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    Oceans of Europa, Train Crash, Late for Class

    by , 02-03-2015 at 01:55 PM (291 Views)
    Something to do with Nasa sending a probe to explore the supposed oceans of Europa. When it landed, it deployed this humanoid robot that was neurologically linked to me. Also I was fifty five years old, bald and fat in the dream.

    The probe started drilling into the ice and I followed. The ice was much thinner than expected. Only a couple dozen meters. When I landed in the water, I saw an alien.

    The alien was big about fifty feet high or so, all black, with a huge saucer shaped head and many eyes arranged horizontally. It had a vaguely humanoid body with arms and a cluster of tentacles for legs. It didn't have a mouth and communicated telepathically.

    It spoke to me in a strange voice, but was definitely able to speak English. It told me it wanted to return the audio sample that I had sent it. Something done by Synsun that they didn't do IWL but still had their sound. So they 'gave it back' and told me to leave unless I wanted war with their people. Though ultimately friendly they were territorial, and wanted this moon to themselves.

    I climbed out of the hole and sat on the surface next to the probe. I broke the neural link with the robot and came back to earth.

    The dream went on to something about a train crash. Something weird was going on and the train was crashing in very slow motion. There was also this thing where broken glass from the train would instantly absorb all of your blood if it broke your skin.

    I became semi-lucid here. I tried to take control of the train and stop it.

    I was late for my ARTH class and only had 20 minutes to drive to school and get to class. I started running around looking for winter clothes, but all I could find were some spider-man mittens.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      The Oceans of Europa dream sounds cool and its great how easily space dreams come to you. I don't get much aliens in my dreams so its always nice to read about experiences with those dream characters.: )