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    Save it for the comp

    by , 11-30-2022 at 11:11 AM (211 Views)
    I was in my old neighborhood at night coming up the hill I used to run. It is warm as though it is late spring or early autumn and the last of twilight is just fading away. I become fully lucid and begin to fly. It doesn't seem to be my usual flying but rather a slow sort of swimming through the air that never gets me more than a few meters off the ground.

    I tell myself that there will be a means or indication to stabilize the dream. I see a tree with dreamcatchers hanging from the branches. I take one off and loop it around my neck which increases the clarity. I then land, deciding that I want to convert the dream to daytime. I set down, no longer flying.

    I then reach up for the sky. I really start to question my method of dream control here, recalling something from the robert waggoner book about thinking of the dream as a mental space rather than a physical space. But I still want to use a physical method of dream control. I begin pawing vaguely at the night sky, rotating the moon and stars along with it. I rotate the entire planet 360 degrees with a few pawing motions until the moon rises and is roughly in the same spot. No sun. I then remember that I should probably rotate the earth east-west. I try rotating to the west one or two swipes and the sun appears, though it is in the northern sky, roughly where polaris would be.

    Neil deGrasse Tyson appears and says "Damn it we almost had the three-body problem solved and you hippies had to come and screw it up!"
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    1. NyxCC's Avatar
      The comp effect has started!

      Love how you used the dreamcatchers to stabilize!

      Lol about Neilís comments .