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    Summer 2023 Comp Night 2: Nonlucid Bomb

    by , 06-03-2023 at 05:43 PM (196 Views)
    NLD 1:

    I am at a doctors office getting a medical checkup and needing several shots. I then falsely remember partway through that I don't have insurance and the bill is going to be absolutely obscene.

    The dream scene is... interesting. The clinic i'm at is a small single story building in a coniferous forest somewhere. Huge pine trees surround the building on three sides and a babbling brook runs diagonal to one corner with beautiful reeds. The natural elements of the dream are quite vivid. However the building seems to be lacking most of its walls and a roof. There are some interior walls and a layout of the floor and everyone is navigating the structure as though it is a normal building. There were also not individual patient rooms, just about a dozen hospital benches laid out in one big room and most of them occupied with other patients undergoing similar procedures.

    Right before the doctor could give me a shot I ran out of there and into the parking lot. I just started running as a doctor was following me with a sedative and two other attendants were following me too.

    NLD 2:

    I was on an alien planet, maybe a layer 1. The dream had a feel of the borderlands games in its sort of art style being old-west meets space opera with bright colors and a bit of post-apocalyptic. I remember I went and hid from these bandits who were chasing me as I didn't have a weapon (two female, one male) in a canyon. There was a large sort of plasma wall/gate/forcefield type thing that I managed to activate on my side. These stakes in the ground would project a sort of hazy white force wall.

    The bandits couldn't deactivate the forcefield wall from their side, but the had some piece of equipment back at their base which could. I had a piece of equipment that could disable the shield. it was like a flashlight with a needle or barb sticking out that I stuck right into the forcefield wall where it stayed. It caused an electrical potential to slowly build up within the forcefield. When the bandits came back with their shield disabling device all three were electrocuted and killed by a lighting arc from the shield.

    Did a Wake-Back-To-Bed here with the objective of becoming lucid and flying the Natsu.

    SLD 3:

    I was in the bathroom of my current home, though the bathroom seemed to be larger. I was looking at myself in the mirror noticing I had some redness in my lower back (where I've been sore for several days) but it looked more like a rash or something. I think while mostly in the form of my waking world body I seemed to be larger, taller and overall heavier set than I was in waking life. Manei and marcus were both present there.

    I remember while I was not lucid or at the very least at a level of lucidity I wouldn't consider worthy of counting for the competition I decided I would jump over to my dream form. I had the sensation of pushing my soul or consciousness out of my body, like astral projection or OBE and flying into and taking control of my new body. My waking world body unceremoniously fell over limp on the floor. I remember taking the pulse of my own waking world body and seeing that it was dead. Marcus asked me what we should do with it, saying that if the police found a dead body they would think somebody had died because they didn't understand that the body was just an expendable vessel and the consciousness and memories had just been moved. To which my response was

    "lol just get rid of it I don't care"

    In my dream form I noticed another oddity as I began playing with my hair. That I had a large number of small black hard lumps in my hair. It was about the size and shape of a blueberry with the little "crown" on the top and bottom. I pulled on one and it cracked of the hair strand it was attached to very easily. I asked Marcus what it was. He proceeded to explain.

    [paraphrased, spoken mostly in the language of thought] "Well when I made that body I wanted to allow for abiotic sustainment but the pesky laws of biochemistry and entropy kept getting in the way in some layers of reality more adherent to physical laws. Hade seemed... generally annoyed with the upkeep necessary with a baseline human body. I don't blame him. One of the workarounds I put in was photosynthetic cells able to consume all waveforms of light... why I went with black hair. They are based off the lifeforms on Woue. The plant like cells help the metabolism to be much more closed off since they can help produce sugars and recycle nutrients and biomass. But apparently those plant cells are trying to produce fruits now. I might be able to fix it but modifying the genetic material this late in the game might be tricky."

    "So wait. This is why he's like 'Oh, teehee I forgot to eat for three days'." Manei asked.

    "Yes, I do believe that is so." Marcus responded.

    NLD 4:

    I was on the boardwalk in the front of my childhood neighborhood at night. I was standing on the railing of the boardwalk hanging paper lanterns off of trees for some kind of holiday or celebration. My father was present along with a few other nondescript dream figures. We were apparently preparing for a halloween like celebration.

    A dream figure came out, I believe he was my friend K's sister. He was wearing a very elaborate wendigo costume save for on his feet wherein he had shoes with those bendy bows on them that let somebody run really fast and jump really high. Somebody else had some kind of black demon costume with a white mask. He looked kind like Red X from the 2003 teen titans show but with claws. Some little kids were scared of his appearance but I compliment the costume design and acting of its wearer. He seemed friendly.

    A native american man appeared and accused the wendigo costume wearer of cultural appropriation. They had an argument about it.
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    1. Meiseki's Avatar
      Wow, Marcus is really smart, I had to read that explanation twice to understand it