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    1. Weirdness and Lightspeed Flight LD:#296

      by , 07-02-2016 at 04:44 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I remember I was sitting in a college class. A girl from one of my high-school classes was in the class and being annoying. I didn't know what the class was about and didn't care about it. Instead, I was playing Kerbal space program and landing on the moon. She came over to me and saw what I was doing and told me not to be playing games in class. I told her the professor wasn't there and we had no work to do so it was none of her business telling me what to do.

      I remember the professor came over and said that it was good that I was doing something. He was giving a lecture on philosophy and how something could be a representation of something else, and how KSP was a representation of the Apollo moon landings.

      I remember clicking to plant flag, but there was a new option for the kerbal. "Drink Space Beer". I clicked it to see what would happen and the Kerbal threw off his spacesuit and left the helmet on. I remember he had a very muscular male body but it was green since he was a kerbal. He started rolling around and got covered in moon dust. A window appears and says "Drunk kerbal has rolled around in the moon dust. This allows them to have an extra suface sample."


      I remember that I was a really good cop/detective type guy who had been captured by a criminal. He took me into an abandoned building where he had a makeshift surgery center and all this technology. He then said that he was going to rebuild me as a cyborg that was under his control and use me to fight the other police. I remember he said that the main implant would go in my stomach and he showed me a jigsaw.

      The dream cut to black, but I kept hearing my character scream, and the criminal say things. I then remembered that this wasn't a criminal cutting open my stomach and putting weird technology inside of me, but rather a movie about a criminal cutting open my stomach and putting weird technology inside of me that I was helping to film. But for that part of the movie, all I had to do was provide the screams since they got a fake dummy body with a moving mouth to do the surgery scene.

      I remember when I woke up I had all of these technology and readouts like a robot. Most of them were orange and black in color. I remember the criminal had fled because he couldn't install the implant that would control my brain without killing me because he didn't know how. I was still able to control the cybernetics. I remember running a systems check of my body and confirming that all systems, both biological and mechanical were fully functional.

      I remember bringing up a data catolouge with a google search bar. I could have any information at my fingertips just by thinking about it. But internet explorer was my built in browser. I downloaded chrome.

      "Cool, I can rewrite my own software!"

      I remember looking at some data about the planets aligning and losing that portion of the dream.


      Someone said something about me giving them a computer mouse and they could make a copy of it.


      I remember I was in my backyard, semi lucid. A girl in an orange dress with yellow prints of palm tree leaves approached me. She said her name was "Banana Pineapple Beach hat" or something. She asked me if she could get on my shoulders. Being the drooling semi lucid idiot that I was, I allowed her and started jumping. But I would jump much higher than normal as proper lucidity worked its way into my mind. When It did, I took off flying and carrying her. She didn't say anything.

      I remember I did some flying maneuvers. I had a very good awareness of how the extra weight of the DC made me have more inertia and was able to compensate. I flew close to some houses and through some tall trees in my neighborhood, and something about Manei came up. The girl I was carrying wasn't her. No energy. I then remembered the Task of the Month, to try and fly at light speed. I couldn't do it with extra weight.

      "I'm going to have to drop you off. Emphasis on the 'drop'."

      She didn't respond to me. I pulled in low over a body of water (about 15 feet above it) and got ready.

      "Are you ready?"

      Still no response. I just dropped her anyway and took off. I turned and looked up at the sky. It was cloudy and dark. I tried to imagine myself moving towards the clouds and heard myself accelerate past the speed of sound and my flying jets turn on and spool up (I don't think they were on before.) I cleared the clouds and saw a starry night sky with the band of the milky way visible. I looked back and saw the curving horizon of the earth shrink away into the whole planet. I looked back at the stars and started screaming "like I was going super sayian" I thought at the moment.

      I saw the stars begin to stretch into lines. Like when the Millennium falcon goes light speed in star wars. I saw the earth was tiny now and went away. I saw a thing that said I was going 9901c. So I guess I was going OVER NINE THOUSAND times the speed of light.

      "Man, I hope I don't hit someth- why did I let that thought enter my mind?" At that moment I hit a large planet/small star. It looked like a brown dwarf gas planet. It was actually brown in color with bands glowing red on it. I remember viewing the collision from third person and unable to stop it, seeing a tiny streak hit the planet and it exploded like the death star explodes with a shock wave. I woke up rather suddenly.

      Man, I need to get back in lucid dreaming shape. It was pretty much a fluke that I got lucid and remembered a task of the month. I take as a sign that I need to focus on this more.
    2. Flying Upside Down, Fire and Ice (TOTM) (LD #265)

      by , 03-26-2016 at 01:43 PM (Lucid Time!)

      I remember my dad had taken me to subway, and I was wishing he hadn't because he spent the entire drive home (20+ minutes) complaining about this mushroom flavored bread and was saying that it was good in a six inch but bad on a footlong because you would grow tired of the taste. I think my mom was in the car too and she tired to get him to stop complaining. The dream went on for a long while but was pants-poopingly boring.


      I was in the woods. (It felt like the woods behind my subdivision and it felt like it was.) I remember I kept picking up twigs and snapping them into little bits. I remember meeting this girl who wore a hijab. I was telling her about how me snapping sticks was a bad thing because it meant that I was too stressed to become properly lucid in my dream.


      NVM. I looked around and saw woods in every direction. I covered my eyes with my hands and told myself that when I re-opened them I would be on the beach. (I don't know why I tried this, my old-fashioned teleportation techniques almost never work.) But when I took my hands off of my head I was surprised to see that, although the woods in the immediate area was the same, I was now not far from the shore of a large lake, and across from the lake was my subdivision.

      I ran towards the lake, and jumped when I reached the shore and kicked on my flying jets. I remember I sort of hovered there for a couple of seconds looking down at the water. I was hovering above it but my jets were causing the water to boil and creating a cloud of steam. Dream Logic told me that this was why so many of my dreams had fog in them. (Granted, this dream did meet the dream sign of it being overcast.) In fact, I think it was snowing. But the lake wasn't frozen.

      I flew forwards towards my neighborhood. I remember I was flying very low over the water, and that was a problem because there was a large cinderblock wall. (Not there IWL, obviously. The lake isn't there IWL). I came within half a second of smacking face first into that thing before I managed to get flying to pull up higher than a few feet off the water. (Though it probably wouldn't have hurt me.) Internal logic told me that sometimes I can only fly below certain altitudes because my fire jets are pushing against the ground or water.

      So I got over the wall and was now able to easily maneuver in every direction. I flew up, past my house and around. I made my way down the street. There was a school bus getting loaded up with kids. I remember thinking that I was probably dreaming of it because on Thursday, I was driving to college and got stuck behind a school bus. All the little kids were pretty impressed with my idea to shoot by on a column of fire.

      It was then that it crossed me that I should do something other than just flying. I looked in the sky and saw the moon in the sky through a gap in the clouds. (The sky was weird, brighter than day, but darker than night, a sort of deep Indigo with a crescent moon directly above). I decided I should fly to the moon and try and land there without making a crater this time. I started flying towards it. I tried to get more power and only focus on the moon so that it would start getting bigger. But the moon didn't seem to be getting any closer. I then thought of the Task of the Month. I figured if I wasn't going to the moon, I could at least try that. I remembered that the goal was to create fire/ice in your hands. I looked down and saw that my feet were generating jets of flame, but my hands were not.

      I did a 180 in the air and flipped around, creating flames in my hands and using those to propel me, essentially doing a handstand in the air. Just like with my feet, where my right side projects blue flame and my left projects orange, my hands apparently did the same thing. I then focused in on capturing the details. The flames didn't look all that spectacular, the colors seemed kind of washed out. (The whole dream had a color palate of blues and grays though.) But really projecting fire is nothing new to me. It has the sensation of sort of pushing your energy or chi down your arm and manifesting it as the flame, and you maybe feel a little heat on your hands or feet. I wondered why I was even bothering since march was almost over and there would be a new TOTM soon, but I could at least have wings for a couple days. Wings... Maybe that's a good TOTM for next time I thought to myself. Grow or Manifest wings in a dream.

      Okay, but I want to do fire AND ice. I then focused on the right hand switching to projecting ice. The dream went third person as the blue flame changed into a puff of snowflakes, and with a jet of fire on only one hand I lost control and fell from the sky. Back to first person. I fell into the street head first. Thankfully the street cracked rather than my skull.

      "Ass tits, not again!" (In retrospect that was a pretty stupid time to try and make ice.) Also why am I cursing 'not again'? This is the first time I've tried this. Something then fell off of the moon and would have landed on top of me if I hadn't rolled out of the way. It was a four-sided dice, with a circle, a five pointed star, a six-pointed star and a 12 pointed star on it. Marcus came over and was really excited because it was made of moon rocks and he wanted to study it.

      Come to think of it, why do I always curse with 'Ass Tits' in Lucids? I should make it a dream goal to figure that one out...
    3. EDITED:Fragmented Lucid: Confusing Reality (LD# 63) At my service (LD#64), probable TOTM

      by , 12-20-2013 at 08:56 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I rewrote large parts of this Dream Journal Entry, because the original one seemed a bit flakey. (Most likely because I wrote the original Now, I'm able to properly explain what happened.

      Where things get Weird

      I was in my front yard, and lucid when two dream characters show up. (They show up in this really cool black car nonetheless) I recognize them as Marcus and this other character that I recently identified and named Jack.
      It was at this point that for some reason, I thought of the basic TOTM for this month. To ask a dream character for a present and see what you get. I never said anything out-loud about the TOTM, but I thought about it.
      I think Jack is the one who gets out of the car and offers me a small grey gun that he says Marcus invented. (And this is where I think I may have just completed the TOTM.) He gives a short speech about how this is the "next step in personal defense" and asks me to try the weapon out. The weapon looks and feels like the sticky detonator from Halo 4. It has a smooth look to it.
      I fire it at a tree, and a large cylindrical grenade sticks to the side of the tree. I pull a trigger, and a number of small fan shaped grenades release from the large one and stick all over the place. Okay, that's a cool feature, but I can't figure out how to make the grenades detonate. Don't know if this is my own lack of knowledge or a malfunction with the weapon.

      I false awaken in my own house to find that I have woken up very late on a Saturday morning. Makes sense why I would lucid, so I go downstairs, and go on this site and begin writing a DJ entry for this dream. I then, in my false awakening, go back upstairs and "WILD" back into a non-lucid dream.

      I go back into a dream where my lucidity seems very unstable, an anxiety dream about school where I'm stranded there and I need to ride home. Jack shows up again. And let the real weirdness begin.
      Jack attempts to convince me that I'm not dreaming. He tells me that my "Guides" (Meaning that he is a guide too now I guess.) are here to help me in waking life. He says I won't be going home for awhile. Telling me that this is waking life, given my groggy lucidity left me confused.
      We are walking out of the school. I was at a point where I thought this was RL, and I told him I needed to go get my backpack. He then proceeded to tell me that he was carrying my backpack over his own, took it off and gave it to me. He told me that was in fact a basic test to make sure I wouldn't lose it because of that. So I guess I passed.
      We get to the street out front of the school, and we try to get into this other vehicle that's like this very strange tractor type thing. Another detail that I couldn't help but notice, but there was a street named after Jonathan, my dream "Nemesis".
      All my regular dream characters, save for the evil one. (Manei, Marcus, and David) started to surround the tractor and get out. There were two more, a younger version of Lia who looked to be about 10, and a younger boy who was probably 6. We get out and we all start to get into this really nice black sport's car. (Is that like my dream character's only way to get around.) I'll really have to draw these cars that I keep seeing. But we have seven people trying to get into this car. I have to sit in the middle of the back. And I don't know where we intend to go.
      I'm getting into the back of the car with all these dream characters, and I woke up into my bed.

      At my Service

      I cannot believe I forgot about this dream.

      I was in my school's gymnasium. There were a bunch of people running around and playing with the various gym equipment like dodge-balls and badminton rackets.
      Manei approaches me and tells me that I am dreaming.
      "Oh... of course I am..."
      I do a nose pinch reality check just to be sure. I realize that I am dreaming, but I just felt really lucid. I probably got more lucid in this dream than I did in any lucid dream I've had in a long time. I could really feel the dream world around me. I even thought to myself that my real body is back in bed and this is all a dream, so this was a solid layer 3 dream. (For those of you who are farmiliar with receejones87's layers of LDing)
      "Thanks for telling me."
      She bows
      "I am at your service."
      I think to myself for a second. Manei... my dream guide, at my service. Will she carry out any command I give her?
      "Jump up and down."
      She jumps up and down. Given my dreams take place at about 0.5G's, she is able to jump about her own body height.
      She stops.
      "What's 7 times 4?"
      Now time to really see how this works. I pick out one of the dream characters playing in the gym. Knowing he is just an aspect of me, I issue this command.
      "Go beat that kid up."
      She calmly walks over to the dream character, and stops in front of him. She then jumps into the air and spins around kicking the dude in the face. He falls over either dead or unconscious and is bleeding from his nose.

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