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    1. S2024 Night 1 and 2

      by , 04-01-2024 at 04:07 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Morning of Mar 30

      I am in my first grade classroom semi lucid.

      Several students are sitting in the classroom or outside in the hall with bloody bandages on one or both of their hands. The shape of the bandages tells that they do not have fingers. I am walking into school with my father and I tell him I do not want to go to class today because our substitute is Mr. Fingereater. He tells me I have to go to school no matter what or I will be in trouble and urges me into the classroom.

      Mr. Fingereater is a large fat ‘man’ wearing a white shirt. The front of which is stained with blood and unbuttoned to reveal a fat hairy set of pectorals. He is bald and has large cheeks and a mouth that is set out very forward. He has a large jaw and fat cheeks with very pronounced pearly white teeth. Like a bear trap but the teeth are not jagged or triangular. His ears are also very big and round and sort of stick out from the side of his head like an elephant’s.

      Inside I sit down with other students. Most of the students seem to be nursing bloody bandaged hands. I intuitively know that Mr. Fingereater will only live up to his namesake if I get a question wrong. He asks me some sort of nonsense question like “What kind of Dinosaur is a Thesaurus?”

      I don’t know the answer because the question is sort of nonsense, and I intuitively know that if I ask to clarify the question that will be counted as ‘wrong’. I'm lucid enough to kind of be annoyed by this, its sort of the plot structure and ofc the dream isn't going to 'play fair'. Being semi lucid I decide to run away. I run out of the classroom door and out into the hall.

      There is a long sequence of being chased through the school. It seems to draw on imagery of several schools (my first and second elementary schools, my junior high and my high school.) It seems to largely be a standard dream labyrinth effect. At one point I find a window and look outside. The building I am in is a large brick tenement like building that is built in a very large flat grass lawn in the middle of nowhere. I contemplate jumping out of the window but decide against it.

      Mr. Fingereater catches me and bites off my fingers on my right hand, leaving only the thumb. He takes all four fingers at once, but he does so by taking several quick bites eating up the fingers from the tips. (Probably for maximum pain inducement) This gives very intense pain and its very nerve-wracking to see four bloody stumps with circles of white bone where my fingers are. I scream and cry. But I can still ‘feel’ them and when I try to flex them I see severed tendons. I manage to get away from him before he can take another bite by sutting myself in a locker.

      This changes the dream scene to the cottage owned by my father’s sister. I am in the back yard near the lake and Marcus is there sitting in a lawn chair reading a book. He sees the state I’m in and offers to transfer my consciousness to another body. He has maybe half a dozen scifi-looking cryo pods with bodies in them.. I put on a sort of VR helmet and he loads me into one of hade’s female bodies and thaws it out of the cryo pod. He explains that this is an earlier prototype and doesn’t have as many cybernetic or genetic modifications. When I get loaded in I walk over to my child self (waking self body) and it is now dead from the transfer and bleeding out on the ground, but I ignore this. Marcus says he made a hot tub time machine and wants me to try it.

      I get in and see there is a small touchscreen control panel with cyan blue displays. I say without really thinking “I want to go back as early as possible to change everything!” and spin my hand on a large circular dial on the touchscreen display.

      I arrive in a house. The structural layout feels a lot like my childhood home but the decor is different. The house is also in my childhood neighborhood but it is one of the houses near the entrance to the neighborhood on the left side of the road when you come in. Where in our house was the front living room is a dining room. In what was the dining room of my childhood home is the hot tub time machine.

      There is a very elegant dining set made of dark stained wood with tan/golden cushions on the dining chairs. I specifically remember seeing the patterning on the fabric where everything is a lighter tan with diamond-shaped golden embroidery that is just a little bit inset on the fabric. A crystal chandelier hangs over it. My parents are there talking to a couple of other people and a younger me is meandering about looking at the details.

      My consciousness seems to alternate between inhabiting my own younger body and the hade body I pulled through. My WL body is very young in this, I feel like I am just learning to walk and I go down on my hands and knees to crawl at times and this feels natural.

      When I transfer into the younger body my fear of Mr. Fingereater re-manifests but when I alternate into the adult body it goes away. Mr. Fingereater comes out of the hot tub time machine like he is hiding under the water. While the female Hade body is small and slender and ‘only a prototype’ its still pretty much pure muscle and insanely more capiable to a normal human body. One roundhouse kick to the face instantly takes him out, its like hitting him with a cannonball. His jaw is broken and he falls over, breaking the drywall into the next room and bleeding quite a bit. I know he is dead. I executed this kick with the hade body but presence extended to my own child body.

      My presence becomes fixed into my child/toddler body. I see the Hade body now inhabited by who-knows-what consciousness. I notice for the first time that body is naked, it has rather large breasts but not a vagiana. (So its probably one of the later prototypes as I only saw hade bodies with this anatomy later on) She (??? pronouns are a PITA with these, but they are technically my bodies so I say anything goes.) waves and gets back into the hot tub time machine. The machine ripples and fades out. I feel distressed and saddened by this like a friend is leaving. I also notice that the fingers on my right hand are missing but now the wounds seem to be healed over.

      I start to cry. My parents and whoever they are talking to seem to have completely ignored the events and the dead mutant teacher in the next room. They don’t understand why I seem to have randomly started crying. There is a very strong rise of sadness. I’m conscious of it being ‘artificially induced’ on and I’m fairly lucid by this point. But the emotion is still very strong and I can’t help myself. I am crying because the more mature and capable body left and because I know that it is a dream and I haven’t actually accomplished anything because I didn’t actually travel back to my younger self. But simultaneously I’m distressed because I’m stuck back in my childhood body without the fingers on my right hand, and because its a mortal body they wont regenerate. (Also this is another point in the consciousness-body dualism in dreams. The body you take on can influence emotional and physical responses.) It feels good to cry and my parents come over to comfort me.

      I woke up. This has been a distressing dream since I’ve had aches around the fingers on my right hand for most of the day. I keep checking that they are still there.

      Morning of Mar 31

      Dreams were very fragmented and sludgy, none of them lucid sadly.

      I was playing minecraft. This was one of my old worlds which I played for quite awhile as a child. (The world had a very large pyramid made of red clay bricks and stone bricks which was my base). There was a large birch tree farm and I had several stacks of stone bricks and there was a large quarry pit which I put a glass roof over. But the world changed to a more recent world and I was in a mangrove swamp biome with mountains in the distance.

      Semi lucid. I am in the basement of my childhood home standing by where the bookshelf was and everything has a red tinge to it. I remember I am in my WL form but am undergoing a transformation into my dream form by way of an injection. This has caused me to take on a weird mix of features between the two forms. Manei is there. This is a reference to a very early dream I had. If one follows a strictly materialist/psychological pathway for the formation of a dream guide she arose here. In a dream I had some time before I even properly discovered lucid dreaming, I had a dream of Katara attempting to teach me waterbending. I was bad at it. I'm still bad at it.

      Some dream about my old factory job. There is a subway (resturant) inside the workplace.

      Also need to put down 2pts meditation 0.5pts RCs for this day.

      Will tally up points and post to comp thread when I have time.
    2. Winter Comp 2024 Night 6: Strange Storms

      by , 01-12-2024 at 01:59 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I become lucid, though I don't remember being highly lucid nor do I remember how. I brought Madmonkey into the dream. I don't see him as hes mostly behind me. We are in a meadow on Woue, looking at a large storm. This is like some equivalent to tornado alley, a large open plains. The storm cloud seems to be rolling itself, like a small hurricane flipped on its side, and quite vividly rendered. In one period the ground is just the black/dark purple color of the vegetation, in others its actually gold like a wheat field with these strange plants that grow "fat bulbs" containing lipids and oil and can start on fire from lightning strikes. (For the drawing I compromised and made it black with golden bulbs/flowers.)

      We fly up into low orbit together and look at the storm from high above. Marcus is there (orb robot form) and explains how due to thicker atmosphere the planet has a 'double troposphere'. This leads to these strange storms with rolling convection cells. It's sort of where air gets twisted up and starts convecting, rolling over itself like a sideways tornado. This is the only time I get a good look at Madmonkey who looks like how hes described his DS on many occasions. He says with telepathy "Lets fly back down and do our dream goals!" and then shoots off back towards the surface like superman going mach speed.

      We fly back down and land in a forested area, but I think I arrived back on boring old earth. I lose lucidity and am by the side of the road. A power line comes down and I am trying to get around the sparking wires.

      *1 tick for dream realm (Woue)
      *1 tick for Marcus (persistent dc)
      DILD: 10pts
      Adv Flying: 10pts
      Teammate: 7pts
      Drawing: 2pts
      RCs: 0.5pts

      Total: 29.5
    3. Winters 2024 night 4

      by , 01-11-2024 at 05:41 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I was watching a movie about two teenage boys who snuck into a train yard. In order to hide from the train engineers they climbed onto the bottom of the train. In order to comfortably hide they had to sort of wedge their heads inside this suspension bracket in the train wheels. The train then hit a bump in the tracks which jolted the suspension cutting their bodies off their heads and leaving their disembodied and partially crushed heads visible. The dream lingered on the gorey scenery for awhile with scenes of a crow coming to eat them.


      Dream fragment: I broke my meditation totem.

      Will write up points and post to the comp tomorrow.
    4. Bruh what do I even title this?

      by , 09-15-2023 at 05:02 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Semi Lucid. This dream starts with me flying in space. Marcus says that we are 228 billion light years from earth exploring a galaxy and 7 billion years in absolute time before the modern day. He is talking about building a dyson sphere nearby. I find a large planet with high gravity and lots of minerals orbiting an orange dwarf star and I say this is a good planet to build infrastructure on and get the materials we need.

      I land self replicating robots there to begin building an orbital ring with electromagnetic rails. He asks how I will power it. I point out that the planet has a thick atmosphere of ammonia and water vapor and that I can break apart the molecules to get hydrogen and build aneutronic fusion reactors. Solar collectors will also line the orbital ring providing backup power. Miners can work on the surface and send payloads up tethers to the orbital ring. Then electromagnetic rails will sling them off of the planet and into orbits where they could be captured by the dyson sphere constructors. I say that it will take about five earth years for my self-replicators to get up to speed and that his constructors should be ready to receive the first material shipments. I ask what elements he needs and he says mostly carbon allotropes but also titanium and rare earth elements.

      I then transfer my consciousness down to the planet. One of the robots informs me that It has found early multicellular life living in the atmosphere and shows me a microscope of these small blob-like starfish shaped colonies growing on the robots. These don’t seem to be a problem and after some experiments I learn they respond to magnetic fields. Recognizing that my mining operation could interfere with an ecosystem I order some of my robots to do a survey of the land and find areas with low mineral concentrations. I then set up magnetic field generators in such a way to attract the creatures and then keep them in specific areas. This will allow them to be preserved and the ecosystem to continue to develop while not interfering with construction. This works almost too well as the creatures are attracted to the magnetic field generators and form big squirming masses on top of them.

      I think to myself “If I still had a disgust reaction I would be grossed out by this but I’m an uploaded mind now and a disgust reaction is something innate to biological bearings to make them avoid situations where they could get a disease or infection.” I for some reason think of a beekeeper on earth and the dream scene changes.

      I am in Wakanda in Hade form. There is this black girl there, and I know she is not a pre-existing character but a new character that is being introduced in the movie that we are in and she is my co star. I think her name is “Daisy.” She isn't an iron heart either though she somehow got a hold of an iron man suit after tony stark died. I look at the computer and see that tony stark programmed the AI specifically for her because he trusted her.

      Daisy’s iron man suit has seven arc reactors that overlap creating a seed of life design which not only gives it far more power than a stock iron man suit, it is sacred sacred geometry it also means her suit has some magical power. The seven arc reactors also looks like a flower hence her superhero name is daisy. The armor is a white design with red accents and large wings.

      I then point out to her that she should learn how to fix the suit if she takes it into battle because if it gets damaged or worn out she won’t be able to repair it. She tells me to shut up because the writers knew that was a plot hole in the movie and refused to fix it. And if we fourth wall break and talk about it we can lose our positions in the movie. I then think that I have a self replicating robot swarm I can control and they should be able to work on the technology if we need it.

      We go into the back room of a Wakandan lab. There is a partition for Rocky and Ryland Grace from Project Hail Mary and I point out he is a good engineer and should be able to fix it. I stop and talk with him. They explain that the planet I was mining was rocky’s homeworld. Later the Tau Ceti and Eupsilon Eridani systems were moved close to earth by a space stone portal but me mining his homeworld seven billion years ago created a butterfly effect which resulted in the events of Project Hail Mary happening differently and instead Rocky and Grace ended up returning to earth instead of Erid. Rocky gives me a small laser gun, it looks like a 1950s atompunk/ragun gothic style raygun and explains that it uses astrophage to make a heat beam.

      I then see the self-replicating robots. Marcus and I created different robots. His robots are these sort of brushed metal cubes. Their short legs fold almost seamlessly into their bodies. He explains that the cube shaped robots fold up and can be stored compactly in a starship for transport, and that inside their large bulky bodies are internal atomic 3d printers and refineries. There are ports or doors that allow the bots to pass materials internally between each other when sitting next to each other or stacked on top of each other. He says that they are basically the manufacturing machines he keeps internally in factories but able to walk around and rearrange if needed.

      I then see my version of the robots. Mine are more spider-like with long multi-jointed limbs with complex manipulator hands and various tools in each limb. The robots are painted black and draw their power from a similar solar mechanism to Hade’s hair.

      They actually come in three sizes in descending orders of 12. The largest size is 2 meters. The medium size is 16 and 2/3 cm and the smallest size 1.388 cm. I explain that since I was a mind-upload I reprogram myself to think easily in base-12 numerology because it divides more easily than base 10. I also point out that Rocky uses base-6 numerology and I talk with him a lot so it makes translating easier when the numerical base I think in is double what his is. I then explain that I used 2 meters as a base measurement that was somewhat compatible to what earth used and then have my own personal “metric” measurement system that I think in. But that I wrote algorithms in the computer portion of my brain to automatically translate into whatever unit is most convenient at the time.

      Daisy asks me if my robots are a form of life. I say that I think they are, they have organic and mechanical components and can reproduce based on genetic code that is stored in computer memory, though I put in safeguards so they do not evolve and have full control over what they do.

      Daisy says that there is a super hero alarm and we need to fly from Wakanda to North America because evil doctor strange has made a magical disruption that is causing chaos all over the world. We go outside and start flying. I’m flying using my fire jets and she is flying using her iron man suit. I also state that one of my ships filled with self-replicating robots is repositioning in orbit and will be able to send combat units down to help.

      We fly upwards into a large thunderstorm. The storm is a sort of vortex, like a hurricane in miniature with an eye in the middle. As we fly through it we see that the ‘cloud’ is actually a giant blob of suspended water caused by the magic anomaly storm created by dark doctor strange. Its partially shrouded in mist, but looking at it more closely we see waves like the ocean. The eye of the storm starts shrinking and we have to start flying upwards to escape before it closes.

      We don’t make it and are forced to fly upwards until we break the surface of the blob of water in the sky (the sky-sea). Then a sea monster that looks like King Gidorah attacks us and Daisy shoots a missile into the mouth of one of its heads. The head explodes and turquoise blood comes out, then the head regrows as two more. I also point out that the blood is turquoise and therefore has hemocyanin. That means this creature is descended from cephalopods.

      I explain to daisy that this monster is probably like the Hydra from greek mythology and we have to cauterize the heads after we remove them to stop them from regrowing. She does this using a sort of lightsaber like energy blade to cut the heads off and I cauterize them with the heat ray.

      The dream scene changes to my home town. I found an orange kitten. The kitten has a single blue eye in the middle of its face like a cyclops. At first I find this freaky but the kitten seems friendly and climbs into my lap. I decide I will take it to Daisy thinking it is a magic anomaly but when I start carrying it it disappears in my hands.

      I get lost wandering around the streets near my current home noticing that things are changing as I wander around. There is a big mural of Daisy painted on the side of a church, her face painted head on with a bunch of daisies (the flower) around here.

      She asks where the cyclops kitten is and I say it disappeared weirdly on me and keep trying to emphasize that I was trying to bring it to her. She keeps getting more and more mad and I get more insistent before I say “fine” and use the “reach behind my back trick” to summon it. She suddenly relaxes but also looks very confused as to what I just did.

      I ask why the kitten was important and she explains that the kitten will sit on your head and act as a third eye. Forming a psychic link to someone who was needed to use the third eye power to find the dark doctor strange lurking in higher dimensions and fight him. If one didn’t have the kitten attached to their head the dark doctor strange would be able to move between dimensions and turn invisible and just pop out and attack or create illusions without any way to effectively counter.

      Donald Trump appears. He is the producer and lead writer of the movie and is mad that I ruined my character arc and wasn’t following the script. He uses his writer magic to freeze me in place. He then explains that my character was supposed to have a racism arc dealing with daisy and also be too freaked out by the cyclops kitten to pick it up and therefore need to learn a life lesson about not judging other people by their cover but since I wasn’t judgemental it seems like my character is too much of a mary sue and it won’t be a good movie.

      I point out that since I am both a character and a real person its unfair to make me racist and prejudiced because that could harm my real life reputation and thats why he shouldn’t write me into a movie. I point out he will have to pay for licensing the characters from project hail mary and that he would probably have to rethink part of the script. I also point out that if there is an origin story movie that Manei should probably be in it and that although Daisy is a good superhero partner.

      Donald trump gets mad and freezes me in place with the infinity gauntlet. He explains that it was hard to find an actress to play Manei because she’s too tall. He says he intends to delete this timeline because I ruined his movie. I am frozen in place but I have a psychic/brain chip link to one of my spider bots which is nearby. I order the spider bot to take a gay pride/progress flag off of the flagpole on this house, wad it up and throw it at trump. Right as hes about to snap his fingers the flag hits him and he turns red with steam coming off his skin and melts into a skeleton and puddle of goo.

      Chewbacca appears, though he is able to speak english. He explains that he used a malfunctioning hyperdrive on the millennium falcon and to time traveled to the year 1886 on earth to alter events. He was upset that Wookie representation was cut from Return of the Jedi because the battle of Endor was supposed to happen on his home planet of Kashyyyk but it was changed to sell ewok toys. He wanted his people to be properly represented in the star wars movies and preserve the original artistic vision so he traveled to the year 1886 and killed a Wendigo with his bowcaster. This wendigo would have killed someone stopping a family tree. Therefore the great-grandson of the guy who would have later been killed by the wendigo went on to be a different marketing director for Star Wars who wanted to keep the original artistic vision of the Wookies participating in the battle of ‘Endor’.

      After this, Chewbacca got into the occult performing alchemical experiments with wendigo bones and rescuing witches that were burned during witch hunts and altered the properties of occult creatures so that extreme liberal or conservative people in America in the 21st century had weaknesses. Like wendigoes had weakness to fire and vampires have weakness to sunlight now conservatives have a weakness to the Pride/Progress flag and Liberals have a weakness to the confederate flag, and if it touches their skin they melt like Donald Trump just did. He also says he has been spotted around America and that is what has created the legend of bigfoot.

      I then realize that if confederate flags and progress flags have occult power now we can use them to capture the dark doctor strange. I put the third eye kitten on my head use it to tell me if he is conservative or liberal and which type of flag we need to use. It shows me he is politically neutral and hates the conflict between the far left and the far right and realize we need to use both kinds of flags to hold him in place.

      I tell Rocky (with a life-support system), Grace, Daisy and Chewbacca to tie together ropes made out of both types of flags. We trick dark doctor strange into appearing and lasso him with the ropes of flags holding him place and stop him from teleporting into higher dimensions. But holding him in place is difficult. I summon one of my size-2 robots and put a lego under his foot because he is barefoot. Dark doctor strange steps on the lego and it is so painful that he dies.

      I then order a group huddle and tell everyone that we are still in a lower layer of reality that is a fictional property and that other writers could attempt to manipulate us. In order to rise up into the real world we need to find a way to get to the real world. Grace says that when he was working with Strat he saw a top secret document showing there is a secret schematic for a portal that allows one to ascend from a fictional world to a real world written in invisible ink on the back of the declaration of independence.

      The declaration of independence is presently being showcased in the restaurant at the top of the renaissance center in downtown Detroit so it is a prime opportunity to steal it. Daisy says that she could be the one to steal it because she has connections to high end Wakandan officials who will be at the party. Chewbacca says that the events of one of the national treasure movies will be happening and that Nicholas Cage’s character probably already has a crazy elaborate plan to steal it, we just need to let him steal it and then intercept him and take it from him.

      But grace points out that the transcription uses the Eridian language and engineering format so once we have it we need to translate the inscription into a relief map so Rocky can read it and then provide a translated version back to us.

      Grace recites some of the symbols and numbers he saw knowing some of the Eridian language and Rocky states that in Eridian engineering schematic formatting, that the parts he remembers are the power requirements which are really really high.

      I point out that the dyson sphere me and Marcus built seven billion years ago is probably still out there though it might have been damaged and need to be fixing up but we could use it to power.

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    5. Summer Comp Nights 7/8

      by , 06-10-2023 at 01:42 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Night 7:

      Lengthy non-lucid dream that I honestly don't remember the plot of. I remember my mother and I had decided to found a private detective agency. We both had a conversation about gun ownership and then got dressed up in detective outfits to visit some office. Calvin from calvin and hobbes was there as his tracer bullet persona as was an actor inside an old godzilla costume. Everything in the office had an orange tint to it.

      Night 8:

      Was visiting a location which was a mixture of my old technical school that I used to attend back in the day and my previous job. This was some manner of anxiety dream. I think I might have actually become lucid and subsequently had a false awakening in the bedroom of my current house, but my dream recall is far too poor to actually sort out the details.
    6. Demonic Goat Barbecue

      by , 02-24-2020 at 10:46 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am with my dad and stepmom; we are going to visit a family friend who lives on a farm. My father drives us in a large hummer type vehicle to a barbecue which is taking place in the evening hours/at night. There are some scenes involving the driving that I do not recall with much clarity, but the end result is us arriving at this farmhouse with a large Quonset hut out back.

      People are talking, eating hamburgers and hot dogs and drinking the like. I then end up getting chased by this large goat like creature. I say goat because that's what it most closely resembled but it was very large and the horns growing out of its head resembled cordyceps fungus. I recall feeding it a block of cheese that I had taken from a party tray trying to get it to leave me alone, but I think it only aggravated the creature further.

      A large structure manifested nearby; it was a metal scaffold that resembled a cell phone tower with a wooden plank staircase spiraling up it. I climbed the structure trying to get away from it, though was unsuccessful. The large goat followed me up. It tried several times to bite my hand, and for some unknown reason, I allowed this. Until I realized that the goat's bites where harmless, that it couldn't bite with enough force to hurt my hand, but seemed to enjoy nibbling on it, though I wasn't sure if this was a mechanical limitation of the creature or the goat showing restraint. I stopped being scared of the goat and jumped off the tower. In spite of falling a dozen stories, I landed with no injuries or discomfort. The goat jumped down as well.
    7. Robots, Manei Encounter

      by , 02-25-2019 at 03:05 PM (Lucid Time!)
      So funny story. I had this whole thing written as a draft DJ entry that I never published from a draft state. Then I had another dream (the most recent one) and realized I still hadn't ever published this old one. So I'm publishing both dream journal entries as one.

      I was with several friends, in some kind of online game, somewhat reminiscent of kerbal space program or space engineers. In it someone had generated or built an empty orbital ring structure around a small planet, and we were going around adding various facilities and utilities to it. I stopped to focus on the section that I had been assigned, adding on several turrets to defend against enemies (which were a major part of the game we were playing) as well as several docking bays.

      I flew inside of one of the docking bays and landed. The interior was far bigger than I recalled making it, and full of details such as parked starships and crates of supplies.

      I saw about half a dozen of these large beings, mechanical in nature. They were large, vaguely humanoid constructs with digigrade legs which were small and thin with respect to their upper bodies and arms, and they stood at about 4 meters in height. Two large protrusions stuck out of their back made of overlapping metal scales or leaflets. They looked like white bird or angel wings but the beings seemed incapable of flight at least in normal gravity. On their shoulders were two large disc shaped turrets which would rapidly fire out bolts of orange light and in their head was some kind of heavier energy beam weapon firing out a larger beam of orange light. The most defining feature was how smooth and immaculately clean and pristine silvery white these constructs were with respect to the gritty grays and browns of the orbital ring and the structures we would build as players.

      I became semi lucid without any identifiable cause, and ironically ended up losing my “creative mode” privileges within the dream, becoming grounded by artificial gravity. I saw the white constructs killing some engineers who were working on some of the starships. Some security personnel came down into the hangar with assault rifles and attempted to gun down the hostile forces but the weapons seemed to have little effect and the machines simply walked forward through the hail of bullets, vaporizing the security personnel with their primary weapons.

      Shields up. I knew these things were hostile and I knew I would have to somehow defeat them. I started by throwing my fire missiles as usual but these also didn’t seem effective against their armor. Fortunately my fire blasts were so weak that they didn’t even draw the things attention away from the engineers. But I knew they would come after me.

      I looked around me. There was a ship that looked like a BSG viper, some tool boxes and supply crates. I looked at one crate that wasn’t quite closed, with the lid just sitting over the top slightly crooked. I convinced myself there was a more powerful weapon inside the crate, something I could use to take those things out. Upon actually revealing the contents was a carbon copy of Halo’s spartan laser.


      I picked it up and began to gun down the attackers with the beam. They seemed more focused on attacking the security personell who continued to spill out of doors in the side of the hangar but one of them did focus one of his shoulder turrets on me for a second before I could gun him down. I remember holding concern that my laser presumably only had four shots yet there were about a dozen of these things. Especially since when I picked it up, it was only 37% charged. But firing the thing only dropped the charge by 1-2% per shot rather than the 25% you get in actual Halo.

      I lost the dream and woke up.


      I had a lightsaber fight with a bald four armed woman with purple skin. She had some kind of technology which allowed her to become momentarily phased when I managed to land a hit. Eventually I managed to get hold of some kind of gun and was able to shoot past her guard and take her out of the fight by taking out her sabers.

      She attempted to run through a crowded bazaar full of unusual aliens and wares where I had to chase her.


      I was skiing with parents at the old ski resort. I remember seeing a bunch of people there wearing blue and gold coats and creepy masks looking similar to anonymous masks. They were some kind of cult.

      At some point they brought me on top of one of the ski lifts and started doing this ritual to indoctrinate me into their cult. The dream phased in and out from being on top of some sort of building to being on top of the ski hill. (unstable dream FTW) When they started to indoctrinate me they gave me a mask and all of these shiny rainbow beetles crawled all over my body. It was not a pleasant sensation and I quickly requested that I leave. They then gave me some other bug, like a large rhinoceros beetle who's shell I had to break open and then spread his innards all over my body to drive off the rainbow bugs.

      Once I had the leader of the mask cult pulled a gun on me and shot me, waking me up. I was strangely apathetic to the whole thing upon awakening.

      (From 14.2.2k19)

      I was having a pretty mundane dream about my parents making me have to take care of this woman's dog while she took a vacation. The dog had some kind of mental disability which made it not listen to commands, and needed to be given an insulin shot once per day as well as these large pills which the dog would refuse to swallow twice per day and the dog needed to be fed precise portions of dog kibble at precise times and be let out to potty three times per day, which would have been fine if the dog was actually nice, which it wasnt and the dog took every opportunity to bite, growl or pee/poo on the floor.

      At some point the mental disability aspect of the dog came into play and (s)he walked into the road and got ran over. I started to fall into an anxiety trap, but managed to catch myself upon trying to remember what the woman's phone number was. I realized I didn't have her number, and that I didn't know her name and that her house was actually MY house. I became lucid and just ignored the dog, it was dead anyway; and just a construct to create a stressful dream, something which was only exemplified when I saw the brakes on my car fail and the car rolled into a street and got crashed into by two cars, one of them a cop car. The cop started to get out of his police car to come and hassle me about the break failure, but I just walked the other way and ignored him determined to set a more positive outcome for the dream. The dream must have lost track of him without my focus because I didn't see him again; and that was my intention.

      I wandered into the town to explore it. It was an odd mix of OTD and my old and new towns buildings with nice sunny summertime weather to boot. My old Taekwondo studio inbetween a small grocer and a toy store. I saw my old Taekwondo instructor, and greeted him. I passed by a small park or plaza area and saw my deceased grandmother playing dominoes with my deceased cat who had been sized up to a more modest human.

      Grandmother: "Oh... they're you are. I forget you're one of the smart ones who gets lucid sometimes."

      My cat turned to me and then spoke with a heavy british accent; in a male voice which was unusual as said cat was a she.

      Cat: "Meow mix. Cats love it so much they ask for it by name. How come you didn't feed me more of it while I was still around? You were a good owner and all, but now I'm stuck here and I'm due to be reincarnated as a human in 11 years."

      Me: "You are... wait... [grandmother's full real name] you were Cristian. Do you get reincarnated too?"

      Cat: "Things work funny here you see..."

      Me: "and by that you mean this isn't actually an encounter with deceased sprits, just a construct of my mind feigning such things."

      Cat: "Exactly."

      I continued to wander about the town, spotting Dante and an incarnation of the Amethyst Man's shop. I thought I might try flying. I took a leap and felt myself shoot up onto the roof of a 2-3 story building, floating back down gently. I took in a view of the town, noticing some larger buildings off in the distance. I was preparing to take off when I spotted Manei. She stood out from the background of the town because she looked like an animated drawing; black outlines and flat colors superimposed onto the fairly realistic and grounded town setting. She was outside a bistro serving to some customers when I lept from the roof of the building down next to her.

      Me: "Are you... Manei?"

      Manei: "Hade? Oh gods!" (So this was a discovery I made about a year ago and never brought up. My dream self's name is actually Hade. I always assumed it was "Jade" since Manei speaks with a fairly thick accent. Everything I know is a lie.) She proceeded to drop a tray of hot soup on a customer which proceeded to fizzle out of existence, turning into a wiff of skintone smoke and the bowl clattering to the ground, then picked me up and hugged me. "Where have you been?! I've been trying to contact you forever and I've been worried sick. What's going on up there? ("Up There" refers to waking life.)

      Me: "Thats a long story."

      She took me into the back of the restaurant where she shape shifted into an older overweight woman with a chefs outfit and hat. She started to tell me about the job she had taken on working here and explaining to me the various recipes and cooking techniques she had learned, while passing orders to the aides in the kitchen. But it was all Jargon and nonsense given the dream state and I started to be concerned about wasting dream time, checking my hands and pinching my nose to reaffirm my lucidity. When she came to a stopping point I interrupted

      Me: "Do you mind if I-"

      Manei: "Go right ahead."

      It didn't take much to shift the environment. The kitchen equipment and the assistants shrunk away. Manei reverted into her stock form. We were now in an empty room with a single white sofa which we sat together on. I felt the velvet sofa to anchor myself but I could still feel the dream was starting to buckle anyway.

      Me: "Well its a long story, everything that's happened up top."

      Manei: "Start with whats happened today."

      Me: "Today is Valentine's day."

      Manei: "What's that?"

      Me: "You don't know. I thought you knew everything that happened topside."

      Manei: "I don't. I get bits and pieces but its all jumbled and sometimes incorrect."

      Me: "Well its a holiday where guys are supposed to do nice things for the girls they're in love with. Like buy them cards, flowers, chocolates and jewelry."

      Manei: "And what do the girls buy for the guys they like?"

      Me: "Nothing."

      Manei: "So the girls don't need to buy those things. If they love a boy they can just tell him?"

      Me: "No."

      Manei: "Why?"

      Me: "Honestly, that part's pretty unclear. I think its cause boys feel weak or petty if a girl has to tell them she loves him first and ask him out."

      Manei: "Why would that be a rule? Who wouldn't want to feel loved?"

      Me: "I don't know... I didn't come up with these rules."

      I lost the dream and woke up.
    8. Subconcious is as Hostile as Ever

      by , 12-29-2018 at 05:12 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Hey guys, long-time-no-post. But I'm looking to get back into lucid dreaming in 2019.

      Also a reminder to self, had a fun Manei dream on christmas eve night that I need to write down.

      A rather bizzare occurrence started off last night's dream, a sort of reverse false awakening. I remember snippets of a fairly long dream in where I was at my father's house. (I have moved house since I last posted a dream journal here, and as such have seen lucid dreams go up, since whenever I find myself in my old house, I usually know that I'm actually dreaming.) This didn't seem to be the case this time around though.

      I was sitting on the couch with my father and two ODT characters I did not recognize. We were watching some movie about a spaceship being haunted by a ghost causing malfunctions and the ship was falling into the atmosphere of the planet Jupiter. One of the dream characters complained about the movie being too scary, but I had false memories of having seen it before and more or less told them to suck it up before falling asleep before the movie could end.

      Falling asleep in the dream immediately took me into another dream, in where I was in a river that ran through a deep canyon. I became lucid at least in part, I don't know if I was lucid relative to my actual waking life, but rather the dream about my old house, but I was "lucid" in the respect that I knew this was a dream. I grabbed on to one of the walls of the canyon and began climbing up with relative ease. The walls of the canyon were a gray stone with the occasional grass or fern growing out of them. I wasn't feeling confident in flying having not been lucid in some time and preferred instead to climb.

      I recall climbing for a few minutes. Every time I would think I was reaching the edge of the canyon yet more cliff would reveal itself. I also began to find carved stone animal body parts which I could use as handholds sticking out of the cliff face. This was bizarre and even a little creepy. A leg with a hoof, the snout of a dog, the tail and back legs of a cat, an octopus tentacle were all carved immaculately from the stone.

      I continued upwards and eventually reached the top of the cliff. In the immediate area where I had climbed out of the gorge was a castle which seemed to be built in a miniature scale. I went over to examine it more closely and found tiny human skeletons (maybe about 20 centimeters high) and bits of miniature armor and weapons laying around. I picked up a longsword, though to me it was the size of a butter knife and I examined it. There was a rather large hole in the pommel, big enough for me to stick my pinky finger through. I thought this was a bit bizarre and became concerned that I might be in danger of inciting conflict. Sure enough, as soon as I let that thought cross my mind, miniature men started shouting, manning the battlements of the castle, and firing tiny arrows at me.

      A few of the arrows stuck into the back of my hands which I had used to block my eyes. I jumped off the cliff back into the gorge but found that I was now floating. It was as though there was an invisible floor over the gorge with the river that I had started in. But I wasn't able to step or walk on it, it was more like an updraft of wind was keeping me aloft.

      I saw this dream character, it looked like a PFNM but was only 30-40cm tall, wearing black armor with a small white cow skull mask and black deer horns charging the castle and the miniature men were firing arrows at it. I observed the battle for another minute as the men slowed the creature down. It climbed the castle walls and started sucking the blood of the miniature men with a long proboscis like tongue which would kill them pretty quickly. I think it managed to do this to about half a dozen of them. Eventually the miniature men in the castle were able to pincushion the creature with enough arrows that it fell.


      I was in an OTD town, mixing elements of my old hometown, my new hometown and sunset valley from TS3. At the center of the town on either side of main street were large towering circular archeologies about 20 stories tall made of a white concrete and glass containing tropical plants like palm trees and bird of paradise flowers. There was also a very large brick building that functioned like a compact multi-story mall and the BBD that recurred in my October Lucids was also pasted into the town. I encountered the amethyst man which caused me to become lucid.

      I explored the town for a bit, eventually finding the town square park. There was some kind of military honors ceremony occurring like you might have on veterans day. I felt compelled to stay and watch. There was a large stage set up, with a veteran military commander giving a speech. He looked like an older version of Jak (Yes the dream character Jack, upon seeing his name in print in the a dream, omits the "c" so I'm taking that as canon now). He started off with a fairly standard speech about honoring veterans and what they were fighting for, paused, and some veterans did a 21 gun salute. He then continued his speech saying something to the effect of:

      "But the war against tyranny is not over. Lucid dreamers are still trying to invade our world and sow destruction. That is why I give you the dreambreaker MKVII, with the latest in anti lucid dreamer technology."

      A curtain on the stage rose and there was a robot about 12 feet tall. It was made of a beige colored armor material with a glowing green robotic eye on its head, and had a sort of squatted over appearance. It powered up and walked on stage, waving to the crowd with its left hand. Then its eye turned from green to red and its right arm turned into a machine gun aimed at me. The man giving the speech as well as most of the audience looked confused and nervous.

      "Some things never change." I thought to myself. I started flying toward the machine. I've been hurt by high caliber weapons, even when I'm lucid. It might just be a schema I've developed over the years, so I was a bit nervous going up against this thing, but I was apparently able to spoof the targeting fairly easily by flying in a sort of corkscrew pattern as I closed the distance. I landed a single super punch directly to the chest and the machine skidded off the stage, across the road (digging two ruts in the concrete with its feet) and into the wall of a brick building, which it crashed through. There was a large dent into its chest but it had remained upright. I thought it was going to continue to fight back, as it tried to raise its machine gun again but the eye flickered out and the right shoulder of the machine caught on fire, and the thing went limp.

      I turned around just in time to see one of the veterans on stage pass a high-tech looking bazooka to the man who had been giving the speech, who then said "Time to light the fireworks" He aimed and fired it at me, but I dodged the missile which got stuck in an oak tree behind me. The missile clamped onto it with a claw in its nose. I looked at it for a moment and the missile exploded creating a black hole with arcs of lighting shooting off of it. It began sucking in cars, tree branches, and even people. I was able to, with some effort, keep from getting pulled dangerously close to the black hole. After a few seconds the black hole subsided. Everyone was in a panic now.

      I went to the man who had given the speech and landed next to him. He looked terrified. I was going to try and talk him down and make peace with him, as I usually do with hostile dream characters, but I transitioned to another much more mundane dream which I do not recall.
    9. Downtrodden (Big Old Dream Dump to try and Kickstart my dream recall)

      by , 09-04-2018 at 08:04 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Big old dream drop from the past few days to try and kick start my dream recall again.

      Some dream involving me being on a vacation with my mother. We were driving through various towns in eastern Michigan. I recall this one town; which I could swear I have been to in several dreams before. The town is quite small, built on the intersection of two paved country roads in a thick forest that meet at an angle. At one of the corners made by the roads is a burger place made of light brown bricks with a dark brown awning which I could swear I have been to before in previous dreams.

      I was sitting at the restaurant talking with my mother about things for a time and drawing and explaining something on a napkin. She told me the car had broken down and she had to take it to get it fixed and that I should explore the town. I headed out of the burger place and to another store a little ways away. The building looked like one of those old fashioned two story brick buildings you find in most old towns in america. I was surprised to find the interior had only a little bit of a second floor, a wooden staircase leading up to it and the walls plastered and painted a tan color.

      Every inch of the inside was filled with tables; and the tables were covered in crystals and agates of all varieties with prices listed. The walls were covered in displays of decorative weapons with crystal blades made of crystals in all colors of the rainbow and (no exxageration) hundreds of dream catchers made from crystals. Looking at them closely even the string in the webbing of the dream catcher had thousands of tiny crystals inside of it. The man who ran the store was an old native american man who was really friendly and enjoyed sharing his stories with me about finding the crystals. He showed me a trap door underneath his shop leading to a network where he found them and mined them by hand.

      I eventually left the shop saying I had no money but promising that I would return when I did. I then headed outside and tried to call my mother but my phone was dead. I decided I would head to the auto repair place and jog there to get some exercise. I started running but floaty gravity kicked in. I started realizing that I could hop off of one foot (I think it was my left) and float for increasingly long periods of time while holding my breath. Practicing and experimenting for a handful of minutes I was able to hold myself in the air permanently and float around at a fairly high speed.

      I did however once or twice lose control and float into some nearby power lines. Fortunately for me dream logic meant that touching them or having my ankle snag didn't electrocute me to death and only had a moderate tingling sensation upon touching them in where I could feel power surging through them but It didn't harm me. Some dream characters caught their attention of me flying, one of them looking suspiciously similar to GizEdwards. If my recall serves I had a breif conversation with him about lucid dreaming without actually becoming lucid.

      I had by this point arrived in a different town; one near a lake. There were more shops and houses here. I headed into one shop; the building being built into the side of a hill. Upon going inside I found that the shop was in fact the entrance to an entire shopping mall. Most of the shops seemed to be closed but a few were open. Regardless I didn't have any money.
      At some point full lucidity finally kicked in but by this time the dream was ending as I could sense. I continued flying through the underground shopping mall noticing the visual details. There were interesting patterns and mandalas in the floor tiles and walls which grew increasingly intricate and stunning as the dream faded out.


      I was in some old fashioned brick warehouse with a wooden roof. In it were several girls wearing victorian dresses who had metal plates and fake wigs on top their heads. They were presumably people who had their brains removed and replaced with robotic brains but their bodies continued to function normally. They were being forced to place vegetables into wooden crates in a very specific manner.

      I recall one of the girls, who was newly outfitted with the robotic brain being explained to how she should place celery sticks one at a time in neat rows inside of the crate, accounting for how the celery might be slightly warped; slightly thinner or thicker at one end or the other and how she should compensate for that to make the celery sticks fit as neatly and compactly as possible when packing them. This would go on for hours. Because the wooden crates were quite large it could take a whole day to meticulously package them with vegetables.

      At the end of the day the girls were allowed to go to their rooms. Because they were still human bodies but without fully functioning brains or independent personalities they still needed to rest their bodies at the end of the day. There was one employee who was not like the others, a middle aged man who was very tall. He had sort of a long face and gray hair. (He looked somewhat similar to my mom's new boyfriend.)

      He was told by the boss person that he needed to stay after. Apparently the boss disliked wasting food and told him there was a crate of cabbages/lettuce that would expire tomorrow, and that he should stay after hours and eat them.


      The dream then showed the man going home. I talked with him, or received some in dream narration/exposition about his life and apparently he suffered from extreme depression. He walked to his house which was a victorian style house built at the end of a cul-de-sac. Most of the houses on the street were much newer looking and cleaned up while the man's house was made of rotten wood. The yard was barren with patches of dead grass and a single oak tree which looked like it might be sick.

      Someone told me that the man had long since lost the key to his house and never bothered to get a new key made or change the lock on his door due to his depression, (Dream character logic continues to perplex me.) so he would simply climb in the open second story window through the roof over the front porch. However today he had a cartoon stomach from eating an entire crate of cabbage and couldn't climb the post because his gut kept getting stuck so he resolved he would just sleep outside. As if to add to the man's depression it started to rain.

      What I found rather strange was when he went into his backyard it extended into a meadow which went on for about a mile before hitting a highway and some factories.


      Same dream. I was in the same brick warehouse where the crates of vegetables were, but I was much more conscious of my own existence. I recall my hair had been shaved very short by feel and upon looking into a mirror I looked younger than I do IRL. I also looked more similar to a younger version of my waking life self before I lost weight rather than my dream self which has distinctively different features. (To explain this I was a very heavy kid when I was young. I started losing weight when I took up martial arts. My actual age appeared to be before I even started losing weight but it appeared I was thinner than I was IRL at that point.)

      I was at at least some low level of lucidity. I remember not really caring that my hair was shorter and my body was as it was as I was younger, just figuring I would lose the weight again and be able to grow my hair out again. I think the short hair had something to do with joining some kind of youth military organization. For some reason I had the sense that I had a lot of time to get things sorted out and figure out what was going on.

      Manei appeared. I got some low level of lucidity. She also looked young; younger than even when I first met her, though her age was in flux a lot so this was nothing new and I recognized her aura and behaviors. She had braces which was a detail the dream hyper focused on. She said to me something about how everyone has awkward or depressed times in their life before they improve and its normal. I started walking with her outside of the warehouse and we found ourselves on another planet.

      It was a desert with reddish-orange rocks spread about everywhere. There were some kind of aliens attacking which we had to fight. We picked up guns and started fighting the aliens. This alien monster with four arms and white armor came out and roared at us. We got ready to shoot but he started talking and said he was friendly and would help us escape. We ran over some hills with the alien (he had four guns, one for each arm) doing most of the work while we watched him from behind. When we got over the last hill we saw in the distance a big battle. Spaceships were hovering low over the ground and fighting one another.

      A small transport ship flew by and hovered next to us and dropped off a warthog.

      Manei: "Oh sweet wheels! I get to drive!"

      She got into the drivers seat and told me to get onto the turret. The alien guy got onto the gun and we started driving twoards where the ships were. We didn't make it very far before Darth Maul came out of nowhere and jumped on the back of the warthog and cut off the turret with his double bladed lightsaber. I think I was injured in some manner because I lost the dream pretty quickly and woke up.


      I don't remember much of this dream but it involved me touring castles in Europe somewhere. A historical expert was talking to me about how the best defended castles were not necessarily the biggest ones and how easy a castle was to defend depended upon how well it was positioned. The dream character took me across a river on a boat into a castle. The river ran around an island upon which there was a hill that was a cliff on three sides and a moderate slope on the fourth and at the top was a singular circular castle tower. He said that this tower was defended by seven men against over nine thousand men because it was so well positioned they couldn't get an siege machines up close to the tower due to the water and the hill.

      Then I saw my high school crush. completely naked and coming down the stone stairs from the castle. She mentioned something embarrassing I did in middle school. Of course I don't remember what specifically it was; or even if it was something that *really* happened or just something that I had a false memory of happening.
      Lucidity hit me like a sack of bricks but a few seconds later I woke up.
    10. Train Dream and Star Wars Con

      by , 03-19-2018 at 01:57 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Ripped from my offline DJ


      I was on a train. That's about all I can recall.


      S had taken me to a star wars con. I was in an OTD parking lot with fog and OTDDCs. Some were unlocking these very large models from the backs of their trucks and unloading them into this wheeled palette. One was one of those revenge of the sith star destroyers (Venator?). But there were like 8 slots where the large turrets were. 8 small children painted their faces gray and got into the slots wearing these hats that looked like the turrets.

      The DCs then started fighting with another group of DCs who had also made a large model of a ship. This one I did not remember being in star wars. It was gold in color and looked like a huge hammer/axe with a big front part and a long narrow back part. They got into an argument with the star wars DCs and started talking about some space battle where everyone got these new upgraded shields but still had the standard weapons and the entire battle was resolved by all of the ships on both sides ramming into one another. The argument crescendoed when people rammed the two wheeled carts together causing damage to both ship models. The star destroyer with the kid's heads as turrets fell off it's cart and all of the children started crying. One of the older and more mature members of the group who hadn't been involved in the argument started trying to get the kids out.

      We then went into the convention. Alls I remember was that everything was egregiously expensive. Someone cited that a bottled water was 15 dollars.

      Meditiation: 50.15A (morning)

      RCS: 3 (documented)
    11. Getting back on top of things

      by , 03-17-2018 at 07:59 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I don't have anything to report on meditations or reality checks for the past few days, as I have been slammed with school. Nevertheless I said I would get back into lucid dreaming and help motivate DawnEye so I suppose I should drop these here regardless. The previous three mornings I have gone in and out of wakefulness a lot and barely remembered anything.

      Anyways this is just a smattering of dream fragments and notes.

      -I was in a parking garage. It was some kind of urban environment and there was something to do with a maroon colored car.

      -I had a semi lucid dream. I was with Manei and we were on standing paddleboards going down a river. There was a lush tropical jungle on either side of us with thick groves of bamboo and giant trees. My grandparents got involved in the dream and were on a boat and were annoying. We didn't want to be involved with them so we went down this side river and hid in this little cove.

      -In one dream I was constructing a large wooden model of the red spaceship from my art thread in my bedroom. I was intending it as a toy to give to a young child as a play set and the project involved making the sides of the ship hinged so that people could see the inside; and doing interior detailing and creating figurines that could be played with in the playset.

      -Marcus made silver and orange mecha armor that looked a lot like an Iron Man suit. The armor could unfold and then encompass him like an Iron Man suit. He then took out a blue lightsaber and tried to stab himself but upon striking the armor the lightsaber's blade would short out and he'd be forced to reignite it. He said he had to make the armor resistant to lightsaber strikes and it was now successful.
    12. Communist Japan, Pregnant Danny Phantom and Star Wars space Battles

      by , 03-14-2018 at 04:39 PM (Lucid Time!)

      I was visiting relatives or friends of the family in Japan (which I don't have IRL to my knowledge.) Someone said that Japan had become communist and now everyone got paid the same. They said it was a better system because they had a lot of poor people. We drove down the street and there were these black circular glass buildings we drove past. Some were very tall and narrow and I looked in the window and saw some posters on the insides of buildings a bunch of them showed a pregnant Danny Phantom.

      They said that Japan's new government had decided to create a pro-Mpreg campaign to help fix their population decline and encourage more men to get pregnant. Apparently they had aired an anime that was a continuation of Danny Phantom where he had gotten pregnant to push their agenda. I had false memories of watching an episode where Danny experienced cravings and used his ghost powers to turn invisible and steal ingredients from a grocery store. In the store he met Saitama from One Punch Man but It was just a cameo and wasn't important to the plot.

      We pulled into the restaurant after some contrivance. (Street signs changing, roads moving around with weird barriers and traffic signals, etc. Thankfully my uncle was the one driving.) We went into the restaurant. It was a strange room with one large sort of U-shaped table made out of wood with a cook behind it. The entire room was painted purple with felt on the walls and yellow stars in the felt; it looked like fabric you would use to carpet a kid's room or day care.

      The waitress, an older Japanese lady came out. She spoke strangely coming up to each person in turn. When she came to me she said "Ahugck! I see inside your mind! I see your deepest desires and indulgences and shall provide accordingly." (With that she reached under the counter and handed me a large takeout box of assorted cookies.) I looked at them and thought that I should probably have some food. I asked her if I could have some hot tea with no sugar and she responded "Haark Blarugh [Belching Sound] Green Tea (she poured hot water and added some tea leaves) What an excellent choice you truly are a genius!" I thought about asking her to bring me some actual food and not just cookies but my cousin who sat next to me said he didn't like the baked fish he got and I offered to eat his food instead.

      "Glarga Blarga [Goose Honking Noise] I played lego star wars with you before and you cheated. Thanks to you, I never found that yellow piece I needed for my Y-wing!"

      The dream ended at around that time. I woke up briefly at around 5:30 and jotted notes on the dream down.

      I entered another dream. This one involved some kind of space battle. Most of the ships used were my ships from Gauss on the scifi roleplaying Discord server; but this was some kind of game; one with surprisingly good fidelity (the dream was rendered well too.) The antagonistic fleet looked like the First Order from Star Wars and seemed to replicate their ship types.

      Battle 1

      In the first battle took place over a bluish colored gas giant. A large enemy fleet was chasing a smaller fleet of my ships. Once they were lured close enough to the planet artillery cannons emerged from concealed positions on the moons of the gas planet and started shooting at them. Then concealed allied ships emerged from the atmosphere of the gas giant. The enemy was caught in a crossfire and their fleet was decimated.

      Battle 2

      The second battle took place in a protoplanetary disc. When the enemy fleet arrived the allied ships retreated above the plane of the disc. When the enemies tried to follow them into the disc they allied ships detonated antimatter mines they had laid in the gas and dust and blew most of the enemy ships apart; cleaning up those that survived with conventional attacks.

      Battle 3

      The enemies had brought their biggest fleet yet and it included this huge spiny black planet-sized spaceship. The allied ships in the vicinity were chased away and lured the enemies deeper into the nebula. When the got into a clearing it was revealed there was a Neutron star with several allied dreadnaughts poised to fire on it. They fired beams onto the north pole and the neutron star reacted by firing a burst of gamma rays onto the huge spiny ship which shot through it disabling it. Ambush ships came out of gas clouds to attack the smaller ships.

      Battle 4

      The enemies had apparently adapted to the good guy's tactics and through sheer numbers had mustered a fleet to attack their homeworld. They brought an even larger version of the spiny black ship that must have been 3-5x larger than the planet itself. The allied ships came to attack and from the massive cosmic scale into a fighter that was being piloted by the Japanese lady from the first dream. There were 10 mouse traps laid out on the console and she stuck her fingers in each one one at a time. As she did this the traps had increasingly painful lookign spikes and barbs that cut into her finger causing them to bleed or simply cut some of her fingers off and the dream focused in intensely on showing me the gore.

      Her ship turned around and she shouted "It's... a.... Trap to the power of ten; and you can't copyright that line! Also someone put a toilet in my cockpit! Larry the cable guy must not have done his job!"

      Morning Med
      Evening Med
      -3:15: MC SC NP


      Well I'm back to doing dream journals online, at least for now. I figured I should post last nights logs since they're neither too boring nor too inappropriate.

      I think it's quite interesting how the waitress character carried most of the dream sequence, mentioning lego star wars and then being present in the second dream sequence; which a series of space battles. Not the most eccentric one-off dream character I've seen but defiantly up there.
    13. Violent Cyborg (Lucid from a couple of days ago)

      by , 12-28-2017 at 05:45 AM (Lucid Time!)
      This lucid dream is from several days ago.

      I was with Manei and Jack in this large mansion. The home had purple wallpaper and dark blue carpet and numerous rooms filled with expensive furniture and fine art. We were walking around looking at the fine art. Jack came across a suit of armor that was on display and started to take it off the stand and put it on. I advised against it saying we didn't know who owned the mansion and they might be upset if we try to took it. He didn't listen to me and put the armor on anyway.

      This guy then showed up. He had short brown hair and a green polo shirt on though his appearance was utterly unremarkable, and his face was kind of blurry to where I couldn't make out any distinct features.

      The blurry face I believe it was what triggered my lucidity. The guy then started trying to attack us. Jack (who was wearing the armor) ran in with a sword. The green shirt man grabbed his sword by the blade and broke it, before picking jack up by the throat and throwing him into a china cabinet. Manei tried to fight him next, but he grabbed her by the hair and punched her over and over in the stomach. He then turned to me. I was fully lucid at this point. I figured I could just will this character out of existence, but he had a sort of stubbornness to him, and I could not. I moved to fight him and he fought back and grabbed me by the wrist along with several punches to the face and chest.

      I was surprised how much it actually hurt and I was bleeding from my mouth. The guy still had a grip on me but I somehow managed to get away. I began flying above the guy and started throwing fireballs at him. It didn't seem to affect him much but he had no answer in terms of fighting back. I continued to lob fireballs on him time and agian. I blasted him through a large oak door into a library like room causing the guy to fall into an orrery-like device with several golden rings and models of planets riding around on rails. Still showing no signs of injury or weakness I continued to throw fireballs at the guy.

      There were several dream characters in the library scene who ran out of the room panicking as the fight moved into the room. At one point a stray fireball blew over several bookshelves which fell over like dominoes. I continued to throw fireballs onto this guy with increasing ferocity but was doing no damage, though the attacks continually knocked him back. Eventually I combined my red and blue flames and made a purple energy ball which I threw at him. When it hit him in the chest he exploded leaving only his legs. There were wires and metal parts sticking out where his torso had begun.

      I lost the dream and woke up shortly thereafter.
    14. Skin Disintegration

      by , 11-05-2017 at 09:11 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Just comin here to drop off a recent lucid. Heads up body horror/graphic.

      Spoiler for body horror:
    15. Lucid Experiment

      by , 10-30-2017 at 03:08 PM (Lucid Time!)
      This lucid was from awhile ago, but I forgot to write it down.

      I was at the pool at the old health club my parents used to take me to when I was little. Manei was there along with two other girls. One was somewhat muscular and had shoulder length rainbow dyed hair and the other was very short and pale and had white hair.

      I asked her something about lucid dreaming and some kind of reality check and all her friends started laughing. She acted like the question had been really embarrassing to be asked in front of her friends and she said that it was time for their swimming practice and I would probably be bored watching them.

      "Fine, then I'll just go. I know when I'm not wanted." I said it in a way that everyone knew I was joking. Manei's friends giggled at her and I left. I headed into the locker room. I decided I want to do an experiment, and see if in a dream I could have mastery of a skill that I do not have any knowledge of in waking life. I've already confirmed this works with physical skills, as I've been able to do the splits, backflips and acrobatics that I could not preform IWL. I decided I would try to play a musical instrument.

      When I headed into the locker room I found myself in what looked like a community garden in an urban area. There were tomato vines and pumpkins growing around a brick plaza with a bench. On the bench was a hangdrum. "Perfect" I thought to myself.

      I sat down and started to play. I wasn't paying attention but very bizarre music came out. It sounded like a hangdrum but it was no melody I had ever heard; utterly alien. Obviously since I have no knowledge of music (that was the purpose of the experiment) I can't describe it or write it out in musical notation. I eventually stopped playing and woke myself up.

      Also last night's nonlucid dreams, while I'm here.

      I dreamed I was flying a spaceship. We were near earth, but not in low orbit; earth was about fist-sized when I looked out the window. I don't remember why, but the ship was a big white metal cube with a huge rocket engine in the center of each face of the cube, and I saw views from the exterior. The spaceship got stuck and we couldn't fire the thrusters.

      Marcus appeared as an AI and said that there was a bug in the computer code that ran the spacecraft and when the X,Y, and Z coordinates of the navigation system were all equal to one another it would run a recursive script that ran on an indefinite loop and caused the computer on the spacecraft to freeze.


      My grandparents had come back to life. Apparently they'd never been dead, just in a comatose state in a hospital. They looked funny though, their faces were kind of distorted. I remember running into them coming out of dan class at my taekwondo studio and being very confused.


      I was at college. An angry professor appeared to me while I was at the registration center drinking tea and told me I hadn't come to his class all semester and showed me the sign up sheet. I recounted all the classes I had signed up for this term and confirmed that the class (an art history class) was not one I had registered for. I became lucid but lost the dream.
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