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    S2024 Nights 6 and 7

    by , 04-06-2024 at 04:39 AM (59 Views)
    I am involved in a ship salvage operation. It is a large ship, easily over 1km long with a horizontal deck plan and bilateral symmetry, it looks to be in fairly good shape. We pull up alongside it assuming the vessel to be abandoned. Upon entering through the airlock we find the ships interior is empty. About 75% of the hull is completely empty of internal bulkheads or any sort of structural support outside of the outer hull plating. There are large windows in places, most of which would have been oriented like skylights when the ship had artificial gravity and such. The windows seem to be odd shapes, all of them are made up of triangular glass panels with an isogrid style design.

    We come under attack. Hiding out in the bottom 25% of this ship are its owners or defenders. The operate small pod-like machines. These machines have four spider-like legs with mag locks or something to that effect that can clamp onto and walk on the hull of a ship, even non-metallic materials like the whitewashed fullerene paneling this ship appears to mostly be made out of. Their machines have large glass bubble cockpits and heavy duty worklights. Two small thruster pods stick out on long pylons with several large nozzles on each thruster block. Most importantly there is a distressingly large rotary cannon of some descrpition on the front of these things.

    I remember grabbing a metal spike, some spare piece of junk from the ship and spiking it through the canopy glass. The guy inside isn't wearing a pressure suit and chokes out from vac exposure.


    I am in the bathroom of my current house. The bathtub is full of water and pee and (theres no really eloquent way to put this) has about a dozen turds floating in it. The floor gives out and the bathroom falls through ot the first floor and then the basement. I am exploring the basement for awhile, its this big maze of abandoned passages and rooms with rusty pipes and crumbling brick walls that seems to go down several levels below the house.

    Manei and I were participants on a game show. We were doing that game where there is a foam board cutout of a person that you must jump through. Its called the "trial of shape" or something like that. There is a rather small form that she wont fit through and she just sort of glares at it angirly annoyed that this game isn't accommodating or fair. I pass through it perfectly.

    The dream changes to a hospital scene. Nicole watterson from the Amazing World of Gumball is going ot have a baby though she doesn't look to be pregnant. She lifts up her shirt to show her belly to the doctor and there is a paper tearing sound and a big belly appears. Then another paper tearing sound and her belly gets even bigger. Then a third paper tearing sound as a baby which is 'me' tears through her belly (its not gorey its just cartoony and looks like torn paper). Baby me is sticking out of the rip in her belly from the waist up starts flailing around like a garry's mod character and screaming obnoxiously loud. He/I takes a toy racecar from nowhere and makes engine sounds driving the car in circles. Then falls asleep for several seconds making an obnoxious cartoon snoring sound. Then wakes up again and continues flailing around.
    The doctor says something to the effect of "ah yes a perfectly healthy baby"

    The dream scene changes though this is still connected to the previous dream. I am in my childhood neighborhood in early dawn hanging out with some other kids. I think I am just wearing shorts and no shirt and I am in dream form. One of the kids asks who I am and I respond by saying "I dont know I was just born but this body is mature. I know english and I think a little of [some other language with a nonsense name]."
    The kid walks me over to a group of friends and tells me I hae to be initiated into his group by playing the slapping game. He tells me to put my hands out palms down and he will slap them. Then I will slap his. We repeat this until one side gives up or flinches. I think to myself this game is stupid and I dont want to hurt anyone. He slaps me first and I don't feel it. I slap him but I intentionally hold back quite a bit. Though he still recoils like I hit him quite hard. He then seems to wait and think. I don't want to play this game or oblige this strange violent social construct this group is using. I notice my hands seem smaller and more delicate than IWL. I then remember a conversation with monkey I had about how the hand check never worked for me even though when I go into my dream form my hands are differnet.

    I'm lucid. I remember this is a competition, and I remember a conversation I had with monkey about him wanting to fight stormtroopers from star wars together. All of the other kids scatter. The sun has come up now but its being eclipsed as I see the death star approaching earth and some star destroyers jumping in overhead, maybe about 15 of them organized into triangular formations of three. I then think that due to being busy I never actually listed the goal on DV and therefore I probably can't claim points for doing a goal that I didn't declare beforehand so I don't want the dream to do this.
    The death star is rotating into position. It seems "accurate" as it rotates I can see all the little details, all of the buildings and greebles on the surface transition from light to shadow with way more resolution than I think WL eyes could manage. I distinctly remember how the inside of the laser dish caught the sunlight and transitioned from completely dark to a crescent moon shape and so fourth as the spherical death star rotated opposite. The sun is low in the sky so everything is tinted beautiful pink and orange, the whole effect is sort of like seeing the moon in the sky. Though it seems about two hand-widths across in the sky. I sense whats coming next and I don't want the dream to end.

    "Set Barrier Radius 6,500,000; origin point earths core."

    I got ot it just in time. The superlaser fires and hits right on the boundary of three hexagonal plates. There is a bright flash and a loud "BWUM!" which then fades like distant thunder. Birds fly away and windows on the houses break but everything is OK.

    I did that to stop the dream from ending when the planet got destroyed, but the dream ended here anyways.

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