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    Spell's Comp Day 6: Car Destruction, and OneUp visits, I think...

    by , 04-16-2016 at 05:10 PM (613 Views)
    A Dream Character attempted to convince me that the moon landings were not faked because Kerbal Space Program exists.

    I then dreamed that I was a space probe in orbit around the moon and I was wondering if I could leave or if anyone would come back for me. There was something to do with seeing something left over from the Apollo missions on the surface, I think that was my mission, to photograph them. This actually went on for quite a long time. I think at least three orbits around the moon. With each orbit I adjusted to get a little closer to the moon.

    It wasn't a boring dream, but it was just one that moved slow and was quiet. I felt sort of sad that I was the soul of a space probe and I was probably never going to get back home, but to some extent I didn't care because I figured I could appreciate the beauty of space.


    Someone had re-arranged furniture in my room. There was all of these new shelves and my desk was missing. It was a false awakening situation.


    I was on vacation with my family somewhere. I remember some white SUV took our space.
    I became lucid somehow and decided to destroy the thing. I remember the scene changed to my backyard only the whole backyard was paved over like a parking lot. I decided that this would be a stress releaser, a sort of meditation in destruction of a dream. This perfect new white car vs me. It was a dream after all, and I could destroy this with no repercussions.

    I remember I kicked in the side. It dented the side door and the car slid away sideways making a tire squealing sound. I ran back to it, and toor the side view mirror off, and smashed it through the windshield. I then went and tore the front hood off, rolled it up into a spike and used the rolled up front hood to stab the cars' internals.

    I think the destruction went on for quite awhile, but I don't recall exactly how I went about it after those parts. Just that when I was finished, all that was left was four wheels sitting there comedically and car parts scattered around the backyard. Then some DCs came. My mom said that she was teaching an auto shop class and that she and her students wanted premission to fix the car for their exam.

    I started helping them gather up the parts and organize them when I lost the dream.


    I was with these other people. We were making a movie that we were going to put on Youtube about lucid dreaming. There was this other guy there, another lucid dreamer. I remember he had dirty blonde hair that was really long and straight as well as facial hair. He was a little bit taller than me and not wearing any shirt.

    I remember we walked into the road and we were talking about something. Then a car came speeding down the road and I jumped and grabbed a tree branch that was hanging above the road. I looked down and saw that I was two or three stories up. The guy asked how I got up there. I said that I didn't know and I came back down.

    I got curious and the next time a car came down the road, I kicked it. It flew off onto the sky and had a little ding like when Team Rocket blasts off. What do these dreams have against cars?

    He then said something about lucid dreaming. This prompted both of us to do RCs.
    I did a nose pinch and became lucid. I think the other guy became OneUp, but he still had long hair. He had the shirt with the transformers logo from his avatar. That's what made me think it was him. I think he shouted 'Awesome!, a Lucid!' and proceeded to snap his fingers. There was a poof of white smoke, like a magic trick, and a motorcycle appeared. He then snapped his finger a second time and made a girl appear, who was wearing a leather jacket and had long brown hair. He got onto the motorcycle and the girl got on and held onto him and they rode off.

    I wasn't super terribly lucid because I stayed up late last night, so as usual, I defaulted to 'Let's Fly'. I knelt down in the middle of the road. I swear the 'Man of Steel' flying music started playing. I remember (since the dream was supposed to be a movie) it had a cinematic vibe to it. I would sometimes get third person views. I got one and saw that there were two circles of wind around me (still knelt down in the road). The inside one rotating clockwise, the outside rotating counter-clockwise, that picked up leaves and gravel from the road.

    I then shot off into the sky. I was flying quite fast, and the inertia picked up quickly. I've done high speed flying on my fire jets before. Like they have in the past, they spooled up and sounded like the scream of a jet turbine. I remember I curved up and started flying so fast there was a shock-heating cone around my body. I flew through a huge thunderhead cloud and the wake of my flight was enough to blow apart the entire storm in a giant sideways tornado.

    I lost the dream around here. I think I continued to visualize flying off into space at light speed but nothing happened.

    Frag +0.5
    Non Lucid Dream +1
    RC +1
    DILD (x2=15)
    Super Strength (Car Destruction, 5)
    Advanced Flying (Supersonic, 10)
    Meet Teammate (OneUp, 7)

    Total: 39.5
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      Trashing a vehicle? Have you been playing too much Street Fighter/Final Fight recently?

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