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    Summer Comp Night 0: Victorian Iron Man

    by , 06-01-2023 at 01:03 PM (155 Views)
    Dream Fragment:

    I was browsing dreamviews. I noticed the site had a new forum section which didn't make a ton of sense to me described as "Non-dreamer consciousness forums" with the subheader being 'this is a place for non-dreamer entities to discuss lucid dreaming. Dream guides, dream figures and nightmares can post here.'

    Dream 1:

    I was dreaming of working at a company, though the dream was very third person and seemed to emphasize that it was a story written for drama and mostly one I experienced through the person. The dream scene felt like it was in a bedroom or residential location with the walls being painted a warm orangish-brown. The room was rectangle shaped with office desks arranged along the outer wall and high windows with a sloping ceiling and poorly lit. A large desk sat in the center. This was the company boss's desk.

    The story hinged on a rivalry between two programmers at the company trying to win favor of the boss to get raises and promotions by working hard. One of the programmers was just a human while the other was an anthropomorphic cat. (He looked like the Ri'saad from Skyrim). Both of them pulled all-nighters for the company trying to get new code to work. However the company boss socially engineered their rivalry and used it to get more work out of them, proceeding to give his own son the promotion instead.

    The boss had also secretly been having his workers develop a powerful AI like chat GPT to write code for him. He had done this by asking each of the workers to write separate components or systems of the AI without explaining what they were for and then he himself wrote connecting code that made all the systems work together. Once that was done he laid off all his workers without any severance package due to hidden fine print in their contracts, and began using his AI to rapidly write games and software, keeping all the profits for himself and his son.

    The 'narrator' or 'writer' of this story said that the moral of the story he wanted to tell was that workers should not trust corporate bosses because they are manipulative and greedy.

    The dream then showed there was a window in the wall like a small cafeteria counter through which food was being served to the employees.

    Dream 2:

    I was in a fancy victorian mansion with tony stark. Right in the middle of this old-fashioned looking library with a big old globe, fireplace and tall oak bookshelves was a highly advanced looking assembly platform. Robo arms rode along a complex series of tracks and were equipped with an assortment of tools. I remember distinctly watching in great deal the automated assembly process as the robots put together an iron man suit. Tony stark was telling me about the various components and features he wanted the suit to have.

    I remember he showed me another section of the mansion wherein the suits of plate armor were displayed, but they seemed to mesh together. I distinctly remember a suit of armor that looked like medieval plate mail but was visibly high tech with mechanical joints and high tech weapons, and another set which visibly had been made to cosmetically look like an iron man suit but was only made with traditional blacksmithing techniques.
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