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    Unable to say anything but 'Mountain', Soul Eater Movie, Jet Fighter Chase (LD #310)

    by , 10-06-2016 at 01:22 AM (509 Views)
    Meditation is helping me to have better lucid dreams from what I can tell, at the very least longer and with more recall. It's not removing the weird factor of my dreams, but I think they're better with that left in.

    I saw an alternate world map at some point. I might have to draw it I don't remember everything from it but here were the basics.

    -There was a huge circular impact crater ocean filling up most of the southeastern united states and the Caribbean. The US was divided along the middle. Apparently the civil war never ended. There was only one island in the middle of the crater labeled 'puerto rico'

    -There was another landmass to the southwest of Australia, about the same size but a little bit more long and skinny. It was its own country and became important in the upcoming dreams. I forgot what it was called so I'll just call it Bobland.

    -All of the korean peninsula was labeled 'North Korea'. The Japanese Archipelago was labeled 'Regular Korea'.

    -Russia was divided up into three countries labeled 'Soul Eater' (to the west) 'Potato' (in the middle) and 'Amethyst' (in the east.) The country of Potato was colored brown on the map and shaped like a potato. It was known to be an agricultural breadbasket for this alternate world.

    -There were six or seven islands running between the tip of brazil and west Africa. Each one was its own country.


    I got to go for a walk on a nature trail in Bobland. Apparently most of the flora and fauna were similar to those in north America but there were some animals from other continents that had gone extinct everywhere else but here. Bobland was a very environmental nation. They only had one major city in the entire nation, on the southern edge in a big bay. Supposedly the city was still polluted due to being very industrial but all of the pollution was contained in a small quarter of the country. This industrial powerhouse gave them the power to preserve the rest of the country.

    I remember seeing on my nature walk they had two of these houses, they looked oriental, but they were up on stilts above clearings in the woods, and you had to climb high ladders to get into them. They were meant as lookouts for the park rangers There were also these animals called [something] kissers. They looked like little cat-sized kangaroos with anteater snouts and were red and white. They were really smart and used simple tools and if they came up to you and kissed you it was supposed to be good luck. I remember three or four of them followed on my hike on the nature trail and before I went back to my car to drive to the airport and fly back home they all kissed me with their little snouts.


    I was doing work for this political campaigner guy who was apparently secretly responsible for deciding who won the election; Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Apparently everything these people did and every speech they made etc was all a very elaborate setup to do psychological experiments on the people of the united states.

    He had this big hill in the backyard of his mansion that felt like it was my house in my neighborhood but it was bigger and made out of dark red bricks and had a black roof and all of these archways incorporated into the architecture. In his backyard he had this hill, well it wasn't really a 'hill'. It was like a stone wall on one side and on the other a grassy slope at an absurd incline (70-80 degree incline) but was flat a little bit on top. He planted two different types of grass on the hill to make the lighter color of grass with a five-pointed star on it. Apparently even though this whole experiment thing and his job were supposed to be a closely secret, he liked to advertise that he was an important part of the american government by having this huge beautiful landscape billboard thing in his backyard. *confused jackie chan face goes here*

    And I had to mow it. Gravity distorted in a way that when you walked up/down the hill, it was like walking on flat ground. But mowing it was hard work due to the sheer size of it (3-5 stories high and about as wide). Also I had to mow it in a very particular way as to only mow all of the grass inside of the star first, then move on to mow all the grass outside. When I had finished, (Dream time took care of most of the mowing) I went to put the mower back, and looked back to where the hill just was and this caused me to become
    semi lucid. For some reason I was thinking that I had to find a mountain first. (Maybe related to the disappearing hill, IDK) Internal logic and low level lucidity dictated that the easiest way to get to a mountain would be to fly to another planet with one. For whatever reason, I felt as though if I tried to find a mountain on earth, I felt like the dream would destabilize.

    I flew up into the air on yer standard issue flying jets, effortlessly and started flying through the clouds. I got some great sensations of flying, wind in my hair, cool, wet clouds, and good visuals. Then I saw two Jet Fighters and one of them said in a bull horn like police to stop flying because I was supposed to go mow that guy's lawn again. But I disregarded them because I knew it was a dream and they shot a missile at me. I remember I caught it and when I did I was surprised at how small and simplistic it was. It was about the size of a baseball bat and seemed to be made out of plastic. I threw it back and blew up one of the planes.

    I saw a huge white door (like the door of a house or a room) in the side of a cloud with a golden handle. I thought that it was a door to heaven and I said out loud to myself that I thought the dream was going to start having religious symbolism in it. I remember I had to flip around and fly the other way to get away from the fighter jets. When I came out the other end, I was in an office on a dock in an industrial shipyard. I jumped out the window and looked around. I recognized that this was the main city of Bobland. There was a huge harbor with lots of large industrial buildings, and big cranes loading up freight ships. In the distance, across the bay, I could see a very modern-looking skyline. I remember the industrial complex was between the mountains and the sea and built up onto the mountains with various mines and the likes on them. There were shipping docks and cranes up there and flying container ships with big wings sticking out of the bottom. Past that the industrial gave way to a few lower-class homes and eventually untamed wilderness and very tall snowcapped mountains.

    I was still obsessed with getting to a mountain. So I jumped out the window of the office and started running with super speed at an angle across the bay straight to the biggest mountain. The jet fighters from before showed up, only I think there were more of them. I somehow knew they had tracked me but I didn't want to waste my time in the lucid fighting them. I jumped into flying because it was faster than running and went supersonic, still flying just a few feet above the water. The thing that I remember was they shot machine guns at me and one the bullets went through my right forearm. It just made like a half-inch wide hole and the inside of my arm was just made of like pink Bologna and there was no blood, but it still hurt a little. I remember thinking to myself that these guys shouldn't be chasing me to the other side of the planet.

    Then what I assumed were the Bobland jets came. And there were A LOT of them. (Like 50sh) The country had these very futuristic jets with forward swept wings that had big turbines in them, and they shot blue laser beams rather than bullets. Supposedly they had been attacked by aliens in the past and fought them off but taken their technology to make their military very strong. (I remember an alien invasion was actually very important to the overarching plot of last nights dreams, probably explaining the alternate earth.) They were trying to shoot down the american jets but they could hit me too because of the way the chase was going, so I turned directions and went straight up. I was flying up twoards one of the flying cargo ships that had little turrets on the bottom started shooting with machine guns to try to kill the american planes. I said something like "Gosh, I just cant get out of the way." I tried to get out of the way and the american planes shot missiles at the flying cargo ship. (Though I think they were meant for me.) When they hit all of the cargo containers started falling off. I flew through them but they destroyed the american planes as they fell.

    I kept flying to the mountain. I didnt seem to be flying very fast or even able to get very high. It sort of felt like I was tired from flying. I don't know if it was because of all that action and maneuvering in the air or the fact that I was becoming aware that the dream was ending soon or what. But I eventually had to drop out of flying and start running with super speed to get to the mountain. I ran through a big quarry area that looked rather interesting but I ignored it. I ran down a long dirt road that led up the mountainside.

    I stopped about halfway up when I saw piglets running in the road. I remember they had two sets of front legs but the back set was too short to touch the ground. Both sets of front legs were bright red and lacked fuzz. When I stopped all the pigs started running away from me. They were apparently a product of genetic engineering and radiation poisoning. It was funny how they moved as squealed and ran away from me and I was thinking they were kind of cute. I wondered why they were here and could never think of any other time that I had dreamed of pigs.

    Manei jumped out from behind a dead tree and killed one with some kind of small axe or mace. I asked her why she did it. She held out a sandwich in a bag from a Subway and, sounding very angry, complained to me that they refused to give her both "Pig Meat" and "Fish Meat" on her sandwich and would only let her have one or the other. I told her that in waking life, we call 'pig meat' pork, and 'fish meat' is just fish. This incident with the sandwich was somehow supposed to be a more mundane everyday allegory for the epic adventure I had just had, but even now I have no idea how. I wanted to ask her about meditation but when I tried to speak, the only word that would come out of my mouth was 'mountain'. The dream went to black and I woke up.


    (After a short awakening)

    I was in a movie theatre with Maka and Soul from soul eater. (Only they looked like real people, not anime characters.) We sat down to watch a movie but Asura (from Soul Eater) gave a short speech first. Then this big judge guy with a powdered wig talked for a little bit.

    Then the movie started. It was some kind of 2D animated science fiction movie that reminded me of Titan AE. The main character was a high school girl who went to a space high school with aliens. There was a human boy that she liked but the boy didn't seem to like her back . Soul complained that the movie was boring because it spent all the time developing the girl's crush on a boy rather than showing the cool science fiction stuff. Someone in the front row threw an orange cat (yes, a living cat, like one that you would keep as a pet.) at the screen and stopped the movie. The cat then attacked the judge guy and pulled his wig off.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Lol xD That dream world is so layed out but so random that its funny. Its great that your recall has improved too. I wish I could have a lucid dream that long but lately other things have kept me distracted. And wow...when Manei popped up and killed the piggy...that was just unexpected. XD