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    Wave (#290)

    by , 05-01-2016 at 05:20 PM (375 Views)

    The dream started off with some star wars related stuff. I don't remember the story exactly but it seemed to be an alternate version of episode III. The major difference was that Anikin and Padme already had a kid. (Just one, not twins). Obi-Wan had uncovered Anikin's affair and they were fighting. The kid was scared by the adults arguing and ran away.

    The environment they were in was close to that city planet. Only there was a harbor/bay with an ocean in it. The Padme character said something about how everything good in their life might as well be in the bottom of that ocean. And they continued fighting.

    I materialized on the ocean. It was overflowing into the city. Supposedly the ocean was acidic due to pollution and it caused people to dissolve when the ocean began overflowing. Dream showed some rather disturbing imagery of that. I was standing on the surface and became
    lucid. I saw a big wave coming. Everything else started to go black, save for the water, despite the fact that it had been twilight a few moments ago.

    I saw the tsunami coming. I actually almost willed it into the dream. It was about average height for a tsunami dream. (Maybe 30 feet) I've had them as small as 8-10 feet and as high as a hundred or more.

    "Stop, you've plagued my dreams with fear long enough. What do you represent?"

    (Yes, I was expecting the wave to respond. But it didn't. It just kept coming towards me.)

    "Very well, if you don't represent any real fear of mine, then I should be able to do this."

    I stepped back into a fighting stance. The wave was almost upon me. I did like a karate chopping motion and split the wave to either side. The wave stopped. The entire wave began splitting down either side and quite literally exploding into a cloud of mist. The whole dream was filled with falling water, like rain from the huge wave exploding. Since it was supposed to be acidic I was worried, but I didn't allow it to hurt me.

    I was half expecting another wave to come that would be much bigger than the first. That's what happened last time I tried to confront this nightmare. But no second bigger tsunami came. I even tried to imagine what it would look like, encourage it. The giant wave from the planet in Interstellar came to mind. Just so I could show that wave who was boss once and for all. Nothing else happened and I lost the dream and woke up.

    I feel as though I'm not done here...
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Nice way to get rid of the wave. :3