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    Train Dream and Star Wars Con

    by , 03-19-2018 at 01:57 PM (577 Views)
    Ripped from my offline DJ


    I was on a train. That's about all I can recall.


    S had taken me to a star wars con. I was in an OTD parking lot with fog and OTDDCs. Some were unlocking these very large models from the backs of their trucks and unloading them into this wheeled palette. One was one of those revenge of the sith star destroyers (Venator?). But there were like 8 slots where the large turrets were. 8 small children painted their faces gray and got into the slots wearing these hats that looked like the turrets.

    The DCs then started fighting with another group of DCs who had also made a large model of a ship. This one I did not remember being in star wars. It was gold in color and looked like a huge hammer/axe with a big front part and a long narrow back part. They got into an argument with the star wars DCs and started talking about some space battle where everyone got these new upgraded shields but still had the standard weapons and the entire battle was resolved by all of the ships on both sides ramming into one another. The argument crescendoed when people rammed the two wheeled carts together causing damage to both ship models. The star destroyer with the kid's heads as turrets fell off it's cart and all of the children started crying. One of the older and more mature members of the group who hadn't been involved in the argument started trying to get the kids out.

    We then went into the convention. Alls I remember was that everything was egregiously expensive. Someone cited that a bottled water was 15 dollars.

    Meditiation: 50.15A (morning)

    RCS: 3 (documented)
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      I dont know what OTD is but its kind of funny how the fighting escalated and than the ship was damaged. Based on what i heard crazy stuff can happen at cons and they can be pretty expensive but I've never been to one . I doubt the water is 15$ though. XD
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    2. JadeGreen's Avatar
      OTD= Original To Dream. It's something I've been using in my offline DJ a lot. Basically means something that isn't from waking life.
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