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    Spring 2023 Night 13: Balloon Head

    by , 03-15-2023 at 03:03 AM (142 Views)
    I had some non lucid dream that went on for awhile. The dream was at what was supposed to be a ski resort, though it felt like it was also a mixture of the lake at my aunt's vacation home in michigan and somewhere with snow-capped mountian like mt. fiji. I remember getting onto a flying ski lift chair and going very fast across the entire region to a big ski lodge resort building. Then feeling lost, and realizing I didn't have my phone, wallet, keys or any other personal belongings and couldn't remember how I'd gotten here. There was a lot of faffing about and general anxiety in a pretty discoherent manner.

    At some point I got to a low level of lucidity. Manei and Madmonkey's guide, Juliana appeared. I remember Manei was wearing a black kimono with pink flowers. Juliana had a wooden magic wand, red and gold scarf and round glasses like harry potter. The two stated the intent to do a procedure on me to purge negative aspects of myself that were holding me down. They explained that everything in a dream is a projection of myself, but that negative aspects sometimes hide internally and need to be separated out into a separate entity in the dream world and then dealt with. Juliana waived a wand and a little point of light appeared out of it.

    All of this brownish dust began moving out of my body, creating a really interesting sensation. It flowed out of me in streams and forms together into a humanoid form. Its sort of made out of twisted, warped petrified wood like material and flies around on fire jets like I do though it does not make blue fire on its right side. It also expands in size to... I don't know fifty or a hundred meters. It gets really big. The being also doesn't really have fingers or toes, its limbs just split apart into clusters of forking branches like tree roots. The being's head is made of cloth and inflated. Its head is an orange a hot air balloon made to look like a jack-o-lantern. But the face is animated and can change.

    The being laughs in a cartoony deep evil demon voice and boasts that it is free of me and will now enact destruction. Manei then summons her malachite sword and launches into the air, crossing the distance almost instantly. She is in the narrow area where the balloon head is secured to the wood body and makes one circular cut all the way around, cutting 8 or so ropes. The being is defeated, its limp body falls into the lake and splashes down, and the jack o lantern balloon head seems to deflate but also floats upwards.

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