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    Sea Nightmares Return

    by , 03-07-2022 at 04:17 PM (203 Views)
    I am adventuring with some DCs through the dreamworld, which in this instance had a very backrooms aesthetic. Walking through a lot of empty liminal spaces like abandoned malls, empty industrial lots, unfurnished homes etc. Eventually we come across this DC who reminds me of A living in this abandoned warehouse by a fishing dock. There is a small office attached to the warehouse where he has a bed and some supplies. He explains that he has been stranded in this dreamworld for forty years (he has drawn many, many tally marks on the side of the warehouse). Proceeding to explain that it obeys video game logic. There is loot that spawns periodically in some nearby crates, its always the same few items every time like some canned fish and whatnot. Enemies in certain areas. He has never found a weapon or way to fight them off and thus is stuck in this small peaceful area away from any enemies.

    He leads us around the inside of the warehouse where small fishing boats are stored and maintained in drydock. He explains that one of the loot that spawns is a spare parts kit that can be used to repair the boat but its a small one so each time it spawns he's only able to restore the boat by a little bit. I then notice that I've been separated from the other dream characters. He picks up a big pipe wrench and starts swinging at me.
    I become lucid and block the wrench with my arm. The metal becomes brittle and the wrench cracks in half. I then push him in the chest hard enough to send him through the corrugated metal wall of the warehouse. He's winded but still alive.

    I find the other DCs that I was adventuring with are all dead except for Manei (who may or may not have been with us originally) was hiding underneath the couch in one of the boats. She explains that we're stuck here and cant apparate/teleport out, and I can sense the danger in her voice. I tell her that I'm going to fly around to explore and she should climb up onto the roof so I can see that she's doing okay.

    I take off and begin flying around. I inspect my fire jets and they seem low resolution (like the fire is just a 2d image how its rendered in some low poly games). But they work fine that's all that really matters. Sadly this is video game logic and I bump into a lot of invisible walls trying to fly onto different rooftops etc.

    I then point out there is a sailboat we could escape on but its way out on the end of the dock. I land and we begin running there, however we both see something moving under the water. It lunges out at us. The nightmare is black with red eyes. Its mostly humanoid in size and body shape with long pointy ears and oversize arms with huge webbed hands tipped in long claws. It has a sort of scaly texture like an alligator, and geeze this guy was fast. I flew up in the air the first time he lunged out of the water and he got Manei. His jaw unhinged and he bit off her head in one bite before cutting her stomach open and eating her guts like spaghetti. I wont describe too many of the details here but it was pretty vivid and grotesque, but also sort of comical in a way.

    I threw a firebolt at him but all that did was make him angry. He then charged after me. I ducked out of the way, flying under the dock and up into the air once more. I summoned my amethyst bow, and though I didn't have a lot of faith it was going to put down one this troublesome, I decided to try. When he lunged up at me I fired, getting him through the shoulder. He did not take kindly to the magical amethyst arrow as he instantly dropped limp into the back of a row boat and then began writhing around in pain trying to get the arrow out. I transformed the bow into a spear and dropped down to stab him through the mouth. This seemed to be the killshot as the creature turned into a pile of black ash.

    "That was weird. Haven't seen one of these things in years."

    It is true. That particular form of nightmare was really common when I first got into lucid dreaming. Black and dark gray with red eyes, but they haven't showed up since I got into college. I saw that other areas had been unlocked and I was able to teleport. I was at Manei's house (though it didn't look like any previous depiction of her house, this time it was a big mansion in a tropical locale with a pool.) It was cloudy and raining a little but she was throwing a pool party. This big buff guy with a baseball cap brought several coolers of beer.

    "I have an announcement to make. Everyone know that big black monster with the long claw arms?"

    Most of the people in the party started chattering.

    "I killed it."

    Everyone gave an applause. I started getting in the pool to enjoy myself but woke up.
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