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    Summer Comp Night 3: Chinglewang

    by , 06-04-2023 at 04:03 PM (156 Views)
    NLD 1:

    Some dream that seemed very in line with kerbal space program. I was trying to design a viable aircraft that kept crashing with the ability to manipulate it on the runway before starting. I remember having odd cylindrical parts attached to the aircraft and rearranging them before being imposed into a passenger seat inside on the right side of the aircraft. Each time it would crash on or shortly after taking off and the dream would reset. I remember trying out different configurations and components trying to find ones that would work.

    NLD 2:

    I was visited by a demon called 'Chinglewang' who showed up with a knock on my front door. He was a small fat creature, who looked sort of like the little ogre from soul eater. His outfit was interesting. He had a purple and gold leopard print suit, pants and hat. He might have worn a necktie, but he had more bling around his neck than a D-list rapper. I distinctly remember on each finger of his little red hand he had rings with comically large gemstones and the two front breast pockets of his coat lined with hundred dollar bills.

    He wanted to play a game. It was basically the guessing game with cups where you put something under the cup and then someone moves the cups around really fast and then you try to figure out which cup its under. He explained the rules saying that I could bet any amount of money I wanted. That each time I won, my winnings from him would double. Then I could either cash out or play again to double once more. But if I lost, I would lose everything and have to play again. He took out like a plastic minecraft diamond as the 'pe an set up the game at the table trying to convince me to play it.

    I repeatedly refused to play, pointing out that he was a demon and probably had mind control or something that would result in me losing all my money. I grew irritated with him and went to my room to retrieve a sword. (I think this was a reference to a visualization I did with Madmonkey, and I think I was close to getting lucid here.) I started threatening him with the sword and he took the hint and left.
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    1. DorianMask's Avatar
      I love the depth of character in your Chinglewang demon. That has chaos fae written all over it.