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    Lucid Time!

    Winter Comp Night 1

    by , 12-02-2022 at 04:14 PM (143 Views)
    I woke up around 3am and was up for about an hour, it was a natural awakening. Though I am sick and my sleep schedule is whacked up. I was up and about for a bit and intended to do a WBTB, as I've had success with that in the past. No dice. Some non-lucid dreams though.

    I had a false awakening which led into a dream of my dad and grandfather driving me to work with me in the backseat. I stop at work briefly and speak with my supervisor before getting back in the car. They tell me that they intended to take me to the hospital and not work and that they were just there such that I could tell my supervisor face to face. The dream went on for quite awhile, though it mostly consisted of fairly idle chatter and riding in the backseat of a car through uninteresting areas.

    Another brief awakening.

    Seperate dream. I was at the doctors office. It felt like the office that I would usually go to but the room was larger and seemed darker. The doctor told me that I was "147" but didn't reference what the number was (weight, blood pressure or some other medical score). She seemed irritated and disappointed with me and then left the room and I was left alone.

    I remember a feeling of deep depression hit me. I wasn't properly lucid, it was at best described as layer 0 lucidity, in that I was vaguely aware that something was off but didn't properly recognize the dream state. (I won't be counting it as lucid for the purposes of the competition) The unseen dream director or whatever you might call it was pushing for this particular emotion but I was aware that some 'external' force was pushing me to that emotion and I became frustrated and fought back against it. I became very angry to the point that I woke myself up.

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