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    Spell's Comp Night 11: Not Agian!

    by , 08-09-2016 at 08:53 PM (496 Views)
    Something to do with Legos. There was a building challenge where you had to buy five or ten of the same set and build something cool with it.


    I was in the park in my neighborhood. It was cloudy/overcast. There was no grass, the ground had just been replaced with hard, dry topsoil, and all the trees were there but they were dead husks of what they were originally. I remember seeing my dream self there. Somebody was talking about tattooing an arrow onto the forehead of my dream-self. I shooed them away and said "That's mine".

    Something weird was going on here. I was my waking life self, but my dream self was in the dream too. I remember I was periodically phasing into my dream-self's body and becoming more lucid, then returning to my own body. When I was in my own body, my dream-self would still be present, but he was like a robot. He had a very blank expression and would just follow me around and obey basic commands, and moved with a very robotic demeanor.

    But when I phased into my dream-self, my waking self would completely disappear. I remember thinking to myself that my phasing in and out of my dream-self was indicative of my level of lucidity. I remember thinking how normally I do 100 counts in meditation, but yesterday, I stopped around 50. I thought to myself "Huh, half the meditation, half the lucidity..." (Without realizing that at that level, if I would have just been able to realize what was actually going on, I could have broken through to full lucidity with basically no effort...)


    Something to do with these seven girls from my college. They had this ritual of, every Thursday, spending their paychecks on beer. They would go to a subway station and play this Jeopardy-type trivia game. There was also some reason that we were in a subway station, it was somehow related to simcity 4 and I was building too many subways in the city that nobody would use. (This is actually a bad habit of mine when I play any simcity game is to go a little... overboard with my mass transportation.)

    Each time they got a question right they would chug a can of beer. This meant that the game was balanced, so if someone was doing well at answering questions, they would get more drunk and start to fall behind, and the game essentially ended with everyone wasted, and for whatever reason, I was the host of this competition.

    Anyways I asked some $100 question about renewable energy in Europe and everyone got it right, so they all drank beers. Immediately after the first beer, all seven of them were drunk and it broke down into a "who could stomach the most beer before throwing up" contest.

    There was also something to do with the seven sins and each of the girls was representing one of them. I'm not sure if this was some kind of symbol or just a part of the characters they put on when they played this game.

    I did a WBTB after waking up from this dream and went to the bathroom.


    I remember going online and finding a comic strip that I had started drawing in 2009, and worked on again in 2012. Someone told me that I should finish it and publish it to make money (reason being that I had to pay a toll to drive a crappy tugboat that I also lived on through the panama canal...?)

    I remember looking through the old comic that was in a big thick hardcover book. The cover was plain red but the first page was left blank. After that was a really detailed waist-up drawing of an anthropomorphic moose woman with a quilted scarf around her neck. There was no diaolouge bubbles in the comic (I think there might have been some notes scrawled in the margins on what the story was about, but I didn't read em) I was able to figure out parts of the story just by reading it.

    The moose woman seemed to be in progress of infiltrating an island fortification protected by these large cube shaped robot sentinels with disproportionately small legs and numerous searchlights in order to steal some kind of teapot. The robot sentinels were painted bright yellow with red polka dots on the cube parts but were gray and mechanical in the searchlight mechanisms. The teapot was kept deep underground in a vault. When the moose woman reached the teapot she was caught by a character who looked like Marcus. There were several secret service guys around her pointing strange weapons (Looked like laser pistols from the fallout series). It seemed to be a dialogue scene but since there were no speech balloons I couldn't figure out what the characters were talking about.

    The comic seemingly cut off. It changed to a more simplistic cartoonly style. It was something Steven Universe related and I was wondering how I could have been ripping off of Steven Universe in a comic strip that I supposedly drew before the show ever came out. I then came to the conclusion that somehow the person who made SU stole from me. I turned the pages. There was what looked like a page from the Avatar Comics spliced in there, and a few pages of weird hybrid images that seemed to be depicting a crossover between avatar and SU. It seemed to be a diaolouge-heavy scene but there were no word ballons.

    There were several pages of sketches and 'storyboards' of comics, and . I skipped over them wanting to get back to the beautiful, full color comics from before, even if there were no word bubbles I was enjoying looking at the pictures and trying to figure out what on earth the story was about. I think I found a few more pages of completed comic art but forgot what the subject matter was. I flipped back to the earlier pages promising to make more of an effort to decipher what happened in them, but when I turned back to the pages they were reduced to an incomprehensible mess of scribbles and sketches.

    I said something to the guy running the lock about my tugboat. He said that the boat was hardly worth a penny in the condition it was in. I said that I wanted to clean up the boat and repair it to make it worth more. I remember getting this rush of motivation to clean it up. I began looking through the rooms of the boat (that had been sort of a makeshift house of mine) and finding piles of junk in them. The guy charging me to use the lock sat down with a calculator and started calculating how much the junk items I sold him would be worth.

    The first thing I threw out were two tricycles meant for very small kids. One was princess themed and the other was slightly larger and teenage mutant ninja turtle themed. I then threw away a broken umbrella, a box of old newspapers, etc. I cleaned out the main living room on the boat and then washed the metal walls with dish soap and repainted them. I remember there being some moral about taking good care of where you live, because chances are it will take care of you.

    Dream carried on with my life in the room on the tugboat. I lived there, but it was also where I worked. Now I had a nicer place to live not full of junk that I had collected.


    I was on my college campus. I remember the campus had experienced something strange, that tectonic activity had apparently acted on a particular mineral below the ground of the campus. The mineral caused there to be pockets of negative gravity. They weren't dangerous because if you stepped inside of one, you'd float up for a bit, but hit the top of the negative gravity bubble then be moved off to the side by wind currents or imperfections in the field and be moved to the border of the field where normal gravity would slightly rule out the negative gravity and force you downwards slowly. In other-words the

    These were fun to play in. People made up games where they would throw rocks into the negative gravity wells and they would shoot upwards and they would try to get their rock the highest just by throwing it forward.

    A female and male scientist pair were sitting there with a computer and some scanning equipment (their scanning equipment looked like several electric guitar amps wired to a fancy laptop) and they showed me computer visualizations of the gravity bubbles. They were just that, bubbles, sphere shapes. But they talked about how the gravity bubbles would increase exponentially because as they spread, they would activate more of the mineral and align the crystals to expand and join the bubbles until they formed a massive bubble hundreds of miles wide.

    I remember going inside of one of the buildings. Parts of the building had gravity bubbles inside of them. Campus workers had built plywood ramps that slowly inverted students and staff to walk on the wall and ceiling as they passed in and out of bubbles. I had to go to the advising office to talk about something. Everything in the office had been moved from the floor to the ceiling. I had had a boring conversation with the advisor (don't remember it.)

    I went back outside to meet my friends S and C. They asked me if I wanted to play with them in the gravity bubbles. I would have said yes but my Taekwondo Instructor appeared and said explained a plot about a guy who was an executive of this corporation who wanted to mine the gravity mineral and use it to power something for his corporation. He was supposed to be banned from it but there was a loophole in the law and if he could make it across campus and turn in a certain form before a certain time that day he couldn't get the permit to open his mine.

    I remember we began chasing after him. Then the scientists approached me again and informed us that we shouldn't try to get across campus because the gravity bubbles were cascading out of control faster than they had originally anticipated. We went after the guy anyway.

    We eventually tracked him down to this part of campy that does not exist in waking life. It looked like we were somewhere in Venice or this Italian city. There were these large white brick houses with red roofing tiles and vines growing up the side, and this big archway structure. We saw the corporate guy who looked like Amit from Infected Mushroom. He had his son with him and his son had a bodyguard. We tried to confront him but apparently the guy, his son, and his bodyguard knew martial arts too. He tried to warn us to back off and he did all these flips and kicks and stuff but we didn't back down and we started fighting everyone.

    I got stuck fighting the son's bodyguard. He was a big guy, suprisingly agile for someone of his size and he seemed to be getting the upper hand (dag nabbit if I was lucid this would be a different story). I kept stepping back and avoiding his strikes. I remember stepping back into a wall and walking up the side of the wall. (Not congruent with how the gravity bubbles were explained to work earlier.)


    I don't recall how but we managed to turn the tide of the fight. We tied up the son and his bodyguard with vines but the businessman got away and signed the deal to mine the mineral. Somehow, even though this had only happened over the span of a couple minutes there was already a huge mining complex with chutes, hoppers, a large tower, and a railway linkup constructed where the dorms should have been on my college campus. The man was standing on a stage talking about how he was going to use the gravity-defying mineral to create flying cars.

    Then the scientists came and said that the gravity bubble had collapsed (despite the fact that we were not all floating) but it was now pulling all of the world's oceans towards this one spot. I could see a big tsunami (about 50 feet tall) coming through the trees. I climbed to the top of a building. The dream blurred out there.


    I remember false awakening and signing on to dreamviews. I wrote up the first three dreams of this entry, with time skipping most of the actual writing and it being me just remembering key details of them hoping and refresing them in my mind, probably the reason I come to you all with four nonlucid/semilucid dreams, and posted them as a dream journal entry.

    DreamCafe had commented on my entry almost the moment I put it up. It was a link to my art thread where she had posted a picture. The picture was of her and all three of her regular guides sitting on the end of a bed. From left to right was Dawn, who was reading a newspaper, Cafe herself holding a cake with a birthday candle, Eye, in boxer shorts and sleep deprived looking, and Kiro with a cone party hat and a big present. There was a heart-shaped foil balloon tied to the bed post by Kiro that said "happy birthday".

    I remember the picture was also done in a style that resembled her art. The color pallate was interesting too. The background was grayish/purplish, and each of the guides were outlined in a dark shade of their respective color. The foil balloon was the only thing that looked different since it had full colors and looked realistic rather than drawn. It looked like it had been cut out of a photograph and photo-shopped into her drawing.

    The internal logic behind it being a birthday was that it was the anniversary of the day she had first managed to lucid dream.

    I remember downloading the drawing and opening it myself in Photoshop. I wanted to see what was on the newspaper. The headline said something about a famous white racing horses head that had been replaced with a bird's head. I thought it was funny. I tried to zoom in further to read the actual text but it became too pixelated. I could read the headline on the back of the first page that read "Scientists have confirmed that energy from renewable sources is the same color as regular energy." This had something to do with the question that I asked to the drunk girls in the second dream.

    1,000 words short of that other really dream journal. (Maybe I should give up on LUCID dreaming and try to see how many non-lucid dreams and fragments I can recall in a single night.)

    LD 1pt*5=5
    Frag 0.5pt*1=0.5
    WBTB 2pt*1=2

    Total: 7.5
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Lol These dreams are pretty funny and your recall is amazing once again.Also, that part about Eye in his boxers reminds me of the comic I did.
    2. RelaxAndDream's Avatar
      Yupp impressive Dreamrecall you have there. was it "always" like that or do you try really hard and set a focus on it?
      you semilucid is interesting too. i never saw another me in a dream. and the thoughts one have in a semilucid are priceless...^^ like once i was: ah this is a dream but i HAVE TO find the jacket first before i start my goals...