames, another orange, and another, purple. I note that the sun has set and it is now nighttime. A fourth kid comes outside and asks if he can fly with us.
      "Sure, just focus your chi!"
      He rockets up on red flames and joins us. We are not flying very high or very fast, but that matters not. This is still the most fun I've had in a lucid dream, ever! The colors of everyone's different chi against the night were just beautiful.
      I sense that I am losing the dream. I look to the cluster of first-time fliers. For a moment, I thought that they were other dreamers and not dream characters.
      "Now, look, I'll be back."
      I lose the dream. I am in a black void for a second and see myself. I then wake up.

      Well that's it, no TOTM this month. God dang it. Who cares, teaching dream characters to fly is much more fun than asking them what they are doing different this year anyway.

      So that's it, got in my 8 LDs. Can't wait for February's TOTMs. I also thought of a good one on my own. I want to try and listen to music in a dream and see what it sounds like.

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    15. Welcome to Mars!

      by , 01-24-2014 at 02:45 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Where the heck was my dream recall the past few days?

      ...enh who cares, cool NLD.

      So I was in for exactly that. Flying a mission to mars with a crew of three others. Two males, one female. (When I think about it, everyone was wearing heavy space suits, so they may have been my regular dream characters if I had gotten a good look at them.)
      So we've got one guy as the mission scientist. He's basically the commander who is in charge of the all the science and making sure that the mission is actually completed. The other guy is in charge of defense in case we come across hostile aliens. (With how many alien invasion dreams I've had the past six months, that isn't surprising.) And the girl that's with us in in charge of psychology, making sure that nobody goes crazy on our long journey. And I guess I am just the freeloader along for the ride.
      Our ultimate mission is to fly to mars and grow four of these dinosaur creatures from eggs. Supposedly somebody wanted to re-shoot a scene of the Gungan army from star wars the phantom menace but actually have living creatures. So they genetically modified some lizard eggs to be the giant creatures that carry the shield generators. So what we have to do is grow the creatures on mars then take them to the moon.

      Spoiler for I'm sorry I just have to:

      So anyway the actual mission gets underway, but the dream was so long that the first parts of it are a pretty fuzzy memory. We stopped over at a space station in earth orbit, I got introduced to the crew, and I watched as a tray of four large eggs in a high tech storage container were delivered on-board our shuttle. I also got to go on a spacewalk at some point to see what our shuttle looked like. It looked a little like the united states' retired shuttles but had broad flat wings like a stealth bomber, but they were swept back on a steeper angle. The station looked a little like the US station but was bigger.

      --Some time skips.--

      We are on mars now. Supposedly this dream was taking place in the near future (2040-2050) where humans actually had a permanent base on mars. The base was built behind a rocky outcropping that protected it from the sun. It was a cluster of small one story buildings connected by underground passages. There was a large fortress like building, two stories tall with a large communications mast on it. Supposedly for detecting if any hostile aliens were coming.
      Anyways, me and everyone minus the science officer were taking our scheduled day off. This meant we got to get into our space suits and play around on the surface of mars. The other two officers drove around in a large moon buggy type thing. I had this motorcycle type vehicle, but it still had a sort of space design, in that it was boxy and had no paint. But it preformed well, and in the low gravity of mars, I was able to use the sand dunes as jumps and get some air.
      I was just getting good at doing so when the other officers told me that they were heading back to base because the sun was going to rise. They told me that I could stay out if I liked, but I might start feeling too hot, and that I should engage the visor on my space suit in order to not be blinded by the sun. I decided I would stay, and the sun started to rise. It was blindingly bright, so I pressed a small button on the side of my helmet and no real visor came down, the glass just changed opacity somehow. I continued riding my motorcycle around the area and like they had said, I did start feeling too warm.
      Another thing, when the sun did rise, the sky went from inky black with stars to blue, rather than pink like mars is supposed to be. But other than that the surface of mars looked a lot like the pictures that I've seen.
      I went back to the base and went inside. I had decided that I would wait until the sun went down. I activated some kind of time dilation and saw the sun arc across the sky and set once more. I thought it was time to go back out.

      --Some Time Skips.--

      I am still at the mars base, but we are inside the fortress building that has this really nice room right in the middle. This is a lounge where astronauts that work here get to relax. And get this. They have an Xbox. Not an Xbox one. Not an Xbox 360. Just a regular Xbox. And this was like the year 2045, at the only human mars base. You'd think that the only game console that we had would be a little more up to date than that, but my dreams aren't set in any kind of logical universe.
      There are two leather couches arranged in a semicircle and they were all packed with people. There were actually about 12 of us, because there were the permanent residents of mars and the people on my mission. Apparently this was a Halo tournament. And yes, all of my regular dream characters were there, but I didn't become lucid. Also, this game tournament was apparently a televised event. The first time that humankind had played video games on another planet. So there was a TV camera set up in the corner.
      I sat down to play around the time that I woke up.

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