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    Sparring with MadMonkey

    by , 09-27-2023 at 03:25 PM (97 Views)
    I am participting as a secondary character in a fairly oddparents special. Timmy turner has given up on life and made a wonderland where he exists as a big green cartoon cgi tyrannosarus rex. He is running away from someone but they cut into his side nad pull out a nerve bundle, cutting off the nerves to one of his legs and paralyzing him,. I then notice there is CGI blood and think that is odd for fairly oddparents.

    Timmy turner gets on this giant oversized wooden rollercoaster fitting his T-rex form. The roller coaster climbs a hill then runs down into a tunnel in a mountain with like a minecart ride themed coaster. The track comes to a jump, but when the coaster car goes over. It falls down a long shaft and I fall alongside him. During this fall there is this really beautiful chanting. I keep thinking he is going to come to his senses and make a wish deciding that he wants to live.

    He splats into the bottom of the mineshaft and dies quite gruesomely. Though the CGI blood has an odd property thats hard to describe. Er… think of like an early 2000s movie with bad cgi like sharkboy and lavagirl or spy kids 3 or something and how they would cgi liquids. Yeah it looked like that. I comment to myself that usually children's media doesn't show blood but sometimes dinosaur media will show blood even if its for kids, but that I think this is overkill.

    I then see a girl staring at the scene. I intuitively know she is a very old friend of mine that moved away when I was in pre-elementary. She comments that Timmy Turner lived in hell because he lived in a sitcom and he could never make a wish that actually made his life better because things would always return to the status quo at the end of the episode, and new drama would always arise to instigate the next episode. Therefore he could never live happily or peacefully.

    I become lucid and the dream scene changes to a sort of parkway. It is daytime, some kind of modern city with a parkway along a beach. There are lots of dream figures walking, riding bikes, and so on. There is a small concession stand or ice cream shop near by and she gets distracted by it. I say to her. “Well Im lucid now and I’m going to make my own dream with blackjack and hookers.”

    I take off and start to fly. I see a large moon in the sky. It looks like Europa and seems to sparkle. I then stop and remember my goal is to spar with Madmonkey. I land and call out, probably louder and more aggressively than I needed to but it works.

    “Dream, I want to spar with Madmonkey now.”

    A dream figure steps out of the crowd. Tall and fit, curly brown hair and looks to be about college age. He is wearing a light brown shirt with some kind of graphic or design on it. After reassuring me that he is infact MadMonkey and says is really excited for this, He takes a fighting pose and we begin without even asking that I am ready.

    He throws a right roundhouse kick. I block. He throws out a bunch of punches. I block. This feels a lot like sparring in my old taekwondo class, something I haven't done in many years. But my body responds almost automatically and I seem to be keeping up. I decide its time to counterattack. I jump, using my rockets on my hands for assitance and get maybe 3-4 meters in the air, then rocket back down at an angle for a ‘kick’ with both legs.

    This attack connects and the guy goes down on the pavement. I look at him and see he is unconcious. An older woman points, screams and faints.

    I false awaken. I am at my fathers parents house. I go to type of my dream and my laptop screen is broken. My mom is there and says it was exposed to radiation.
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