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    Winter Comp Night 3: Jupiter Descending

    by , 12-04-2022 at 08:45 PM (210 Views)
    Night 2 was a total bust. I've been ill but I'm getting better now so hopefully I can start pulling out some actual lucid dreams for this comp soon.

    The dream was presented as a third person view of a space probe sent to land on jupiter. The probe entered orbit of the planet and dropped a lander with a heat shield. I remember having the presence of mind to think that "you cant land on jupiter, it's a gas giant!" but this didn't influence the course of the dream. The lander falls through the upper atmosphere and deploys a parachute at which point it begins to drift slowly downwards through layer after layer of clouds. The probe is a spherically shaped metal with eight green blinking lights that protrude from it as though they are corners of a cube.

    The probe descends through the lowest layers where the clouds are illuminated by narrow bands of sunlight, it is almost pitch black. Then into another layer where things are illuminated only by flashes of lightning and there are huge tornadoes between the upper and lower cloud deck like columns. Then several more layers where it is too dark to see. Eventually it lands on the surface, which is made out of some type of crystals or ice granules with a light blue or grayish coloration. The dream narrator which has been describing technical details about the space probe including how it is able to survive the pressure and temperature changes exalts success.

    I begin to think how cool it would be to go to a gas giant in a lucid dream and explore the surface. I then find that I am no longer an observer and have my body in first person and question how I am able to be here seemingly wearing nothing but shorts and a shirt. But there wasn't a conscious acknowledgement of the dream state. I start to wonder how this came to be and I wake up.


    There was another convoluted yet boring and lengthy dream about driving. I am visiting my father who lives in a large house in a very flat farm field with a big garage. At some point I swerve off the road while getting on the freeway, though there is no damage to the car, it is still very stressful.

    There is also a point where I stopped at a gas station/convenience store and went inside. They have a large supermarket freezer holding drinks typical of such places. But as I walk around it I notice it gets bigger. The glass doors on the freezer are three or four meters tall and there are huge shelving units holding giant sized food items, specifically refrigerated/frozen pizzas that are more than a meter across. I decide I want a bottle of nesquik chocolate milk but it disappears in my hand.


    I am jogging along my old route in my old neighborhood. A snake is chasing me, it looks like a cobra. It hisses and bears its fangs. I continue running but it is slithering rather fast. I stop and opt to stomp on it to kill it. I tense myself and ready. It lunges at me and I jump in the air over it, stomping on its just behind the head with my right foot. The sudden motion carries into my waking body and I kick in bed and wake myself up.


    A dream having something to do with ATLA. It was a directors commentary with mike and brian and some alternative scenes. Apparently it was an alternate timeline of the show. Aang and Katara were already a couple and they looked to be older, late teens. They met in a red room with fire nation trappings and were kissing a lot and talking about how they wanted to get married. It was then revealed that they built their house on the back of the lion turtle.
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