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    More Sleep Schedule Correction (LD #163: Matrix)

    by , 01-29-2015 at 02:11 PM (292 Views)
    Went from 12:30 (last night) to about 11:45. I woke up very early this morning too.

    -Uncle Iroh was missing three fingers and a thumb on his right hand.

    -Something to do with Minecraft

    -I was in this strange environment where there were these pillar-like mountains, something like the mesas in the American southwest. Everything was made out of reddish stone. The sky was orange/red as well and there were a bunch of Jupiter/Saturn clones in the sky.

    I was sitting in a small cafe/resturant with Neo and Morpheus. Kind of getting big boy or coney island vibes. Nothing fancy, but no fast food place either. There were agents after us and we had to defend ourselves. For some reason the 'agents' were Trinity clones rather than Agent Smith.

    I became lucid at one point and started fighting back. I can't recall what triggered lucidity. Everyone else ran running and screaming out of the cafe. Even the other Matrix characters.

    The agents seemed pretty easy to defeat. I recall having basic punch/kick fights to defeat a few.

    I started looking for more interesting ways to fight them. I picked up a table and threw it at one. It fell out the window. I became aware of the fact that we were not on ground level.

    I remember the most interesting one was the one that I picked up with a psychic grab and crushed so small she actually collapsed into a miniature back hole that sucked up some chairs/tables/food around her, then dissipated after a few seconds.

    The 'Final Agent' came out that was supposedly the original, and would be the most difficult to defeat. She looked shorter and fatter than the others and carried an Uzi. She fired on me. I remember all of the bullets just fell off of me. I even caught some in my hand. This looked strange as it seemed to happen in slow motion and I saw a shock wave spread through my hand every time I caught one.

    When she emptied the mag, I examined the bullets that I had caught. They felt warm from the gun. I then (without moving my hand) thought to fling them back. They all fired off, like a shotgun, back at my opponent and, well they should have killed her.

    She then told me that she was not merely human... but rather...

    She unzipped her leather outfit, and had nothing underneath. The moment I started to examine her body, I noticed it looked fake. Once the tight matrix leather was off, she started to unzip her skin starting from the head to reveal that she was in fact a terminator-like robot.

    (Terminator-Matrix Crossover, somebody get on that)


    I was at home, still lucid. My dad asked me what I was doing. I told him I was dreaming and was going outside to fly. I went outside. He responded with some curse words and begrudgingly told me to do whatever I wanted. It was a gray cloudy day.

    His negativity seemed to be weighing on the whole dream though. I couldn't fly. I then thought that I might want to pursue him, find out why in my LD's my father is always such a negative influence.

    I instead had a false awakening, but forgot the content of it.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      I see your scheduling is working out for you. ^ w ^ It also looks like you had a exciting lucid dream with great dream control.Congrats~