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    Winter 2024 comp night 1

    by , 01-07-2024 at 05:37 PM (82 Views)
    Was playing KSP. At some saturn-like planet not in the stock game (though I think a mod adds a planet like this). Theres a big umber brown moon with an atmosphere and a smaller pink and cyan icy looking one I am trying to land on. The lander I am using (for some unholy reason) has a useless girder section in the middle holding the solar panels. Controlling it is pretty difficult but I get it done.

    There is another segment of the dream where I am doing orbital transfers. I have a bunch of satellites in low equatorial orbits around the icy planet. All the orbits get broken due to a glitch and turn red (not something that happens in KSP) and warn me they will crash into the planet. I try to switch to them but when firing the engine the orbit doesnt change.

    WTH i'll draw it for a few extra points.

    NLD 1pt
    Drawing 2pt
    Meditaiton 2pt
    RCs 0.5pt
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