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    Lucid Time!

    Random NLDs

    by , 12-01-2022 at 11:39 AM (131 Views)
    Okay I thought this was the first day of the winter comp so I wrote up all my nonlucids. I actually came down with a... well i sick.

    There is some kind of war going on an I have been drafted into the air force. I am flying in the rear seat of an A-10 warthog. (Which google says is a single-seat aircraft, though the dream made it very clear that it was this specific model of aircraft) as a gunner/ewar officer. We get shot by a missile though the pilot in front (a woman with curly red-orange hair and freckles) says we still have partial power to one engine and manages to land us on a long stretch of road rather than having us eject.

    We then land. This looks like the road that I use to drive home from work and we are facing in the same direction. There is some damage to some buildings like cracked windows or bullet holes and very few people and cars but despite the war theme of the dream things seem relatively normal. She wants to get back to base with our damaged aircraft even though it is many miles away, and we begin to taxi along the road as though we are a car. Though with our wingspan we take up the whole road and go own the middle.

    Eventually we come to some stuck traffic and our commander (who also wants to recover our aircraft) says we have permission to shoot the cars on the road to clear the way. Neither me nor the pilot have any issue with this so I begin shooting cars with our missiles. We only have four missiles and when we run out I start using the autocannon each time we come across cars blocking our aircraft.

    Eventually the landing gear breaks on a pothole and we are forced to get out. The commander concedes that we will not be able to get the aircraft back to base so me and the pilot decide to get out.

    There is what sort of looks submarine beached in the middle of a farm field. It is broken in half and laying in pieces with smoke and flames coming out. We contact our commander to ask him why there is a submarine in the middle of a farm field and he explains that it was actually an experimental stealth spaceship carrying nuclear ICBMs that fell out of orbit when the battle began. He says that we need to scuttle the wreckage using one of the nukes. I go get close to it and find the nuclear warhead laying on the ground. It looks like a black cone like the warhead of an ICBM but I notice it appears to be damaged and I start to feel sick. I try quickly to set it on a timer using a small control panel but the thing is completely broken, so I run away from it and hide behind a brick wall in a collapsed barn/warehouse. I tell the commander that there is only one nuke and it is leaking radiation and that I might get radiation sickness. He pauses for a moment and then says he will have a helicopter come and bomb the spaceship wreck along with destroy our plane and recover us, and that we need to fall back because there is a whole platoon of enemy ground troops advancing in our area of the battlefield.


    I am visiting Erid (project hail mary). Though I am able to walk around on the planet with no space suit and no real problem, though everything is very dim and I carry with me a powerful ball shaped lantern that lets me see in all directions. I meet Adrian (Rocky's mate, who was mentioned in the book but never shown). They are an Eridian fighter/boxer of some sort. About 50% bigger than Rocky with a thick almost spherical body rather than a more flat one. Their arms are thick and have spikes near the joints and the 'fingers' have a narrow sort of "blade" growing out of the tip made out of a whiteish material.

    Despite this menacing appearance and presence Adrian is very friendly and excited to tell about their career as a fighter.


    There was something to do with the master cheif from halo.

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