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    S2024 Night 3

    by , 04-01-2024 at 10:23 PM (68 Views)
    I am in a minecraft world. It is a very large underground room, maybe 30 blocks wide and long and 10 tall with a jungle wood plank floor. There are a couple of doors with stripped log frames and the rest of the room is stone with pockets of ore and such like it would be in a normal minecraft world. I go through the door and up a slab staircase into a sort of dojo like location. This area is much more finished and detailed looking and there are candles set around and swords.

    The dream transitions to a more realistic style but the dojo setting and candles remain. I am doing meditation but my totem is all chipped and scratched and seems to be crumbling apart. I question how it got like this, but don't become lucid. I think to myself I can use "rock glue" to fix it.


    I am sitting in the dojo setting though there is now a large dining table. There are four people at this table, Manei, my mother's boyfriend and a foruth figure that I don't ever look at or identify. There are dozens and dozens of tall egg cups each holding a partially eaten boiled egg. I take a very small bite one and it tastes absolutely putrid and I cough, spitting it out, I think it is rotten. The entire table smells of that nasty sulfurous rotten egg smell.

    I ask myself how the sense of smell can be active in a dream, and how my dream guide can be at the table with a waking life figure. I'm not sure if I got lucid and then immediately woke up, but it feels wrong to count it if I'm not sure.

    NLD: 1pt
    Meditation: 2pts
    RCS: 0.5pts
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