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    Summer 2023 Comp Night 10

    by , 06-11-2023 at 01:40 PM (174 Views)
    I was at the dinner table with my mother, father, and father's parents. The location I was in felt like the day care/kindergarten place I went to when I was a young child. (Very odd, do not think in my 15ish years of LDing I have ever dreamed of that place, or even a place that felt similar to it.) I distinctly remember the dining room had a very odd feel to it. The room was very bland with white walls, venetian blinds and plain blue carpet with a complete lack or decor. It felt like a hospital waiting room or something. I was eating at a folding outdoor table which for some reason had a sort of padding or cushioning on the surface of the table while the chair was one of those hard folding metal kinds you get at outdoor parties.

    I recall I was sitting at the table eating breaded chicken tenders but not feeling hungry. Then my mother came inside from one door and said to my father that the police were outside and wanted to speak to him. I looked at my food and remember cutting the breaded tender apart to see the chicken meat inside with a knife.

    Then Robert Waggoner (I have been re-listening to the audible version of 'Lucid Dreaming, Gateway to the inner self) came in the other door. He was portrayed as a man of average physique with gray hair and glasses and said "An expert lucid dreamer would not be distracted by the current elements of the dream, but would instead lucidly aware, choose investigate elements that could lead to introspection."

    I became lucid and got up. Realizing what I really wanted to do, investigate why my dream-father was being summoned by police officers. I headed outside to see three or four police cars parked on the lawn of the day care, where the playground would have been. The fence, tree and playground equipment were all gone.

    False awakening in my own bed. I got a message on my laptop. Madmonkey had sent me a youtube video. It was titled '10 hours of Johnny Test Screaming'.

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