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    Spell's Comp Night 14: 3 Lucids; Stage Flight, Halo Battle, Bank Robbery

    by , 08-12-2016 at 03:33 PM (414 Views)
    Now this is the kind of night I wish I'd be pulling off for the entire comp.

    I was talking to Manei and I said to her: "I like taking long hot showers and crying for no reason. It helps me get all my boogers out."


    I don't remember the first dream too well. I was with my cousins and we were going to see some movie. Then I remembered that the movie was in fact some play that I was supposed to have a part in. The movie theatre morphed into this huge coliseum with five stage curtains on a scaffold forming a pentagon in the middle. I don't remember if it was because there were five iterations of the same play being put on at once or because it was all one big play that made use of this unique stage. It also had something to do with my high school graduation.

    I remember leaving my family behind and going backstage to make preparations. I had no memory of being in this play or what part I was supposed to play. The director got really mad at me. He said that the play was a Porn-Parody of Harry Potter and made a penis joke about a "wand". I remember there was this big blue prop sign with white letters that said "Lucid Dream".
    I became lucid. Not long after I did, all of the dream characters except the play director vanished.

    I remember becoming lucid and thinking of my dream-goal to do do some kind of acrobatic/gymnastic maneuver. I was thinking about the olympic gymnastics and how very badly I wanted to mimic that in a LD. I also thought about how I might destabilize the dream if I do a flip or something because it would be like dream spinning. In more stable dreams it hasn't been a problem, and I've done it before. (Hence why it's a 10-point goal).

    I said I wanted to start easy. I saw this huge paper mache prop tree and ran up the side and did a parkour backflip. It didn't destabilize the dream very much. I then forgot about the goal and started flying and running through the branches of the prop tree. The play director ran and got a clipboard. He said he was inspired to write a new play about Peter Pan because I was flying. Then this really fat guy in a blue track suit came in. He said he wanted to enter me in a lucid dreamers equivalent to the olympics for agility flying since I had a natural talent for it. I told him I would like it, but I wanted to do proper training and not rely solely on natural talent.

    (Adds Lucid Dream Olympics to list of dream goals for after comp.)

    I remember I was playing Halo 4 (At least I think it was Halo 4. It felt like it.) I remember I had signed into the match by accident and it was 3v1. I thought to myself "huh boy, a 3v1, and I haven't played in awhile." I remember thinking that I should just quit, but that would be bad sport and I should at the very least try and fight them even if they stomp me. Also the place we were fighting in was the front yard of my house.

    It was at this point their personalities became apparent. The guy in red armor with the star on his shoulder had Steven's voice from Steven Universe and was the leader. There was a guy in white armor who was an idiot and a guy in pink armor who was a coward. They tried attacking me. I remember having three weapons avaliable to me (when in Halo, the most you can normally have is two.) I had a shotgun, assault rifle and the 3 round burst rifle from halo 3)

    It's not like I was playing to my fullest. In some weird way, (even though there the video game context was ignored) Controlling my character felt lethargic. Sometimes I would think to move a certain direction but wouldn't actually start moving half a second later. Aming was difficult too. More than once, I shot in a different direction than I was looking.

    I remember the white armor guy and the pink armor guy were pretty terrible and I was able to kill them pretty easily. For the most part they would just stand in one shot and try to shoot at me (and miss) The Steven guy was a bit tougher, he actually fought back and used cover. I know he killed me at least once. At one point the white and pink armored guys came after me driving a minivan they had stolen from the neighbors garage and I blew it up by throwing a grenade underneath it.

    When the score was about 10-1 the Steven guy said he was going to use a hack to transport us outside of the map. He did and we were now on a freight train that was moving. I killed the white and pink armor guys again and apparently when using the hack, they forgot to set the spawn points outside of the map boundaries too, so this was my opportunity to lose these guys.

    The train began going around this large lake (actually I think it was a bay) following a curved path. Because of the way the tracks curved I could see the Steven Guy way down at the end of the train across the lake. There was a (googles Halo vechiles) Banshee on one of the last train cars. He got into it and flew across the lake towards the front of the train where I was. I started shooting at him but kept missing. He shot a missile at me and blew apart the train car. I very nearly fell off but I grabbed this bar on the end of the train car and held onto the side. I swing around to the backside hiding from him.

    Dangit I'm lucid! Can't I just use VATS?

    I swing around once. I tried to stop time and target him, but nothing happened. (Well I got hit with a few spare lasers) I tried a second time and it worked. I focused in on him and got a HUD just like VATS. I set all my shots to target him (Think I had about 5 shots) I even got the 3rd person movie style of me shooting them and blowing the guy out of the sky.

    After that the train stopped, presumably because the match had ended. I think my armor dissolved and gave way to my regular dream self. I still had the gun but I threw it down in the sand and sad "gah! I hate using guns!" I saw one of the little ATV things from Halo and decided to hop on as an easy means of transportation. I got stopped by this fisherman guy who said that the ATV was his and it was a present from his mom and had been stolen from him by the Halo team that I had fought. I said he could have it back and he was very thankful.

    I somehow found myself in a parking garage looking through the back of my dad's old van and I found a fluffy white blanket. I was talking to my dad about something and said that I had to return the blanket. I went back to the fisherman's house and gave him the blanket too. When I did he hugged it and started crying. He asked what he could ever do to repay me and I said that it was nothing and I was just trying to be a more positive influence on my dreams.

    The dream phased from the beach where the train and the fisherman had been to the family beach resort. I wanted to go back and talk to my dream dad but I wanted to move in a way that wasn't flying. I remembered how in old lucid dreams I would move my feet like I was ice skating and gain super speed across the ground. I tried it but nothing happened. (Maybe because I was in sand... )

    What if I tried actual ice skates? I looked down at my boots. I felt like I could feel a button where my big toe was and wiggled my toe in to press it. (I also noticed, when I focused on the sensation of my feet that I was wearing no socks and had a lot of sand in my boots.) But when I pressed the button, an ice skate blade popped out of the bottom of my boot. I was a little bit awkward at first because I couldn't get the one in the other boot to come out because there was no button. Eventually intuition made me realize that I had to press the button in the right boot twice.

    I started skating down the boardwalk at high speeds. I remember thinking that I should use these more often and call them the "zero-friction skates".

    I arrived in this collection of oriental style buildings and a boardwalk. I find the fisherman character again sitting and eating a basket of fish and chips at an outdoor eating area next to a buffet bar. He thanks me again for returning his things to him. I think he was actually in tears this time. I thought it was funny. This guy really looked like the tough sailor type, even though he wasn't very big he looked tough, but here he was, balling his eyes out for me. He said he didn't like french fries because they were potatoes and the association with the phrase couch potato and laziness, so I ate some for a realistic taste, but no salt, and I couldn't find any, and didn't think to reach into hyperspace and grab some.

    He asked me how strong I must be to return two of his most important stolen belongings and beat up a gang of supersoliders that were apparently local bullies. He said he wanted to arm wrestle. I remember I accepted but it was this weird form of arm wrestling where we were standing and we tried to pull away from one another with our arms bent and whoever's arm went straight first would lose. The fisherman struggled and struggled, eventually cheating at his own game to try and bend my arm straight. I told him that "I'm the Dreamer." He didn't really understand that so I explained briefly that it was my lucid dream.

    I then remember making a point that my strength doesn't come from musculature because in the dream realm, that's meaningless. What's more important is your level of confidence. I decided to test something by using spear finger on a tree. (There was a large tree growing up out of the boardwalk several feet from our table.) I expected my strike to reduce the trunk to wood chips, but I don't think I was fully confident. (I was in the same mindset when I'm doing board breaking in martial arts classes.) I still drove my hand about halfway through the tree making a sizable hole and coming out with a fistful of wood shavings. The Sailor guy had a fish stick in his mouth and it fell out when he saw me do that. Priceless.

    I then saw the sky getting dark and decided I would do some flying. I said goodbye to him and activated fire jets out of my hands. In the reduced lighting the blue and reddish-orange contrast of my flying flames was exceptionally apparent, the colors really popped against the DW. There was even a "fwoom" sound as they came on. Sometimes my flying jets are very small and compact (or nonexistent), but this time they were like big bright colorful blooms of fire. I didn't take off right away and I was worried I'd set the boardwalk on fire. I took off and did a spiral around this pagoda building as the dream faded out.


    I went into something about driving with my dad, in the van again, going camping. I think it was actually a false awakening, explained that I had been asleep in the car this entire time and just woken up now as we were arriving. (We're actually going camping the day after the comp ends, no wonder I didn't catch this.) He said something about father son bonding.

    I woke up. I seriously thought about just getting out of bed and starting my day. (I did get up to go pee though.) I've had foul luck with reentry and mostly mucky WILDs. But I realized I was tired enough that I just might be able to pull of another short lucid and started doing counts.

    I was with my dream-mom. I remember telling her that this was a lucid dream and it can be utilized as a playground to do anything, even things that are not necessarily acceptable. She said she wanted to rob a bank. I remember also there was a plot about me being some kind of secret agent and I walked into a bank when there were robbers in it and everyone else was running away. The dream got scrambled pretty quickly where I was someone else and I saw my mom running out of the bank pushing a baby me in a stroller.

    I went into the back of the bank. I think I was with Manei now and we were planning how we would do this. Marcus had given us this little baseball sized shaped charge that we could supposedly use to destroy the vault door in the back of the bank. We walked in, climbed over the counter and went into the vault. I remember I tried figuring out how to make the bomb detonate. There was a really long red string wrapped around the bomb with a little pink plastic toad on the end of it.

    I then decided we would hack the computer instead. I remember trying to log in on the user account of somebody from the bank but I didn't know any passwords. Then I went to another computer terminal and saw that without logging in I could just enter the password to the vault directly. We tried a couple different passwords. The only two I remember us trying were "HoneyMoney" and "BigBenjamin31". I think Marcus was talking to us over radio giving us more password suggestions, but I ignored him since none of them worked.

    Me: "Alright. If I was in the prim and proper adult culture of banking, and I wanted to pick a password that nobody could guess, you wanna know what it would be?


    GLADOS sounding computer: "Password Accepted. Opening Vault."

    A woman came out of the bathroom and saw the two of us. She said she had been woken up by the Glados voice and had fallen asleep on the toilet. She was a little bit suspicious that we weren't supposed to be here even though the bank was closed, we were dressed like ninjas, and the dream guide behind me was stuffing money into a bag (Humorously stupid and oblivious dream character.) She somehow became convinced that we were a husband and wife pair and Manei was username "HoneyMoney" in the bank's employee registry.

    I woke up.

    Scoring: Since I've never had multiple lucid dreams to score I'm not sure how to do it. I think you can count dream control twice if you have it in multiple dreams. (But not necessarily a chain, like what happened last night.)

    Frag 0.5pt*1=0.5
    NLD (counting the nonlucid portion for each DILD since it was substantial.) 1pt*2=2
    DILD 10pt for first +5pt subsequent*2=15
    WILD 10pt for first=10
    WBTB 2pt*1=2
    Old Personal Goal (Gymnastic Maneuver)=10pt
    Basic Flying=5pt*2 different dreams=10pt
    Time control=(I'm counting my use of VATS as this.)=10pt
    Use an ordinary object to preform dream control (I guess it isn't 100% normal to have ice skate blades that pop out of your shoes, but I'm taking it and running.)=5pt
    Super Speed (From the skate blades)=5pts
    Eat Something (A few Potato Planks)=5pts
    DC Interact 2pt*all 3 dreams=6pts
    Super Strength=5pt
    Elemental Control=(Them big blooms of fire in the second dream should count. Such pretty colors (◕‿◕)) =10pt
    Use electronic Device=(Bank computer system)5pt

    Total: 100.5!

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      Great job on all the lucid points! I love the elemental control!
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      Wow, you sure did do a lot. ^ w ^ Congrats!
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      "Flameo, Hotman. Flameo." - Sokka