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    Lucid Time!

    Semi-Lucid Flying

    by , 12-23-2022 at 01:13 PM (207 Views)
    I had a false awakening. I awoke at a large army barracks type structure. Three or four story red brick building with spartan interiors and big mostly-flat mowed areas outside for training. This gives way to jungle, as the training compound is situated decently high on a mountainous region with tropical jungle growing over the land. I can see ocean off in the distance.

    I was false-awakened by a large explosion. I head outside and see soldiers and men in white sailor uniforms running around. A large radio mast type structure has apparently fallen over a motorpool filled with fuel trucks and started a large fire during a training exercise. There are people on fire, burning rather gruesomely and others running to get help and medical nurses. It strikes me as odd that there are men in sailor uniforms though we seem to be many miles from the coast.

    I become partially lucid. I don't think I was fully aware of the dream state, but I was aware that what I was experiencing was not real. I didn't think to stabilize or work on my goals, but I had some intuition about being a positive force on the dream. A sergeant comes over, he looks like sergeant hartman from full metal jacket and he starts yelling at me in typical drill instructor fashion for standing like an idiot and not helping the men that are burning. I turn to him, very calmly and say. "Its okay, this is a dream. Execute Rewind."

    I see in my vision a few distorted bars, like when one rewinds a video tape. The tower rises back up into place and all the scattered people rapidly move backwards into their barracks, save for the squad that was doing jumping jacks originally when the tower fell. I look at the tower. It is very rusty, and looks overloaded with cell antennas and big white radio dishes. On some level the "lucidity" was in that I was actually watching an army movie. I think I unconsciously repaired it to a new state but I don't remember.

    I then decided to fly. I pushed down, using my fire jets technique and began to lift slowly off the ground. I look down at myself and see that I am wearing one of the white sailor uniforms. i feel that my body is not myself and catch glimpses in the third person. It looks like Jak's physical form, heavily muscular and short blonde hair with paler skin. I also notice that while I am flying, the visual effect of the flames isn't there and I seem to be moving rather slowly. There is a sort of shimmering heat effect.

    I am semi lucid and I have a weird way of doing this. I for some reason think about the animation vs minecraft videos and reach behind my back and manifest a minecraft command block. It is about the size of a tennis ball and feels like hard plastic with sharp corners.

    "Toggle Enable Propulsion True" I say, mincing my words a little bit. A small window appears with pixelated text of what I have said and it flashes green. The flames appear in my hands and my flying speed and control increases considerably.

    I begin flying over the forested mountains away from the base and heading for the sea. When I get close I slow down near where a small river lets out on a beach. I see palm trees but also these very alien looking trees. They are shaped like a deciduous tree but each branch ends in a large, thick paddle like leaf structure about three or four feet tall. It is thick and has volume like a succulent or cactus but no thorns. It is a bright green, slightly teal or blue near the center and yellow along the edge. These structures combine giving the treetop a sort of effect of looking like a large pine cone. I muse over how interesting the tree looks and think that I want to remember it when I wake up.

    I continue flying. The dream opens up to an archipelago of mountainous islands covered in rainforest. It seems like it would be very beautiful but the detail and dream clarity make everything somewhat fuzzy and generic. I see a city and decide to explore it. It appears to only be the urban center. A compact zone of narrow streets around high rises of various architectural styles and roadways but very little urban sprawl. There is a "fakeness" to it, like it is simply something someone has built in simcity with cheat codes. I notice one building is obtusely, absurdly tall, going up through the clouds. It doesn't look futuristic, rather it looks like a normal modern skyscraper that has been stretched to be several miles tall. Despite the "fakeness" and lack of clarity I just see floor after floor, window after window going up and up. Though I dont count I can tell it is several hundred floors tall and reaches well above the height of most of the mountains.

    I see dark foreboding clouds like an intense tropical storm approaching. I continue flying in that direction, not seeing them as an indication of a threat or trouble.

    At some point I go explore another city which has a lot of the same features but a different layout. Right up to the single obtusely tall building albeit of a different architectural style. I fly up the side of the building, almost crashing into it and go into the clouds before emerging above them.
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      Lovely uses of dream control with the rewind and the minecraft command block!
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