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    Summer Comp Night 6: Uma

    by , 06-07-2023 at 02:46 PM (138 Views)
    NLD 1:

    Some dream was taking place set on the ol' beach resort. The same one dating back to my first lucid dream. There were two or three large birds there, standing around in the beach sand. They looked like bald eagles but I remember pointing out that their beaks were an unusual reddish orange color. The birds also had a fatter body than one would expect and I somewhat wondered how they would be able to fly.

    There were some other dream scenes and shenanigans going on involving my family but I don't recall the specifics.

    Did a WBTB here. Actually did like four WBTBs and had no dream recall after most of them but I distinctly remember both reality checking every time I woke up (no FA catches ) trying different approaches on each one of them and none of them worked out.

    NLD 2:

    I was visiting a hotel and resort that I believe was supposed to be in new york city. I remembered seeing an advertisement or commercial for the place which seemed to emphasize an exciting new water slide. The slide was very large and it showed a kid getting into a yellow tube and riding a waterslide that was a sort of light brown color with darker brown splotches. The darker brown splotches kind of looked like scum or dissolved minerals on the slide but since it was new it seemed they were actually an intentional part of its coloration.

    I then proceeded to the actual visit. It turned out the indoor water park was deep underground in a large gymnasium-like location with a high ceiling and white painted cinderblock walls. There was a large swimming pool with floats and lines on the bottom for doing laps. While it was well kept, it felt very empty and bland. Like a liminal space.

    I was with some other dream figures there commenting on how the place seemed like a letdown. I wondered where the slide in the advertisement was and looked up. There were two cutouts in the opposite sides of the room. A narrow light brown waterslide started at almost the ceiling level and ran straight along the long-edge of the rectangular room, going through another wall cutout about halfway down. This implied to me that there were at least two other rooms with pools in them to be discovered.

    SLD 1:

    Not counting this as lucid as it was really low level semi lucidity, though it was related to my wonderland construction. This has been a complicated process going on roughly since the winter comp. The approach I have been taking is sort of a hybrid approach, where some items are distinctly added and I try to investigate and discover others through dreams. I decided to investigate if Woue had its own submoon, specifically after the incident a few nights ago where I failed to become lucid because . It did, and it was named Uma and had a dusty red coloration like mars.
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