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    Spell's Comp night 13: Unstable WILD

    by , 08-11-2016 at 12:38 PM (502 Views)
    I did another one of my accidental WILDs. (Not expecting it to happen either. In the WILD, I false awakened on my bed. The thing that tipped me off that I was dreaming was the fact that it was sunny out (in fact, I think it was snowy). I did stabilization by touching blankets on my bed, but I was thinking about waking up and the dream was really not that stable at all. I went downstairs and got ready to go outside for dream control when I woke up.

    I could feel myself back in bed. But I didn't open my eyes, or move, or anything. Reentry was easy and happened very quickly.

    I was in a basketball court, but it also felt like I was in my kitchen. I think the fridge and stove from my kitchen were in the corner and there was a window where there's a window in waking life. I took off and flew around. At one point I thought it would be funny to try and fly through a basketball hoop but I figured I'd probably get stuck. I looked down and saw my flying jets weren't visbile. Weird because I was hearing the 'flamethrower' sound that is usually attributed to them.

    I had a second awakening where I returned to being in bed. Reentry was just as easy and happened just as fast.

    I was still in the basketball court. I figured this time I had to think quickly to get points for the contest and thought of my dreamcatcher shield goal. I thought of making one and I actually got one to appear on my right arm, just like I had imagined it to look. (It was kind of small.) For some reason I was disappointed that it didn't make a cool sound effect when it appeared. I thought about testing it out but I would need someone to try attacking me.

    I woke up bigtime after that. I couldn't get back to sleep for a long while but I guess eventually I did because I remember this:

    I was asleep in the back of my grandmother's car. There was a 6" rat walking around on my body and there were a lot of flies and wasps in the car. I woke up when the rat started crawling on my face.

    Chain 2pt*2=4
    Basic Flight: 5pt=5
    Basic Summon=5pt=5
    Old Personal Goal: 10pt=10
    Frag 0.5pt*1=.5

    Totes: 34.5

    I feel kindof dirty taking points for such a bad attempt at a personal goal, but I've been kinda hard on scoring myself up until now...
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    1. RelaxAndDream's Avatar
      i hear ya. sometimes one kind of do his goal but imagined it different or bigger. nevertheless its count so dont be to hard with you. you can try it another time when you feel you can do it better

      do you mean with dreamcatcher shield something like this: https://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com...1376025487.jpg ?
      what function do you think it has?

      you get another 5 points for summon it
    2. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Wow, Congrats on getting the WILD and reentering the dream so many times! ^ w ^
    3. RelicWraith's Avatar
      Vermin. They're everywhere, even in one's dreams.