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    Lucid Time!

    Summer Comp Nights 13 and 14

    by , 06-15-2023 at 04:11 PM (129 Views)
    No dream recall on nights 11 or 12. Lots of semi lucid work and lots of effort. Nothing I feel is really worthy of being called genuinely lucid though.

    Night 13:

    I was at an army boot camp. I distinctly remember a large old style white three story building set over a large flat training ground with lots of obstacle courses, running tracks and so on. I was assuming my dreamself identity though it only seemed vaugely lucid dream. I am lucid enough that I think to myself that “my dream identity seems to have a stronger focus than me actually becoming lucid, even though I don’t focus on it.”

    In one scene I am getting hassled by the other recruits in my division. They don’t like me for a miasma of reasons. One of them asks why my hair is long when everyone else has to get it cut. I proceed to explain for what feels like the hundredth time (thanks false memories) that my hair is a plant which gives me extra energy and is therefore important to my functioning as a solider. I then proceed to show them a paper with an official looking seal printed on it that was supposedly my waiver.

    There is another scene. Everyone is in the showers, and one of them points out that hade usually appears to lack certain male equipment. (This is a phenomenon I have noticed; a majority of the times I’ve checked. Ofc I haven’t accurately documented the presence of a penis on my alternate dream self because I don’t really care about that) To which my response was something along the lines of “At least I don’t have a sensitive floppy meat snake between my legs.” Suddenly all the other guys are feeling self conscious.

    The other dream figures weren’t really developed besides a vague amorphous wall of about a dozen marine jarhead stereotypes.

    Another scene. We are running on a dirt road around the base. It's easy for me and hard for everyone else. The soldiers are again frustrated.

    Eventually some of the other soldiers get tired of me and decide to try to assault me in the locker room next to our bunk. At least three of them. I distinctly remember being quite scared for a moment then ‘remembering’ that I was in my alternate dream body. I told the guys (who all easily weighed twice as much as me and were a foot taller) to back off. I remember intentionally engaging a sort of “sped up consciousness” or “enhanced reflexes” mode despite not being lucid. Grabbing the lead bully I twisted his arm and then slammed his head into a locker but was careful not to do it too hard, not wanting to kill him.

    The second guy came at me slowed down. I chi-blocked him, then grabbed his body by the shirt and helped him down so he didn’t hit his head on a bench. The third guy came after me. I baited him into punching and he hit the lock part of a locker, badly injuring his hand and giving up the fight.

    The Drill Instructor came in (He of course looked and sounded exactly like gunnery sergeant Hartman from full metal jacket, because of course he did.) And said “What in the name of god’s great green grapes happened here?!”

    The final scene takes place in an office with the DI, Marcus, Strat from Project Hail Mary, and this Sigmund Freuid looking guy. I can swear it was the same office as the president from the teleporting lucid. The drill instructor explains that he is very disappointed in his men for acting the way that they did, but goes on to ask.

    The DI asked why I was on the program at all. Strat said it was a bureaucratic mistake and in order to be considered part of the armed forces I needed to go through basic training to properly qualify. Marcus proceeds to explain that this was some reference to that story in the Halo lore about when master chief beat up the ODSTs, that he wanted to test me and see what I could do, and that I should have been in a separate program but it was a set up to test how me and the other soldiers would react.

    The DI then asks why if Marcus was trying to make a cybernetic supersolider body he made it look “like a Kpop star”. He explains that it better fits the “quantum consciousness encoding” pattern and that is important for artificial bodies. (The Freuid guy nods) and for discreet infiltration. Nobody would suspect it to be a ‘hyper lethal vector’.

    I start to think more critically about this, that I am clearly a pawn in a bureaucratic play and decide that I’m not going to participate in war on either side. I just turn and walk out of he office and end up waking up.

    Another dream. I am in my English class and notice my hair is growing the little black hard hair protien fruits again. I am trying to brush them out with my fingers and they are falling over the classroom floor which irritates the teacher. She tells me she is going to call my parents and tell them that I am not taking care of my personal hygene. There is some ongoing anxiety dream, we have to give presentations on elements from the periodic table but I have done the wrong assignemnt. For some reason my presntation is on a nonsensical molecule. It looks like ethanol except theres hydrogen where the carbon shoul be and nitrogen where the hydrogen should be, with the hydrogen atoms on the chain each triple bonded to the nitrogen atoms and each other.

    In a semi lucid state I just decide “lol this class doesnt matter” but don’t properly connect to the fact that I am dreaming. I go out in the hall and see Jonathan.

    “Im not lucid but I still need to beat him up for a dream goal. I wonder if it still counts if I’m non lucid… wait is the competition still ongoing? Enh who cares.”

    I rush at him. He just grins as I approach and I punch him right in the mouth. This does seem to hurt him a little but his head just turns his head back to face me. I then tried to elbow him in the stomach and ribs repeatedly. This again produces a bit of a result but not much. Then he starts to hit me back and it actually hurts. Its not a debilitating pain but one that definently makes one acknoledge that they are being injured. It only lingers the moment after I get hit, too.

    The fight goes on for a long time. It swings to favor him for a bit as he pins me against a locker and seems mostly interested in attacking my stomach and kidneys. Then I get out of there and remember that kicking tends to work better than punching, and the fight swings back to me. By the end of it both of us are pretty evenly beat up and the hallway is a mess with blood droplets, dented lockers and a few cracked cinderblocks. I feel tired, but not in the “I’ve been beat up and pushing myself hard” kind of tired, but rather a sleepy kind of tired. I see Jonathan pull out a prison shank and realize “I dont have the energy for this shit anymore” and decide to wake up.

    My awakening is actually a false awakening into another dream. I’m at a crappy log cabin styled motel with several friends. Theres a bunch of faffing about over who is going to pay for the motel. I then go to a subway resturant only to find out its closed.

    Third semi lucid. I am in hade form again in a gymnastics training gym. The coach dream figure is intitially very hostile, declaring that I am not allowed to compete because I am not a baseline human and will be disqualitifed from any compeition that I participate in if I am found out, and he will not be having cheaters in his gym compete as it will damage their reputation.

    I say that I have no interest in going into gymnastics competitions as competing against normal humans would be too easy and that I am just interested in using his gym to try out how this alternate body works. He calms down and apologizes for coming on so strong.

    Night 14:

    NLD 1:
    I am playing ‘sock’er in a large stadium with a grass floor. The stadium is partially populated with fans who do not seem particularly enthusiastic about watching us play. The weather is overcast and cloudy. The game is played with teams of 9 (3 offense, 3 midfielders, 2 defense and a goalie) at the start of the game the players stand in a 3x3 grid for each team and make a perfet 3x6 grid on the field and this is significant somehow. Though if one will pardon the pun, the game is called ‘sock’er because it is played by kicking around a wadded up sock.

    I remember I am one of the offense players for my team. My team seems co-ed and generally very diverse group of mostly OTD dream figures. There are a couple of female players, two very large and muscular men with dark black hair and uniforms. One of the players on our team is actually a dog.
    Another is Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes and somehow this game is actually a variant of calvinball. Calvin is (of course) a 2d animated cartoon character sprite that overlaps with and interacts with the real world in a mostly predictable way. I am semi lucid while observing him and I study his shadow and position relative to the sun and note that he is 2-d and the image of him just always rotates to face me.

    I am one of the offense players and begin bringing the sock to the other side of the stadium to score a goal. I have many FMs of training and being good at this which helps me to control the small and seemingly unpredictable wadded up sock. However I begin to doubt myself and lose control and the sock goes out of the corner of the stadium and down a stairwell.

    I must now kick the sock back into play from out of bounds. The ref tells me I must kick from the concrete stairwell. Being barefoot I am very reluctant because the way he has positioned the sock if my kick is a little too low I will jam my toes on concrete. (We are playing barefoot) I do several seconds of preperation before the dream ends.

    NLD 2:

    I am watching an alternate cut of Independence Day. It is the ending of the movie where everyone goes out to see Will Smith and Jeff Goldbloom (I know they had actual character names but I don’t remember them) in the crashed alien starship. However the scene is short differently, instead of daytime in the salt flat.

    Burning pieces of the alien mothership rain down on a rocky tundra at night. The sky is dark, cloudy and full of muffled explosions. The debris seem to fall much slower than they should. The fuselage of Air Force 1 (destoryed) falls and breaks in half. Then the alien fighter sort of pancakes on its belly. The other characters from the movie cheer as will smith gets out. He talks to the camera and says.

    “Winning against aliens is 20% having the right tools, 17% showing up, 37% being in the right place at the right time, and the rest is carefully applied tactical insanity.”

    NLD 3:

    I am outdoors at an OTD location. It seems like a grassy park with a large gazebo with picnic tables for dining. But I am outside a school. This is a Skyrim quest but it is also somewhere in Australia. Weather is hazy, and it has the feeling of being early morning with the sun low on the horizon.

    There is a fairly typical mix of game mechanics and me ‘being’ the character in first person that one would find in my modified layer 1 lucid dream. I make my way into a small castle tower and find the character with the quest marker. Originally I am supposed to kill him, but instead he stops me and talks to me. This concludes the quest and I am awarded experience.

    I head back outside near the gazebo and see people in stormcloak outfits running around. There are teachers and school staff being attacked. There is a rather conflicting factors in here. On one hand the outfits and weapons of the guards look fake, they look like they are just cosplayers or actors just pretending to be guards. Their attacks and movements seem stilted, like video game characters going through specific animations. But when I see them attack I note that there is blood on the sidewalk and on some of the school staff.

    I take out a bow (it seems like the generic long bow design from Skryim) and I am trying to shoot the beligerents with an arrow. This seems way harder than it does while I am properly lucid as the arrow sometimes shoots out and curves down after flying just a few meters. However it seems to still do full damage. I hit one guy in the foot and he drops dead. This was a problem I often had when playing actual Skyrim. I don’t know if it was a bug in the version I was playing or I was just trying to shoot the bow too fast, but I did frequently have this problem on my most recent playthrough.

    NLD 4:

    I am at a beach. I see several tents set up along the beach and deep trenches or sort of partitions maybe 5 or 10 meters. With each partition one person is in the water. This is some kind of game show being filmed where people are challenged to stay in a small section of ocean without getting out of the water. I am watching this from up on a sand dune or hill above the beach from quite a distance.

    A wave breaks in a strange and unnatural way catapulting two large salmon or swordfish through the air and they land very near to me. Someone comes up to me and says we should try to get them back into the ocean before their eggs come out, but their eggs come out anyway. This big mound of black caviar which takes up most of the inside of the fish and is infested with this white looking Rooty fungus/parasite/worms. The smell (smell is not commonly engaged in a dream) is absolutely terrible.

    The dream figure seems grossed out and I am grossed out too.

    WBTB here, about 6am

    NLD 5:

    I am in some kind of canyon like enviroment like the American southwest. It is dry and sunny with clear skies. There is a ruined city with many tall buildings off the distance but the rest of the world seems to be flat desert with only the occasional road or building.

    I am being hunted by a zombie Bigfoot. He has this rough reddish brown texture to his whole body like cooked meat and is very large and heavy set zombie like being. I remember I have a scoped bolt action rifle and am trying to shoot him from long range, but my aim keeps wobbling and getting thrown off.

    At some point I manage to hit him and shoot off one of his arms but this only draws his attention and he is now running towards me. He is still what feels like many miles away and below me in the canyon so I am not overly concerned thinking even if I only hit once every few shots I will be able to kill him long before he gets close enough to be a threat.

    NLD 6:

    This may have been related to NLD 4 but my notes say that NLD 4 was before an awakening and this dream was after. I was a salmon swimming upstream to spawn. I reach the head of the stream which is a large lake with a snowcapped mountain to the far side and in the distance. Coniferous trees rise all around.

    I am thinking about plant life for my personalized dreamplane and semi-lucid, decide to investigate if there is any inspiration around. I investigate the shore of the lake and see a plant that looks out of place. It looks like black and dark red striped grass with a tall sort of pine-cone like structure growing on the end of a long stem that rises out of the water. I am told this is called mosay. It is a grain-like crop that grows in most enviroments and the pinecone looking thing (called a mosay cone) can be ground up into flour and used for a variety of things.

    The life cycle of the plant naturally is explained. That if the mosay cone is fertilized by a pollinating insect it will grow larger until it bends the stem and tips into the water. The cone will then release little ‘seeds’ which are these orange-yellow little tadpole/minnow like things that swim around and then burrow into the mud near the side of the lake or river. This is important because the seed fish can actively and intelligently find new locations for the plant with ideal soil nutrients and water flow with sensory organs.

    NLD 7:

    I am outside at night, though this feels like the beach location from NLD 4 again this was after my WBTB. I am on a boardwalk above the beach. There are small resturants/food stands and small sort of gift shops selling sun screen and beach toys and bikinis and stuff to that effect. One is a surfboard rental shop.

    I then see a woman stuck in a large sort of urn or pot. There is a fire below the pot. It has holes in it where her face and arms stick out and if she shifts her body right I can see that she is naked and standing in an odd sort of crouched position to fit within the urn. She has the physique and demeanor of a warrior being tortured and I somehow intutitively know that she is being tortured unjustly and has been in there for a long time suffering from the suffocating heat of the fire, and that this is some form of torture.

    I go into one of the shops and get a big metal beach umbrella with a sturdy handle. I disassemble the umbrella to just get the handle and use it to smash the pot. The woman gets out and stands up. She is muscular but quite short, a bit shorter than me and has pale skin and reddish orange hair tied back in a braid. Aside from a few burns and red spots from being inside the ‘hot pot’ torture contraption she seems to be unharmed. She speaks with a Scottich accent and thanks me. She says she is a dreamer from the year 1345 and always has bad these bad dreams and has been waiting for someone to free her.

    She then says “This lass gon wake up now.” And disappears in a puff of smoke.

    I go inside another building. This building has a queer sort of ‘new house’ feel to it with plain white plaster, windows with stickers on them and flat carpet with very little in it. The room is square and has a high ceiling. The room has a cold nighttime dark blue lighting to it.

    I am seated at a the end of a long banquet table with a large fat anthropomorphic bullfrog wearing a tophat on the far end. Food is laid out for us, though it mostly seems to be giant dead flies and grubs prepared in various ways, as well as vegetarian lily pad soup. (stuff a frog would eat, or I guess stuff my brain thinks a frog would eat). Two male dream figures are sitting to either side. They look clean shaven, very late teens or early to mid-20’s. I intuitively know they are Jehovas witnesses or some kind of similar religious emissaries and that they are here to talk about my faith and relationship with god.

    I say to myself something to the effect of "I know this is a dream, but I don't see the point of becoming lucid."

    I decide I want to get out of this situation. I get up to leave and the two male DFs get up and try to restrain me. I stab one in the neck with a steak knife and kick the other in the groin before smashing a wooden dining chair over his head.

    A third one comes in. He is this doughy looking teenager who is younger and he looks nervous. The fat bullfrog orders him to attack me. I see that I don’t really want to hurt him and he is nervous about hurting me so I chi block him and he goes down.

    The bullfrog man becomes angry. It wasn’t apparent from my angle but he was the table. In that the top half of his body was a fat human-sized bullfrog with a tophat rotated 180 degrees to give the effect of sitting. But the bottom half was connected in a long ceuntar-like manner to a large body resembling a goat or mule or something. The tablecloth of the banquet and food all falls away as he rears up, rotating the frog section of his body 180 degrees. I see that he has 76 legs with brownish fur and black hooves in a 4x19 grid on the bottom of this long rectangular body, and this is significant somehow.

    He says he wants to debate with me whether capitalism or communism is a superior economic system and he says that he is a buisness owner and will argue for capitalism. 

    Night 13:
    x3 NLD = 3pts
    Night 14:
    x7 NLD = 7pts
    x1 WBTB = 2pts
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