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    Spell's Fall Comp Nights 5-6

    by , 10-21-2016 at 01:30 AM (275 Views)
    Night 5

    had a fairly lengthy but bland dream. I was in my 8th grade history class and everyone was naked, except me. Class seemed to be going on normally, though. The teacher was giving a lecture, and we were all taking notes. He kept telling me to stop being distracted by everyone being naked with a very serious tone in his voice.

    Marcus came in (also naked) and said something about the dream failing to allow anyone to wear clothes. He then walked over to the teachers desk and made a valiant effort to craft undergarments out of computer paper and scotch tape.


    I think this was actually from the 3rd or 4th night of the comp and I just forgot to document it. There was a dream where I false-awoke. In the dream, I had a very long beard, reaching about halfway down my body. I tried to shave it but it perpetually regrew in new and strange ways. The dream went on for a few minutes.

    Night 6

    I am attending Hogwarts. (I knew a HP dream would show up eventually, since I've been reading through the books.) However it was disguised as my middle school. I remember they were having a beginning of the year celebration. Apparently I had been sorted into house Hufflepuff and, for whatever reason, we had to sleep outside on the lawn. They gave us yellow and black stripey scarfs that were really big and could be used as blankets.

    There were some people running around the running track. (In-Dream, it was across the road from the middle school, instead of next to it, and I think there were quidditch goals set up at either, too.) People wanted me to run a race but the other people already had a head start. I started running anyway and (shame I wasn't lucid for comp points) went super fast. So fast I remember I would have a hard time turning tight enough around the bends in the track.

    It was getting to be nighttime and Dubledore came outside (He looked like a combo of dumbledore and my old Middle School principal.) He magically created a small carnival with a mini Ferris wheel taking up about half the field for us to celebrate. He also inadvertently created a forest of large oak trees filling the other half of the carnival. He said he might as well leave them there since they were not hurting anything and they were magically linked to the carnival so he'd have to clean up both of them anyway when the field needed to be used once more.

    I sat down under one of the oak trees and did a moon RC. I looked at the moon (it was full.) and looked down at the grass. When I looked back it was crescent shaped and the stars were brighter and more vivid.
    I became lucid, but I didn't think of my goals so I obviously wasn't too lucid. I just decided to fly around. (I think I was trying to impress some girl that I had met in an earlier dream by flying, but either I just saw her out of the corner of my eye or she didn't even notice.) In fact, nobody noticed at all when I took off. (I presume because this was a gathering at a magical school.) It took some forceful voice commands to get above altitude, and I remember seeing the spot where I took off, leaving a spinning orange/blue fire circle that expanded outward and faded as I flew away. I took off and hovered above the central area of the fair, examined my fire jets. The effect wasn't too flashy this time around. The whole dream was foggy.

    Due to forgotten lucid goals and generally not putting enough effort into this recently, I flipped upside down and hovered on a jet from one hand, and spun around like a top for no reason whatsoever. My phone buzzed in my pocket and then fell out because I was upside down. I had to dive and catch it right before it fell to the ground. I really scared this older woman who looked sort of like my maternal grandmother but with darker skin and a whole lot fatter when I flew down right in front of her face. I caught my phone in one hand and propelled myself back up to my original altitude with the other.

    I answered it. On the other end was who I presume was Marcus and he told me in a rather irritated tone of voice to stop calling my fire jets 'fire jets' that they are actually fire rockets because they can work in outer space. He then said that theoretically I should have the ability to shoot fireballs that home in on targets and explode when they hit, if I practiced more. I lost the dream abruptly.


    I revisited the scene. I was at the track with the oak trees and the carnival, but nobody else besides us were there now. Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe was there and we were laying on the grass stargazing together. The stars were even more vivid and bright this time.

    Night 5:

    NLD x2=2

    Night 6:

    Frag x1= .5
    NLD x1= 1
    DILD x1 =10
    Fly x1 =5
    Element Manipulation x1 =10
    Use electronic device x1 =5
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    1. Occipitalred's Avatar
      I had to reread your first sentence twice... Normally, people tell of dreams where everyone wears clothes but them.

      Maybe those oak trees weren't so much of a mistake... Dumbledore likes his students to come to lucidity without being to direct...