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    Rebuilding Recall

    by , 04-30-2014 at 01:16 AM (323 Views)
    This is old and I never published it for some reason.

    Four or five people are sitting around a table and are snorting cocaine. They offer me to join. I decline.

    I am at some cafe or food court area. There are several restaurants. Only one of them is open; a pizza place. I ask the person behind the to please get me some pizza. She gives me a pita bread with some ketchup on it. Some other dream characters come, and the woman gives them actual pizza. I am jealous and ask some of the other dream characters if they were willing to share. They are not.
    Several other food-related things took place. Some of the other restaurants came open. I went to a chinese restaurant where they offered noodles. I tried to purchase noodles but they gave me raw dry noodles.

    I am in some industrial park or power plant area. Odd mix of heavy industry and nature. I find a hole with a ladder leading underground. I open it and some man emerges wearing heavy high-tech looking armor, something like the fallout armor.
    The armor grants him superhuman strength and he begins throwing rocks and large pieces of stone at me and other dream characters. Me and the other dream characters fight back by [dream logic] throwing fruit [/dream logic] Supposedly it was because the fruit had acid in it that would cause the armor to rust and freeze up.

    I get hit by one of the rocks, and die but become partially lucid upon the moment of my death and reset the situation.
    I help coordinate the dream characters and instead of simply attacking we plan an ambush and end up defeating the man in the armor.

    I am in what feels like a combination of a shopping mall and my middle school. I am lucid, and try to throw a plasma ball. It fails.

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